Her Deepest Desires


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It took Noela a long time to figure out what she liked in bed. She often wondered about her own curiosity with using toys, or having herself violated in different ways that had titillated her senses. She wasn’t very experienced and her last real serious relationship proved he was very different, by different I mean liking a finger up his ass and even though it was foreign to her, having his ass licked. Also when the mood would strike her, causing the proverbial “wild hair up her ass”, she liked having him perform anal on her, but only if she controlled how the scene went.

Well Noela met and married a wonderful man named Mason. He was caring, sensitive and loyal and all around the perfect man for her. He also had bad luck in women, and when he met Noela he realized things would never be the same, somehow they were better than he could have ever imagined. The way he rubbed her 38C’s and sucked on her pert nipples shook her and she always begged for more. There were never complaints in the bed and she was always adventurous for more.

So every once in a while she would have him finger her asshole,(she has the greatest ass, plump and it looked great in a skirt), knowing that secretly it turned her on and that in return it turned him on just as much, hell every time they had sex he tried to finger her or even try for more, and she liked it, and always welcomed his touch, whether it was her ass or her dripping wet pussy.

She would get so turned on she would have to stop him, but he just kept teasing her. This time he was holding her hips down, he took her mound into his mouth, licking up and down her dripping wet slit. She writhed around his tongue making sure he tasted all of her, sucking on her clit and while doing so, sliding a finger into her steamy pussy. “Ugh baby that’s it baby, finger fuck that pussy, make me canlı bahis cum all over your hand!” The more she moved, the harder Mason sucked on her clit the more juices flowed and the more he slid his fingers into her, two fingers then three, opening up her love canal and stretching it how she liked it while he ate her out.

“Lick my taint baby, if you keep going I’m gonna cum..”

Teasing her almost bringing her to orgasm, she pulled away enough from him just so she could start sucking on his cock. She drove him crazy with how she sucked his dick, tonguing up and down his shaft and the tip of his head, getting her saliva all over it, she grabbed it with her hand and started pumping his cock, making him tingle and want his cock in her now begging pussy and rubbing his tender balls bringing him to his breaking point.

“Hunny put me inside you, I want your cunt now!”

Then she stopped and slowly scooted up and started to lower herself onto his throbbing member but not before she grabbed hold of it and teased her empty pussy, getting his cock coated with her juices. The feel of his cock was exhilarating and made her shudder with excitement, she knew how he liked it and when he grabbed her ass and pulled her on his dick the she liked, he got turned on too. While on top, Noela turned around while his dick was inside her tight pussy and sat backwards. She was flexible and the feel of her turning backward on his stiff member made little waves inside her cunt.

This made it easier for Mason to tease her tight asshole, knowing he could get a finger or two in it. She moaned with pleasure as he teased it, almost like she was begging for more. He started to finger her more, harder, making her scream out loud into a furious orgasm. She pumped onto of his cock faster making her orgasm that much more, causing her almost bahis siteleri to cry tears of ecstasy.

Then as fate would have it, that familiar mood hit her, now after regaining her composure, with Mason fingering her ass she had to turn back around, and as she did so, sat up and sucked his cock, tasting her sweet nectar knowing she loved the way she tasted. Noela began rubbing the tip of his cock against her tight asshole signaling to Mason that he was going to get something he loved, the feel of his huge dick in her tight ass.

“You want your cock in my tight ass tonight baby?” Noela said.

Heated with passion he nodded, “Yes baby I wanna feel your tight ass.” She made sure he rubbed her clit, knowing this would help her relax, she began to push the head of his dick at her entrance, gently, knowing if he kept rubbing her; it would work its magic. Soon she felt that pop and the tip was in, moaning she shivered and tried to get used to the feeling, and she started moving up and down slowly, taking in the rest of his cock. All of a sudden in one shift motion down she slid onto his fat cock as it filled her ass…he moaned in the satisfaction of getting anal from Noela, and relished in the feeling. He loved her, and this was just another way of showing her just how much she could trust him.

They began moaning in pleasure, Mason knowing all the spots on Noela to hit, grabbing her ass to open her up more, sucking on her tits and slapping her ass. One good crack made Noela wince, it was hard yes, but she loved it. “Slap my ass again, I love it when you slap my ass baby”. CRACK, and again his hand hit her ass. He would run his hand over where it hurt, making it feel a little bit better.

“Pull my ass cheeks apart, open me up, I wanna feel all of you in my tight ass baby”, he did as commanded knowing how bahis şirketleri much he loved hearing her talk dirty like that. She winced and moaned once again, head spinning wild knowing how much closer to ecstasy she was coming. He stopped and pulled out of her, and rolled her onto her knees, he wanted a better position so he could really drive his dick farther into her tight hole. He played with her rosebud again fingering it, getting her loosened up again, and while doing that, Mason pulled her ass apart. Noela cried out knowing how this was going to feel.

She loved being opened up, so vulnerable, he spit into her ass and she moaned and groaned deeply, he had never done that before. Sensing she was ready he gently pressed his dick head to her gaping hole and plunged in. Noela cried again in ecstasy and he hammered into her ass, pushing his cock harder and deeper into her.

She reached in front and started to furiously rub her clit and pussy hole, driving herself insane while Mason drilled her. “Faster hunny, I want you to fuck me faster and harder, I want your cum in my ass, coat my hole”.

“You want it harder and faster, you got it my little ass slut!” That was all the encouragement he needed and 5 pumps later he shot load after load filling her asshole to the brim with his creamy cum. Noela feeling the throbbing of his cock cumming in her ass, reached her climax and screamed loudly into the pillow, not caring of the neighbors heard or not.

“Ughh baby, that’s it, keep cumming, you feel so good, I want it, I want it all,….ahh ahhh fuuuuccckkk..holy shit I’m cumming again!” Waves and waves of orgasm hit her making her head spin.

Noela milked his cock and squeezed her ass muscles around his dick, making sure she got every last drop, as he began feeling soft he slipped out and fell next to her on the bed. Feeling a euphoric state, he laid there panting and attempting to come to his senses. They helped each other clean off, and rested back in bed, and slowly drifted off to sleep, wondering what the next session would bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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