Last Call Of the Day Ch. 01-02


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Chapter 1

It was Friday about 2:00pm. Bob was trying to finish up for the day and get home a little early. You see Bob is a self-employed plumber. He really liked his job but this last call of the day is a bathroom call. Bob hated those types of calls. It always ended up being a commode and he really hated that. He hoped it would go quickly so he could get home at a decent hour but he is not planning on it.

He pulled up the drive to little Cape Cod style house, very neat, and he thought to himself, well if its clean outside its usually very clean inside. That’s was big plus to Bob, especially when you’re dealing with bathrooms.

As he approached the door, it opened and he found a really good-looking woman standing there. “ I am glad you could get her early, I have a dinner to go to in a few hours.” Bob hardly heard a word she said because he was so fixated on her looks. She was very attractive, about 5’8”, long brown hair, nice legs, you couldn’t miss them because of the short skirt she had on. “I will show you where the problem is,” she told him. Bob followed her into the house and he couldn’t take his eyes off that body.

She went into the bathroom and over to the sink, Bob thought to himself, Boy I lucked out on this, no commode. She bent over to open the doors to the vanity and Bob got the shock of his life. Her skirt lifted as she bent over and she wasn’t wearing panties. He got a good look under her skirt. Then, embarrassed, he had to avoid looking at her when she turned around to talk to him.

“Can I get down there and look at that?” Bob blurted out not knowing what to say and actually excited about what he had just seen. As he bent down he brushed against her breasts but she only gave a slight movement away from him, “Sorry,” he said. She just smiled and sat down on the commode.

Sara, a good-looking woman in her late 30’s, sat watching him work, thinking about the plumber and wondering about the slight tingle that canlı bahis she felt when he brushed up against her. He’s not a bad looking guy, not bad at all and he’s so tall. Sara had always had a thing for tall men.

Bob was in his late 40’s, 6’4”, around 240 lb., a little belly but not much to speak of. He was losing his hair but he didn’t care; its just part of life, he tells everyone. Actually his upper body was in really good condition from the work that he does. It’s the lower half that needs some tuning up, Bob always tells everyone.

As Bob got down to work under the sink, he could see that the line to the faucet had a crack in it and as he looked out to tell her what the problem was, he found himself looking straight up her skirt and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. In all the excitement Bob’s hand slipped against a sharp edge of the pipe under the sink and he cut himself.

When Bob screamed from the cut it brought Sara back to reality. “What happened?” she yelled. “I cut myself!” Bob shouted. “Can you give me something wrap around my arm, to stop the bleeding?” Sara saw all the blood and started to panic. She was terrified of blood. As she scanned the room for a towel she realized that she has taken all the towels to the basement. They had been used earlier to soak up the water under her sink. In her panic, she pulled her blouse over her head, not really thinking what she was doing. All she wanted was to stop seeing blood.

Bob grabbed the blouse, not realizing what it was and climbed out from under the sink. To his shock, there she stood, naked to the waist. They both realized at the same time what happened; it was a very awkward moment for both of them. Sara self-consciously tried to cover herself and Bob looked away, shyly. Embarrassed, Bob told her he had to go to the truck and get his tools and a dressing for the cut. As he went to leave the bathroom he turned to her and for the first time, their eyes met. “By the way, bahis siteleri my name is Bob.” She smiled shyly; “Pleasure to meet you, Bob. I’m Sara.”

Chapter 2

Out at the truck Bob had a lot of mixed feelings about what had just happened. Should I walk, he thought to himself? Was something happening here or was it just an accident. He proceeded to gather his tools that he needed to finish the job.

Inside, Sara went to put something on, she felt like she should be embarrassed, but somehow she wasn’t. Her heart was pounding and she couldn’t quite figure out what had just happened, but it made her all warm inside as she wondered about Bob.

As Bob walked back into the house there was an uneasy feeling, as though he shouldn’t be there now, but he had to go back to fix the sink and he was curious to find out what had just happened. Sara wasn’t there when he went back to the bathroom and Bob had sort of a feeling of relief but at the same time; a feeling that he wanted her there.

As he was working on the sink, Sara came back into the bathroom; Bob looked out of the corner of his eye and could see she had a loose fitting flannel shirt on. Bob thought it must have been her husband’s and kept on working. She sat on the commode and began to talk to Bob as he worked. Just small talk at first, but conversation.

Bob listened to her as she talked. He instantly liked her and wondered just what was going to happen here. He had a hard time concentrating on his work with his mind racing the way it was. After all, she was still sitting there in a loose fitting shirt with no bra and he could still see she had no panties on under that short skirt.

Every man hopes that some day this would happen to him but at this moment Bob was scared. Should he make a move or just finish up and leave? It would be a hard decision for him to make. He thought its probably there for the taking, all he had to do is approach it in the right way, without looking bahis şirketleri like a fool.

He sat up on the floor and looked at her, she was smiling and had a soft look to her face. “How is it coming?” she said. Bob replied, “slow,” not wanting to get finished too soon. As he sat there looking at her, “you are a beautiful woman, “ just came blurting out of his mouth. The moment it left his mouth he wanted to take it back but couldn’t. It was already out there.

To his amazement she smiled and said, “You think so? That’s very nice of you to say.” Sara hadn’t had a compliment like that in years and it made here all warm and tingly inside instantly and some internal emotions started to turn inside her like she hadn’t felt in years. It felt good to her.

With that comment by Sara, Bob sensed this was going to get interesting. He went back to work. As he worked, he occasionally glanced from under the sink at Sara’s soft legs and even though her legs where not spread that far apart; he could still see the hair around her pussy and he thought for sure he could see moisture, which got him extremely aroused.

His mind was fighting with him to try and make a move or say something when Sara spoke up, “Are you married Bob?” If anything can kill a hard-on faster, let Bob know, because he suddenly went soft. Reluctantly, Bob said, “Yes,” not knowing what else to say to her. Sara explained that she was married too but they where not getting along very well in a certain area of their marriage. She said she was highly emotional and that her “hubby”, as she called him, wasn’t and it was causing great difficulties.

Bob kept working not knowing what to say to that. Could it be she was just a horny housewife feeling him out. What a change of pace and he laughed to himself. A few more minutes passed, then Sara excused herself telling Bob “ I have to get ready to go soon,” and she left the room.

Bob was finished in about 15 minutes after she left; he really didn’t even hear her excuse herself. He got up from under the sink, saw that she wasn’t there and actually had a moment of relief, but only a moment. What he encountered next stopped him in his tracks.

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