First Time Not The Last


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She’s home at last, after a long day at work.

He’s not there, good she whispers, a little time to herself. Suddenly she remembers the text he sent her earlier in the day, that he was going to be away for the night on business and sighs, a sigh of relief!

Stepping into the apartment she kicks off her shoes. As much as she likes the way they look on her, high of course, making her back arch as she walks, she also loves being barefoot. The thick carpet feels like velvet under her toes, reminding her of a very sensual night not so long ago ….somewhere else!

As she runs a hot aromatic bath she feels a warm moist flush in her pussy as the memories flood back and smiles a secret smile…………………

Oh god, she knew she shouldn’t be there. But drawn like a magnet she answered his call. He didn’t say much…he didn’t have to,…….. Just come!!

They both knew it was dangerous. They each had so much to lose but the inevitability of what they were about to do was palpable from the moment they first set eyes on each other.

It was an incongruous setting for sure, across a boardroom table, a meeting to discuss their clients divorce settlement.

Neither of them were youngsters , or even in their 40;s however the electricity between them was undeniable from the moment they shook hands, his lingering on hers for just a heartbeat longer than was wise. Her eyes took in the image of him, tall, slightly tanned face with smiling eyes. His physique implied a strong man with arms to match, just her type. His hair was dark with a touch of grey at the sides.

But it was his mouth that drew her immediately, his full lips curved readily into a gorgeous heart- melting smile that reached his eyes and tugged at secret places in her body.

The glances between them throughout the meeting were held far longer than they needed as she felt her body respond involuntarily making her face and pussy flush pink with heat……

She hoped he couldn’t see through her blouse as she felt her nipples harden and press against the soft fabric of her bra as though cooled by a soft breath.

Could he tell how moist she had become, sure that he could smell her musky aroma as they spoke about settlements and divisions? She was barely able to concentrate as she wondered if he felt the same.

His eyes lingered over her as they spoke, touching her skin with a calm appraisal of her body. Was he also wondering what she looked like under the suit? He noticed her looking at him and smiled back knowingly.

The pressing of his private number into her hand as they parted answered her question and her heart began to race as he glanced back at her when he left. Oh god she needed the bathroom quickly as her body betrayed her, gushing juices into her already damp underwear.

The next few weeks brought increasingly sex-fuelled texts urgently displaying their need for one another….until the one came asking her to come to him. Quickly and without hesitation she made an excuse to her husband and said she had to work away for the night.

There was no hesitation, no doubt that it was the right wrong thing to do as she drove to her destination, a discreet 4 star gastro-type place off the main road with a private courtyard of rooms.

As she drove closer to her destination the longing for him grew deep inside her and already she was moist with anticipation.

She knocked softly on the door and he opened it quickly, dressed in his work suit, smart with his silk tie loosened at the neck. She was wearing her work suit too, no time to change but she had taken the jacket off and her silk blouse was tight enough for him to see the generous curves of her body. Surprisingly he looked as nervous as she felt as she stepped into the beautifully decorated room. The only object she saw was the enormous bed and her mind instantly conjured up an image of them using every inch of it.

She turned towards him as she dropped he leather work bag on the thick cream coloured carpet. Expecting him to take hold of her she was surprised when he took a step back and just looked at her, holding her gaze as their eyes locked together for the longest time.

It was as though he was searching her mind, her soul, asking the question, demanding her answer

She knew what he was asking….”Are you sure?”

Her answer was simple. She took a step towards him and took his face in her hands and kissed him, their first kiss.

Softly at first she explored his lips giving him the lead he craved, until she felt him respond to her probing tongue. After just a few moments he took custody of her lips, kissing her with such passion she felt her breath taken away. His hands found her hips drawing her to him. They kissed for the longest time, exploring, teasing, tasting each other as their arms wrapped around holding each other tightly, not yet roaming, just relishing their first real moments together.

