Hot Summer Night


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Lara leaned on the windowsill staring out into the night. It was hot. Hotter then it had been in a very long time, and there was only the hint of a breeze to stir the white lace curtains that covered the windows. A full moon hung high in the sky, illuminating the landscape in a subtle glow, and she could see her surroundings quite well. It was almost midnight, and she knew he would be there soon, the thought giving rise to an even higher level of anticipation within her. The night had dragged out for what seemed like forever as she waited for her lover. She had been too long without the feel of him close to her.

The lights of a car appeared around the corner and made their way to her gate, stopping in her driveway. Her heart beat a little faster as the sensation that had been slowly building in her loins all day, suddenly became a throbbing need. She could feel the increased moisture between her thighs, smooth and silky as she pressed them tighter together. She had to resist the urge to slip her hand between her legs and ease her ache before he finished climbing the stairs. Had it not been for her neighbours, she might have taken him right there on the landing. But then, the night was young, and she was in no hurry to see it end prematurely.

As he stepped through her doorway, she opened her arms to greet him, her lips lifting to meet his in a hot, lustful kiss. Hungry tongues probed and danced between their mouths as his hands pressed hard against the cheeks of her ass, pulling her hard against him, the solid bulge in his pants impossible to miss.

Swinging the old timber door closed behind him, she led him into the lounge room. Dressed only in a short, blue satin dressing gown, her breasts almost completely exposed as the slippery fabric parted over them, she kissed him again. Her hardening nipples pressed against his chest as she clung to him, her senses coming to life as she breathed in the masculine scent of him.

“I have something you might like,” she whispered, taking his hand and leading him to the bathroom just across the hall. Inside, the tub was filled with warm water and covered in a thick blanket of white, lavender scented bubbles. She had placed candles randomly about the room, giving the room a warm, romantic appeal. The soft music playing in the next room filtered through on the steamy air, and the mood was set for an evening that promised romance.

Slipping off the robe, she set it aside and indicated towards the tub. “Care to join me?”

His smile was delicious and his eyes sparkled with the lust that Lara burned for. Stepping towards him, she pressed her naked form against him, reaching up to kiss him softly on the neck. Her fingers found the buttons on his shirt and began working their way down his chest, pulling the shirt free of his pants and peeling it over his shoulders. The feel of his bare chest beneath her fingers stirred her even more, but she was far from done. Her lips found his in a tender kiss, her fingers working quickly on his belt buckle and zipper. In moments, his pants were about his ankles and he stood before her bursa escort in all his glory.

Lara was more then a little impressed, but then, she had seen him before, and knew what to expect. Even so, knowing what to expect did nothing to reduce the pleasure she took in looking at him. He was a man in every sense of the word, and she knew he would not disappoint her when it came to his performance as a man. The thought of how he had previously pleasured her left her panting and little flustered with anticipation.

He stepped into the tub, sinking into the warmth of the water, letting all of the stiffness and tension of the day wash away with the suds. Lara smiled to see him so relaxed, stepping into the tub in front of him and lowering her body into the bubbles, and his waiting arms.

Pulling her back against his chest, his strong arms embracing her, kissing the side of her neck with heated lips. Lara moaned softly, tipping her head back a little to grant him even more of her tender flesh. His hot breath sent shivers down her spine and a soft moan escaped her full and sensuous lips.

Skilled fingers found her breasts, teasing and touching the sensitive areas around her hardening nipples, and her lips meeting his in another hungry kiss. She could feel his rock hard cock pressed against the small of her back, and she longed to feel him deep inside her. Pushing against the end of the tub with her feet, she rubbed up against him, feeling the length of him beneath her.

Lifting her a little higher against himself, he reached for her legs, lifting one of them and hooking it over the side of the tub, opening her to him beneath the bubbles. His fingers reached for her, unfolding her, exploring her like a great treasure. Reaching behind herself, Lara wrapped her arms about his neck, holding herself against him while his hands worked their magic on her body.

More soft moans escaped her lips as the pleasures he inflicted upon her continued, her body almost screaming for more. Turning over, she rubbed her breasts along the length of his body, lifting them until they were level with his face. Her legs straddled his hips, her hot, wet crotch pressing hard against the shaft of his swollen cock, but she was careful not to take him inside herself, not yet.

As he took her tender nipple between his lips, she slid her hand between them and wrapped her fingertips about the head of his cock. It was so smooth, so rounded, and so perfect. She stroked it gently, moving her fingers in a circular motion to increase the sensation, and was rewarded with a soft, masculine moan of pleasure. His tongue returned the favour, flicking back and forward over her hard, dark nipple before sucking the entire area into his mouth. She squeezed the head of his cock a little harder and his mouth shifted from one breast to the other. Lara’s pulse raced as she shifted on his lap. How easy it would have been to move just a little more and take all of him deep inside her.

Lara knew that if she remained in the tub, she would be unable to keep herself from begging him to take her right bursa escort bayan there, so she climbed out, wrapping herself in a towel and leaving him to soak in the suds. No sooner had so stepped from the tub, then she wanted to climb right back in again.

