It Was Still Dark


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It was dark.

And it was dead quiet. Almost.

Except for the faint sounds of her breathing, I could have believed I was lying here alone.

This was an amazing contrast to the sounds of frenzied sex that had only a few hours ago filled the room. She, it turns out, is a very vocal woman. Very. In contrast, normally I am quite quiet, prone to the deep animal grunt when push comes to shove. But I found I could keep up with her on this count, the neighbors be damned.

We both had, apparently, fallen asleep exhausted. It was not her custom to let me spend the night. In fact she never had allowed me this particular pleasure. Always the unwritten rules were observed…seduction…fuck…recover…fuck…and leave a dollar bill under the pillow thank-you-very-much.

But here I was, and so was she.

Morning wood, usually nothing more then the result of a good dream or the need to piss, grew as I focused on her and her breathing. Breath in, breathe out. I could picture the rise and fall of her chest and the mental picture made me hard. (Sure I had to piss but that would have to wait!)

Without conscious thought my hard wrapped itself around my cock. It was still damp and sticky and, now, again growing large. Could I pleasure myself while I lay next to her? Should I?

Yes. No. Well maybe a little. So I began to jerk off, slowly, remembering the night before inside the tightness that is Roxxxanne. Every time she stirred and I feared she would awaken I stopped, my heart racing at the thought of being discovered.

I almost lost control once or twice but upon the third near miss I released my grip. My cock jumped, it knew what it wanted. Just the sheets’ brushing caused its’ purple crown to swell. One warm drop inched its’ way out. Not the last jis these sheets would absorb.

Lying with both hands at my side I closed my eyes. Relax I told myself. Relax. Listen and relax.

Again I focused on the whisper coming from her side of the bed. She was the only sound in the room.

Minutes passed. My cock was still erect but no longer painfully so. We would wait.

I did not plan to wait too long however. She was deeply asleep and hardly moved when I placed my palm flat against her thigh, feeling the relaxed flesh, warm and smooth. My fingertips pressed gently into her muscled hip, still no signs that she noticed my intentions. Daring to wake her, but suspecting I wouldn’t, I lifted my hand and placed it over her pubic mound, allowing my middle finger to rest within the dampness of her labia. She stirred but did not awaken.

My hand raised and lowered with the subtle movement of her breathing body. Her stomach lifted my resting forearm, our smooth skins warming to each other.

I listened; I wanted to make sure I did not awaken her…yet! I wanted her to rise slowly up out of her dreams. I wanted her to feel unsure if she was still dreaming or if the finger she felt sliding into her cunt was real. And at that moment it would enter her, to feel her vagina at first tighten with fear then loosen with recognition that the finger was indeed real…and not her own!

With güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri almost imperceptible movement my fingertip pushed her moist lips open, sliding slowly along the base of her clitoris until once again it rested. My finger now touching this most sensitive flesh…almost touching her hole. All I had to do was curve my digit to enter.

Her breathing changed. I could hear it. I could FEEL it. The moment.

She was not sure.

But I was.

My fingertip found her opening, tense, surprised. Before a sound could be made I slid into her.

Instantly she understood. And in that same instant she accepted me. Her warmth turned to heat surrounding my hand.

She awoke but did not speak.

Minutes passed as I explored her. No hurries mate! Sometimes I pushed deeply into her (always slowly) probing soft walls until I found the spot she liked best. I did not linger there too long but I memorized the location so that I could find it again…and again. Each time my finger found the button she stiffened and sucked a deep quick breath. I liked to hear that sound!

One finger, two…she accepted three, her legs relaxed, spreading slightly. I felt her weight shift towards me, granting greater permission.

When finally my probing came to an end, she waited for more but I did not move. Her thighs loosened. She understood but could not help a quiet sigh as I pulled out. Again I rested a single digit within the fold. This time only long enough to be polite.

We both were breathing heavily when I pulled my arm back over to my side of the bed.

Minutes passed. Long minutes while we waited. Her scent coming to me, making me want her. Turning on my side I let her feel my ‘want’.

The mattress moved, I couldn’t see her in the darkness but I knew she had turned to face me. Then her whiskey morning voice, soft, just inches form my ear whispered, “fuck me.”

I replied, “Not yet” but at the same breath I slid my prick between her legs.

Pulling her close I sensed the heat of her chest even before I felt it meld with mine. I dared not move. She knew why. “Wait,” I whispered louder then before.

Her crotch surrounded my cock but I made no attempt to slip inside. Even as I felt her playfully flex her muscles as invitation I made no move except to push ever so slightly against her pubic bone.

“You’re so hard.”

I did not respond except to move one hand to caress her glorious ass. (God how I wanted to roll her over, and before she knew what hit her, split her legs wide and ram my cock in her ass. To pump furiously and cum deep inside it. Nah not really!)

“Lay on your back.” She did. My tongue found her stomach. I licked and kissed southward. When I found her pubic hair I pulled the first strands into my mouth, tasting our sex and sweat from last night.

Hardly missing a beat I felt the caress of her hand as she reached for and located my cock. Gently, at first, her fingers wrapped around me, feeling the steely strength of my erection, testing whether to stroke or squeeze. Blood filled it as she tightened her grip. If I wished güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I could have cum without a single stroke, with only her, now tightening grip causing release.

