Home Girl: The Single Woman’s Guide


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This is the first story I’ve written for this site. It’s the first of a series I want to write, I know it’s long but I’m mainly introducing the characters/situations. Future stories will be shorter. Thanks so much for readings!

Allie was about to move to a new city for university, she was 18 and excited about being on her own for the first time. About two weeks before class was to start she did a road trip up to Maple Lake, the new city she was going to move to. Allie knew she had to find a place to live, and possibly a job so she could survive as a student! She got into town around 4pm and checked into her hotel, it was a cheap motel, she was on a tight budget, but the motel was clean and good enough for now. Allie picked up a local paper and scanned some of the ‘for rent ads’. After a quick scan she could not believe her eyes! Rent had skyrocketed from when she had visited the university a year ago, one bedrooms were going over $1200 a month and even accommodations for sharing were quite high. Allie slumped in her chair, disappointed, she was probably going to have to take out a large loan now, something she was hoping to avoid. She scanned the paper in hope that SOMETHING would stand out in her price range….. Her eyes suddenly shifted to the ‘help wanted’ ads and a posting caught her eye.

“part time live in nanny needed, perfect job for a university student, rent is free, we just need help for our three children about 20 hours a week, please call Sharon Jones at…..”

Allie could not believe her eyes! This would be a perfect situation, she loved children, she was hoping to become a teacher after all. She carefully dialled the number and after the second ring she heard a female voice.

“Hello?” An impatient voice answered.

“Oh hello” said Allie “May I speak to Sharon please?”

“This is her.”

“Oh, my name is Allie and I’m just responding to your nanny ad in the paper…..”

“Oh!” Exclaimed Sharon “You’re interested? Tell me about yourself?”

Allie explained that she was starting her first year of university and this job would be perfect for her while she attended school. Sharon asked Allie if she would like to come by later tonight around 8pm to meet her for an interview, Allie agreed.

When Allie hung up the phone she was giddy, oh I hope I get this job! It would be just perfect…..free rent! She looked at the clock, it was 6pm at this point, she wondered what she should wear….

She decided on a simple blue button up blouse with a pair of black pants that hugged her curves. Allie looked in the mirror, she was a pretty girl, everyone called her a natural beauty but she didn’t se it. She was 5’3″, 120 lbs, had long bright auburn hair, clear sky blue eyes and creamy smooth skin. She was slim, with curves in the right places and a 34 D chest, something her friends always told her to show off, but she usually dressed simple, unless she was going out to a club.

About 7:45 she left the motel and headed to Sharon’s house, she drove around and followed the directions she wrote down, the house was easy to find, it was a large three story house, with a beautiful garden and Allie spied a pool in the backyard. She rang the doorbell and a women who looked to be in her mid 30’s opened the door.

“Oh hello! You must be Allie, come on in.” She smiled at Allie, but this woman’s smile made her uneasy, her eyes looked icy and didn’t light up when she smiled.

She ushered Allie in and brought her to the living room, she offered Allie something to drink and Allie said a glass of water would be fine. Sharon was a well dressed women, Allie got a cold vibe from her though, she was narrowing her eyes at Allie and looking her up and down. Sharon was quite tall, had a slim build, olive colouring and dark chocolate brown hair and brown eyes,

She explained to Allie what the job was to entail, she was a lawyer and her husband ran his own business from home and was quite busy and needed to be able to work alone, hence why a nanny was needed. She explained she wanted someone available early mornings, afternoons, evenings and some weekends. She said the pay would be $200 a week, with free rent. Allie said it would be good because she only had class on Tuesday’s and Thursdays and was finished by 3pm and would be home in time to pick up the children from school.

Sharon seemed satisfied ” Well Allie, I think you would be a good fit in our family, you would stay in the pool house, you have your own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in there and you can do whatever you want to decorate it, it’s furnished already so you wouldn’t need to bring a thing, would you like to take the job?”

“Oh yes!” said Allie enthusiastically “It sounds just great!”

“Good” said Sharon “I’ll introduce you to the children now then” She called down to the children to come upstairs. Allie heard some thumping as the children rang up the stairs.

There were three boys and a girl the boys all had dark chocolate brown hair and brown eyes, the girl bursa escort had light blonde hair and green eyes. Allie assumed the girl must look like her father since the boys had dark hair and eyes like their mom. Sharon introduced each. “The oldest is Bradley, he is 11 and in the sixth grade, Madison is 9 and in the fourth grade and the two youngest are the twins Jared and Nathan, 7 years old and in the second grade, kids say hello to Allie, she will be helping us out from now on.”

