His Favorite Schoolgirl


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“Are you coming out any time soon?”

“I’ll be just a few more seconds! Keep your pants on!”

I had left him on the sofa only a few minutes ago but I guess all the time we had spent kissing had really got his blood running. I didn’t especially want to stop either, but I had a special surprise for him tonight. I had decided to fulfill one of his fantasies. For weeks I had been planning this night: the discreet shopping excursions, trying to hide it all in a bedroom with no closet. This was going to be a treat for both of us.

When I finished changing my clothes, I peeked through the keyhole and watched him squirming on the loveseat, trying to find the best way to sit and still be comfortable with the obvious hard-on I had given him. I waited until he looked like he was about to loose patience and come to get me, checked myself one last time in my dresser mirror, turned off the overhead light and opened the door. I posed for him with one arm stretched over my head leaning on the frame. My other arm came across my midsection and rested on the opposite hip.

” Final …” He trailed off. I knew what I looked like and his inability to finish that word was the highest compliment. He saw me standing there in black penny loafers, complete with bright new pennies. Navy blue cotton socks that reached just below my knee covered my calves. Pleated blue and white plaid circled my waist and ended mid thigh. St Andrews tartan: I had found my old high school kilt and had tailored it for just this purpose. My shirt was a white Oxford with the sleeves rolled to my elbows. I had left the top few buttons undone so that he could see just a hint of cleavage and a white bra strap. A small silver cross on a fine chain lay glinting in the hollow of my throat. My auburn hair was held away from my face by two tortoise shell barrettes. But the final touch, the one thing I knew he would love the most, were perched on my nose. Black horn rim glasses.

I sashayed over to the sound system next to where he was sitting, following his dark eyes as they climbed up and down my body. I doubt he even knew that he had licked his lips and was starting to lift up off the couch. “Sit down Mister,” I told him coyly. I hit the play button on the CD player. Within seconds the sultry sounds of Portishead filled the room. He opened his mouth to speak but I placed my finger against my lips silencing him, “You can speak later, for now just watch me.”

I had made sure that the CD had only one song on it: my favourite, Sour Times (remix). I put my arms up behind my head lifting the hair off my neck. By the time the first line of bass hit the air I had worked my way to the middle of the small room. I rolled my hips, gyrating myself in a circle. Slowly I lowered my hands running them down my neck, along the sides of my breasts, down my stomach. When they reached my abdomen I turned so that my back was to him and danced in swaying motions to the rhythm of the song. I occasionally threw him a look over my shoulder. He was just sitting there, mouth partly open watching me intently. With every swish of my hips I could feel the kilt brushing against my legs, reminding me just how short it was. I felt fluid. I let the music decide my movements.

I eventually faced him completely and walked over to the sofa in time with the heady beat. I got down on my knees between his open legs, wrapped my arms around my waist and slowly undulated my body like a belly dancer. I lowered my hands to my sides and let them hang limp while I sat back on my heels. I leaned back wards until my head touched the floor and arched my back upwards. The kilt rode high up on my legs, giving him a glimpse of my underwear, my shirt began to pull out of my waistband. I whipped my body up straight, my hair flew forward and I didn’t care that my barrettes were letting loose. I stared him in the eyes and licked my lips with the tip of my tongue as I lowered myself back onto my heels. I placed my cheek against his thigh just as the last note sounded.

The silence that followed was only slightly louder than the rushing of my blood. The two of us were tableaux of the anticipation of lust. “You can talk now,” I whispered. He gently took my jaw in his large hand, lifted my face off of his leg, and leaned down to kiss me. His lips were soft, almost hesitant. I could feel his hand starting to tremble as his thumb caressed the line of my jawbone. I pulled away slightly with him still holding me, and raised my hand to take off the glasses. He grabbed my wrist hard with his free hand, and the palm that was so tender on my face dug deep. “Leave them on.” His voice was harder than I have ever heard it. If I didn’t know him as well as I did, I would have been scared, but as it was he still managed to make my blue eyes widen with the ferocity of the command.

