He Owns Her


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It’s Friday evening and I hear you arrive home from work. After you called to let me know you would be home a little late this evening and to have nothing planned for the whole weekend, I knew something fun and exciting was in store for me. The front door closes and I hear you slide the dead bolt into place. As you make your way down the hallway to the living room, I notice the lights being turned off. I am sitting watching the news; you come towards me with a wonderful smile on your face. Bending down you kiss me (what a wonderful kisser my husband is). First I feel your lips lightly press against mine and a small moan escapes you as you take control. You move my lips apart in sync with yours, sliding your tongue into my mouth, teasing and arousing me, flicking it in and out quickly. Your mouth presses harder against mine as you suck my tongue deep into your mouth. Both of us moaning now, you move away from me, using only your tongue to circle my lips.

You bite my tender upper lip causing me to yelp in surprise. You move completely away from my body and stare hard at me, loving the aroused state I am in. I reach up to pull your body down onto the couch with me, but you slip away from my grasp, leaving me pouting and confused. I can tell by the growing bulge in your pants that you are excited, so what do you have up your sleeve?

I notice you have a bag in your hand from a favorite store of yours. You are always bringing little things home to me, special meaningful things that make me love you even more (if that’s possible). You tell me to go start the shower and you’ll be up in a minute to join me. I hurry into the bathroom and patiently wait for you to come. We take a long hot steamy shower together, you nod approvingly as you make sure I am shaved clean, not a hair to be found on my pussy or around my lips, etc. You turn off the water, step out first, and then wrap me in a big fluffy towel. Leading me into our bedroom, you sit me on the bed and bring the bag to me. “Remember how we have talked about me owning you? Well, tonight I make you mine totally and forever. Our wedding rings symbolize our love before God, what I have to give you tonight represents how we will never be apart and you are mine forever and ever.”

You reach into the bag and remove the leather collar that we had seen in the store one day. My eyes widen in anticipation. I pull my still wet hair off the nape of my neck, revealing my long creamy neck that you love to bite and suck. Your hands tremble as I bow my head before you and you snap the collar into place. I can smell the leather and feel it as it tightens around my neck. My cunt is instantly wet and I peek beneath my eyelids to watch your cock pulsate, a drop of precum at its tip. My tongue glides across my lips, anticipating the taste of that precious liquid. Your teeth nibble on my shoulders, ataşehir escort bayan then move up to my earlobe as you begin your sexual journey of my body.

“Get into your outfit my little slut, tonight I make you mine totally and completely. You will be unable to refuse me anything I ask of you. Are you prepared to continue?”

“Yes Master. There is nothing I want more in this world than to service your every erotic desire no matter what it is. Please be my Master and have your way with me.”

I dress in your favorite outfit; red silk teddy with holes in the bra for my hard puckered nipples, black seamed stockings, garter belt and black pumps. You put on just a pair of silk boxers and a light robe. While I dress you go into the kitchen and return with a beer for each of us, knowing that I might need just a bit of help to loosen up. Drinking them, sitting side by side on the bed, I can’t wait for you to touch me.

Finishing our drinks, you stand and open your robe where I see your thick cock throbbing for me. Suck me slut is all I need to hear to make me kneel before you and take your cock into my mouth, slurping and sucking it as my hand massages your balls. Your moans of pleasure excite me more as I really get into giving you a blowjob.

By now my cunt is dripping with excitement and you realize this. You pump my waiting mouth harder and faster, grabbing my hair to force your cock deeper into my throat. You groan out, “Oh yeah, suck that cock baby, drink my cum!” Your load is rising, and with a final, deep thrust, shoving your cock full into my throat, you groan again, and your cum shoots against the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow it. Your balls are full, and your load is so big that some seeps past my lips, trickling down my chin. “Lick it off,” you tell me, and you watch lustfully as I take my finger and wipe my chin, then suck the remaining cum off.

Your anticipation of our adventure tonight made you so hot and horny you knew you wouldn’t last very long for the first round. Done with me for now, it is time for you to use me as your whipping slut. The crop you have used on me only once before is taken out from the drawer. You tell me to lay flat on the bed, raise my ass up high on pillows, and command me to beg for your spankings. Wanting to see my ass red with your marks, I beg you to whip me hard. My pleading isn’t loud enough for you so I moan and beg louder, “please Master smack my ass hard and make me yours.” The crop whistles through the air and lands on my cheeks making me cry out in pain and surprise. My pussy drips even more as you bring it down on me again and again. The sight of my red flaming ass starts your cock to rise so soon after your blowjob that it startles even you. You love that I can make you hard so easily.

