Grandma Julie, Really?


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“Bobbie, you know your 21st birthday is next week, right? Do you want to maybe invite some of your friends over?”

Grandma Julie was still nude and unbelievably sexy. We were still standing in her pool and my dick was still hard. And now she was asking me if I wanted to invite some of my friends over to her house for my party. I paused just long enough to wonder exactly what she planned to do with them. After all, I had just told her that they all thought she was sexy, and that seemed to turn her on enough for her to let me fuck her. Now, my mind was racing and I knew I would have several fantasies over the next few days to keep my dick satisfied. And I knew that it was going to take forever for my birthday to get here! I was so glad that I was adopted into this family so I didn’t have to feel too guilty about my feelings for Grandma Julie.

Saturday finally came, after the slowest week in history. I had fantasized about how I wanted the day to go, with lots of grunts and groans and cum, which caused me to masturbate every day more than I had ever masturbated before. My bedroom smelled like cum for most of the week and even my grandmother noticed it.

“You need some air freshener in here. There are two cans under your bathroom sink. And you will probably need both cans if you don’t stop doing that.” I tried to act innocent and deny anything was happening but she pointed at the two towels I had thrown in the corner. The dried and crusty cum on both was obvious, so I stopped denying everything and just grinned. I thought she was going to chastise me or something, but she just grinned back at me and picked up the towels, adding them to the load of laundry she was washing.

My birthday was actually on Sunday but we figured it would be better to celebrate it on Saturday. Grandma Julie and I went shopping on Friday to make sure we had everything the guys would want. Of course, I knew that what the guys really wanted was pushing the cart and not in the cart, but she and I didn’t talk about that. So we filled the cart with several kinds of chips and tortillas and cheese curls, plus all the fixings for hot dogs and hamburgers and wings. Grandma Julie had suggested that doing everything on Saturday allowed for an all day event, so we needed enough food for fourteen guys for all day. I never understood her really wide smile when I agreed to that.

When we got to the scooter section where the beer was chilling, Grandma Julie stopped to ask a question.

“Are you sure that everyone there will be eighteen or older? I will serve no alcohol unless you can assure me that they will all be legal.” I suggested that she chill out over that, but after seeing the look in her eyes I promised that I would not invite anyone unless they were at least eighteen years old. And then she got this strange grin and nodded.

The guys started arriving by eleven Saturday morning. I had said we would be serving both lunch and supper, and they had to make the decision about how long they would be staying. And they all decided to show up for lunch. We were sitting around the pool, all of us in our swimming trunks or cut-off jeans and all of us sipping a beer, waiting for the the first round of food. Actually, we were all waiting for Grandma Julie to come out because she always wore a bikini when serving us food. The conversation tapered off as everyone fed their own fantasy. And then she came out, surpassing any fantasy we had.

Grandma Julie was wearing a string bikini, with nothing but strings and four small patches of cloth. The two patches of the top covered her boobs, but just barely. They centered over her nipples, leaving lots of side-boob and under-boob on display. The front patch of her bikini bottoms barely covered her pussy but it showed a clear and obvious camel-toe that was unbelievably erotic. The back was more of a thin strip about three inches wide, just enough to cover her ass crack. It was the most revealing bikini she had ever worn in front of us, and I knew she must have purchased it just for my birthday party. It sounded like all fourteen of us groaned at the same time. She looked around at us to see that we were all staring at her.

“Grandma, really?” I rolled my eyes as I spoke.

“What? It’s just the same food I normally serve.” She seemed to smile at each one of us as she set the tray of food on the folding table we had set up for that purpose. She presented an incredible view as she bent over, her tits almost falling out of her top and her ass thrust out for us to dream about. We ignored the food and just stared at her slender form and bulging boobs and tight ass. Finally, one of the guys spoke up but I wasn’t really sure which one it was.

“Yes, it is just food, but more of you than we were expecting.” There were a couple of chuckles and even a couple of what I would call snickers.

“Come on, guys, I am sure you have seen a woman in a bathing suit before. Hell, I wear a bathing suit every time you guys come over.” She paused, almost as if she was challenging someone to say something. And one of my friends responded to that challenge.