He quickly leaned back on the couch pulling me on top of him, my legs on either side of his. The hand that held my wrist twisted my arm around behind bursa escort me and held it there at the small of my back forcing my stomach to his chest. His other hand reached up into my hair just behind my ear and his thumb ran softly along my cheek. I nuzzled into his touch and looked down at him through hooded lids. His eyes were a sea of questions, lust, and love. The longer I looked into their depths the quicker and shallower my breathing became. I could hear the clock on the wall ticking by the seconds.

“You did this all for me Baby?” he asked quietly. I could only nod. I turned my lips into his palm and kissed it with softness and feigned innocence, while my eyes looked at his wantonly. He let go of my arm and wrapped his around me holding on to me tight. I put my hands to his head and drew him to my chest, kissing his soft black hair, and inhaling the scent of him. I loved the way he always smelled like mixture of soap and sweat. It was the scent of pure male, intoxicating.

I sat myself down on his knees, still straddling him, and searched out his lips with mine. His kiss was no longer gentle, but an ardent need to posses. He lowered his hands to my ass and dug his fingers hard into the cheeks. I couldn’t help but moan into his fervent lips, loud and guttural. He ran his hands along my legs to my knees, back up my thighs and up my sides to rest his palms on the tops of my breasts. Slowly he lowered them so that they ran their length along my nipples. I spread my legs wider so my groin was atop his, and ground down.

He wrapped his arms back around my waist and started kissing down my throat, flicking the cross away with his tongue. His hot lips continued down my chest, pushing me backwards so that the only thing holding me up was the strength of his arms. He made his way down between my breasts, stopping to kiss each one. I could feel the heat of him through my shirt. When he reached my belly, my head was almost touching the floor, my hands still in his hair.

“Hold tight girl.” I locked my fingers behind his neck. In one move he stood up and I locked my ankles around his back. He held me there for a while gripping me so tight that I thought something was wrong, but all I could do was try to hold him tighter. Eventually when my legs began to shake, he pulled his face away from my neck, and placed his forehead against mine, staring me in the eyes over the rims of those devilish glasses. “Stand,” he said. I did so, but only barely, my knees feeling like water. Faster than I could have imagined he was lifting me in the air, my legs over the crook of his arm, his stare never leaving mine. Carrying me, he walked into the bedroom, and closed the door despite no one else being there. He made his way in the dark over to the side of my double bed with no trouble. He placed me on the duvet so carefully, making sure my head was on a pillow, and that I wasn’t too close to the edge. I felt like a fragile doll.

Soft light scared the darkness away from the bed when he turned on the bedside lamp, basking us in its soft glow. He leaned over me and took my face in his hands. “So beautiful. So sweet. All mine.” He released his hold of me and straightened up, stripping off his shirt in one movement. The lamp bathed his skin in golden light and made his eyes sparkle. He crawled onto the bed and kneeled between my legs facing me. He reached back to my feet and pulled off my loafers, tossing them onto the floor behind him. My blood was pounding in my ears so hard I didn’t even hear them hit the floor. He ran his hands up the length of my legs until he reached my lower back. He lifted me up and pulled me towards him fast and hard. My panties were the only thing between his stomach and me. Even that thin strip of fabric was becoming too much of a barrier.

He let me down gently so that I was resting on his thighs. He pulled my shirt from out of my kilt and unbuttoned his way up to the top before opening it wide. The angle he had me on made my breasts rise slightly out of my bra so that not even the modesty of its colour could make me look anything but the licentious nymph. We stayed like that for a moment, devouring each other with our eyes. Growling low, he gathered the sides of my shirt in his hands and pulled me up to meet him. I clasped him to me as he put his hands under my shirt and gripped my shoulders. He sat up and fell forwards onto the bed with me taking his full weight under him. It should have been enough to knock the air out of me but it only served to make me grunt in pleasure. He made me roar as he raked his short nails down my back then gripped the tails of the Oxford pushing it up so that my arms came together above my head. He lifted himself up slightly and teasingly bathed my throat with his tongue, tasting my skin. I wrapped my legs around his hips and tried to pull him closer to me.