The kids looked at Allie curiously, it didn’t take long for them to warm up to her, and they were talking to her excitedly and insisted on showing her their rooms.

Sharon suggested that Allie move in this weekend, so she could get settled, she said she would be out of town at a meeting with clients but her husband Chris would be home to help her with anything she needed.

Allie left the house so excited, she had a job! Plus a place to live, for free! Who knew it could work out this beautifully?

On Saturday Allie drove up to Maple Lake with several boxes in tow. She arrived at the Jones residents and walked up to the house, she knocked on the door and a man answered, she assumed to be Chris.

“Hi there! You must be our new nanny Allie, please come in!”

Allie said hello softly and looked at Chris, he was gorgeous! He was 6’3″, had light blonde hair like Madison, bright green eyes and was in incredible shape, she could tell, his T-shirt was form fitting and he had very nice arms…… whoa Allie, she said to herself, get a hold of yourself!

“Hi you must be Chris.” Allie grinned at him.

The kids all came running down and got excited when they saw Allie was here, each were trying to talk a mile a minute when Chris just laughed and said

“Hold on kids! Lets help Allie get settled, lets go help her bring her boxes in.”

They all went to Allie’s car and brought the boxes in, it went quick since they all were helping.

Chris made pasta and salad for them to share, Allie went into the kitchen.

“Can I help with anything?” she asked

Chris smiled, “Sure, maybe you can help finish the salad.”

Allie started to chop up vegetables and the two started talking about themselves, she learned that Chris was a contractor and worked from home just recently, they both found out they were passionate about running.

“Hey Allie, I’ve been looking for a good running partner for years, would you like to join me some mornings? I can show you all the paths at the nearby parks”

Allie grinned “Sure! Running is always more fun with a partner”

The weeks flew by, Allie was getting more and more comfortable with the family, the kids were very sweet, and she and Chris had a lot in common, she was even starting to get along with Sharon, who was still cold at times, but she learned just to stay out of her way, especially when she came home from work. Allie often made the dinner and she enjoyed cooking for the family.

One Friday the kids and Sharon were getting ready to leave for a trip their grandparents, who lived three hours a way, they usually visited once a month. Chris couldn’t come on this trip because he had a few jobs to finish over the weekend. Allie was cooking supper for the family when she heard Sharon screaming that she couldn’t find her hairdryer. Allie rolled her eyes, Sharon had a few outbursts like that a week, she learned to ignore them. She heard Sharon stomping around and saw her stomping in the kitchen too. She always seemed to get stressed around the weekend, it was like spending time with her children stressed her out…. That made Allie sad.

Sharon came flying into the kitchen and saw that Allie took a casserole out of the oven.

“What’s that?” Sharon asked.

“Mushroom chicken casserole” answered Allie.

“MUSHROOMS?!?!” shrieked Sharon, “Do you have any idea how disgusting I think mushrooms are? Did you not read the list I left you about food I do not eat?!”

Allie was flustered “Oh no, I’m so sorry I forgot, it’s just I made this for the children once and they seemed to like it and I just thought……..”

Sharon was shaking her head “NO! NO MUSHROOMS! Life does NOT revolve around the children only, GET IT? Geez get it right!!!!” And with that Sharon took the casserole and threw it on the floor. Allie watched in shock as it shattered into pieces.

“Clean it up and make something else!” Sharon just stomped off.

Allie looked down shocked at the mess surrounding her, she saw the children watching her. She felt tears coming to her eyes when Chris suddenly rushed in.

“Allie don’t worry hon, go to the pool house and calm down, let me take care of this” He started to clean up.

Allie shook her head, even though she was on the verge of tears “I can do it, it’s ok.”

Chris took her hand gently as she tried to clean “Allie….. it’s ok, please, take some time for yourself, I’ve got this.” He looked into her eyes, he could see she was upset.

Allie just nodded, bursa escort bayan averting his gaze and rushed out of the house into the pool house, she threw herself on the bed and just started to sob. She felt ridiculous for being so upset, but she felt humiliated, in front of the children and Chris too. She was sure she would be fired……………….

