Freaky Friday


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T.G.I.F! This is all Maxine thinks about as she leaves her business. A stressful work week she had too. Between new and current clients needing her assistance with their finances, it has been overwhelming. But she handles it like the dignified and intelligent woman she is. In the lobby of the building, she says her goodbyes to the security guards.

Not ready to go home, she heads to her favorite place, Iguana. It’s a restaurant and club. She’s heading there to have dinner and then head to the lower level to dance her stress away. When she enters, Lindsay greets her. She smiles brightly as she gives Maxine a hug.

“Good evening Maxine. How are you tonight?” she asks.

“I’m good Lindsay. Thanks for asking. May I get a table. I’m having dinner tonight.”

Lindsay smiles and leads her to a table.

“Are you heading downstairs afterwards?” she asks.

“Yes, I am. I need to relieve some stress,” she answers.

Lindsay turns around and holds her left wrist. She places an ink stamp on the back of her hand.

“We have a new bouncer. He won’t let anyone through unless they have a stamp. If they don’t, they’ll have to pay,” she tells Max.

“We also have a new waiter. This is his third day here. Be nice to him,” she adds as she smirks.

“You make it seems like I’m an evil woman,” Maxine says feeling insulted.

“Well, sometimes you can. You upset the last waiter so much, she quit,” Lindsay mentions.

Max had to think about it. Her mind went back to that day.

It was two weeks ago, Max came to the restaurant. Lindsay introduce her to the waitress. After the introduction, Max gave her order. Already, the waitress had it wrong. Max repeated herself and watch as the waitress wrote down her order. Afterwards, the waitress made more mistakes. First, she gave Max the wrong drink. Second, she gave Max the wrong appetizer, twice. Maxine did her best to look past her mistakes. She took deep breaths to calm the rage that was building up inside her. Max has a bad temper especially when she’s hungry. Third mistake, the waitress gave her the wrong meal.

“Ummm, this isn’t mines,” Max said calmly.

“Are you sure? I know you order the grilled pork loin,” the waitress told her.

“I order the grilled filet mignon prepare medium. Please check again,” she said.

The waitress look at her notepad. She chuckled nervously as she realized her mistake. She grabbed the plate.

“I’m so sorry,” she said and walked away as fast as she could.

The last straw was when the waitress, in her haste, accidently bumped another waiter and dropped Maxine’s food. That does it! Max walked towards her and pointed her finger in the waitress face telling her how incompetent she was. Then she made the waitress cried. She moved closer to the waitress.

“Who dick did you sucked to get this job?” she asked.

Max voice was low, but the sting of her statement had the waitress in tears. She moved back from Max and left sobbing. Lindsay came over to Max apologizing. She offer Max a free dinner and new waiter. Once she finished her dinner, Max head to the club and dance the night away.

After thinking about the incident, she feels bad. Only for a short time.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. I was harsh, but she made too many mistakes. I promise to be nice if the waiter does his job correctly,” she tells Lindsay.

Lindsay disappears to the back and the waiter comes out with her behind him. Max bites her bottom lip slightly as she stares at the handsome young man approaching her table.

“Maxine, this is Marcos your waiter. Marcos, this is Maxine. Please be nice,” she warns Max.

Max smiles as she nods her head. Lindsay heads to the front of the restaurant.

“Good evening Maxine. May I take your order?”

Chills run down her spine as she hears a slight accent in his voice. Handsome with an accent. She shudders slightly as his voice gives her chills.

“Yes, I would like to order the Caribbean Punch. Two glasses of it, please,” she tells him.

He smiles as he writes it down. He heads to the bar and gets her drinks. He asks the bartender to make it strong. He wants to make sure she’s happy with his service. Shoot, he wants her to be happy with him. A beautiful kadıköy escort woman like her should be please at all times. Plus, he wants her. He always had a desire for older women. The extra bonus, she’s a big woman. He brings her the first glass and sets it in front of her.

“Here you go. I hope you like it. I told the bartender to make it strong,” he tells her.

She holds the glass and take a small sip. The cold sweet drink hits her senses as the liquor tickles her head.

“Mmmmm, this is good. Thank you, Marcos,” she tells him.

His smile is huge as he heads to the kitchen. He walks to the furthest back to see the head chef prepping vegetables. The chef smiles when Marcos walks to the table.

“Hey Marcos, what’s up?” he asks.

Marcos moves to the side at a corner and motion the chef over.

“Do you know a woman name Maxine?”

The chef thinks for a minute.

“The only Maxine I know is the big woman who made a waitress quit,” he tells him.

Marcos eyes becomes wide in surprise.

“She did what?” he asks.

The chef nods.

“Yeah, the waitress came back here crying her eyes out. Then she said she quit. She said she can’t deal with that fat bitch anymore. But Lindsay told us the waitress made too many mistakes and Maxine was angry. She’s a customer. The last thing you want to do is lose one. Why you ask?”

Marcos shrugs his shoulders. The chef smiles.

