Home Alone


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You are online late one night. We are chatting back and forth. You’re able to get online that late because the wife is out of town for a funeral and she took the kids with her. You had to stay because of work. You don’t seem too upset to be home alone.

Like always, our conversation quickly becomes heated. My cam isn’t on because I broke it the other night when I fell out of my chair. And you left yours at work so all we have is our imagination. It’s no big deal because we both have very vivid imaginations. I tell you that if I could only be there, I would be in your lap right now. You agree and laughingly tell me that I was more than welcome to come over since you are all alone for the next few days.

We finish the ‘conversation’ online and logoff to go to bed. You fall asleep with the thought that you’d get to see me next week….

You wake up in the middle of the night. You aren’t quite sure what it was but you decide to go look around. You grab your pants and head out into the house, looking into the bedrooms as you go. Nothing. Checking the living room gives no more clues. Then you hit the kitchen. You hear a noise as you come around the corner and jerk to a stop.

There on the kitchen table is a naked woman with a head buried in-between her thighs. The woman on the table is writhing and jerking, trying to shove the head between her legs closer. You slowly move forward to get a better view. You hear her say, “Lick that pussy,” and it shoots a spark of desire thru you, and you are instantly rock hard.

Now you’re close enough to see more clearly. The woman on the table is very pretty and she doesn’t look that old to you. Her nipples are rock hard from her own pinching and pulling. Her long legs are opening and closing as she is being licked. Hands reach up from the person eating her to hold them still. Your face turns down to the person in-between her legs. That hair looks familiar. Then you hear a muffled voice, “You taste so good baby,” and you gasp.

I jerk my head from between her thighs, her cum still all over my face, and stare at you, grinning. “It’s about time you got up. I think I may need some help over here.” You are just bursa escort staring, unbelieving, that we are in your kitchen.

You start to think about how we got in…..when….then you realize that you are thinking too much. There are two very naked, very willing women in your empty house. You are out of your pants in record time and striding across the kitchen. You reach down and pull me to my feet. The sight of her cum all over my face makes you even harder, if that’s possible. You pull me forward and kiss me deeply, tasting her in my mouth. You stop kissing me and glance at the woman on the table.

The whole time we have been standing there, she has been playing with herself, watching us. “He looks a little excited to see us, babe. Do you think he wants to play?” she asks. You glance at me and I can see that look. I can tell you aren’t going to have a chance with us.

I take your hand and lead you to a chair, pushing you down into it. You can’t decide who to look at so your eyes are jumping back and forth, anticipating what’s coming next. I get down on my knees in front of you and start licking your cock. My friend scoots closer and says one word to you: please. You can see how wet I left her; it’s running down the crack of her ass, pooling under her. You start to lick her thighs, teasing her like you do me but she isn’t having that and thrusts her pussy in your face. You comply and begin licking and sucking in earnest.

I am still tasting your cock, licking up and down, having not put it all in my mouth yet. The head goes in and I gently lick around the head and suck slightly. You jerk in my mouth and moan into her pussy, enjoying the feel of my mouth on your hard cock. I take it all, my lips touching the base, and quickly move back up only to repeat it. I bounce up and down on your cock about 15 times then stop. I start the process over. Licking, sucking and then taking you in all the way. I can hear your muffled groans as you lick and suck her more forcefully as I continue my teasing.

I jump up from my knees and turn around, backing up to you. You feel my wet pussy in front of your cock and move your hips up, barely entering me. I slowly let bursa escort bayan myself down, impaling myself on you, completely filling myself up. By now, you have stopped tasting my friend and are completely focused on the pussy wrapped around your cock. As I start to move up and down on you, you feel something. You realize the other woman has gotten off the table and is kneeling where I had been. She has reached out and is rubbing my clit, her fingers coming into contact with you as you are pumping in and out of me. I have leaned back against you and spread my legs, hooking them on the outside of yours, giving her more room to play. You stop for a moment to kiss me and fondle my breasts and feel me jerk and moan into your mouth.

“Oh my gawd….”, you hear me moan as my muscles contract and you look to see what’s happening. She is now licking my pussy, with you still in me. You slowly pull out and push back in, being careful not to break the contact of her mouth to my pussy. “I’m gonna cum….”, slips from my lips as a groan. You pick me up and slam me back down, doing this several times as my moans come louder and my breathing catches more frequently. The combination of her tongue and you fucking me are too much and I lean back, cumming all over your cock.

You pull out of me after I finish, still rock hard. She takes you completely in her mouth, with me still sitting in your lap, leaning back. You can’t move or reach her. You don’t want to. Not yet.

She stays on her knees for a few more minutes, sucking on you and her fingers playing on my clit. Every so often she reaches down and touches herself, never for more than just a mere monent.

I touch her shoulder and she moves back, helping me off you. We stand there, kissing and running our hands all over each others body. You cannot take you eyes off us and reach down to touch yourself, feeling how wet you are from us.

I take her hand and lead her back to the kitchen table and bend her, face first, to where she is almost laying on it, her ass in the air. I run my hands over her back and down the outside of her thighs. Kneeling down behind her, I gently push her legs apart so her pussy is escort bursa open for me. I can smell her and so can you. I glance back and grin at you as you are standing behind me stroking yourself, waiting to see what’s next.

I lean forward and flick out my tongue, catching her clit, elicting a moan from her. I literally dive in, putting my face in her crotch, licking and tonguing her fiercely. She’s so wet that in no time, I am covered in her cum again. I know by now you really want to cum but we aren’t going to let you yet.

I get up from the floor and climb on the table. It’s my turn. I scoot up until my pussy is level with her face. You are staring intently at her as she is watching my pussy open up to her. You’re still standing there, waiting for directions. I tell you to go fuck her. I want to feel her monaing in my pussy. You comply, and get behind her raised ass and slowly slide in. As you start to fuck her, I can feel her moans. Barely a sound escapes her mouth as it’s muffled my pussy. When she starts to lick carelessly, I realize that it won’t be much longer til she cums.

She raises her head and looks at me, I can see the gleam in her eyes. I know what she’s thinking. I roll off the table and grab her hand, taking us to the living room. She lays back on the sofa, her ass up on the arm of the sofa. I follow her lead and lay on her, our bodies matching on the sofa. We start kissing and stroking each other. My hand finds it’s way between our bodies and strokes our pussies. I look back at you and you understand. My ass is in the air as you push yourself in me. I moan into her mouth as you start to fuck me. It feels so damn good but it’s her turn. You pull out of me and push into her. Now it’s her turn to moan and squirm.

You go back and forth for as long as you can. You can feel youself wanting to cum, needing to cum. She tells you she wants you to cum in me. She wants to clean me up afterwards. That’s enough to push you over the edge. You grab my hips and pound into me, fucking me as you cum. Gawd, I love it when you cum. You fill me up and slide out, allowing her access to my soaked pussy. She licks me clean, sending me into shakes with another orgasm.

Afterward, she climbs up to let me taste our cum mixed. It tastes so good on her lips. By this time, you’ve sat down on the sofa by our heads. I wink at her and ask you, “So, are you ready for round two?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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