Innocent Seduction


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It had been an incredibly long drive into a part of the country I had hoped never to set foot in. The weather was cold, incredibly so for my Southern bones. Had I my way, I would be basking in the sun, sipping cold drinks with frilly little umbrellas off some beach in Florida. But, like the fool I was, I had decided to do a cross country trip for no other reason than I could. I had decided to stop here because you were here and I had hoped to meet and catch up on old times.

I had run the idea past you and, to my surprise, you seemed amenable to the idea. Had I stopped to think about it, I would have realized how bad an idea it truly was, how much potential for disaster it could lead to. But, if the truth be told, I never could think too clearly where you involved. I had made a lot of mistakes in my life but, despite what many others would have thought had they known the truth, I never once considered you one of them.

I parked at the hotel that you recommended. After I checked in and went to my room, I tossed my bags into a chair and laid down on the bed. It had been a tiring drive and, like the fool I was beginning to believe I was, I had made the drive straight, stopping only for gas. I grabbed the phone and called up a restaurant and ordered delivery.

Thirty minutes or so later I woke to a knock at the door, not realizing I had allowed myself to fall asleep. Shaking myself and grabbing my wallet, I headed to the door, not remembering when I had removed my shirt. Opening the door, expecting to see the delivery man, I was surprised to see you instead.

There you stood, even prettier than I remembered, and I had a damn good memory for these things, in a thin dress and a smile, my food hanging over your shoulder. You looked me up and down, your smile never slipping but a mischievous twinkle lighting up in your eyes. And there I stood, no shit brazzers porno and my belt undone, unbuttoned. A quick glance is all it took to show I wore no underwear.

I shook my head in embarrassment and stood aside to invite you in. You laughed as you sauntered in, your body swaying in a way that should have sent warning bells through my mind but, as usual where you were concerned, I was blind to the warnings. You placed the food down and gave me a hug, placing a gentle kiss on my cheek.

The heat from your lips sent a shiver through me and my body responded. You glanced down and giggled, blushing slightly. You gestured for me to eat and we started talking, catching up on old times, telling stories of the new times. You sat on the edge of the bed, crossing your legs on occasion.

I tried to keep my eyes on yours, but the hem of your dress kept riding up, distracting me. Finally, you looked down at your watch and sighed. It was time for you to go. I sighed slightly, myself, on partly in disappointment. We stood and hugged again. We moved to kiss each other on the cheek, but a slight miscue in angles ended with us kissing each other on the lips. You blushed and laughed. With a farewell, you said you would be by later for dinner and drinks.

I watched you leave and a dark thought crossed my mind. Within moments, that dark thought formulated into a plan. I knew it was wrong, but you always clouded my mind. With a grunt to myself, I set about making my plans.

You arrived a few hours later at the restaurant we had agreed on. You wore a dress similar to the one you wore before, but this one seemed to show off your magnificent body much better than the last. You seemed a bit nervous as you sat, waiting for me to arrive.

And then I walked in. My long hair was pulled back, tied neatly out of the way. I had shaved and castingcouch-x porno trimmed the wild growth of my facial hair. While I had not worn anything fancy, simply dark jeans with a large belt buckle, a black button up shirt and black cowboy boots, I was dressed up nicer than you had ever seen before.

As I sat down, I passed along to you a single red rose. You blushed again as I smiled and complimented your outfit. As dinner progressed, I ensured that your wine glass stayed full. I did not want you drunk, but I did want you off balance.

After dinner, we talked some more and I mentioned that I had a present for you in the room. At first you were reluctant, unsure of whether you should go with me or not. With a wicked grin I said that the choice was yours, that if you desired your gift all you had to do was meet me in the room. Then I got up and left, having ensured the check was paid long before.

You sat there, at the table, considering what to do. Finally, you decided, with the help of the wine, to see what gift was awaiting you. You quickly drove to the hotel, it wasn’t that far away, and once again knocked on my door.

I opened the door and ushered you in. You gasped as you saw the room lit solely by dozens of candles, the soft scent of jasmine filling the room. You walked in and turned to face me, a sheepish smile on your face. I walked over to my computer and hit a button. Soft music filled the room. Taking your hand, I asked you to dance.

Your body molded to mine as we danced slowly. I wasn’t a very good dancer but, at that moment, it truly did not matter. I leaned into you, kissing your lips softly. The surprise of my boldness, at first, kept you from responding. But then you pulled your head back and protested, weakly.

The way you held your body close to mine, though, urged me to clips4sale porno continue. I kissed you again, now slowly beginning to remove your dress from your body. You protested again, but only with words, helping me at times to remove all your clothes and beginning to remove mine.

I laid you down on the bed once you were finally naked, savoring the view of your elegant beauty. Unable to resist any longer, I slid myself down and began to kiss the soft skin between your legs, sliding my lips and tongue along your inner thighs and lips. You moaned as I explored you, my tongue flashing along your sensitive skin, building you up. When I felt you could last no more, I sucked the sensitive bud of your clit in between my lips and slid a finger into you. I was very pleased to feel how tight you were.

And then you exploded. I maintained my actions, refusing to quit until you begged me to. Which you soon did. You pulled me up by my hair and kissed me, savoring your own taste upon my lips. You guided my hardness into you, sighing as I slowly slid in.

I began to move in and out slowly, softly, wishing to savor each moment of contact with you. But you needed more. You wanted more. You ground your hips into me, wrapping your legs around me and pulling me in tightly. I knew what you wanted. I began to increase my pace. I thrust in and out of you, each stroke more forceful than the last. Your nails ran down my back, scratching me deeply and you bit into my shoulder. Each action served only to fuel my passion and I pistoned in harder and faster.

Finally, you began to quiver as your climax built. You screamed when it finally exploded out of you. The tightening of your inner muscles threw me past the point of no return and I exploded into you, my seed filling you as you writhed beneath me.

I collapsed beside you, trying to catch my breath as you kissed me again. Then you sighed and said you had to go home. I wasn’t happy with that but knew it was the way it had to be. You got dressed and kissed me again, whispering how you would have to come by again before I left town. I sighed as the door shut behind you, closing my eyes and drifting to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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