Last Time with Carole


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This true steamy story is the sequel to “Black Betty”


In my story “New Year’s Eve in the Snow”, I told the true story of the first night I spent with Carole. Fifteen years later, our relationship, which was based not on love, but only on companionship and great, frequent sex, which had dropped from five or six times every day to once a night, was coming to natural end when I met Val and fell totally in love with her.

Carole and I lived in separate villages several miles apart, though I kept many belongings at Carole’s house and after we had called it a day, I arranged to go round for the evening and pick my things up.

When I arrived at Carole’s small one bedroom cottage, she had obviously spent a lot of time on her appearance. She rarely wore make up as she has good skin and looks good without cosmetics – A feature that many women would die for. Her body is as good as when she was in her teens – she’s slim and firm and never needs to wear a bra, although she used to wear one when in her office so that her nipples weren’t obvious under her blouse. When she opened the door, I saw that she had put a little eye shadow on and a touch of pink lipstick graced her lips. Rather than her usual T-shirt and jeans, she was wearing a slinky black dress that I had bought her when we first got together to go to a party at a stately home, given by a lord of the realm where she looked spectacular – Carole is a very good looking woman!

She invited me in and I sat on the sofa in front of the fire where she brought me a drink. “Your things are in this box, Hans, your touthbrush, razor, a couple of CDs, a few photos you took of me naked when we were having fun at your house. I think everything of yours is here.”

Carole sat beside me and we reminisced about the good times, of how we used to play Black Betty with our friends after we’d got drunk at the pub which always ended up with about a dozen friends naked in my living room followed by rollicking, drunken sex amongst most of the participants, rarely with their usual partners.

“How about a last time in front of the fire, canlı bahis Hans, Like our first time?” suggested Carole.

“No, I mustn’t, I’m true to Val these days.”

“Please. She’ll never know.”

“No, I mustn’t.”



“Just one last time?”

My resolve was weakening, as I was afraid it would.

Carole had never needed to seduce me with a striptease before as I have always been ‘up for a a shag’ and I thought I would like her to perform one as a departing thing to remember her by.

“No, but I’ll do a deal with you. If I put some music on, and you perform a sexy striptease in front of me, when it’s finished you can check whether it has aroused me. If I’ve got a hard on, you can take my clothes off and you can do whatever you want with me for the rest of the evening, for old times sake only. But if I’m not aroused, it means that I don’t fancy you anymore and I’ll just leave.”

Her face lit up. “It’s a deal.”

What Carole didn’t know was that I have always fancied her, even if we had a argument and tonight, my knob was already straining the fly on my jeans. I chose a suitable track ‘With or Without You’ by U2, the first track on their ‘Joshua Tree’ CD and put it on the HiFi and as the music throbbed through the loudspeakers, Carole wroth her body dancing to the rhythm with her hips moving from side to side in time with the throb of the beat. At the end of the first verse, her perky little right breast was presented to me as the neck of the LBD came loose and she pressed the rock hard nipple between my lips. After a quick nibble, it was removed and she continued to dance. Her shoes were the first to be kicked off then her shoulders were flashed and covered again so I could see that there was nothing covering them under the Little Black Dress. As she danced, she untied the belt that was holding the wraparound dress closed. Her bare legs and thighs peeked through the gap between where she was holding the waist together with her hand and the knee high hem which would have given me an erection if I hadn’t already got one and as the music came to a close, she opened the dress wide and bahis siteleri dropped it to the floor revealing that she wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Has that aroused you?”

“You’ll need to check.”

Carole sat next to me and put her hand onto my lap. “I win! I want you to make love to me in every room in the house. Let’s get you out of those clothes. I want you naked as well.” Her fingers found my zip and pulled it down while I kicked off my shoes. She passionately kissed me as I fondled her tits and started pulling my sweatshirt up. Between us, we took all my clothes off as I put two fingers into her damp pussy, which told me that she was as turned on as I was and we moved to the hearth rug where she laid on her back with her arms and legs wide open waiting for me to spear her snatch with my cock. There was no foreplay, I just sank my knob right into her accommodating gash which was still fairly tight in spite of me fucking it probably twenty thousand times in the time we had spent together as well as my friends who had also used it a lot. In fact, I’ve calculated that in that time, I’ve probably pumped five or ten gallons of cum into that cunt over the years and used countless boxes of Kleenex to clean up.

“I still enjoy you fucking me as much as I did on our first night together. It’s a pity that we no longer get on.” Carole gasped when she had finished cumming. “Now upstairs.” I climbed the stairs and sat down on the top step. She followed me up and sat on my lap facing downstairs. As she sat down, her hand grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy as she sat upon it. My arms enveloped her and her lovely little breasts found their way into my hands. Her hips wriggled as her cunt took my entire length into her until my glans pushed against her cervix. I leaned forward and nibbled the side of her neck. “I always love it in this position, and I think you do too. You always seem to be bigger and entirely fill up my pussy.” She stopped speaking when I lowered my right hand to her pudenda and started tickling her clit with my middle finger. Her bum was raised and lowered as she bounced onto my cock. Soon her whole body was shuddering bahis şirketleri as another orgasm took hold.”Good boy, now into the bedroom.”

“You planned this, didn’t you?” I asked when I saw that the cover was already drawn back. Carole knelt beside the bed, slumped over it with her bum raised. I took the hint and knelt behind her as I pushed my cock into her very wet cunt that was waiting for it.

“Of course, I was not going to let you get away from me without enjoying a last really good screw to remember you by. Now fuck me, hard.”

I did what she asked me to and she yelled several times as her cunt rippled with orgasms. “We built this house together, and I’ve just got enough energy to screw you in one last room – Kitchen table – Now.” I extracted myself from Carole’s pussy and supported her as we went downstairs where we went into the kitchen and she laid back on the table with her minge level with the edge. I knew exactly what she wanted having enjoyed this position with her many times. I lowered my head to her pussy and licked the folds of her labia as my nose tickled her unshrouded clit. My fingers entered her and massaged her G spot until she was on the point of cumming whereupon I swapped my fingers for my dick and fucked her until she came again.

“I’ve just thought,” she said “There’s one more room I need you to fuck me in – Bathroom.” I helped her clamber off the table and we moved to the bathroom, which is luckily downstairs. She lowered the lid on the lavatory and I sat back on it, remembering one of our favourite positions which we always referred to as a loo-job.. Carole straddled my legs ensuring that my cock was erect and able to slip into her waiting cunt. She shifted herself into position with my dong right inside her before repeatedly bouncing up and down on my dick so that the vibration massaged my enveloped cock. Her tits were hard against my chest as my hands supported her arse. With her arms lovingly round my back, we kissed passionately as she rode me to another orgasm. This time, the kisses of her mouth, the hardness of her nipples against my chest, the movement of her snatch and the contractions of her vagina combined to make me cum as well.

I knew that I was spent as was she, so I dressed, gathered my box of belongings, thanked her for the good times, kissed her goodbye and drove out of Carole’s life.

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