I feel your face down between my legs escort kadıköy as you put the crop on the bed. Spreading my ass cheeks with your fingers you slowly lick from my asshole down to my clit, your tongue moving in long licks, driving me mad, as I wiggle my ass hoping for more. Up and down your tongue moves slurping up my cunt juice. I can hear your moans of pleasure as you eat me and make my body feel as if it’s on fire. You feel my body tremble as I begin to climax but just as my moans become louder your tongue moves away and you step back to look at me, my body covered in a fine layer of sweat, my cunt dripping juice, the smell of my pussy filling the room.

It takes me a minute to get my bearings and realize you have stopped. I try to raise my body up off the bed but before I am able to move, you smack my ass hard with your hand, a solid slap that makes me cry out in pain.

Without a word you move my body onto all fours and press my head down onto the mattress, my tits crushed, my ass high up in the air. I feel coldness around the rim of my asshole, then your finger pumping in deep, coating the inside with the jelly. You blow on my asshole and I realize the jelly starts to tingle and sting a bit.

As you blow harder I become more uncomfortable as my asshole feels like it is on fire. I begin to softly beg you “Please stop!” which only excites you more. In answer to my pleadings you stretch my legs wide apart, tying each ankle to one end of the bed leaving my cunt and ass open and exposed. I dare not move my arms since I don’t desire to be completely tied down and I realize one wrong move and you will bind me tight to the bed.

You strip your robe and boxers off and stand by the bed completely naked. I am able to watch you when I turn my head and I do so now with a mixture of lust and fear in my eyes. You take the leather cock ring from the drawer and my tongue licks my lips in hunger as I watch you snap it into place around your thick full member. I close my eyes as I anticipate sucking you and swallowing your thick creamy load when you SMACK my ass hard, making me moan in surprise. The grin on your face speaks volumes. I sense your body behind mine now, as you move onto the bed, a vibrating sound coming from behind me. Your words of lust tell me how much you want me, calling me your slut, your whore, cocksucker and more. My pussy drips, wanting you.

As you insert the vibe into my asshole I moan loudly in pleasure. You know how much I love having my ass fucked. You shove the big fake cock deep into my ass and before my body is able to adjust to it you slam a smaller size dildo straight into my cunt. You work the dildo deep into my pussy, as you turn the vibrator in my ass on full force. The sensation is unlike anything I have felt before and I immediately start to moan and beg for you maltepe escort to fuck me NOW. You tell me to hold the dildo with my hand while you keep pressure on the vibe in my ass. You wrap some material around my hips and tie into a diaper type sarong, that as you tie it tightly, you tell me it will hold both instruments in my holes without any hands at all. You quickly get my garment into place and step away from the bed, your cock throbbing and dripping precum as you gaze at me with a big grin on your face.

The vibe is drilling deep into my asshole as the dildo has plugged my cunt tight. I start to feel a new sensation and realize that the dildo is also a vibrator as you turn it on full speed. It gyrates right on my G-Spot while the bigger one fucks my ass. I am screaming in pleasure now begging to be allowed to cum. You don’t approve of this yet and wiggle underneath my body, putting two big fluffy pillows under your head, your mouth right below my dripping cunt.

My juice is seeping through the material holding my toys in place. You move some to the side exposing my hard red clit. Your tongue tickles it at first, tasting my cunt juice, all of me at your mercy. I feel your teeth bite down on my clit making me buck away from your mouth. You reach around and SMACK my ass hard for moving away from you, but you miss (on purpose?) and smack the vibe deeper into my asshole. I scream in pain but you continue. Your teeth return to my clit and this time I suffer the biting and strong sucking without twisting away. Your fingers reach up and grab my nipples, yanking and twisting them as you eat my clit. I am on the edge of exploding as you tease me over and over. I beg you, “Fuck me, take me anyway you want, just fuck me and let me cum now!.” Abruptly you yank the diaper off of me, watching as both toys shoot from my holes, juice flowing from my cunt onto your face.

You move from under me and release me from my ties. Flipping me onto my back you yank my legs up and ram your cum filled cock straight into my cunt, deep and hard. It fills me completely, striking the back wall of my pussy. My legs are up and over your shoulders and you are holding on to me by my tits, your fingers pinching my sore and red nipples as you slam into my cock sucking cunt over and over. I beg you to fuck your slut, fuck your cock whore, ram it up my pussy, fuck me until I scream… I feel you thicken inside me and start to shoot your hot sticky load of cum into my waiting pussy. Your eyes open and stare into mine, “Cum NOW you fucking slut, cum for your Master.”

My pussy squeezes and grips your cock as I release the biggest orgasm I have ever experienced. My body trembles and I feel faint, as I cum over and over, your cock still spurting jizz into me. You fall onto me, your body spent, sweat from our bodies mixing together, cum from both of us dripping from my pussy. You kiss my lips so sweetly. You hold my face between your hands and gaze into my eyes. “I love you now and always will. You are mine forever.” My voice, so hoarse from moaning, barely is able to whisper the words, “My love, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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