Heavy Encounters


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I got your message early in the day to come over as soon as I got off work. I barely make it through your door when I feel you grab my waist and pull me in for a long passionate kiss. I feel you smile against my lips as you close the front door, slowly walking me down the hall kissing all the way. I pause to ask you what has got you in such a good mood, but before I can say anything you put your finger over my mouth and sternly tell me no talking.

Before we make it too far down the hall, you push me up against the wall grabbing my wrists pinning my hands above my head kissing me deeply. Slowly you raise my shirt above my head tossing it over your shoulder, you move from my lips and start kissing and sucking on my neck while continuing to move down to my breasts. You quickly start to peel my black lacy bra off my milky skin exposing my rock hard nipples that are all ready for you to bite and suck on. Your tongue swirls around my areolas making my nipples tingle as you brush your teeth along them, nibbling gently at first. I catch my breath as you bite down still flicking my nipple with your tongue.

Reaching down, you unbutton my pants slipping your hand inside my thong to feel how wet I am, you are not disappointed, I am dripping all over your fingers just begging you to place your fingers inside of me. You feel me jump and take in a breath as you begin to rub my clit, I start breathing heavy and you know you have me right where you want me – sliding your index finger ataşehir escort inside me I let out a moan, rotating my hips forward as you begin to thrust a second and third finger in and out of me. I am quickly building into my climax almost ready to cum but you stop and remove your fingers before I can, you laugh at me as I groan in frustration.

I feel your hard cock pressing against my leg and I know it wants to be released from your pants. I slide down the wall, undo your pants and let you free. I feel your cock throb as I kiss your tip making a trail all the way to the base of your dick, slowly I start licking all around your shaft until I get back to the tip of your delicious cock. I wrap my lips around your tip and slowly begin to swallow you whole taking in every single inch. You wrap my hair around your fingers as I suck on you deeply – you begin to rock your hips quickly building up in pace. I hold my lips around you tighter and I hear you moan as you enjoy hitting the back of my throat. Quickly you pull yourself out of my mouth, stand me up and march me to your bed.

You smack my ass good and hard before you throw me down, rip off my pants, and start kissing me passionately moving from my lips to my neck. I feel your rod pressing against my belly and I can’t take it anymore. I beg you to fuck me, but the only movement you make is start kissing and sucking on my breasts some more. I feel myself getting wetter with every tantalizing second as kadıköy escort bayan I think about your amazing cock that has yet to find where it belongs. You sit up spread my legs placing the tip of your cock at my entrance, but you don’t press it in just yet. You look down at me smiling, knowing that you are driving me nuts wanting you to fill my pussy. You whisper so softly I can barely hear you tell me “say it”, you want to hear me beg for it. I look you in the eye and as calmly as I can tell you to fuck my pussy, fuck me good and hard. You do not move, you just stare wildly back into my eyes saying No so loud and sternly it surprises me. Speaking a little louder I tell you to fuck me! Still you say no. I throw my hips forward hoping that will work but you hold me in place, still staring me in the eyes with a wicked smile on your face. Finally I just scream FUCK ME!!!

You lunge your hips forward so hard into me I scream out in pleasure. You keep thrusting in and out of me hard and fast that I cum quickly, moaning loudly and crying out until my orgasm ends. You slow down to push slowly in and out of me as you lean forward and kiss my fore head and place your head on my shoulder. I kiss your cheek and reach my mouth up to your ear and start sucking on it. You moan loudly into my ear starting to pick up your pace a little bit. You go to pull away from me but I bite your ear to let you know I do not want you to move, I whisper God you feel so good, into your escort maltepe ear. Instantly your thrusts begin to become hard and direct. I clamp down on your cock hard as I am on the verge of Cuming once more, I suck harder on your ear to encourage you to keep going even though I know you are not close to stopping. You have me moaning so loud that it only takes a few more of your thrusts for me to come so hard I can’t help but scream out your name as I contract on your cock good and long.

You sit up setting my legs up on your shoulders, and place your hands on my thighs. You push into me slow, pulling almost all the way out before you push in slowly again, this time you pull out all the way pushing only the head of your cock in and out, teasing me relentlessly until you have me begging you again to fuck me, this time you give no hesitation as you push into me all the way and start to grind against me, hitting my spot just right. You smile that wicked smile of yours as I move my hips to match you. Once again you have me moaning like crazy, I can barely contain myself! Feeling you twitch inside me I know you want to cum but you won’t, at least not yet.

You stop for just a quick second so I can gain my breath back before you begin plunge in and out of me at a quick pace. Reaching down you and begin rubbing my clit taking me into a whole new blissful euphoria, my eyes roll back into my head as you rub me and begin to thrust your cock in and out of me so fast I quickly lose control of my senses as you send me into an orgasm so new to me my whole body jolts. You shout out as I feel you Cuming too, splashing your cum all inside of me as we both hit a new climax that we have never felt before. And we both know we will be doing this again very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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