She smiled with inner satisfaction as she felt his cock growing, pressing through his şirinevler escort trousers into her belly. She groaned with pleasure as his hand moved over her breast, finding her erect nipple through the fabric, teasing it with his fingers…

OH fuck he was driving her wild ……..Enough!…she needed him naked and she needed him now!

Quickly she removed his tie and shirt running her hands over his smooth chest before reaching down to his belt. Never had she been in such a hurry but before she could unhook the fastening he again took hold of her hands and held them tightly behind her.

“It’s my turn now”, he whispered into her ear.

Still holding her tightly with one hand, he deftly undid the buttons of her blouse, pulling it out of her skirt and slipping it off her shoulders, trapping her arms behind her. He reached down and teased her nipple, first with his fingers and then his tongue, through the lacy material of her bra. It became difficult for her to breathe as she revelled in the sensations that were raging through her body, his touch electric on her bare skin.

Her clit was zinging and she knew that soon her panties would not be able to contain the pussy juice that was dripping out of her swollen cunt. She had never felt this way before …with anyone.!!

He reached around her and in one smooth movement her bra was undone and her full breasts were free at last, free for his lips and tongue to suck and lick at his pleasure. Her hands wriggled to be free of their bonds as she so wanted to hold him, feel him in the palms of her hands…at least at first…

Oh god the room was getting warm, very warm!……… “Please let me go” she begged…”.when I am ready” came the soft reply.

This is not what she was used to…her husband was, how did she describe him ….compliant.!

But this was sooooo fucking hot. She knew she was out of her comfort zone but her desire for him made her want to push her boundaries wide open.

She stopped struggling to free herself and gave in to the delicious sensations she was feeling throughout her body. She once commented to her husband that her clit was fastened by invisible thread to her nipples but he did not take the hint……with this man she didn’t need to hint, he already knew.

With deliberate skill he moved over her breasts, at first gently but then increasing the force of his lips and hands until they were pulsating with pleasure.

Pleading with him that she could stand no more. One hand slowly, deliberately moved down under the waistband of her skirt, until he reached her now drenched panties, pulling them tight over her full lips, rubbing her clit insistently through the thin lacy material.

She moaned with desire and lust, pushing her hips towards his hand wanting him inside her and so he obliged, sliding his hand past the thin material he slipped 2 then 3 large fingers into her aching pussy. It swallowed them in a liquid stream of pussy juice that threatened to run down her thighs as he finger fucked her slowly, sensuously, his hot breath against her cheek as she leaned into him for support. She pushed and bucked back at him, her warm hot cunt sucking at his fingers, drawing him in deeper and deeper inside her.

Her breath was ragged in his ear and he could feel the tension start to build as her cries became more and more urgent.

Sensing her imminent orgasm he pulled his hand away and guided her over to the armchair in the corner of the room, sat her down and began the next stage of his seduction…

Chapter 2.

The glasses were on the table with the champagne perfectly cooled close by. He disentangled himself from her body and languidly sucked her sweet juices from his fingers watching her face to see her reaction.

Oh my god, she thought as she watched this erotic display. She wondered when she would get to taste him, feel him under her fingers as the warm flush again threatened to drown again her, now sodden, panties.

Mmmm not yet, she answered herself as she watched him pour them both a glass of champagne.

Her body felt empty without him inside her and her heart still raced from the intense pleasure she had just experienced. Her body keenly aware of every move he made, she watched him through half closed eyes, her clothes in complete disarray but she didn’t care.

With the glass in her hand, she took a sip of the sparkling liquid whilst her eyes drank in the vision of him, shirtless , hair ruffled but seemingly in complete control of himself…..unlike herself!!.

She smiled as she noted his arms, strong without being too muscular, just what she hoped for, capable of enfolding her and making her feel safe.

Surprisingly he had a small tattoo on his upper arm, in a language she didn’t understand. She decided that now was not the time to ask but she was intrigued by the seemingly many facets to this delicious man. His chest was broad with just a sprinkling of grey hairs amongst şişli escort the dark. He had the body of a man who liked to look good but without being obsessive.