His fingers found the front clasp of my bra and flicked it open, letting the weight of my breasts propel the cups bursa escort bayan aside. I sighed as I felt the heat of his chest come down onto mine and I writhed beneath him, aching to feel his complete nakedness against mine. He pushed both the shirt and bra up off my arms and threw them blindly to the side knocking something from the end table. I didn’t care if it broke. All I cared about was the man on top of me, and the sensations he was giving me.

He slowly kissed his way to my breasts, pushed them together with those strong hands of his and took both my nipples into his mouth. The intense heat of his eager mouth sent shockwaves though my body and I had to ball the duvet up in my fingers to keep from trying to throw him off of me. He bit down tenderly and ran his tongue across their tender tips.

“Oh God!” I screamed so loud that the upstairs neighbour stomped on the floor. I couldn’t help but giggle. It was contagious apparently, because he released my nipples and began to snicker. Our chuckling quickly turned into full on laughter. Those few minutes of humour were enough to cool our ardour somewhat. He rolled over to his side and snuggled up to me. I ran my fingers gently along his arm and shoulder, savouring the feel of his skin. I slid my palm along his chest, down his stomach to his belt and reached inside his pants. He rolled onto his back with a sigh as I caressed the tip of his penis with my thumb, my other fingers encircling him. I raised myself up on my elbow so I could kiss and lick my way from his neck to his stomach, all the while gently squeezing and releasing his shaft. I lay my head over his belly button and looked up at him. “Please,” He whispered to me.

How could I deny him such a request? I got onto my knees perpendicular to him and loosened his belt with my free hand. I teasingly undid each of the buttons on his fly, stopping between each one to dip my head down and nip the soft skin of his sides. With each touch of my teeth he jerked his hips, moving himself in my hand. When the last button was undone, I unfurled my fingers from his pulsing member and swung my leg over his torso. With my back to him I pushed his clothes down his legs. I leaned forward to rid him completely of those pesky pants. The view I was giving him must have been incredible. Topless, still in my kilt and socks, bent forwards so that my white panties were in full view. I let my breasts dangle close to his legs so that my nipples grazed his legs hair. His touch startled me when he caressed the length of my slit over my panties. He slid his fingers underneath the fabric and artfully flicked my clit. My insides clenched in pleasure and I turned to administer him with lavish attention.

I took him deep into my greedy mouth and gently sucked my way up. My tongue felt every detail of his skin, and savoured the taste of his masculinity. I gently grazed my nails along the insides of his thighs before I cupped his balls with one hand and gripped his shaft with the other. Again I lowered my mouth along his length until I could feel him at the back of my throat. I swallowed against him and elicited a deep moan from my man. Incrementally I rose up and ever so gently grazed my teeth along the most sensitive of his skin my hand following my mouth’s assent. When I reached the top I blew softly against him, and watched his organ twitch in my hand. His fingers, which had never stopped their playful game at my centre of pleasure, became very insistent as he easily thrust one into my sopping opening. I moaned low and licked circles around the head I was worshipping. I started to rise and fall on him to the rhythm of his talented fingers. I reached a finger behind his balls and pressed down, rubbing back and forth. I continued to slide down on him lower and lower wanting to have all of him in me. His other hand gripped my calf hard as I successfully deep throated him for the first time. “Sweet Jesus” he cried out as I vacuumed my way back up. I was getting needy too. I wiggled my behind and took his balls gently in my mouth as I whimpered around them, bathed them with my tongue and let them plop audibly from my lips.

He put his hands to my waist and threw me onto my back. I lay there panting, slowly bending my knees as he leisurely striped my panties from me. Carefully he unbuttoned the kilt and laid it open revealing my almost naked body. He crawled over me and placed soft kisses across my chest and neck. I tangled my fingers up in his hair pushing him down to where I most wanted him to kiss. He stopped his decent at the line of my pubic hair and ran his tongue along it. His hands made their way to the backs of my knees and quickly bent my legs up to my shoulders, spreading me wide. The shock and pleasure that ran through me as he circled my clit with his hot tongue made me gasp for air. He tenderly used his teeth to prod that nub out from under its hood and softly bit down on it. He used his left arm to keep my legs up and brought escort bursa his right hand over to aid his mouth stopping first to kneed the flesh of my thigh. I heard my wetness as he gradually inserted his finger into me. He bent his knuckle to angle his digit upwards and rubbed the soft tissues of my walls. His tongue was flicking across my clit and his lips sucking gently around it. I had no control over my body. My nails pressed deep into his scalp and my hips bucked under him.

