Halloween Angel


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For Shelley…

It was a brisk October night. The cool autumn air rustled though the trees, sending cascades of red, yellow and orange leaves to the ground. It was a perfect night for Halloween. Ghouls and goblins crowded the streets on their annual hunt for tricks and treats.

Shelly added the finishing touches to her costume. She was going to a friends costume party, dressed as an angel. She did not look like your typical angel however. She had on a very short, sheer white dress adorned with fluffy white feathers and a halo sitting on a bed of shoulder length golden hair. She had a pretty face which was dusted with silver glitter. Her wings were made from real feathers and were attached to the back of her dress. She was a tall girl, around 5’8″and had worked hard to keep her youthful figure. She had on white thigh high stockings and white pumps that accented the length and curves of her long slender legs. It was not at all what you would expect a catholic girl to wear. Her friend was going as her sexy devilish counterpart. She looked at her reflection and it was quite sexy.

She couldn’t fight the feeling that she was forgetting something. In a moment of recollection she smacked her self on the forehead. She had intended to fill out a mass dedication card for her friends’ grandma that had passed away recently. It was Saturday night, her last chance before Sunday Mass. She dialed the number to the rectory office at St. Katherine’s. It rang and rang with no answer. She thumbed through her address book and stopped on Father Mitchell’s name. She had been his friend for many years so surely he wouldn’t think it odd of her to call so late in the evening.

Shelly had always been attracted to Father Mitchell. He was a tall and handsome man, in his mid-forties, with piercing eyes and a smile from heaven. He had dark hair and soft features. He was so sexy she thought and felt a blush rise to her face. Her passion escort bostancı for him had remained unspoken; he was a priest, dedicated to god and not pleasures of the flesh.

She dialed the number to his cell phone and waited for an answer. He lived in a little apartment above the rectory and was usually there alone at night. On the fourth ring he picked up.

“Hello? Father Mitchell? It’s Shelly.”

“How are you doing this evening” he asked politely in his deep soothing voice.

She explained her dilemma and asked if he could help her in any way. He told her to come to the back door of the rectory and he would be glad to let her fill out a card for her friend..

“I was on my way to a costume party but I will stop by on the way there.” She thanked him profusely and hung up. She gathered her purse and set off to the church which was nearby. It was a beautiful night, lit by a glowing full moon so she decided to walk.

Father Mitchell placed the phone its cradle and sighed with thoughts of Shelly. She had always held a special place in his heart, ever since her family brought her to his world some twenty years or so ago. He had watched her grow from a bright eyed pre-teen into a beautiful woman. In the last few years he had developed a friendship with her and they had spent countless hours laughing and talking. He was in deeply in love with her but suppressed his longing for her touch. He had never known the touch of a woman but Shelly stirred feelings from the depths of his very being. He was eight years her elder and a catholic priest. He would have gladly given it up for her, to taste her sweet lips and feel her gentle caress. He longed to feel his body tingle in the excitement of a tender embrace. But his hoping and prayers to god were left unanswered, for how could she ever love him.

He heard a light knock at his door, and opened it to a heavenly vision. Shelly stood ümraniye escort in an angel gown that barely covered the tight curves of her body. His eyes followed her legs from her cute little shoes to her short hem line. She had on stockings that revealed the porcelain-like skin of her thighs. He felt a shudder pulse through his body and his penis jerk with excitement. He had never seen her look so lovely.

“I bet I look really silly!” she laughed.

He swallowed and replied “No…you look…absolutely beautiful!”

She smiled sweetly and her cheeks became flushed by embarrassment.

She entered the room. It was small with only a single bed and nightstand. There was a candle on the nightstand next to a weathered bible. No luxury of television or computer.

“This is cozy” she said politely.

He went to the nightstand and opened the drawer. He handed Shelly a mass card and a pen. She filled out her friend’s grandmother’s name and the date of her passing. She gave the card to father Mitchell and he cupped his hand over hers. She looked up into his deep brown eyes and saw his look of longing for her.

“What is it? She stammered.

He shook his head in dismay. She could see the pain in his eyes, and all of his passion. She leaned up and kissed him gently. He was taken aback but then he slid a strong arm around her waist and pulled her in closer. She felt the hardening bulge of his penis pressed into her as they explored the exquisite taste of each other.

He pushed her away with tears in his eyes. “I can’t…” he tried, “are you sure you want this? I would be giving up my position as priest.” She looked at him passionately. His eyes were pleading her to say yes.

She smiled. “I Love you father Mitchell, I have for a long time.”

He hugged her in a tight embrace. “I love you too.” She slid off her angel wings and he lifted her dress over her head. Her nearly naked kartal escort bayan body was a site to be held. He ran his hands slowly up the silky smoothness of her stockings and kissed her below her belly button. Her body tingled with anticipation as he slowly ascended her body. His hands were trembling as he caressed her soft skin. He stood and she helped him remove his robe. He had a strong body, well managed in his years. She ran a slender finger along his chest and an electrifying chill went through him. He wanted her so badly. He scooped her in his arms and carried her to the single bed. He laid her down gently and their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. He removed her panties and tossed them aside. She opened her legs and allowed him to lie against her. He could fell the dampness between her legs, her longing for him to explore her most private of areas. She reached between her legs and guided his throbbing penis toward her. He eased his way between her legs until he came to the barrier of her innocence. He looked into her eyes for approval. She gave a nod and held her breath as with a final push he was inside of her.

The pain only lasted a brief moment and then an indescribable wave of pleasure washed away her senses. She felt as if she were flying. Father Mitchell gently rocked his body into hers, smelling the sweet juices that flowed from her. The feeling of silk and warmth engulfed him as he slid back and forth. Being the first time he had ever felt a woman, he quickly came to a climax. In a surge of overwhelming satisfaction he came into Shelly. They lay silently, tired from such a monumental encounter in a tender embrace under the grinning face of the full moon. He kissed her softly on the forehead.

“Thank you for allowing me this gift, if only for one night” he said quietly. “I have loved you for so long, craved your touch. I would give up my position as priest if I knew you would stay at my side, maybe even marry me.” He smiled at her. Her heart fluttered with joy at his offer to devote him self to her; it was what she had always wanted.

“Oh, yes!” she cried joyfully and kissed him. Halloween night would always hold a special place in their hearts.

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