After a few minutes she heard the children and Sharon get into the car and drive off. After a few more minutes she heard a soft knock on the door. “Allie it’s me” said Chris “May I come in?”

Allie climbed off her bed and walked to the door and let him in. She saw that he had some dinner for her and a 6 pack of beer “I thought you might need a drink” he said sheepishly “I know you’re underage but that was quite the scene!”

“Am I going to be fired?” sniffed Allie, looking up at Chris with worried eyes.

“Fired? God no hon, I was to make sure you STAY, I know my wife can have outbursts, I blame it on her Italian temper, but you’re an amazing nanny, the kids love you and you do make a mean mushroom casserole, no matter what Sharon says.”

Allie giggled. “Thanks Chris, I do enjoy the children, I know Sharon gets stressed….”

Chris sighed “She has always been such a Type A personality, she likes things a certain way, and sometimes she has issues relating to the kids, not understanding they are KIDS, not mini adults, her job is stressful yes, but she had no right to speak to you like that, I’m sorry.” Chris gave Allie a big hug and brushed her tears away and gave her a warm smile.

Allie and Chris sat down to dinner and started to chat about their running plan for the next day, they munched on their pizza and Allie was more then willing to accept the beer, she felt after the night she had, a few beers couldn’t hurt! Chris and Allie managed to finish off the 6 pack, Allie was starting to feel buzzed.

“Wow Chris that beer his me fast!”

“Awwww such a lush” Chris teased, he went to the kitchen and brought Allie a large glass of water.

The water made Allie feel better, they both sat on the couch and watched a sitcom, Allie commented on the actress on the show, how pretty she was.

“Her?” Said Chris “Why she couldn’t hold a candle to you!”

Allie just laughed and rolled her eyes “Yeah right, in my dreams.”

Chris juts turned to Allie and stared at her “Are you serious? You don’t know how beautiful you are?”

Allie blushed “I think I’m kind of plain……”

Chris just shook his head “No way hon, look at you! You’re gorgeous, you have that beautiful red hair, lovely healthy body, a pair of eyes a man could get lost in, a man would be very lucky to win over a women like you.”

Allie could feel her face getting redder “Me? You see me as a women?”

Chris smiled “Oh course! A lovely, classy, poised one at that.”

Allie blushed “You’re not so bad yourself…..” She couldn’t believe her words.

Chris laughed “Yeah right, I’m an old man! Girls your age don’t like 41 year old men like myself.”

Allie looked in his eyes “I would……” She said softly.

Chris gazed at her, and looked deep into her innocent eyes, he could feel his lips lower onto hers. Allie’s heart was pounding wildly as she responded to his kiss, she slipped her tongue into his mouth and they kissed deeply and passionately for a few minutes. Chris broke off the kiss.

“What am I doing? I feel like I’m taking advantage of you!”

Allie took his hand “I want you to……”

“Why me?” Said Chris “You’re a young, sexy woman who could get any man she wants.”

Allie just smiled and kissed him again, Chris could feel himself unable to resist as he felt her melt in his arms “This is so wrong” he murmured “But it feels so right.”

Allie nodded and ran her hands down his back. He started on unbutton her blouse, kissing her neck, the blouse slipped off to the floor, revealing her silky black bra. He was kissing lower and lower to her chest. Allie unbuttoned his shirt, letting it slip off, running her hands on his hard chest…….

Chris watched as Allie wiggled out of her jeans, saw she was wearing matching silk panties. He just gazed at her for a minute.

“Allie baby, your body is incredible!”

Allie blushed “It is?”

“Omigod yes hon, look at you…..” He trailed off “This may sound horrible but I’ve wanted you since the day you walked through my door.”

Allie felt her heart swell, she smiled and kissed him passionately, she unbuttoned his pants and tugged them off, she could feel his hard on through his boxers. The both kissed hard with a sense of urgency, not fully naked but exploring each others bodies with their hands. They were both getting excited and Allie could feel Chris rubbing his hard on against her panties, she felt herself getting more and more wet.

She broke off their kiss and grinned at him, she slowly pulled down his boxer and gasped when she saw his cock, it looked to be about 8 inches and very very escort bursa thick! He moaned as Allie rubbed his cock with her soft hands, she felt it grow harder. She moved her hands to his balls, cupping them slightly, playing with them as she took the tip of his cock into her mouth. She licked and flicked the tip with her tongue, teasing him.