She, on the other hand was fully aware that her body was not one of a 20 something, but she was comfortable with it, had grown to love it, revel in her curves. She knew she was attractive and had a self confidence about her that men found sexy.

Not that she felt in anything less in his presence, just the opposite. During the course of their many sextexts they divulged secrets, sexy dirty secrets, to each other of things they liked, might like, know they wouldn’t like or were wishing they were able to try.

Both had partners and thought themselves content with the lives they had made…..until now. And at least one of them felt quite out of control at the moment and was hoping the alcohol would help.!!

He sat on the edge of the bed and proposed a little toast, to them, to this time and to the future. She didn’t know quite what to make of it but tried not to dwell on his words and just read his face instead. She knew it was easy to write things, almost anonymously, in a text and quite another to have that promise in front of you….. but here he was.

Unconsciously her tongue moved over lips and her eyes closed for a moment. When she opened them again he was standing directly in front of her, looking at her with such longing it took her breath away.

Heart racing, for a second she wasn’t sure what to do, what he wanted her to do. She needed a hint, a sign and then she saw it, she understood. As she looked up at him standing before her the outline of his cock was pressed so hard against his trousers they looked ready to burst.

Putting her glass down on the table her hands moved swiftly to his belt. He didn’t stop her this time. Within seconds she had his zip down and his trousers dropped to his ankles where he removed them deftly with his socks and shoes. She remained where she was.

It was the perfect place with the perfect eye level view of her objective. She reached forward touching him through the thin material of his briefs. His head involuntarily inclined back in a silent sigh of pent up longing. Her hand moved over him softly, tentatively stroking, feeling their way over his twitching cock whilst the other reached behind him to cover one of his firm buttocks to draw him closer to her.

She licked her lips in anticipation as fingers worked their way under the material and for the first time she held him in the palm of her hand.

Oh god it was lovely,. much bigger and thicker than her husbands. She had imagined this moment so many times but nothing prepared for reality of having this lovely mans’ beautiful cock in front of her…within licking distance. Her clit and nipples hardened instinctively as they begged for attention from the man in front of her, her pussy juices feeling like molten lava as they ran freely down her thighs.

She took a moment to look at him, really look at him.

Many times had she imagined him, especially after their texts had quietened for the night and she had taken to her bedroom with thoughts of him as she relieved the tension with one of her toys. Cumming almost silently, efficiently but emotionally devoid as only a toy can, she tried to imagine what it would be like with him inside her, gliding into her wet pussy, fucking her, making love to her but nothing had prepared her for the reality of HIM.

He had told her in one of their more candid texts that he had been circumcised as a child but she had never actually seen one before. The head was large, much larger than she had imagined and his cock stood proudly against his belly almost reaching his navel. It was thick with sinuous veins running the length up to the head, glowing a darker shade of pink as it pulsated in her hand. He asked her a question, but she didn’t hear him. He asked her again softly….but still she didn’t hear.

Her mind had shut out everything but what was before her, his beautiful cock.

Hands by his sides he groaned with desire as her hand roamed over him, up and down, not gripping just moving sensuously in a sort of rotating pattern, whist her other hand drifted away from his buttocks to come around and cup his balls, gently feeling the weight of them, heavy in her palm.

She heard him groan again, louder this time as her lips made their first move over the head of his impatient cock. Flicking lightly with her tongue she tasted him for the first time as a drop of dew oozed seductively from his tip and the thought crossed her mind that she had never tasted anything so delicious in the whole of her life.

The room seemed to close around them both as they gave into the sensations that overwhelmed them. He stood in front of her slightly swaying as he was enveloped in the pleasure that was her mouth. She melted around him as she continued her journey of discovery.

“Fuck, she certainly knew what she was doing” ,he taksim escort thought, wrapping him in the liquid heat of her mouth as she sucked , licked, taking him deeply into her throat as she fucked her mouth with his cock. Her movements sublime in their variation and intensity, drawing him in and out of her, fast then slow, teeth lightly scraping over the sensitive parts of his cock.

