Hero’s Life Ch. 08


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Anna Bell

It was the night before my buxom teenage girlfriend Heather was due to leave to start her freshman year. She’d stayed the night at home with her parents trying to get everything together for her departure. It was a weekday so my other kinda-girlfriend Sam, a twenty-something beauty, was staying at her own apartment with her live-in but barely hanging-on boyfriend, Danny.

It was strange, being here alone in my own bed for the first time in awhile. Strange and sad because Heather was going away for several months. I made the best of it with my one small consolation: I luxuriated in the king-sized bed’s extra space by stretching out spread-eagled and falling asleep like that.

I was awakened from a dead sleep by the slam of my bedroom door. I bolted upright to see a slender little body standing with her back to the door. It was Samantha. Her straight dark hair was down and she was wearing a… hmmm… she was wearing a “Go Lions!” t-shirt like the one from my old high school. There weren’t any pants, at least none I could see. Her smooth, slender legs were bare. She had little white cotton socks on her feet.

I had just enough time to take this in before Sam scrunched her face up in frustration and demanded, “Hurry up and fuck me again before Mom and Dad get home.”

“Huh?” was all I could say. I was still mostly asleep.

Sam walked to the foot of my bed, her face a perfect mask of annoyance. “What are you deaf? I said, ‘hurry up and fuck me again before Mom and Dad get home!’ Their plane just landed at the airport. They’ll be back from their vacation in less than an hour. If you want to fuck me again before you go back to college and leave me here alone to deal with dumb high school shit, you need to do it now. So come on.”

She whipped off the sheet I had covering my naked body.

My sleep-addled brain got traction and my heart skipped a few beats as I reached two conclusions. First, Sammie was crazy. Second, this was going to be fantastic.

“Nice!” she giggled, looking at my now-exposed nudity. “Did you know your little sister was going to sneak in here for one last fix?”

Sam slid into bed between my legs with her face by my groin. “Oh goody, I’ve never had it in my mouth when it’s still all soft and cute. Usually by the time I get to it, you’re all big and hard and scary.”

With that, she swooped her mouth down to take my slowly rising erection into her mouth. She looked up at me, eyes sparkling, as she swirled her tongue and suckled. We both felt my cock grow harder

As I swelled to my full length and girth, she coughed and spat me out. She took me in her small hand and stroked me up and down slowly. “”I’m going to miss you so much when you go away big brother.” She emphasized the significance of the last two words.

She continued stroking while her other hand pulled up her high school t-shirt. There were tiny cotton panties there beneath it with little pink and red hearts all over them. “Of course, parts of me will miss you more than others,” she nibbled her lower lip as she circled her sex through the fabric.

She released me to slap against my own stomach. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and quickly hauled her underwear down and off. She wiggled her eyebrows in a silly way and tossed them onto my chest

My breath caught when I saw her nude from the waist down. Sam had shaved her trademark little pubic triangle into the shape of a small heart that pointed downwards. Goddamn that was cute.

“I’ve loved you forever you know, big brother, ” she confided as she rose onto her knees to straddle me.

“Since as far back as I can remember,” she lowered herself until her smoothly-shaven labia came to rest warmly against the underside of my cock. She humped against me in a long pump of her hips that started with her back arched severely and ended with her hunched so far forward that my cock head dragged up the crack of her ass. I felt her wetness coat me.

“You used to push me on the swings,” she bent down to kiss me. She didn’t smell like her usual honey and sandalwood just then, she smelled sweeter. Simpler. Like cotton candy, I realized, as she reached beneath herself to take my shaft in her hand and center me on the hot opening of her vagina.

“You put band-aids on my scrapes when mom and dad weren’t home.” She teased us both by moving me away and rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her slit.

“You held me when my hamster died,” she smiled, and wriggled my end against her clitoris for a few long moments. A little moan slipped from her lips.

“You teased me about my pigtails,” she slowly re-centered us firmly at her hot opening again.

“You told me I was pretty when I needed to hear it – when I hit puberty and got gangly and awkward and I had to have braces,” she rolled her hips, pressing down into me until I felt her lips gave way and my dick just breached the mouth of her pussy.

I held my breath and prayed. “This is not a dream. Not a dream. Not a dream.”

“Oh yeah,” Sam panted, “I love how it escort ataşehir feels when it’s just slipping inside me right in the beginning. You stretch me so good.” She slowly forced herself down onto me, rocking her hips from side to side to swallow me up into the heat of her tiny body.

