I Just Never Knew I Loved Her


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My name is Hem. I’m 28 years old. I’m 5’5″ 130 lbs and I have brunette hair and hazel eyes that compliment my wheatish Indian complexion. My measurements are 34C-28-36.

I was a wild child growing up. I have always been an extremely horny girl. I lost my virginity at 18 to a boy in my neighborhood. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the sex, I quickly got used for my body.

My first time was in a field. It was so sexy. It was august and very hot. Mike and I were in a field just messing around in a tree at the edge, wrestling around, etc. Well, we were both completely soaked in sweat. Well, he went to go higher but needed a boost. I stood up and looked up to see how far to push him. At that moment he looked down and we both sort of froze. Our eyes closed and then we started to kiss. After that we both wanted to get out of the tree so that we wouldn’t fall from not paying attention.

Once we were down he said, “Man, it’s hot.”

I said, “Well, we could head back to my house and get in the pool.”

He said, “Yeah we could, but I like being out here. No parents or anyone else to interrupt us.”

I said, “So what do you want to do?”

He said, “We could take off our clothes.”

I said, “Right here?”

He said, “There isn’t a person for miles.”

I said, “That doesn’t bother me. I haven’t been naked around a boy before.”

He said, “Well, I’ll tell you this right now. I’ll be looking at you as much as you are at me. I promise everything will be ok.”

So we took off our clothes. Every single thing. My body was dripping with sweat. Even my hair was completely drenched. He stood there with his athletic tanned body. His 7 inch cock was rock hard.

I said, “Your penis is beautiful.”

He said, “Thank you. It gets that way when I’m excited. You are only the 2nd girl I’ve seen naked in person.”

I said, “Can I put that in my mouth?”

He said, “Oh that would be awesome. Can I lick your pussy?”

I said, “That would be only fair.”

He laid down in the grass. I got on my hands and knees and started sucking his dick. He told me to go all the way up and down. I quickly found out that I have no gag reflex. He also told me to put my thumb and pointing finger around his cock and have them follow my lips as I went up to the head. I sucked his dick for about 15 minutes. He stopped me abruptly. I asked if I was doing it ok and he said yes but he didn’t want it to be over and if I kept going it would.

He then had me lay on the grass. He spread my legs and got flat on his stomach. He lifted my legs up by my thighs. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and started to lick and suck my pussy. He would insert his tongue as far as he could. He would swirl it around and then run it up to my clit. He’d flicker his tongue over my clit several times. Once he slid a finger into my pussy I didn’t want him to stop. He concentrated his tongue on my clit and fingered me as well. He had 2 fingers inside me and at one point he hit a spot and I went nuts. I instantly had an orgasm. I would later discover he was hitting my gspot.

He ate me out to 3 orgasms. Then he asked if he could stick his penis in my pussy. It felt even better. I got on top of him and he slid his cock into my pussy. God that indeed felt good. He thrust his cock into my pussy and did it repeatedly. His cock was long enough that it was hitting my gspot. I was soon screaming in delight. It only lasted about 10 minutes because he was so worked up from me sucking his dick. I felt his cock tense up inside me and then he started to moan loudly. Then I felt his cock spurt his cum into my pussy. It felt really warm and felt so sexy when I played with my pussy as It ran back out afterwards.

After he finished we just maltepe escort laid there in the grass for an hour or so. Then it was about dinner time so we had to get dressed and go inside. That summer we had sex out there in the field nearly every day for the whole summer. It was our special place. We got caught a bunch of times by the farmer but he never did tell on us. Once school came back into session Mike totally ignored me and we never talked after that.

I was heartbroken. We spent a whole summer in sexual bliss. I guess I thought that he would ignore the fact that we had such an age difference. His friends saw me one day and made fun of me and that was the last time I saw him.

Over the years I had 3 boyfriends. Each of them used me for sex. I was their fuck buddy until a hotter girl came along and then they left me. All 3 tried to come back when the hotter girl they left me for wouldn’t have sex with them. I wasn’t about to do the same thing again.

After every break up was my best friend in the world, Marcella. Every boyfriend left me a bit more jaded. Marcella has been my best friend since pre-school. She was there every time a boyfriend broke up with me. She was there after I was fucked every night for months on end and then thrown away. She would literally drop everything and come be at my side.