He wanted to move, to take over from her to thrust deeper within her throat but he couldn’t……couldn’t stop relishing the sensations as she worked her magic over his tumescent head.

She took him out of her mouth for the briefest of moments and took a large sip of her champagne. Without swallowing she took him back into her mouth and he was immediately enveloped in sensations he never felt before, the bubbles of the champagne fizzing against the most sensitive part of his cock was almost enough to drive him wild and make him cum there and then .

He felt, and she felt, his balls start to contract under her fingers, ready to drive his creamy cum into her mouth.

Fucking hell he didn’t want to cum ….. he wanted this feeling to go on forever, he wanted to take her where he was, wanted to share this most precious of moments, their first orgasm together.

The decision made, at least in his head, he drew gently away from her. She looked at him with a question in her eyes……why?

He kissed her deeply and took control again…….

Chapter 3

“Stand up for me” he breathed against her ear as they parted from their kiss…”stand up I want to undress you, I want to see you, all of you “. She looked surprised and then a little unsure as she took in the meaning of his words.

She’d had visions of how their encounter would go. The hurried embraces, the swift divesting of their clothes, the passionate sex followed by getting dressed and going home. She never really prepared herself, mentally, for the potential of more than a one night stand, for a love affair, but she had fantasised, imagined, hoped during some of the long nights she had laid in bed pretending to be asleep.

And now here he was in front of her, unabashedly naked, looking at her with such craving, his eyes reflecting the joy he was feeling at their meeting but they also said so much more and it hit her that it was special for him too, more than just a fling.

She stood up slowly and looking directly into his eyes began to sensuously remove her clothes. Her blouse, already half off, fell to the floor, followed by her lacy bra. She stood before him, watching him watching her. Her full breasts bounced a little as she moved, her nipples dark pink and pouting as she ran her fingers over them, enticing him…it was one of most erotic things she had ever done in her life.

He didn’t move or say a word as she dropped her skirt stepping out of it. Her shoes went next, black patent high heeled work shoes, kicked off. The pale skin of her thighs above the black hold up stockings glistened with her pussy juices.

She looked at him and asked him to help her. He leaned towards her and with slow deliberation reached out. He rolled her sheer black stockings down, first one and then the other over her full thighs, grazing her pussy lips each time with the back of his hand whilst she balanced with one hand on the back of the chair, her breasts swaying slightly from side to side as she moved. The temperature of the room seemed to soar as she stepped out of them.

He held his breath, mesmerised, watching the blatantly sexual display just a few feet away from him, wanting desperately to reach out and hold her gorgeous breasts in his hands, suck her nipples deep into his mouth but held himself in check. He did not want to break the spell that she was weaving for him.

She felt the deep thick pile of the carpet under her toes. Without her shoes she was at least 6in shorter than him as she looked up at his face. Her drenched panties were the last to go, slipping them over her full hips she stepped out of them. She picked them and surprising herself she placed them in his hand.

He had watched this display, marvelling at the sexy wonder of her body as each garment was removed but even he was surprised by the gift of her panties. Without thinking he raised then to his face and inhaled the clean heady perfume of her pussy. A burst of pure lust hit his cock like a rocket and immediately he was hard, really hard, and it beckoned her to him.

They came together in a frenzy of roaming hands, pressed lips and dancing tongues. The prelude forgotten as their desire for each other made words unnecessary.

He pulled her onto the bed on top of him revelling in the feel of her bare breasts against his chest, almost crushing the breath out her with his hold. At that moment all he wanted was to be inside her wet waiting cunt.

His strong arms rolled her quickly onto her back as she gasped and he became aware of her need for him as she gasped ” please fuck me…oh my god please, I want to feel you inside me “.This was repeated again and again, like a mantra leaving him in no doubt that she wanted the same.

Her back arched as she raised her hips to meet his, her body begging for him, her mouth making a trail down his neck and over his collarbone, kissing and nipping at his hot damp skin.

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