She leaned down to kiss me sweetly on the lips then laid herself flat along my body with her cheek resting on my shoulder. Her arms were flat against her sides. I hugged her small body, reaching down to cup one of her firm little buns in each hand. She kissed my neck and I felt her warm breath there. We didn’t move for a few long moments. This was wonderful on so many levels.

Sam started us with a flick of her hips that slid me in and back out by maybe an inch.

“You really are a good brother. You drove me crazy sometimes but I realize that now.” She laughed softly. “You told me I was ugly when I needed to hear that too – when I got pretty and vain and spent too much time looking in the mirror and obsessing over boys.”

I cupped her little ass cheeks in one hand, moving the other up to stroke her back through the cotton t-shirt at the same time. I began to slowly fuck up and down into her.

Sam groaned as we rutted like this for a few minutes.

“I pictured you the first time I touched myself,” she confided into my neck.

I rolled us over until she was beneath me, not breaking our connection. She looked up at me with huge, happy green eyes and lifted her spread legs high in the air. They continued higher still until her knees rose ridiculously past her own chest and brushed the bed on either side of her torso. She was folded in half beneath me.

She grinned and reached a hand down through her impossibly spread legs to play at her own clitoris. She giggled a little and continued talking, “I never told you this, but I watched you masturbate in the shower once. God, there was so much cum. “

I began to fuck her again. Gently at first. Then more roughly, Sam tilting her hips up to meet hungrily at each thrust.

“I still think about you coming all over the shower when my boyfriend fucks me. Sometimes I close my eyes and pretend it’s you fucking me. “

Sam was deep in my head – jacked into my fantasies and feeding them jet fuel. All of my buttons were getting pushed at once. I was writhing in a mix of imagined urges. A righteous urge to protect – a taboo urge to fuck – a sister I never had but who was right here underneath me.

Sam’s slid her hands up from her own crotch, one flung loosely on the bed above her head. The other grabbed the bottom hem of her t-shirt and pulled it up, way up, until it was bunched around her neck. It revealed the flat, tight, olive skin of her stomach and her bouncing, firm, B-cup breasts capped with hardened little light tan nipples.

“Hurry up, big brother,” she urged, “I hear their car. It’s pulling up the driveway. Come on me. Come all over your little slutty sister.”

The automatic garage door downstairs started to open.

It was the last piece… a final thrill that fell into place. It was the thrill borne on the risk of getting caught. I hadn’t told Sam about it because even I didn’t realize it was lurking in the background. What happens if you get caught doing something so universally forbidden as fucking your sister? Sam had seen the potential for fear – seen it and looped it into our fantasy and then plucked it like a cello string.

My eyes widened and my mouth hung open. Dear lord this woman had a dark gift. I fucked her even harder.

“Come on big brother,” Sam teased, cupping her boobs and pinching her own nipples gently, “blow your load all over my teenage tits. I can still make it back to my bedroom before they get upstairs.” She plucked again at the cello string.

That did it. I barely had time jerk myself free from her pussy, then scramble up her body to straddle her hips as Sam let her legs fall back down to the bed. I couldn’t even stroke myself fully once. I came, but not the normal sense: my dick, my balls, and my goddamn prostate had a syncopated seizure. My first stream of cum arced over Sam’s head, it’s trailing edge just catching the hair at her forehead. The next two struck her on the underside of her chin with a forceful, wet splat. Several more heavy spurts, I lost count at half a dozen as my head swam, fanned out across her chest and belly, bathing her body in cum.

“Yessss, that’s it. Come for your sexy little sis,” Sam hissed as I continued to paint her like this and she quickly slipped one arm beneath me to her own sex and began masturbating frantically. The other she used to start spreading my warm semen across her chest and belly in a large circular motion.

I looked down at her, grinned, and egged her on. “Do it, make yourself come for me. I want to see you twitch out one of those hot little girly orgasms.”

Sam’s eyes rolled in circles with pleasure.

“And don’t you dare shower,” I urged, “I want you to show up for homeroom tomorrow with my cum all over your kadıköy escort body. I want you to reek of nasty, incestuous sex.”

It was what she needed to hear. Sam’s hips jerked off the bed so hard and fast that her belly bumped solidly up into me. She came with a deep grunting “Uuuuuugghhhh,” her head swinging wildly from side to side, as she found her well-earned release.

