Late for Work


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For Lucy.

It’s a warm summer morning, and sunshine streams in through the gap in the curtains and onto your bed, waking us. Your husband is away and we’re both exhausted since we spent the whole night screwing each other senseless.

You know when you wake up in the morning with that satisfied well-fucked achy feeling in your pussy? You have that, along with a wet feeling of my sperm oozing out of you. But we’re late for work… Like, really late! We get out of bed, pull our clothes on and leave your flat to go to the tube. You’re wearing a light summer dress and I have trousers and a shirt on. There was no time for showers and we both stink of sex.

The tube is ram-packed and hot – typical peak rush hour. We manage to push our way onto a train and a crowd of people squeeze on behind us, pushing us hard into each other and into everyone else. I manage to reach up and hold on to one of the bars for support and you hold on to me. I can feel your boobs pressed into my chest and your leg brushing against mine, and of course I’m instantly horny. I can see the red marks on your neck where I was just slightly over-enthusiastic at kissing you last night.

The train rocks us together as it moves.

My free hand is behind your back, holding you, and drops down to your bum. I expect you to give me a cheeky smile and push it back up, but instead I see that look of lust in your eyes and I know exactly what you want.

My hand drops down further and you position yourself so that your thighs are open. Beneath the level where everyone is holding their bags and jackets I gently lift up your dress and sneak my hand underneath before dropping it back down. I can feel your gorgeous warm buttocks covered by your little knickers and I start to caress them. All the time, both of us nonchalantly staring into the mid-distance like everyone else.

You struggle to shift your position, but manage to move so that I can reach under your crotch with my fingers. I start to rub your slit and I can already feel your juices and the remains of my spunk from last night oozing into the material of your knickers. I see you close your eyes in pleasure, just as the doors open and everyone moves so that people can get off the train. My hand is pushed out from under your dress and we have to reposition further into the carriage just at the end of a row of seats. Again, we are crushed by the crowd even worse than before.

By the time I get my fingers back under your dress, your pussy is drooling. I can feel it not just all over your crotch but beginning to drip down your thighs. I start to gently pull the elastic of your knickers to one side, exposing your wet cunt to the air under your dress.

You’re pushing your tits harder into my chest and it’s all I can do not to grab your face and kiss you hard. Both of us still trying to maintain straight faces.

My fingers start to slide along the just-open crack between your pussy lips, slipping from near your clit to near your bum hole and back. I see you struggling to keep your eyes open and you rest your head on my shoulder. Everyone around us is utterly oblivious to the fact that you’re about to be finger fucked.

The doors open on the opposite side of the train, and people move again. I push you against the glass panel at the end of the row of seats, spinning you around so that you face them canlı bahis and your back is to me. The train fills up again so tight we can hardly breathe. This time your boobs are pressed against the glass and your bum is towards me. I’ve managed to keep my fingers in your knickers, still tracing around your slimy lips.

But by now you’re getting more desperate and you’re pushing your cunt down towards my fingers. I’m just about to push two fingers deep into you, when I notice a young woman at the other end of the carriage looking at you. She has long brown hair, and is slim with medium sized boobs in a tight top that looks too hot for the weather today, and blue jeans. She is about 25, maybe a grad student.

She keeps glancing towards you, perhaps wondering why your eyes keep closing and your mouth opens in quite the way it is. In short, despite you doing your very best to hide what you’re feeling, she has noticed there is something going on. You see her too, and try to compose yourself so that she loses interest, but just at that moment, my middle and index fingers penetrate your hot wet fuck hole.

You can’t help yourself and a moan escapes you. It doesn’t matter – nobody can hear above the noise of the train, but the student sees it and sees you suddenly shut your eyes and open your mouth. She knows for sure you’re feeling sexual pleasure somehow. My fingers sink deeper into your cunt and I keep going until I am knuckle-deep inside you. I move my other hand, as discretely as possible around your side to touch the edge of your boob closest to the carriage wall. Nobody would really notice except the student who knows something is going on and knows that hand isn’t there by accident.

I start pumping your cunt hole with my fingers, twisting them around and bending them to stimulate your g-spot better. I know that you have juices trickling down your thighs and some have almost made it as far as your knees. You look at the student girl and she looks at you. You know you’ve been caught, but you can’t stop me finger fucking you in the position we’re in. And you don’t want to.

You push your arse back into me to get my fingers as deep as possible, and as they sweep around your cervix the student girl realises exactly what is happening. That you’re being deeply finger fucked in public, surrounded by people, like a complete slut and you love it. You can see her nipples become erect under her too-tight top, and she tries to cover them with her arm, but she’s not even being subtle about looking at you now – staring into your eyes, her face blushing with lust. You can see her rubbing her thighs together and shifting her position and you can’t help but wonder how wet her pussy is and how it might taste.

All the time I still have two fingers pumping in and out of your tight hot wet pussy, slightly bent forwards to hit your g-spot every time I thrust in, my little finger stimulating around your hard clit and my thumb threatening to penetrate your tight little arse hole. You and the student girl are still staring at each other, and I whisper to you, asked whether you think she’d like to suck my fingers. You start to nod but the first waves of orgasm wash over you – starting deep inside your cunt and spreading into your clit, through your stomach and chest and into your tits and nipples. Your face is bright red, your eyes almost closed, your mouth bahis siteleri wide open and you tingle to the tips of your fingers. I’m impressed at your self-control that you manage to stay silent. I can feel your legs begin to buckle under you, and I move my hand from under your skirt to around your waist to help hold you up.

