Fat Women Love Anal


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It’s common knowledge that everybody secretly loves anal. Men and women. Blacks and Whites. Straight folk and Gay folk. Bisexuals from all walks of life. We all love it down there. Down where the sun doesn’t shine. There is a category of human being who has never been asked his or her opinion on the subject of anal sex. We’ve discussed anal sex all over the place. From men who want to anally penetrate their girlfriends and wives to girlfriends and wives of anally enthusiastic men who are a bit frightened of giving up their back doors.

We’ve discussed the many men who love anal sex and the few women who love anal sex as well. We’ve even discussed women using strap on dildos to penetrate their boyfriends and husbands. We’ve also discussed the sometimes apprehensive boyfriends and husbands of these women. Hey, to each their own, right? So why is it that large men and large women have always been neglected on the subject of anal sex? Don’t large men and large women have bottoms too? Loveable bottoms that need to be lubricated and penetrated? Of course they do! So we decided to satisfy them!

Well, we’ve written these stories to prove that large men and large women dig anal sex too. Our first story takes place in Nevada. We are going to experience what an evening in the lives of Adam Lloyd and Jessica Kane is like. Adam is a tall, large Black man. He works as a police officer in the local department. This rugged man is quite hefty. Six feet six inches tall and weighing canlı bahis three hundred pounds. He holds the department record for the bench press. This African-American police officer is living with his girlfriend, firefighter Jessica Kane. They’ve been together for three years. He cares deeply for her and they love each other but lately, their passion had begun to wane. Long shifts at work and shorter time spent together was at the root of it all. Both of them were driven professionals. But did they have to sacrifice happiness for achievement?

Jessica Kane is a firefighter in the small Nevada town and she loves her job. The firemen that she works with are a great bunch of guys. At six feet two inches tall, with a rocking and curvy body, she is the town’s tallest and burliest female civil servant, that’s for damn sure. She takes it all in stride, though. It’s her lifelong gift and curse. She was a towering, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, heavyset Irishwoman. Nature is what it is, after all. She is currently living with her boyfriend, policeman Adam Lloyd, whom she loves deeply. Lately, things had begun to grow stale in their bedroom. So, they decided to spice things up. Try new things. So, what new things were there for them to try? Well, they decided to use their imaginations, and it seemed to lead them directly to the back door.

They decided to explore each other’s rear ends. Why? Simply because it was forbidden. It was something people whispered and did not speak bahis siteleri loudly of. It was taboo, and undeniably erotic. So they had a nice, romantic evening in which they ate at a fancy restaurant and then went to a massage parlor. Then, they went home for a night of fun. They had barely entered the apartment when they began to kiss. Jessica kissed Adam passionately, and they began undressing each other. In no time, they were both naked. Laughing, they rolled around on the floor and playfully wrestled. Both of them were once high school and collegiate wrestlers. This certainly brought back memories. Of times long since gone. Adam got on top of Jessica. She smiled and kissed him. He looked at her, feeling a deep desire from within. Jessica spread her legs invitingly, welcoming him into her.

Adam pressed his hard cock against Jessica’s back door. With a slow thrust, he slid into her. Jessica grimaced as her burly boyfriend’s hard cock entered her anal cavity. Holding her firmly by the hips, he thrust deeply into her. Jessica gasped as his cock began to fill her ass up. He was so damn large! Never before had this strong woman had anything up her butt. This was definitely a first! He fucked her hard and fast, driving his cock deeper into her. They went at it like this for some time, then he came. His cock spat its cum deep within her ass, and Jessica screamed as his seed filled her up, down deep where the sun didn’t shine. He remained inside her for what seemed like an eternity. bahis şirketleri Jessica trembled, her body rocked by intense sensations. Adam held her until the feelings subsided. Then, they went to sleep.

The next day, they dealt with the aftermath. This was new territory for them. They had both experienced a new degree of intimacy with each other, crossed a threshold to something new. The question was, where did they go from here? Jessica lay on the bed, watching Adam as he put on his clothes and got ready for work. He looked so damn sexy in his uniform. Gosh, she wanted him!

A few nights later, they tried something new. Jessica whipped out a strap on dildo and decided to try it. Although initially apprehensive, Adam was all for it. She sucked his cock and got him nice and hard, then lubricated his bottom before sliding the dildo into his ass. Adam gasped as the long and thick dildo went up his ass. Jessica looked him straight in the eye as she worked the dildo up his butt. Slowly but surely, she got her man to take five inches of dildo up his ass. While fucking him with the dildo, she sucked his cock until he came. When he came, she drank his seed then pulled the dildo out of his ass. Then, they hugged.

A short while later, the two lovebirds headed to the showers. Silently, they washed each other up. both of them were smiling as they stood under the warm water. Neither of them said anything. There was nothing to be said. The drought which seemed to have plagued their love life had finally ended, and their inner passions had been released like a bursting dam. One thing for sure, things weren’t boring in the bedroom anymore. A fine end to a fine day, wouldn’t you say?

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