“Ohhhh Allie baby, suck me off, suck me like a good girl!”

Allie took more of him into her mouth, inch by inch. She swirled her tongue around his cock, playfully around and he moaned her name, the feeling so incredible having this young beautiful girl sucking him off. Allie could feel herself take more of him. She was bending on her knees beside the bed and Chris was pushing his cock in deeper. Allie gazed into his eyes and she sucked him harder, with each movement her breasts were bouncing in her bra, Chris found the site so erotic.

“Ohhh baby, you’re so gorgeous and sexy, take me babygirl!”

Allie closed her eyes and took him deeper, loving the feeling, she knew he was getting so much pleasure from her, she found that such a powerful feeling.

“Ohhh Allie! I’m going to cum, do you want me to pull out of your mouth?”

Allie shook her head and sucked harder, she wanted to taste him, she could feel him fucking her young mouth, his cock hitting her throat. Suddenly with a quick motion, Chris started to jet his cum down her throat, spurt after spurt. Allie eagerly drank it all, loving his sweet taste. Chris was so turned on by this young teen drinking his cum, his own wife wouldn’t even swallow! When he was finished, Allie lapped up all his cum and cleaned his cock with her tongue, she crawled up to him, and kissed him, he could taste himself!

“Allie, you are the best cocksucker I’ve ever had! Now it’s your turn for some pleasure” Chris smiled.

Allie blushed and watched as Chris reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall. He gasped, staring at her 34 D breasts, so firm and round. He laid her on the bed and started to kiss her neck, working his way to her breast. He took the left pink nipple into his mouth and started sucking gently. Allie moaned, felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. He ran his finger along her belly button, trailing it to her panties. Her slid her panties off and saw her creamy white ass and pussy, with a small tuff of red hair, just a strip on her pussy. He moved his mouth over to her right nipple and sucked, feeling it harden in his mouth. He trailed a finger into her pussy, feeling the wetness and exploring and feeling her tightness. Allie moaned and arched her back. Chris moved his mouth away and kissed her flat tummy, working it down to her pussy. He slid her soaked panties off and his tongue entered Allie’s pussy, he was amazed how good she tasted. Allie couldn’t take it! His tongue was too much!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She arched her back and moaned his name.

Chris kept going, his tongue exploring her young pussy, lapping up the juices, engulfed in her sweet taste, he could drink this pussy up forever if it was up to him! Allie felt herself tense up.

“Ohhhhh Chris I’m cummmmmmminggggggg”

She grinded her pussy onto his face and felt her cum spill out. Chris felt a first wave of cum splash on his face, like a dog he lapped up all he could, he was in heaven eating this girl’s pussy, she tasted so amazing! He drank up her teen juice while Allie arched her back moaning.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh omigod!” Allie felt her pussy throbbing and felt like Chris’s tongue was magic, she was dizzy and in another place, it was wonderful!

Allie just lay on the bed as Chris kissed her, she could taste herself n his lips, and rather liked the sweet taste. Allie looked deep into Chris eyes “Chris……. I’ve never been with anyone else, I want you inside me so badly, please fuck me!” she begged.

Chris was shocked, he could not believe this beautiful creature has remained untouched “I would be honoured Allie” he answered with a smile.

He lowered his mouth onto hers and their tongues intertwined as re ran his hand over her smooth round ass. He worked his kissed down to her breasts again and took turns sucking her twins, Allie moaned with pleasure and could feel herself getting even more wet. Chris positioned his cock on her outer lips and teased her, brushing the tip of his hard cock over her cunt.

“I need it inside me Chris, please take me!” Allie begged.

“Whatever you say hon” Chris said smiling, looking as the sexy redhead teen he was about to take.

He lowered his cock slowly into her pussy, he groaned as he could feel the heat radiating off her pussy, she was sooooo tight and hot! Chris was afraid she wouldn’t be able to take him. Allie gasped as she felt his cock inside her pussy, even with just a little bit inside she was starting to feel full. Chris slowly pulled out and pushed his cock in deeper, he felt her hymen and knew it was his to take.

“Are you ready Allie?” he asked.

“Oh yes!” moaned Allie , “take my cherry Chris!”

Chris did not need to be asked again, with one firm through he ripped through Allies cherry, Allie let out a short shriek and tears came to her eyes. Chris stopped thrusting and brushed away her tears.

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