Well, I was 19. We were both in college. This great looking soccer player asked me to the movies and to dinner. I agreed.

Marcella asks me, “So, you gonna fuck him?”

I said, “I dunno. Probably. Why?”

She said, “Because I’ve heard that he’s a player. Another do you and dump you.”

I said, “I haven’t heard that.”

She said, “Well, I’m still warning you. I don’t want to see you get hurt again.”

I said, “But I can’t just not date anyone.”

She said, “I know someone interested in you.”

I said, “Oh yeah, who?”

She said, “Nobody, don’t worry about it.”

I said, “You know I’m about fucking tired of this. You lecture me after every boyfriend I have, yet you won’t try and hook me up.”

She said, “I lecture you because I love you.”

I didn’t even realize what she said. I figured it was just a sisterly or friendly love. I had to be certain though. I said, “Wait…what did you say?”

She said, “I said I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you since ever.”

I said, “So why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

She said, “Because you went from one guy straight to another and besides I didn’t want to lose you as a friend over something like that.”

I just looked at her. I looked her over standing in the spring sun with her tight white tank top cut off just below her breasts. Her hard nipples standing alert showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her daisy duke shorts cut way too short. Her tight round ass.

I started to cry and then I said, “Oh Marcella, I am so in love with you.”

We embraced. We wrapped our arms around each other tightly and we started to make out. It was the first time either of us had kissed another woman. We didn’t care that we were in the middle of the courtyard and there were probably 50 ppl staring at us as we made out. We stood there and made out with the love and lust that had been built up for years.

Then Marcella broke off the kiss and said, “Let’s go back to my apartment.”

I said, “I have 2 more classes today.”

She said, “I already told your teachers you were sick. Your homework assignments were emailed to you.”

I said, “What about your roommate?”

She said, “She moved out 3 weeks ago. We’ll have each other all too ourselves all weekend.”

We grabbed our stuff. We held hands and walked out to my car. We got out to my car and I pushed her against the door escort maltepe and we started making out again. As we kissed she unbuttoned my jeans. She slid them down off my ass. I unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them. They fell to the pavement. She grabbed both butt cheeks and pressed our bodies together. We writhed together as we kissed.

I said, “We should probably get in the car before we attract attention.”

We got in the car and drove off. It was about 20 minutes until her apartment. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other the entire drive home. By the time we got there my jeans were soaked from my pussy. Marcella never did put her shorts back on. We got out of the car and walked up to her apartment. Marcella didn’t bother putting her shorts back on then either. Guys were whistling and hollering but it didn’t matter.

This was actually the first time I had been in her apartment. I still to this day don’t know why I didn’t go inside it. I guess I was too preoccupied. We both went inside and headed back to her bedroom. Then I noticed that there was only 1 bedroom.

I said, “I have a question for you.”

She said, “What’s that?”

I said, “You never told me you were dating Sara.”

She said, “We weren’t.”

I said, “Well, there’s only 1 bedroom baby.”

She said, “Ok, I’m sorry. I lied.”

I said, “It’s ok if you did. I don’t mind. Just tell me everything.”

She said, “Ok. The truth is that I never did date a guy. Do you want the long version or the short version?”

I said, “Long version.”

She said, “You are the reason I’m a lesbian”

I said, “I am?”

She said, “Ever since that sleep over in 7th grade when we took that shower together. I decided that I didn’t even want to bother with boys. I was too attracted to girls.”

I said, “Go on.”

She said, “I was going to save myself for you. I made it a long time too. Well, with the help of lesbian porn.”

By this time we were both naked and in her bed. We were in a 69 position but not licking each other’s pussies. I was kissing every inch of her body. I started with her toes, then the bottoms of her feet, her heels, her ankles. Then moved to her legs. I licked and kissed all the way up to her knees. I kissed the back of her knees. I was now working on kissing every inch of her thighs. She was licking my pussy but only every now and then. She would give me a gentle lick and then talk and then she would suck on the part of my thigh that met my crotch and then talk some more.