“Grandma Julie, we have seen you in a bikini many canlı bahis times, and we have loved each time. But you have outdone yourself today, and you look positively awesome. I think most of us are going to be hiding in the pool or maybe behind a towel for the rest of the day.” There were several grunts of agreement, one of them was from me. She looked at Scott, my friend who had spoken, and she gave him the widest and warmest smile I have ever seen from her.

“That was so sweet of you, Scott. But are you sure I look awesome and not like an old woman?” She walked over to where he was standing and raised her arms to shoulder level. Then she slowly rotated, making sure he had a clear view of her from all angles. Scott looked at her for a moment, and then pointed down at the boner that was stretching his swimming trunks.

“Like I said, Grandma Julie, you look awesome.” There were a couple comments from the other guys, hesitant because this was the first time anyone had made a comment that was clearly sexual around her. There had been hints and double entendres when she was around, but she seemed to ignore them. This time, she made no attempt to ignore Scott. She looked down at his very large boner for several seconds, and then grinned.

“Oh, my. Did I cause that? It looks positively delightful.” She looked at it for another couple seconds and, for a moment, looked like she was going to reach out and touch it. The entire back yard was watching this drama, wondering what was going to happen next. And then Grandma Julie turned around, wiggled her tight ass a couple of times, and walked back to the kitchen without a word. As she walked, her ass moved in several directions at the same time and much more than ever before. And her tits bounced up and down and swayed from side to side, sucking the air out of a dozen lungs and gasps from the rest of the guys. In short, Grandma Julie had just created enough fantasies to keep fourteen guys busy for a month. And one of the guys said so.

“She just created enough fantasies to keep me busy for a month!”

There was silence for a couple of seconds, and then all the guys were talking at the same time. Everyone but Scott, who just stood there saying nothing. After several seconds of all kinds of comments, mostly crude and all of them sexual in nature, Scott inhaled deeply. Everyone realized he was going to say something so they all shut up. A second later, Scott spoke.

“I think that was the most exciting experience of my life. I though I was going to cum just watching her leave like that.” Clearly, Scott spoke to no one in particular, but pretty much everyone agreed with him and said so. Then another one of the guys spoke, declaring what was on the minds of all of us.

“If she does that again, I am going to throw her down and fuck her brains out right here.” As we all looked at him, we could see him pointing to a specific spot on the patio floor.

And Grandma Julie heard all of it. She was standing in the kitchen, peering out the serving window that allowed food to be passed from the kitchen to the outside patio. She felt herself get wet listening to the sexual comments of the guys around the pool. She leaned to her right just enough to be able to see them, and she was excited to see several erections as they raided the food tray she had just brought out. Grandma Julie thought for a moment, and then nodded her head as she made a decision. She reached down and adjusted her suit to show even more flesh. She tightened the small triangles of her top to small strips of material so the brown of her areolae could clearly be seen peeking out on both sides of the material covering both boobs. But it was her bottoms that received the important adjustments. She pulled the back of her suit deep into her butt crack so both butt cheeks were uncovered, and adjusted the front of her suit to show just a few curly hairs with an even more pronounced cameltoe. She smiled at herself and picked up a second tray filled with food. As she walked out of the kitchen and onto the patio, the guys fell silent. Every one of them saw that she had made some adjustments to her suit to show off more flesh. And every one of them loved the increase in entertainment. She set the tray on the table, bending over again to put on a good show for them. But this time she called them over for more food and she remained standing next to the table.

All the guys immediately jumped up and went for more food, intending to get a closer look at Grandma Julie’s sexy body. But some were brave enough to go beyond looking — they brushed up against her body as they reached for food. Mostly, they were subtle brushes, but a couple were clearly intentional. And each time, Grandma Julie stood there and let them, and then gave them a warm smile. After more than a minute of this, someone grabbed a handful of her ass and gave it a squeeze. When she turned around to see who it was, the guy had apparently moved on and she wasn’t sure who had grabbed her. But she felt herself ooze pussy juices because of all the physical contact. She looked down and was horrified to see a trickle of clear juices running down the inside of her bahis siteleri left leg. As she looked up, she saw two of the partiers looking down at the trickle of juices. When they looked up at her, she just shrugged her shoulders and grinned, and they returned her grin. Grandma Julie felt a tingle deep in her pussy and she loved it. She knew she was turning them on, but they didn’t know they were turning her on. So she decided it was time to put on a show.