As the train pulls into another station, an older lady looks at you with a concerned expression and asks if you’re ok. You can hardly respond, but I thank her and tell her that you’re ok but just feeling a little faint in the heat. As the doors open we both stumble off the train and onto the platform. With a huge crowd around us, I hold your face and kiss you hard. This isn’t even our stop.

‘I need you to fuck me,’ you say into my ear. I don’t need asking twice, and look around for somewhere to go. The problem is that there aren’t many convenient places to fuck on the platform of the Piccadilly line in Knightsbridge! I grab your hand, and we start fighting our way through the crowd to get out of the station – the fact we’re going to be later for work than we’ve ever been now pushed firmly to the back of our minds, overwhelmed entirely by the urgent need to get my cock into your cunt. We climb the escalator, your thighs sliding together slippy with your pussy juice as you walk and my cock straining in my trousers like a steel rod.

We make it to street level and look around, desperate. Across the road is Harvey Nichols and we head straight in, looking for the toilets. Happily, the lady’s bathroom is easy to find and not far from the door and we hurry through the store towards it. I can’t stop thinking about the state of your pussy and how it felt on my fingers. My cock is almost painfully hard as we enter the toilets and into a stall.

I slam you against the inside of the stall door and we start ripping at each other’s clothes. You undo my trousers and pull at my shirt, some of the buttons ripping off in the process. I reach under your dress and between your legs, my hand groping under your pussy and over your bum to find the elastic of your knickers. I grab hold of your them in my fist and yank downwards as hard as I can, ripping them off and discarding their remains on the floor. We kiss desperately, urgently before I spin you around and slam your tits against the stall door. You open your thighs and push your arse out towards me, pleading with me to fill you up. I don’t waste any more time, and ram my cock into your hot slimy hole as far as it will go, meeting next to no resistance because of your wetness.

We pause, just briefly. I can’t believe how sopping wet and swollen your cunt is and how good it feels around my cock. You don’t think you have ever felt me so rock hard inside you. I move my hands to get better purchase – one on your hip and the other grabbing a fistful of your beautiful long blonde hair.

And I start to fuck. Almost all the way out, so that just the very tip of my prick is still inside you, followed by a hard fast thrust all the way back into the hilt that takes your breath away. Every stroke fast enough to make you gasp, but slow enough that you can feel every contour of my dick as it penetrates you. We’re fucking hard and fast now, both of us desperate to cum. My balls are slapping on your arse with every thrust, and I pull your hair and hips towards me to get myself in deeper. bahis şirketleri You’re holding onto the door to keep yourself standing with one hand, while your other works furiously at your clit.

Just then there is a sort of squeak from the stall next to us. We both suddenly stop, desperate to make each other cum, but a bit shocked since we thought we were completely alone. You stand up and I pull my twitching cock out of your pussy, disappointed. You stand on the toilet, and look over the top of the stall. Next to us, sitting on the toilet with her top pulled up, tits out and her hand in the front of her jeans is the student girl from the tube.

‘You followed us?’ you ask.

She looked sheepish. ‘You just looked so sexy on the train,’ she said. ‘You turned me on so much.’

You look down knowingly at me, and then back to her. ‘Want to watch?’ you ask.

The student girl didn’t even pause before coming to our stall. We shuffle around so that she can sit on the toilet and I tell her to take her jeans down, which she does, leaving them around her knees. You and I reposition ourselves at 90 degrees to where we had been – you facing the wall with me behind you. The girl sitting on the toilet to one side and the stall door to the other. My cock is still as hard as rock as you bend forward, this time maintaining eye contact with our visitor. As my cock sinks into you, she opens her thighs wider and pulls her knickers to one side, exposing her wet cunt. Her tits are still out of her top and bra, which she has pulled up and she slips two fingers into her hole while the other hand rubs her clit.

We are now back up to speed, my cock slamming your wet little cunt as I pull ur hair. Neither of us can take it much longer – I am very close to spurting my sperm all over the inside of your cunt and despite your orgasm on the tube, you’re ready to cum again. We are both sweating, breathing heavily and grunting with every thrust. I move my hand from your hip and make you suck my middle finger, getting it wet with your saliva. I then press it firmly against your puckered little bum hole, making sure that the student can see what I’m doing. Your hole yields and the tip of my finger disappears through your anus. You start to moan, no longer able to contain it. The student fingers herself furiously, and moves one of her own fingers to her arse and we can both see her doing it. My wet finger slides deeper into your rectum, well lubricated by a mixture of saliva and cunt juice, while my cock continues to slam into your pussy.

My cock swells, and the tip feels like it’s going to explode in a ball of fire. I start to cum. You feel my cock twitch inside you, followed by that warm wet feeling as your cervix gets spattered with sperm. It twitches again, and again – filling you up. The spunk overflows from your cunt and trickles down your thighs and that feeling sets you off. Your cunt grips my cock and starts to orgasm. You cum hard on my dick – pushing yourself back onto me. The sight of spunk seeping out of your fuck hole makes the student girl also start to cum. The three of us all orgasming hard together.

We stop, hot, sweaty and exhausted. Our clothes half on, half off, some of the buttons from my shirt on the floor next to your ripped knickers. My cock still inside your used pussy, and the student’s fingers still inside hers. The whole place stinks of cum and pussy juice. We start to try to sort ourselves out, and think of what excuse we’re going to tell our bosses.

We don’t forget to swap numbers with the student girl. She says she is free tonight.

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