Letter of Desire


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She settled herself into the alcove of her bay window with her knees up and her writing pad in front of her. Her thoughts are of how she wants to write her letter to her Master. She felt the fresh air caress her skin. The air is a little cool since the night sky has turned dark with thick black clouds, flashes of lightning, with the sound of thunder. She pulled her knees up further into her body, setting about writing to her Master. She looked up as a loud crack of lightning hits close as the thunder follows in accord with the loud rumbling. The storm was getting more intense outside as cooler air flowed in. She shivered again as the lightning struck and the downpour began. She placed her finger on a drop of rain following it down the window, thinking of how her Master’s touch brings so much pleasure to her. The storm faded into the background as her thoughts centered on that winter weekend. She leaned her head against the window and began her letter.

That was the coldest winter day she had ever been in. The snow was six feet in depth and she was enclosed in her home for the duration, as another batch of snow was going to hit on Saturday. She kept herself busy by cooking a pot of stew and baked some pies as well as the small turkey she had bought from the store two days before the storm. The storm will make it almost impossible on the roads for anyone to make it to the cabins along with her Master. She walked to the door, grabbed her coat, gloves and hat off shrugging into them to gather more wood. She needed to get more supplies out of the shed as well to keep the cabin in heat. Opening the door, she shuddered from how cold it was and stepped onto the porch to see a beautiful landscape all in white with icicles hanging from tree limbs and the roof of the cabin. She breathed deeply loving the feel of the cold air in her lungs. She shuddered again and buried her hands in her pockets, as she hurried on the trail she made through the snow to the shed.

She was breathing hard by the time she got there, opened the door, stepping in and grabbed a couple of boxes, and placed on the sled by the door to ease the weight of her carrying the boxes. She gathered the box of candles, matches, more blankets, and piles of wood placing them on the sled. She looked around to be sure she gathered what was needed when she walked to the back corner, opening the small freezer and gathering more beef along with venison to cook. Closing the freezer, she walked back and placed all her items in a box and placed it on the sled with everything else. She walked over to a shelf and pulled a box down to gather more blankets and warm cotton pants to wear with long sleeve shirts. She wiped her brow since she was sweating gathering all the items. She turned and did a once over to be sure she had enough of everything. She would not be able to come back for a couple days when the snow started falling again.

Shuddering from the cold coming in through the bottom of the shed, she hurriedly opened the door, pulling the sled behind her heading back to the cabin. She got to the cabin quickly and felt relieved after taking everything in and placing them were they went. Groaning, she placed her coat, hat and gloves back on. She had to ataşehir escort more wood for the fireplace. She grabbed the axe by the door on her way out, slamming the door behind her. She pulled the sled with her for about fifteen minutes to the woods where the stump sat deep in the ground with a flat top to place wood on it to chop. She was shaking from the cold and her feet along with her fingers felt frozen already. It took her a good half hour to chop some wood. She placed the axe on the sled and with a lot of grunting and groaning pulled the sled behind her back to the cabin. It was not a huge pile of wood but it was slowing her progress back to the cabin.

Rana was red faced and puffing hard when she got back to the cabin, she collapsed at the steps, sitting as she was trying to get her breath back and stop some of the shaking from the cold. Groaning, she stood up and opened the door to feel the warmth from the inside surround her making her shiver as she slowly began picking up stacks of wood. She placed the axe by the front door, taking her coat, and hat off leaving her gloves on until she got the wood in the stand. She was a sweaty mess when she finally got the wood in place and a pile in the fireplace, lighting it to start a warm fire. She smiled brightly when the kindles caught and the flames grew as it caught on to the pieces within its grasp.

Sighing Rana headed to the shower to get cleaned up and warm. The hot water was so sparse until the electric came back on she had to use it only when she was in dire need. After cleaning up, and dressing, she made her way to the kitchen to stir the stew and make her a good hot cup of coffee. She walked back in to the living area and sat on the corner of a table, looking at how majestic the fire looked in her cabin. Two hours later after placing the stew in dishes and storing in the freezer, along with the chili and chicken soup. She was not sure when the electric would be back on but she made sure she had easy meals to heat up over the fireplace. She sat back on the couch in awe of how warm the cabin was and shining bright from the fires glow bouncing off the walls. She looked outside her kitchen window to see the snow falling making it a pristine white outside all in its earthly glow of winter. Sighing, she got a bowl of stew to eat watching the fire glow with merry delight. She cocked her head to the left thinking she heard something, but it could be anything with the snow falling again. Then she heard it again. She placed her bowl down and walked slowly over to the door. She heard a loud knocking making her jump in fear. Her hand shook as she reached out to look out the little window to see who it was. With a heartfelt cry of joy and delight, she opened the door to her Master.

She moved to him placing herself in his arms, shivering from the cold yet warm from being next to him. He chuckled and moved them inside and closing the door. “How did you make it here Master?” I got the road man to bring me up here as he was heading this way to clean the road of snow. She smiled brightly walking over to the stove to get a cup of coffee and another bowl of stew so he could eat and get warm. She turned and stopped, watching her Master take kadıköy escort his coat off showing his hard body. She was in a daze as he continued to peel layers off of him. She slowly made her way to the table, quietly setting down the bowl and coffee before she dropped them. She moved cautiously over to where he stood, bending on her knees, tapped his lower leg, to grab at his boots and pull them off of him one at a time. She felt his cold feet in her hands and rubbed them for a little bit to help the circulation and to get them warm. He was shaking with the cold and she got up took his hand leading him to sit down as she placed a warm blanket around him as he drank his coffee and ate his stew.

