Fire and Ice


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Leading you into the bedroom, I kiss every inch of newly exposed skin as I slowly undress you. Once I have you completely naked I lay you back on the middle of the bed. I place your hands and feet at the corners of the bed and secure them with silk ties. You can feel yourself stretched out, completely exposed to my lustful gaze. Instinctively you pull against the restraints in an effort to cover yourself but find them to be unyielding. With a gentle brush of my lips on yours I slide the blindfold over your eyes and envelop you in darkness.

You are aware of many sensations, or are you imagining them? Light breezes of air across your body… is that my breath or just the air in the room? You feel something, a feather perhaps, lightly trace the contours of your arms from wrist to shoulder, gently caressing your outstretched limbs. It follows down your sides, under the arms to the hips, around your thighs, across your stomach, between your breasts and up your neck. Then you feel it all repeated with my fingers. I can see your body start to react.

You feel something cold and liquid-like fall on your abdomen, just above your pussy. I continue to pour it in a line straight up your stomach, between your breasts, up your chest and neck, all the way to the tip of your chin. Then you feel something cool down on your stomach again, tracing the exact same route slowly. It is slightly rough, with an unknown texture beşiktaş escort and shape. I slide it straight up your torso, pushing it up against you, all the way up your neck and off your chin. I push it against your lips and you open them, allowing me to pop the strawberry, newly covered with chocolate syrup, into your mouth. I give you a couple seconds to chew on your treat when all of a sudden you feel my tongue just above your pussy, licking at the remaining chocolate. I slowly work my way up, cleaning up all the syrup and teasing you. I flatten my tongue and lap up your body, licking all the way up, ending by sliding my chocolaty tongue into your mouth for a slow, sensual kiss.

Next you feel my lips on your ankle. Slowly I work my way up your leg licking, sucking, nibbling, and kissing. I slide up your calf to your knee, and then your inner thigh. Nibbling and licking closer, closer to your pussy. Finally I reach the top of your leg. You feel my hot breath on your pussy lips as my mouth gets closer and closer. Suddenly, my mouth passes right by your pussy and I sink my teeth into your other leg, biting your upper inner thigh.

I release my bite and next you feel my tongue and lips at your other ankle. I repeat the whole process on your other leg, feasting my way up your outstretched limb, sucking and biting your skin. Finally I reach the top of this leg, the bite in beylikdüzü escort your thigh still fresh in your mind. As my breath reaches your pussy again you expect me to pass over it and bite the first leg. That’s when you feel it: ice on your nipples. The sudden frozen sensations on your breasts make you jump in surprise and THEN I sink my teeth into your upper inner thigh, growling as your body twists against my teeth and the ice.

I begin licking your pussy lips, tracing my tongue up and down your slit. As I kneel between your legs I reach back and untie the restraints around your ankles, freeing your legs. I take my throbbing cock and rub it up and down your pussy, smacking your clit with the head. As I tease you by pushing in just the tip and sliding back and forth against the walls of your pussy I can hear you exhale the word “finally…” with a soft moan. I pull my cock head out and you can feel me ready to push forward into you. But instead of pushing my cock into you I place the ice cube between your pussy lips. In surprise at the unexpected coldness you plant your feet on the bed and buck upwards. Anticipating your move, I have my cock positioned perfectly, and as you thrust your hips forward your momentum actually causes you to impale yourself on my cock. As I sink deep into your pussy you can feel my fat cock shove that ice cube all the way inside you.

Grinding beyoğlu escort my body against yours I begin fucking you mercilessly. Our chests press against each other as I bury my face against your neck and repeatedly slam my thick, hard shaft in and out of your tight wet pussy. Your legs wrap around my waist and your heels dig into my ass, urging me deeper. As I thrust powerfully into your pussy I growl and bite your neck, sinking my teeth into your tender flesh. The sensations drive you crazy and you also bite, driving your teeth into my shoulder. I need to be inside you, I need to fuck you, I need to take you and make you mine. You need me deep inside you, you need me to fill you and own you. We need our two bodies to become one.

Our passionate animalistic fucking drives us towards the edge. Hips thrusting and grinding, bodies slamming together, our lust consumes us. My heavy balls smack against your ass with each powerful slam deep into your pussy. Your pussy lips stretch around my thick shaft as I thrust in and out of you. Our grunts and moans increase as we explode into orgasm. Our climaxes wash over us together. With a final grunt we sink our teeth into each other and let loose. Grinding our hips together, my cock pulses inside you as I flood your pussy with my hot cum. Your pussy quivers and shakes, clenching around my cock and milking every last drop out of me.

As we pant and come back to earth I reach up and untie your wrists and remove the blindfold. As we kiss and cuddle, our fingers continue to lightly tease each other and we bask in post-orgasmic bliss. Once we feel confident in our ability to use our legs again, I stand up and pull you up to me for a kiss. Come on babe, time for a shower…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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