Late Night Reading


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College was slowly killing Brandon. Sociology papers were drowning him, philosophy made no sense, and don’t even get him started on math. At 20 years old, he thought he could handle the workload but he was staying up late every night trying to fit in studying and parties. There wasn’t enough coffee or energy drinks in the world to keep him awake long enough for all he needed to do.

Tonight he was supposed to be meeting a math study group in the library but they were all an hour late. He’d already gone through 2 sodas and God knows how many bags of chips. He was losing his mind to boredom so he decided to kill some time by surfing the web. He spent forever going over site after site. But nothing caught his interest…except for the late night librarian that was currently shelving books. He’d noticed her when he first walked in and thought she was cute but he’d never gone for the nerdy girls, they just weren’t his type. But it had been a long time since he’d gotten laid and the more he watched her the more attractive she became.

As she reached to place a book on the top shelf, her tight dark gray pencil skirt rode up her calves, flashing just a little bit of knee. Brandon’s eyes followed the line of her leg where it flared at her hip then dipped back in forming a thin waist. All he could think about was holding on to those hips while he slammed his cock into her. His cock stirred and Brandon shook his mind clear of the fantasy. He tried to focus on his math book and get some studying done but his attention was drawn back to the librarian. canlı bahis She was turned towards him now and he could tell that her shirt was tight. Her large breasts were displayed nicely in her white button-up blouse. Brandon’s cock got harder the more he watched her.

Suddenly she looked up and met his eyes. Heat rushed up his face and he smiled weakly. She smiled back and returned to her cart of books. God she’s gorgeous when she smiles, he thought. Before he knew it, he was getting up and walking towards her. Many things ran through his mind as to what to say when he finally reached her, but none of them seemed good enough. When he looked up he was standing in front of her and she had an expectant look on her face. His mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for breath, her smile widened.

“Hush,” she said, placing a finger against his lips. “I saw you watching me most of the night. We have to keep quiet otherwise we could get in a lot of trouble.” Suddenly her hands were on him, running over his chest and down his toned abs. Her hands were slowly moving to his belt and he was getting nervous. Brandon quickly looked around to see if anyone could see them but no one was around. Plus, it would be hard to see them amidst the shadows. When he looked back down she’d undone his belt and was working on his zipper. By this time his cock was close to bulging out of his pants and him having a very noticeable hard on.

Suddenly he felt a draft and cool fingers on his member. He threw his head back against the shelving as her skilled bahis siteleri fingers moved along his shaft. Brandon reached down and pulled the librarian’s hair out of its tight bun, running his fingers through it so strands of her golden hair fell around her face. Brandon jerked when he felt her lips lightly kissing down his shaft, her fingers stroking his balls. She moaned as she slid him into her mouth. He thought he was going to die when he felt her tongue slowly swirling over the engorged head of his dick.

Without meaning to, he thrusted into her mouth tapping the back of her throat and he watched as her eyes got wide. But then she relaxed and tried to take him deeper down her throat. She grabbed Brandon’s hips and tried to swallow his cock. He let out a small moan and immediately she stopped, giving him a look meant to keep him quiet. He bit his lip and pushed her head back to his dick. She let him fuck her mouth, her fingers digging into his ass. Brandon reached down and squeezed her breast. She moaned quietly with him still in her mouth. He rubbed her nipple to erection, squeezing and tweaking it while she continued to suck him off.

Brandon grabbed her, pulling her to her feet and ripped open her blouse. Her breasts fit the palms of hid hand perfectly. He kissed her tits, smothering himself in them. She rolled her head back and ran her fingers through his hair, pushing him even further into her chest. When he pulled back, she jumped up on the book cart and spread her legs, making her skirt ride up her thighs and clearly showing that bahis şirketleri she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He walked towards her, watching the soft light play on her thighs. She was so wet even her thighs were shimmering with it.

He pushed his way between her legs, making the cart roll back into the bookshelf. She smiled and pulled him closer. His cock pushed against her pussy lips, coating the head of his cock in her wetness. God she was burning hot there. She whimpered and pulled him even closer as he guided himself into her. She was so tight and he was almost too big. She bit her lip to hold back a scream as he pushed himself fully into her.

The book cart was firmly against the shelf now. Brandon grabbed the librarian by the hips and began thrusting into her. She pulled her legs up, bracing her heels on the cart by her hips, allowing him deeper penetration. Brandon took full advantage of the new angle and pounded even deeper into it. She was giving off quiet moans in time to his thrusts. God, he’d never had anyone who felt this good. Her moans were getting louder and his thrusts were getting deeper.

Suddenly, he exploded inside of her, spilling all of his cum into that tight pussy. He felt her contracting around him, her juices coating his dick. They looked up at each other and shared a smile as he pulled out of her, letting his cum drip down her thighs. Both of them straightened their clothes and Brandon helped her off the cart. When he glanced at his watch he was shocked at how late it had gotten. He walked back to his table and gathered his books and papers. As he turned to leave he glanced back over at the librarian. She winked at him as she continued to shelve books and he smiled. He was really going to have to start studying more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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