It was a physical effort to leave the bathroom and head for the kitchen, but she knew her man had other needs that she was more then happy to tend to. Pouring him a glass of wine, she returned to the bathroom and placed it in his hand. He thanked her with a kiss and relaxed back into the water.

Lara went back to the lounge room and picked up the TV remote. Thirty-three channels, and not a damn thing on worth watching. Grabbing a pillow, she lay back on the lounge. She was tired, but she had waited too long to be with him again, so there was no way she was going to give into her tiredness. Not just yet. She had to find something to keep herself awake. As she moved on the lounge, she was reminded again of the ache deep within her. Moisture that had been washed away in the bath had returned and her thighs were now damp with the thick, smooth juices of her womanly need.

Reaching down between her thighs, she traced a finger over her pussy lips, parting them slightly as she did so. The sensation was more then pleasant, and she could not help but rub the area a few more times. The moisture quickly coated her fingers as they slipped along her hot slit, pausing to dip into her well of love before continuing on to her throbbing clit. She had been horny all day waiting for her lover, and now that he was there, relaxing in the bath, she found she could wait no longer to relieve the tension she had not realized until now had been building up inside her.

As her right hand massaged her swelling clit, her left went to her breasts, squeezing and pinching, twisting the nipple until it bordered on painful, then letting it go again. The extra stimulation was enthralling. She quickly became consumed by her own need for release. Her back arched and her head tipped from side to side as her fingers dipped deeper into herself. Her right leg found the back of the lounge, hooking over it, as her felt foot rested on the coffee table, her legs spread wide in the hot night air.

Harder and faster she rubbed herself, her fingers slick with her own love juices. Small drops of sweat formed on her heated flesh, and soon her left hand joined her right, working together for a common goal. Two fingers filled her wet pussy as her other hand worker her clit a little faster. Soon a third finger was added, and then the fourth. Almost in a state of frenzy, she rubbed and probed, pushing her fingers deep into herself, almost to the point of fisting. Panting and moaning, her body twisting and bucking on the lounge as she worked her own magic on her body. She could feel the intensity building. Her legs began to tremble, her mind a blur of sexual ecstasy, and then she was there.

Thick juices spilled out over her fingers as the inner walls of her pussy pulsed and contracted. Her right hand still moved slowly over her clit, riding escort bursa the wave of her orgasm to the very end. Gasping for breath, she laid there, her eyes closed and body awash with the pleasure of her release. Slowly she pulled her legs together, savouring every ounce of the sensations that flowed through her body. How easy it would have been to drift away into the realm of sweet slumber just then.

“Couldn’t wait any longer huh?” Her man, wrapped only in a towel, leaned down over her and kissed her lips tenderly. His words were so soft and loving that they added to her feeling of euphoria. She knew he would not be disappointed that she started without him. By the look in his eyes and the size of his erection protruding from the towel, he’d been watching her, and she knew how much he liked to watch her pleasuring herself.

Reaching for him, she pulled his body down to meet hers. “I have plenty more where that came from lover. I was just keeping it warm for you.”

He laughed, rolling onto the floor and pulling her with him. The rug was soft, but cool on the polished timber floor, and a welcome relief to the night’s seemingly endless heat. Both towels fell aside as he pulled her naked form over his, his hands resting comfortably on the cheeks of her ass. “Damn, I missed you Lara.”

“I missed you too, Sweetheart.” Her voice purred like a kitten, but she was more likened to a bitch in heat. Lifting her body a little, she placed herself over his impressive erection, sliding herself slowly down on him until he had completely vanished within her. He moaned softly as she enveloped him, lifting his hips slightly to meet her. She rested there a moment, giving her body a little time to adjust before lifting and lowering again. He filled her so completely, so thoroughly, it was more then enough to take her breath away.

Placing his hands on her hips, he guided her up and down on his shaft as she rode him. Slowly at first, but as the tension and heat rose between them, so did the urgency. Lara leaned forward, her hands on his shoulders as she rocked back and forward, his hips thrusting up to meet her every movement. Faster and faster she rocked, his cock driving up into her, impaling her on his rock hard rod. The slick juices of her previous orgasm covered his shaft and ran slowly down over his balls. Harder and harder he pumped her, his hands now forcing her down onto his cock, driving so deep it flooded her senses with both pleasure and pain.

With a deep groan, he thrust upwards and stopped, his hot seed pumping into her in thick jets, spilling from her and running down over his balls, mixing his juices with hers. His body shuddered a little, an involuntary jolt surging through him before he thrust into her again, draining every last drop of hot cum from his loins.

Pulling her back into his arms, he cradled her there, holding her close as their sweating bodies cooled. “Did I hurt you, Baby.” He always worried that he was too rough with her, but it was one of the things she liked most about the way he made love.

“No, Sweetheart. You were wonderful, as always.” Cuddling in against him, she listened to the beating of his heart before suggesting they retire to the comfort of her bed, and sleep. The morning would herald not only a new day, but also a new surge of passion between them.

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