She continued, “When we graduated I decided to just get my own place. I didn’t want to afford it all by myself so I got Sara interested in rooming with me. Sara was interested in me but I was waiting for you so I was playing hard to get. When Sara moved in she noticed the one bedroom and she got all excited.”

I said, “God this is so hot. Keep going baby.”

She continued, “I made sure to keep everything a secret from you. I was afraid I would run you off. Sara and I lived as a couple for over a year until about 3 weeks ago. She found a bunch of dirty pictures of you on my computer.”

I said, “Which ones?”

She said, “All of them. I found your pics from you being a dirty little slut with your boyfriends and sent them to my computer. I’d look at them and jack off when Sara wasn’t home. Then one day she came home and caught me. We got in a huge fight and she left. Then you and Brad broke up. I decided I was tired of being a chicken so I went for it and told you.”

I turned around to face her. I was mouth to mouth with her and I said, “I’ve loved you since forever. You are the only person that has been by my side through everything. If you had told me you loved me and wanted to be with me I would’ve maltepe escort bayan dropped everything right then.”

Marcella had tears in her eyes. She said, “Are you serious?”

I said, “Yes, baby. I’ve been in love with you for years. I just didn’t realize it was love because I’ve never really been in love like that before.”

We kissed passionately. I got on top of her as we kissed. Our bodies writhed together. Our pussies grinded against one anothers. Tears of joy were streaming down our faces. We had finally found true love. It took me 6 years of bad boyfriends but it was worth it.

I kissed my way down her body. I took her breast in my hand and for the first time I had her nipple in my mouth. It tasted like honey. I swirled my tongue around it and sucked down. She moaned softly. My other hand pinched and played with her other nipple. Then I switched nipples. I swirled my tongue around and sucked down.

Then I moved further south. I stopped briefly at her navel and licked it. I continued south to her loosely trimmed but not shaven pussy. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and latched my mouth down on her pussy. I plunged my tongue keep into her wet hole. I swirled my tongue back and forth. I licked her from her asshole all the way up to her clit. When I hit her clit she said, “Oh yes baby. Right there. Suck on my clit baby.”

I sucked down hard on her clit. I slid a finger inside and finger fucked her as I worked her clit. Soon she was moaning loud. Her legs were wrapped around my head. Then she got my head in a death grip with her thighs and she started to quiver. She continued to moan loud and then she had a rocking orgasm.

She had me stop licking her pussy because it was literally shaking. We layed side by side and kissed while she got her bearings.

I said, “Are you done?”

She said, “Done? Hell no. I hope you didn’t need to do anything tonight because I’m gonna make your first time amazing.”

She did just that. My first orgasm with Marcella made every other one I’d ever had seem stupid. We ate each other out and had sex from around 2pm until well after midnight. We fell asleep spooning each other. We woke up at around 10am and immediately went back to it.

That weekend we had sex everywhere. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, out on the balcony. All we did was eat, sleep and have sex. We just couldn’t get enough of one another.

I thought that I was at ultimate bliss. That things couldn’t be better. Then Marcella changes the rules about all that.

Marcella said, “So, I guess I should go ahead and ask you what your thoughts were about being faithful.”

I said, “Well, with the guys I was with they all cheated on me. It honestly didn’t bother me. Why?”

She said, “Well, you’re new to the whole lesbian thing. It’s natural that you’ll be lusting after other girls. I sure did.”

I said, “So you want to go ahead and figure out if it’s ok to sleep around or not?”

She said, “Well, there are things I’ve always wanted to do but swore that I wouldn’t do it with anyone but you.”

I said, “Like what?”

She said, “Threesomes, foursomes, orgies, that sort of thing.”

I said, “Well that I am definitely interested in. Just as long as no guys are involved.”

She giggled and said, “Swearing off dick are we?”

I said, “I’m tired of men. I’m tired of the bullshit. Tired of them satisfying themselves and running off.”

She said, “I’m so happy we got together. Lets make one deal. If we ever decided to act on our impulses, we’ll never exclude the other person.”

I said, “I love you. That will likely never change. I’m not saying i’ll just go to school and bring home someone to bed immediately and I don’t expect you too either. I’m glad that we can be mature enough to want to include other people and not be jealous about it.”

She said, “Exactly. Lets just take things one step at a time. We’ll cross those bridges when we get to them.”

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