When she finished, I collapsed onto the bed beside her, turning on my side to face her.

She stayed laying on her back but turned her head to look at me. “So what’d you think?” she asked, biting her lower lip sexily, as she went back to spreading my cooling semen around her belly and chest.

“I think you should be working for the government torturing terrorists for information that might keep our country safe! How the fuck did you get into my head like that?”

“It’s not too hard really. I just build a ‘you’ in my head.”

“Eh?” She’d lost me.

“I think it’s kind of like profiling.” She paused, then continued because my puzzled look showed I still wasn’t following her.

“You know how police profilers come to a crime scene and try to understand the person who did it? They take in all the little bits of information they can find and try to answer that one question. Well, I’m doing the same thing just backwards… I take everything I know or can reasonably guess about you and imagine ‘What is somebody like you thinking?’ It’s a knack.”

“I’m going to call it ‘evil genius.’ OK, what was up with the garage door downstairs opening? If you’re telekinetic, I’m going to…”

I stopped when she reached a hand above her head then picked it up with a giggle. It held the remote control for my garage door. “Got you didn’t I?”

I groaned and slapped my forehead. Then something hit me, “Wait, we’ve never had sex, like this anyway, all this time. You said ‘it’ belonged to…” I trailed off.

Sam nodded, smiling weakly. “I left Danny today. ‘It’ is yours if you want it.” She turned her back to me and wiggled her butt at me. “Spoon with me? I’m tired Hero. So tired. I want to sleep in the arms of a boy who cares.”

I moved in behind her and we cuddled in the quiet dark, letting the heat between us build to a bone-deep warmth.

“Sam?” I asked after several minutes.


“Do I have a knack?”

“Sure.” she said, kissing my arm.

“What is it?”

“You make the people close to you feel safe, Hero. You make us feel safe.”

She fell asleep almost immediately; snoring softly in a hypnotic, regular way that took me with her.

Our late night activities had worn us out such that Samantha and I slept unusually late the next morning. I woke up to the sound of giggling and whispers. I peeked an eye open. Peaches had dropped by. She was stretched out on the bed with us and the girls were talking.

“So how did it go?” Peaches asked her.

“It went.” Sam shrugged.

“Hello, more details, please? Leaving Danny was a big thing.”

Sam sighed. “Okay. I packed up my stuff. I told him I didn’t love him, that maybe I never loved him. Then I left.”

“And he didn’t do anything?” Heather wondered.

“Not much,” Sam shrugged then smirked. She was holding something back.

“He didn’t say anything?” Heather pressed.

Sam grinned. “He said something like ‘Please don’t shoot me you crazy bitch!’ “

“You pulled a gun on him?” Heather gasped

I groaned. I knew it. I put my head in my hands.

“So did you shoot him?” Heather asked incredibly.

“Nope.” Sam shook her head.

“You didn’t even wing him?” Peaches actually sounded a little disappointed.


“Did you shoot the Xbox at least?”

That thought made Sam pause. “Huh… I didn’t think of that.”

“Phooey, I would have at least shot the Xbox,” Heather rolled her eyes and looked over at me.

“Now who’s being Sithy?” Sam snickered and patted Heather’s denim-clad thigh.

We got out of bed. Sam and I pulled on some clothes and called separately into work to let the office know we weren’t coming into work.

It was getting late and Heather was already running behind schedule. Her first orientation was at noon and her drive would take three hours. Sam and I walked out to the driveway to see her off.

Sam carried a bag of Heather’s things down to her little yellow car to try and find somewhere to stuff it.

Heather paused with me at the top of the driveway. She didn’t turn to look at me at first when she said “You know, she waited until now to sleep with you partly because I asked her to. I wanted more you and me time this summer before I left. I know… it was a little selfish. “

She finally turned to me and fiddled nervously with a lock of her golden hair. “I’m leaving now so I gave her the go ahead. You can keep each other company until I come home on break.”

I was stunned. “Peaches, I can’t believe I’m going to say this but… look… I’m not just some kind of baton that you can pass along to maltepe escort bayan someone else when…”

She stopped me with a kiss.

Up on tiptoes, she planted her little teenage mouth on mine and gave me a kiss that leaked a little of her soul into me. “I’m in love with you, you ass. In love with you both and I don’t want to go.”