“You like her, don’t you?” he questions.

Marcos face blushes as he nods.

“Wow, you have great taste. She’s beautiful, smart and caring, but she has a mean streak too. I wish you luck,” the chef says.

He walks away and pats on Marcos’ back. Marcos takes a deep breath and heads out to check on her.

“Hi!” he says.

She looks up at him and smiles.

“Oh, there you are. I’m ready to order the main course, please,” she tells him.

He grabs his notepad, pen and waits. She makes her order. When he repeats her order, she smiles and claps her hands softly.

“Bravo, you got it correctly. Thank you.”

He blushes again as he heads to the kitchen. He never met a woman who can make him blush as much as she does. He wants her, badly. He hopes he can get a chance to talk and hang out with her. While waiting for the meal to cook, he goes back to her table.

“I hope my services are to your liking,” he mentions.

“Yes, you’re doing a great job. But, I would like to ask you something. Where are you originally from? I hear an accent.”

“I’m from Spain. I recently moved to America. Been here for about a year. I’m in school. I want to be a business owner of a construction company,” he says.

“That’s great. Congratulations on following your dream. If you ever need financial help, I can give you advice. I own a wealth management firm,” she tells him as she digs in her purse to retrieve her business card.

She hands it to him. His fingers lightly graze hers. The touch gives her goosebumps. She stares at him for a moment. She blinks and releases the card. Her heart is racing while her temperature rises a few notches. She clears her throat.

“So, feel free to contact me for any financial help or advice,” she tells him.

He places the card in his pants pockets while staring at her. He smiles.

“Thank you very much. I’m going to go check on your food. I’ll be back,” he tells her.

He doesn’t need to check her food. He needs to calm down. His cock begins to grow and hardens. The light touch of their fingers connecting cause a huge impact as he desperately wants to fuck her now. He takes a few deep breaths and he calms down. A few minutes later, he brings her food and then serves the other guests. He keeps staring at her as she enjoys her meal. She knows he’s watching her and she loves it. Their attraction for each other is obvious. After her meal, she pays the bill and leaves a nice tip for Marcos and a note. The note says:

“If you want to hang out, meet me downstairs!”

She gets up and heads down to the club. She walks inside with a smile on her face. The music is pumping through her veins as she bobs her head. She makes her way to the dance floor. She üsküdar escort squeezes pass several people until she finds a spot to show off her dancing skills. Years of her going to dance programs as a child has her moving her body professionally. Her hips moving and rotating to the music. There’s something about Caribbean music she loves. Maybe, it’s because of her half Jamaican heritage. Whatever the reason, she’s working her body like a belly dancer. Her curvy body is having a few men staring at her. She pays them no mind as she continues dancing as she closes her eyes. Several of them tried to dance with her, but she moves away and dance in a different area. None of them appeal to her. She wants Marcos!

After several songs, she heads to her booth. This is her personal booth thanks to the owner. It’s his way of saying thank you for saving his business. She orders her drink and relaxes.

“You have great moves,” a voice with an accent says.

She turns her head and sees Marcos standing there smiling. He’s wearing jeans and a button shirt with comfortable shoes.

“Hi Marcos!” she greets with a huge smile.

She’s happy to see him. How she wants to fuck him so badly. Seeing him casual gear makes her pussy throbs more.

“I got your note along with the generous tip. Thank you very much,” he says.

“You’re very welcome. You did a great job,” she pauses as she stares at him standing next to her booth.

“Would you like to sit?” she asks.

His eyes widen in surprise. He hesitantly joins her in the booth, sitting next to her.

“I appreciate you wanting me to join you. I saw how you rejected several men who made advances towards you,” he tells her.

She stares at the dance floor. A couple of the rejected guys stare at her angrily. She rolls her eyes and focuses on Marcos.

“I’m not interested in them. You see how they’re angry at me. Some men can’t handle rejection and those that can’t handle rejection, are quick to call a woman a bitch or anything negative,” she tells him.

He nods.

“Damn shame how these men treat women. It’s disgusting. A woman should be treated with respect. A goddess even,” he says.

She turns her body towards him and smiles.

“Would you treat a woman like a goddess?” she asks.

“Yes, I would. Especially when I like her a lot. I would worship her and make sure she’s happy,” he says proudly.

Max bites her bottom lip as heat rises between her legs as well as moisture. She’s already wet, but being around Marcos and conversing with him makes her wetter. Damn, she wants him!

“Hmmm, you’re one of a kind, Marcos. A rare commodity in this time. It makes me wonder your age. You look young, but you’re mature.”

He stares at her as he squares his shoulders.

“Well, I’m not a shame to tell you I’m 24 years old,” he answers.

“I wouldn’t dare ask your age. My mother has always told me asking a woman’s age is a sign of disrespect,” he adds.

“A woman who doesn’t want to tell you their age is a shame of it. I’m not. I’m proud to say that I’m a 44-year-old woman. God has blessed me to live this long. I hope to live another 44 years,” she tells him.