As he ate and drank his coffee, she got another blanket that she had warmed up and wrapped him in it. She kissed the top of his head, breathing deeply of his shampoo that he used. He had placed his cup and bowl down with a groan and reached back behind him and pulled her down onto his lap. She giggled and looked into his eyes. She felt the love there and the happiness that he was with her. Andrew smiled at her look and slowly bent his head, placing his cold lips on her soft pouty ones. He heard her soft moan of pleasure and tightly pulled her to him hugging her tightly while he kissed her softly and slowly. When he pulled away, she was breathing hard with soft whimpering sounds emitting from her. He moved his fingers caressing her cheeks on each side of her face as her eyes closed to the sentiment in his touch.

He continued to do this while she snuggled more into his lap, gasping as she felt his erection pressing hotly into her lower back. He moved her off his lap listening to her moans of displeasure as he moved grabbing the bear skin rug and placed in front of the fireplace. She watched him move, smiling big with love pouring out of her for him. She never knew she could love a man as she does but it is there and growing every time she sees him. She watched him walk back to her in his slow stride he walks in and reached out a hand, waiting for her to place hers in his. Andrew squeezed her fingers beneath his as he brought her up off the couch and walked her over to the bear rug. He smiled softly at her as he laid her down quietly upon her back. The flames from the fire where causing her eyes to shine like diamonds in bright sunshine. It took his breath away.

He got down on his knees in awe of his slave. He leaned over her, placing soft kisses along her cheeks, down to her neck hearing her soft moans of delight. He smiled into her neck inhaling her scent, growling softly, hearing how she responds to his kisses. He moved up to her ear, taking the lobe in his teeth licking and sucking then biting down lightly. She gasped crying out softly feeling his bite. The chills were racing down over her body, hardening her nipples into tight peaks as her muscles jumped in her stomach along with her pussy boiling hot and melting with each erotic touch. His chest was lying on her stomach, pressing into her as he moved his legs to fit between hers. She moaned deeply when he pressed his hard cock through his jeans into her heat. She reached up holding his head to her as he continued to move back down her neck bostancı escort bayan to her shoulder. She lifted her head up to kiss the side of his face on his cheek. He turned quickly grabbing her lips with his; leaving her breathless from the deep kiss he engages her in. He moved up to wrap her in his arms, as he takes her lips back in a deep erotic kiss that envelopes them into a world of hot desire.

He withdrew from her and reached down placing her in a sitting position as he started removing her clothes. When he finished he sat back on his haunches taking his time in erotic pleasure of the sight she made sitting with the fireplace flames glowing on her pale skin. He kept watching her as he stood and stripped himself of his clothes. He heard her sharp intake of breath when he finished. He locked eyes with her to see admiration, love and hot desire burning in them. He lost his breath. He grabbed her arms pulling her up to him squashing her against his body, moving slow to feel her against him. He holds her tightly as his movements increase and then, crying out harshly, as she is suddenly picked up and pushed down to the thick rug on the floor. She hears his heavy breathing, his low growls of need as he grasped her thighs within his strong hands, opening her to his eyes as he looked upon her moist thighs where the musky scent of her rushed up to his nose as inhaled deeply. He leaned in, to lick and bite both her inner thighs, bringing a cry of pleasure from her dry lips as he sucked on her skin. He moved his tongue all around her thighs licking up the moisture.

She dripped more as his growls of pleasure increased reaching her ears as a rush of desire pulsed deep within her. She tried to spread wider but, he held her in place with his hands as he feasted upon her skin. She whimpered as she felt him move away from her turning her over to lie on her stomach. He lies upon her backside, with his arms holding her hands above her head as he stabbed her with his massive hard cock, sliding it deep inside of her. They both cried out with pleasure as he started moving and becoming more vicious in their movements not able to control the arousal running through them. She arched her lower back pushing her ass higher up in the air, screaming as her release was too much and explodes deep inside of her cutting of her scream, gasping for breath as her body shook uncontrollably. He held still and then bellowed out as his orgasm was ripped from him due to the excitement he heard from her spill over and flow into his body and mind as his body accepted and took control over him as he exploded deep within her. He held tightly to her as he removed himself to spoon with her in front of the fireplace as sleep overtook him. Rana felt him relax and fall into a deep sleep as she watched the flames burning as the flames died down with in her. She closed her eyes as sleep overtook her.

Rana shook as all those memories swarmed through her body, taking along that arousal deep inside as lightning shook the window. She felt that storm as it was deep within her sending streaks of electric sensations vibrating through her soul. She gasped as her cunt contracted and spilled over. Her cry was heard by the storm as lightning struck all around the outside and the thunder loud and boisterous covered the scream that escaped her soft pouty lips. She moved and walked to her side table opening it removing an envelope laying the letter within then leaving it as she made her way to bed to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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