I cried out in ecstasy as he slowly added a second finger. He left my clitoris and lapped up the juices off my labia, sending another shudder though me. He removed his fingers and ran them down to my asshole pressing softly, not trying to enter, but to make me wild with delight. He tickled my vaginal entrance with his tongue before pushing it deep into me, his upper lip pressing hard on my clit. The heat was more than I could handle and my head swam with my impending orgasm. He rested my knees on his shoulders so he could reach up and roll my nipples between his fingers. He knew my body so well, and his mouth was unrelenting as my climax started, spreading heat from the bottoms of my feet, up my legs. My hips jerked wildly, my hands flew from his head flailed about me grabbing anything they could find. My voice was a high-pitched keening screaming his name and God’s.

Before I was completely through, he raised him self up and brought his lips to mine. I could taste myself, and I loved it. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my legs around his hips. His penis was hard against my clit as he rocked it slowly back and forth. In one motion he sheathed himself to the hilt inside me. I screamed in his mouth and he groaned in mine. I felt the length and girth of him and spasmed along him with the aftershocks of my orgasm. It was like I was a glove for him I was so tight. I squeezed my walls around him as he pulled back. My hands roamed across his strong back as he slowly pumped me. Our mouths were a frenzy of kisses and nips and bites. Our hands caressed every available inch of skin wanting to touch all of it at once.

He reared up and put his weight on his hands, looming over me, my ankles locked around him. He stared me in the eyes as he continued to move in and out of me with increasingly harder thrusts. I answered each one with a grunt. I was sliding off the bed, my breasts bouncing to my throat in time with his penetrations. My head was hanging off the edge of the bed. Then my shoulders. I was bent backwards at the waist, my head touching the floor and I had to hold myself up with my hands, and he still drove himself into me with relish.

He quickly picked me up and fell backwards so I was straddled over him. I sat up straight so I could feel him pushing deep inside me and rotated my hips around him. He ran his hands along my thighs, gripped my hips hard, arching his back and trying to push more of himself into me. I tilted my head backwards and reached up to hold my breasts, my thumbs caressing my nipples, sending jolts of pleasure straight to where he was imbedded in me. I rose off of him until only the tip of him was left in me then crashed back down on him. Cursing, he grabbed my wrists and yanked me down on top of him, our chests were slick with sweat and I slid back and forth on him, with him in me. He brought his hand to my ass and smacked it once, hard. I squealed and tightened around his shaft as my juices flowed from my body. Whimpering and mewling I found his lips and devoured him with my own.

He pushed me off of him and told me to lie on my stomach. He settled between my legs and pushed my knees together under me. He placed his legs on either side of mine and with agonizing slowness nudged himself into my waiting sheath. He put his hands in my hair and pulled my head back. Again I cried to God. He lowered himself onto me, his chest tight on my back. Like animals, we mated with urgent need, his teeth nibbling the tender flesh at the back of my neck. I found his hands and brought them under me to squeeze my breasts. With each savage thrust we made vocal our excitement. As he went faster so did our cries of passion, until his motion stopped, his hands gripped me tighter. A long growl accompanied his orgasm, my wail harmonizing with him.

His full weight upon me we gasped for breath, neither of us wanting to let the other go just yet. I felt him twitching inside me and responded my clenching back. I turned my head so that we were cheek-to-cheek and nuzzled against him. I was satiated. He reached over and pulled the glasses off my face, kissing my ear lobe, and placed them on the nightstand. He lifted himself off of me and lay down on his back. I straightened out and rolled over to him so he could run his fingers languidly up and down my spine. I put my head in the crook of his shoulder cuddled up to him, and gazed into his sleepy eyes.

“Thank you Baby,” he said with genuine feeling and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed the top of my sex tussled hair. I slung one knee sock clad leg over his. “You’re welcome,” I replied with a thick voice. We lay that way for some time, basking in the afterglow of our passion, before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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