Grandma Julie made a show of dragging a lounge into some apparently perfect position in the sun. With her back to most of the guys, she bent way over and spread a towel on the lounge. Then she slowly lay face down on the lounge.

“I don’t want to burn here, so would one of you put some suntan lotion on my back?” This is the most common fantasy for many men around the world, but the fourteen guys in her back yard simply froze in place. After a few seconds of silence and inaction, she decided to help things along.

“Scott, you were so nice a little bit ago in your compliment. Would you do me the honor of putting lotion on my back?” There were several comments and a lot of chuckling as Scott stood there for a few seconds, apparently frozen.

“Come on, man! This is your chance!”

“If you don’t do it, I will do it.”

“Earth to Scott. Wake up, man!” After several of these comments, Scott seemed to wake up. He looked around at his buddies with a really dumb grin, and then he almost jumped the four steps separating him from Grandma Julie’s lounge.

“Yes, ma’am. I would be happy to help out.” His dumb grin widened.

“Okay, Scott, if you would sit on my butt, maybe you can spread the lotion around my back more easily. And be sure you are thorough. I don’t want parts of me to burn.” As she said this, she reached around and pulled a string on each side, releasing the strings that held her top in place. She let the top fall away on both sides, revealing even more sideboob than the suit normally bared. There was a stifled gasp from someone, but I couldn’t tell who it was. I didn’t gasp, but I was getting hard just watching her tease us. I noticed that we were all gathered in a circle around Grandma Julie, and most of us had a hard-on.

Meanwhile, Scott sat on Grandma’s ass and reached for the lotion. He squeezed a large amount into his left hand and then rubbed his hands together like he had seen in some porn movie. Then, slowly, he began to rub the lotion on her back. He was clearly hesitant, not sure what to do or especially what to touch. He covered her upper back, from her neck to the small of her back. He steered clear of her sides, presumably because that was too close to the large amount of sideboob that was showing. But Grandma Julie wouldn’t settle for a hesitant and chaste application.

“Be sure to get my sides really well, honey. I burn easily.” I thought I saw a grin on her face, but it was quickly removed. And Scott responded to her directions by rubbing the lotion on her sides. He used long strokes as he slowly slid his hands from her armpits to her waist. He apparently lost his inhibitions when she asked him to get her sides because he now made direct contact with her sideboobs. He looked around with that dumb grin again, but he must have made more than a dozen strokes down her sides, each one clearly pressing against her exposed tit flesh. It was really hot, and the rest of the guys just stared in silence as Scott lived the fantasy of all of us.

After quite some time, Grandma Julie offered some more instruction to Scott, and I thought he was going to pass out when she did.

“Scott, honey, you need to move down to sit on my thighs so you can get my ass really good. Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said ‘ass’. I don’t want to embarrass you or corrupt your good nature.” This time I know I saw a grin on her face, and I am sure several others saw it, too. Scott hesitated and then replied.

“That’s okay, Grandma Julie. I don’t mind. I think I have been corrupted for some time, now.” He chuckled and several of the guys laughed out loud. All of us, including Grandma Julie, knew that Scott used his share of profanity. No one here was concerned about an old woman corrupting this nineteen year old. Scott busied himself with carefully sliding down and sitting on her thighs. Then he began applying the lotion to Grandma’s lower back. Her bikini bottoms had been pulled into her butt crack, but there were still a couple of strings in the way. So Scott finished her lower back and carefully applied the lotion to her butt cheeks. She could tell he was being very tentative, so Grandma Julie reached down and pulled the strings that released her bottoms. Then she pulled harder on one string and her bikini bottoms fell away, exposing her entire ass and a limited view of her pussy. I heard several groans this time, one of them being mine.

Scott visibly gulped in full cartoon fashion, and I almost laughed. But I stopped, realizing that I would probably be acting like even more of a dork if I were sitting on her thighs about to rub her ass cheeks in front of all my friends. I watched as Scott gulped again, and then he poured a generous bahis şirketleri amount of lotion in his left hand. Like before, he rubbed his palms together for a couple of seconds and then he tentatively rubbed her flesh. There were several more groans, and I was certain one of them came from Grandma Julie. Her eyes were closed, her arms hanging off the top of the lounge, and she was smiling widely. Obviously, she didn’t care how much sideboob she was showing by stretching her arms above her head instead of placing them down her sides. And just as obviously, she didn’t care how much of her ass and pussy she was letting everyone there see. Scott spent quite some time rubbing the lotion into her flesh. And by this time, he was sporting a very hard cock that everyone but Grandma Julie could see.