I was instantly mollified. “I know. I’m sorry. I love you too. You do need to go though. Go be a college girl. Dance in beer puddles and make some teenage boy’s wet dreams come true.”

Sam came up the driveway to join us.

Heather smiled a little sadly. “I’ll be back every break I get.”

“He’ll be waiting. We’ll be waiting. ” Sam said, slipping an arm around Heather’s waist from behind.

Heather cocked her head at me. “Take good care of her while I’m gone?”

“Of course.”

“Seriously, if she calls me crying and it’s your fault, I’ll flash my naughty bits at the two biggest frat boys I can find on campus. Then I’ll tell them I’ll fuck them if they kick your ass first and I’ll give them your address.”

“Wow, that could probably work.” I stuttered. Peaches had devised a way to leverage her amazing body directly into a threat of physical violence. I was morbidly impressed.

“Yup.” Threat finished, she hugged me. Her superboobs mashed into my chest.

“Go ahead, squeeze it,” she whispered, holding me tight.


“Squeeze it. You know you want to.”

I did want to. I was that transparent. I slid my hands down to my favorite little teenage bubble butt and gave it a good squeeze.

“Yeah, that’s better,” she whispered into my neck.

We hugged each other for a moment like that until she kissed me again and I let her go.

Heather kissed Sam sweetly then too. Sam cradled Heather’s face with a delicate hand and the smooch turned a little more passionate; tongues slipping together through open mouths. Heather snuck a palm up to one of Sam’s breasts and squeezed it with a giggle and a silly “honk honk.” Sam laughed with her. Heather slipped away.

We watched as Heather got in her car. She rolled down her window and waved as she pulled out of the driveway.

“…connections…,” Sam teased me. It made me chuckle. Sam turned serious though. “So Hero, is this all just for fun or is this really going to be our life… is it what you want?”

Admittedly, I’m a babbling, verbose bastard most of the time. But for some things, I’ll get as terse and manly as can be. Fewer words can sometimes mean more.

I nodded my chin towards Heather’s car as she paused at a stop sign and then turned slowly out of sight. “She’s pretty. She’s good. I love her,” I said simply.

“And me?”

“You’re pretty. You’re complicated. I love you too,” I smiled at her and squeezed my arm around her shoulder tightly.

Sam looked at me intently, applying the ‘knack’ she’d just explained the night before. I realized that she’d done this to me several times before. “If it helps,” she finally said softly, “I believe you. And I feel exactly the same way.”

“It does. You should. And I’m glad.” I kissed her on the top of her head.

We went back inside and I talked the recently-homeless Samantha into moving in with me.


It wasn’t much later that the mystery of Samantha cracked open a little bit more. Early that fall – October-ish. It happened after a few pitchers of mojitos on a Sunday afternoon. I know, it’s not a fall drink, but it was warm that day, nearly 80 degrees, and I was clinging reluctantly to summer like the brightly colored leaves were clinging reluctantly to the trees. Sam and I were were lounging side-by-side in a couple of chairs and taking in the pretty view.

It had been quiet for nearly an hour and I thought Sam had fallen asleep. Her somewhat feline qualities included being prone to short catnaps at quiet moments when it suited her. That’s why it surprised me a little when she softly started talking out of nowhere: “Hero, I need you to know something. You know, before this all gets serious.”

“Serious, Sam?” I chided her, “we’ve been living together for months. We’re already at an ‘8’ on the serious scale.”

She smiled weakly, “Don’t be a dork, I’m trying to tell you something important.” She sighed. “The drunk driver that killed Stephen, my first love? Remember how I told you he committed suicide?”

“Uh huh,” I fought the urge to turn to look at her face. It felt like confession. Sitting side-by-side like this, all we needed was a screen.

“That was only 99% true.”

In fits and starts, Sam told me what she’d done and how she did it. When she finished, I still didn’t turn to look at her. I just reached out for her hand and took it. “I might have done the same thing,” I offered as a small comfort.

“No, you wouldn’t have,” she said quietly, “it’s why I love you and it’s why I need you. Keep me safe, Hero. Not just from other people… but from myself.”

I nodded. Frankly, that had been Plan A pretty much from the start.

“Don’t tell Peaches?” One of us asked.

“Maybe someday she can know.” One of us said.

It didn’t matter who said what because we both nodded, then took a sip from our drinks and went back to looking out at the brightly colored leaves in the trees.

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