No. My half formed idea, hatched when I awoke and found myself still in bed with her must be realized.

“Stop.” I said just barely loud enough for her to hear. I don’t think she really understood why at that moment I would say such a thing, but her fingers loosed and set my prick free.

She smelled wonderful, like the dark earth hours after a soaking rain. She smelled like fuck. I hovered over her. Breathing nothing but her, us, into my lungs.

The point of my tongue found the very edge of her pussy and moved forward, deliberately sliding between her legs, touching, tasting, swirling. The sounds of her breathing began to fill the room.

She grew even more wet and her taste changed.

I licked her, changing tempo with the noises she was making. But I could not enter her cunt and I needed to. She too needed something inside her.

Slow…slower…stop. I waited until her silent acceptance and I raised my head.

In the darkness of the bedroom I pulled myself from her and stood at the foot of her bed.

“Open you r legs.” Three small words. In the stillness I could hear the sheets rustle as she positioned herself.

I crept onto the bed, my hands at first finding her ankles (I wrapped my hands around them opening her legs wider then she had at first offered) and then slowly following her curves until my thumbs came to rest, pushing gently into the flesh only inches from the prize.

As if bowing to the gods I leaned forward, my mouth open, ready. Contact was electric and complete. Our lips met. I entered her with my tongue, hard and relentlessly probing; labia soft, clitoris a salty pearl that could drive her crazy when provoked.

My arms went under her legs, lifting her up so that she could wrap them around my neck.

Deep inside her I could taste when she was cumming. She filled me with her taste and I drank deeply. Drank until we were both exhausted, my neck aching.

She uncoiled and once again, as I sat up, lay open before me. I sat in the dark quietly licking my lips, incredibly satisfied with myself. But not satiated.

I leaned forward and told her, “Keep your legs open and do not move a muscle. Now I am going to put my cock inside you.” But ‘now’ can be a relative word.

Seconds passed and I could sense her tension mount. She knew what was coming but not exactly when.

“Are you ready?” I whispered.

“Yes.” Came her strangely calm reply.

“Remember do not move a muscle.” My arms now on either side of her chest, I positioned myself, and slowly moved through the air until hard erection contacted willing cunt.

At first only my cockhead entered her. I fought the urge. Then, when neither of us could stand it any longer I fell forward and into her. My cock pierced her smoothly, fully and deep. Her heat surrounded me, tightly enveloping the thing she now most wanted.

I began to fuck. Her. To fuck with no regard for anything güvenilir bahis şirketleri but MY need to cum. True to my request she did not move a muscle, but she did indeed tighten one. Roxxxie let me slide in and out of her again and again, at my own pace and need. And soon my need was great…and building. Her cunt was so slippery wet, so warm, so full of my cock. My selfishness seemed only heightened her desire.

I held onto my orgasm. Kept it inside with an act of will of one who knew when release came it would be glorious, draining and complete.

I held on to my orgasm. I held onto it tight. Painfully tight. I held on to it until my arms quivered trying to hold my body above her. The muscles of my neck strained tight.

“Now,” an animal voice resonated in the bedroom. She shuddered at the explosion of me. I was so deep inside her that when I came I thought I would split her in two. One complete final thrust into the abyss. I stopped moving my hips burying my prick, forcing it to empty its fiery white sauce into her with only internal contractions as the propellant.

I collapsed onto her, my hips now an automatic jackhammer, emptying massive amounts into her with repeated spasms.

The woman took all of this from me just as I had requested, with legs spread wide, accepting the fucking man above her…and not fucking back!

Again we rested. She wrapped her legs around me not willing to let my cock leave just yet. I stayed inside her until once again soft. I swear I could feel our mingled juices dripping out of her as I too, dripped out.

“That was a great way to start the day,” she laughed uncoiling her legs. “Do you have any left?”

“You do???,”I replied obviously impressed at her morning hunger.

A woman of action rather then words, she rustled the sheets moving to find my cock and take it and my balls into her mouth in one gulp. Amazing. And amazing how fast I filled her to gagging, she had to open wide and slide up the shaft. She started to suck me off with a near ferocious need to taste cum. Do I have any left? I did have to wonder? But if any thing could make me cum it would be the luscious lips sucking my dick and the swirling tongue working its magic.

The orgasm she coaxed from me almost hurt, drained, as I had been only minutes before. But Roxxxies’ cocksucking pulled more from inside me somehow. Her squirming hips drove me crazy and I pushed my cock deep into her throat. She received what semen I had left, gratefully tasting, swirling it inside her mouth before swallowing.

But even as I finished she needed one more favor from me, my mouth would have to get her off. Again. Now, with a hand still wrapped tightly around my prick she swung one thigh over my face allowing, in fact forcing my tongue into her cunt. Cunnilingus indeed! The muscles of her thighs tightened as her climax approached. I knew she was close.

She began to cum. All above me became wet, my nostrils filled with her musk as she sank, squirming, onto me releasing our mingled fluids.

Finished, she sat still, feeling the orgasm continue to reverberate through her body. Only as she lay back down on the bed did she release her hand from around my cock.

Utterly exhausted, the only sounds I could hear were her breathing and some poor asshole, outside, mowing his lawn. How many times had he seen this woman and wished he were in my position? Every time he saw her no doubt!

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