“Okay, Scott, it’s time for you to get my legs. I don’t want my legs to burn. If they do, I will have to run around the house with nothing on below my waist. We wouldn’t want that, would we, Scott?” Scott choked as he tried to answer, and never really got any words out. But he stood, exposing more clearly his boner to all of us, turned around facing her feet, and then he carefully sat on Grandma’s ass. Reaching for the lotion, he watched with very wide eyes as Grandma Julie slowly spread her legs.

“There. I think that will make it easier for you.” Actually, I thought, it just made it easier for us to see your pussy. And I grinned as several guys moved down to the foot of the lounge to get a better view. Scott seemed to freeze as he looked down at Grandma’s ass and pussy. After several seconds of just sitting there and staring, Grandma Julie spoke to him.

“Scott? Did you fall asleep?” I watched as she grinned for a second and then tried to hide it. Scott seemed to jerk awake as he quickly looked around at the rest of us. He seemed more embarrassed that everyone watched him stare at that beautiful pussy than he had been about flashing his boner a few seconds earlier. Then he reached for the lotion again.

He started at her thighs. He applied the thick lotion in long, slow strokes, covering her skin from the backs of her knees almost to her butt cheeks. Then, after several of those long strokes to both thighs, he began to rub the lotion into the skin at the tops of her thighs. Slowly, he covered the skin from her butt cheeks down to a few inches of her thighs. Finally, he worked the lotion into the skin of her inner thighs. I heard Grandma Julie moan, and I was sure most of the guys there heard her, too. Scott was quite thorough, and I was positive he brushed her pussy lips frequently from the continuous moans I heard Grandma give. Finally Scott stopped, as if he was through. Everyone seemed to hold their breath, wondering what was going to happen next.

“Scott, honey, could you stand up so I can turn over?” There was an obvious sound of fourteen guys letting out the air they had been holding in their lungs. I quickly glanced at Grandma Julie’s face and saw that grin come and quickly go again. She is really getting off on teasing all of us! My silent comment wasn’t so much an expression of surprise as it was an affirmation of the obvious. By this time, everyone there must have been aware of the fact that she was intentionally putting on a show for us. And, clearly, we all loved being teased by this very sexy grandma.

We all waited for her to turn over, and it seemed like it took an eternity before it was completed, but finally, my Grandma settled on her back. Halfway through the process, she paused for a moment. Sitting there holding her bikini top in place, she looked around at all of us.

“Listen, I am not sure that this is appropriate. Is this whole lotion thing offending anyone here?” She was interrupted by several of the guys as they almost shouted that everything was just fine.

“So, a little bit of skin isn’t going to bother anyone?” One of the guys spoke loudly, clearly expressing the thoughts of everyone there.

“Oh, HELL no!” There was total silence for several seconds, and then Grandma Julie looked around with a wide smile.

“Good.” And she slowly lay down on her back, still holding her bikini top in place. She looked up at Scott and smiled the sweetest smile I think I have ever seen.

“Okay, Scott, now I need you to sit across my hips and rub some lotion into everything above my waist.” He settled onto her hips, obviously both embarrassed and excited at the same time. She smiled up at him and nodded, giving him the signal to start.

Scott did the lotion thing, beginning at her waist. He started at the string that had been holding her bottoms in place and applied the lotion from there up to Grandma’s bikini top. He was quite thorough, covering her sides and even dipping an inch or so below the string of her bikini bottoms. This put him in contact with the top edge of her bush and he moved his hand from side to side, spreading the lotion into the top inch or so of her muff. But he stopped short of doing the same to her bikini top. He applied lotion up to but not including her top, staying at least a half inch short of touching the material of her bikini. And then he stopped, clearly uncertain of what to do next. And Grandma clearly raised the stakes in her sexy show for me and my thirteen friends. Smiling sweetly, Grandma injected a very innocent tone of voice into a question for Scott.

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