Marcos smiles.

“Well, you’re a very beautiful 44-year-old woman,” he says.

Her body goes from a low simmer to boiling hot. She stands slightly as she repositions her body by getting on her knees. She’s kneeling in the cushion of the seat. She moves her hands behind her and discreetly lifts her skirt and begin pulling down her thong. She’s glad the booth is in the darkest section of the club. She’s going to fuck Marcos right here and now. When the thong is pull down pass her ass, she places her hands on the front of her thighs pulling the front of her thongs down.

“Thank you, Marcos. I must say you’re a handsome man,” she mentions.

His cheeks burn red from the compliment.

“When the compliment comes from a beautiful woman like you, it’s very much appreciated.”

Max sits back down and places her legs on his lap. Marcos stares down and sees her thongs resting on her knees. He stares at her with wide eyes.

“Would you please remove these?” she asks.

He swallows hard as his hearts races. tuzla escort If he’s dreaming, he doesn’t want to wake up. With trembling hands, he slowly removes her thong. The moisture he feels from the crotch of it is causing his cock to harden. Damn, if she’s wet like this, just imagine fucking her. Once the thong is remove, he balls them into his hand and places it on his face. He inhales! Her scent makes his cock harder. He’s about to give it back, but she declines.

“You keep it,” she tells him as she takes her legs off his lap and slide down from the seat.

She’s under the table! She moves over to him. Her hands begin caressing his legs and moves up to his thighs. He places her thong back to his nose and inhales again. It’s a high for him. She tugs on his belt and she unbuckles it. Then she goes for his jeans as she pulls the zipper down. She slips her hand inside and pulls his cock out through the opening. She gasps as she sees the size of him.

“Oh wow!” she whispers.

The length and the thickness of his cock makes her pussy throbs. She begins stroking his cock. He’s already leaking precum. She’s licks the tip cleaning it. The taste of it is a little salty, but she likes that. Marcos tenses when he feels her tongue. He doesn’t want to cum yet. He’s too excited and horny as hell. She holds the base of his cock as her tongue runs up and down the full length of his cock. After a few licks, she takes the head into her mouth. The longer she sucks him, the deeper his cock goes.

“Fuck!” he calls out.

Thank goodness, the music is loud, he thinks. She moves closer to him fitting herself between his legs. He looks down and he sees her with his cock in her mouth. She stares up at him and smiles with her eyes. He reaches under the table and touches her face before holding the back of her head. He thrusts his hips. Every thrust has his thighs quivering. Her hands squeezing his thighs as she relaxes her throat. As the head of his cock touches her throat, his eyes roll back. She sucks, slurps and swallows as much of his massive cock as she can. More than half of his cock is in her mouth getting cover in her saliva.

“I feel like I’m about to cum. You’re sucking me so good,” he tells her.

She stops and pulls away. His cock now cold, wet and missing her mouth. She comes from under the table and moves towards him. She lifts her skirt, straddles his lap and slowly slides him inside her. They both moan. She places her arms on his shoulders. She kisses him as she begins riding.

“If you’re going to cum, cum inside me,” she whispers against his lips and continue kissing him.

He grabs her ass making her rock fast on him. Please, don’t wake up, he thinks as he gently bites her bottom lip.

“You… fuck… you don’t… mmmm… like to swallow… baby?”

Her pussy feels so good. It’s hot, tight and soooo wet.

“It doesn’t matter for me. Mouth or pussy, I’ll take it. Right now, I need to cum on your cock as you’re cumming inside me. You want that?” she asks as she speeds up.

She goes from grinding to bouncing. Her bra cover breasts bouncing with every movement. He nods quickly as he shuts his eyes. His cock is swelling as it throbs. He’s about to cum soon. She knows it. She feels it. Her pussy starts squeezing him as she’s ready to explode herself. They kiss hard as their lips and tongues press in hot passion. They both pick up the pace. His grip tightens as his heart begins to pounds in his chest. Their bodies are moving to the rhythm of the music as it bang in their ears. Max hugs him tight as she moves her lips to his right ear. She licks and nibbles on it.

“Shit, Marco, I’m cumming,” she whispers as her body gives in to the orgasm.

She buries her face in the crook of his neck as she squeals and moan. Then she squirts hard on his lap. Her body shaking from the pleasure. When he feels the warm liquid staining his pants, he explodes deep as his head falls back with a groan that surprises her. If it wasn’t for the music, everyone would have heard it. They stay still and catch their breath.

“Damn, that was amazing. How did I get so lucky?” he asks.

“This is just an appetizer. If you come home with me and I’ll show you how lucky you really are,” she tells him.

He kisses her and smiles.

“Alright, let’s get out of here,” he responds.

Max gets off his lap and sits next to him. She fixes her clothes and finish her drink in one swallow. She watches as Marcos tucks his cock back inside his pants. A few minutes later, they walk out the club and head to her house for another round of fun!

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