Evening with Susan


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There’s a knock at your door; you know I’m coming and go answer. You open it, seeing me there, jeans and a black t, tight across my chest. I reach out to you, you come to me. “Hey,” you say as I take you into my arms, pulling you close to me, your breasts pressed against my chest, the smell of your hair filling my senses as I look down at you.

You smile, I lean in kissing your sweet luscious lips, my hands slide down your back, caressing your sexy ass as I move you backwards, kicking the door closed behind me. I push you to the wall behind the door, kissing you hard, our tongues dancing together as my hands begin to explore your body, moving from your ass back up your back, then around to your breast, feeling their firmness in my hands, aching for more of you.

I begin to pull your shirt up your body, exposing your skin on your stomach, then up over your bra, our kiss breaking as you raise your hands allowing me to pull your shirt over your head. I stop there, your hands still tangled in the shirt as I bunch it together, twisting it, capturing your hands as I bend to kiss and lick the tops of your luscious breasts. I kiss up your chest, up your neck until my hot breath is near your ear, “you are such a divinely sexy creature Susan…”

I pull your bra down causing your tit to fall from the cup, “Mmmm, so lovely.” I scoop the other free, your tits pushed up and together from the confines of the bra. I kiss you again, thrusting my tongue into you as I begin working my fingers on your breast; i work the tender flesh, pulling the hardening nipple slightly.

I pull your arms down in front of you, still bound in your shirt. Holding the shirt tight, I lead you to the couch, your heart beating with anticipation. I sit on the couch, releasing you… “Strip for me Susan, strip and give yourself to me.”

You stand before me, trepidation and desires passing over your face as you remove your shirt from your arms, then releasing your bra, allowing you breasts to hang free before you.

“Slowly”, I say “take off your shorts slowly, turn around.” You obey, turning, slowly removing your shorts and panties, istanbul escort revealing your firm round ass to my gaze. I reach for you, pulling you back to me, wrapping my arms around you, kissing your ass as my hands explore your bare skin. Holding you with an arm around your waist, I push you over making you bend over before me, exposing your ass and pussy to my view… CRACK… I smack your ass causing you to jump, the soft flesh reddening from the blow. I kiss the fiery flesh, my lips sitting the flesh. My kisses linger upon your ass, my fingers kneading it. I pull you back onto the couch, laying you down beside me, your naked body exposed to me I move over you, your legs spread wide around me, I move back to your lips, kissing you hard, our tongues moving as one once again. I moan gently at your taste, you wrap your arms around me as I break the kiss “Are you ready Susan?”

“Yes lover” you whisper, “i am yours”.

I lean into your neck, kissing and sucking your flesh as I move lower down across your shoulder to your chest. Lower and lower, kissing, licking, the taste of your skin filling my senses. I grab your breasts, pushing them together as my lips attack them, kissing and sucking, sucking your hardened nipples, swirling my tongue around them, moving from one to the other, delighting in the enjoyment as you arch your back for more. I move lower, kissing down your body, sucking and nibbling, lower and lower, kissing your belly button, and then lower.

My hands grasp your thighs, pushing them up, back and apart, opening you wet pussy to my gaze. The lips part slightly, your juices flowing from them, your beautiful pussy aching for my touch. I kiss your thigh, starting at the top, moving towards your knee, your body shaking with anticipation. You moan with desire as i change to the other leg, starting from the knee, moving my way back to your crotch slowly, licking, kissing, sucking, and the aroma of your sex beckoning to me. I reach the top, licking up the inside of crotch, outside your sweet pussy, my tongue flicking along the outside. You squirm with desire, pushing your pussy kabataş escort up towards me, as I gently flick across your lips, the first taste of your juices tingling on my tongue. I slowly spread your lips, opening you; I dip lower, thrusting my tongue inside, filling your hole, your juices flowing into me. I thrust my tongue in and out of your pussy, lapping up your juices, swirling it inside of you. I slide up slightly, my lips and tongue finally reaching your clit. I swirl my tongue around it, fluttering across it, then sucking it ever so slightly as I slide a finger inside your tight little pussy. I curl my finger up, rubbing the inside, working it in and out slowly, as I lash at your clit with my tongue… sucking it, licking it, a feast of your flesh.

Your juices flow forth, my finger coated with your juices as I slide in another pumping your pussy with my hand rubbing the oh so sensitive spot inside. Your body begins to shake, the sexual energy building inside you, as I lick and suck your pussy. Working your clit, pussy and spot all at once, you squirm on the couch, your pussy aching to explode. Your breathing becomes more and more shallow as your pussy squeezes my fingers; you moan and cry out in passion and desire. Your climax building more with each stroke of my fingers inside you faster, harder, deeper… you raise up, pushing your pelvis up to me, meeting every thrust, forcing your clit into my mouth you scream out… and explode, your pussy gushing forth i keep sucking and pumping into you, you juices soaking my face and hand as you explode again.

I pull out of you, my fingers dripping with your juices; I suck them clean, savoring your taste. I begin to pull at my own clothes, finally undressing myself. First is my shirt, pulling it over my head, your eyes glimmering with desire as you watch me. Then I stand, kicking off my shoes as I release my belt and begin to unfasten my pants. You watch my every move, licking your lips and rubbing your body, hot with passion and desire; my pants fall. I stand before you naked, my cock building, slowly rising up once released to freedom kadıköy escort thick and hard. My cock throbs before you, my shaved balls hang below.

I move back over you, holding your legs up and wide, my throbbing cock coming for your pussy as if of its own accord. I rub my cock up and down your tight wet pussy, coating the head with your juices. My cock slides between your lips, aching to be inside you. Slowly I slide in, your lips tight, filling your pussy with my thick hard cock. Deeper and deeper it goes, filling you completely till you feel you can’t take more. I stop and pull back slightly, leaning down to kiss you passionately as I thrust hard and deep inside you. Burying my cock completely within the walls of your pussy you moan with ecstasy, your pussy clenching me tight, your body shaking with pleasure at finally having me inside of you. I slowly start moving in and out, pulling out slowly, only to shove my cock back inside you. You wrap your arms around me, pulling me close to you as I fuck your sweet pussy; in and out of your pussy. Your body quacking as you feel another orgasm building already.

“Oh fuck me Thom, fuck me I am yours” you cry out, my balls slapping against you with each thrust. Your breasts press against my chest, your legs spread wide, your pussy full of me. Deeper and harder I work my cock in and out of you, your body explodes again, your juices gushing forth soaking my cock and balls in your sweet nectar.

I sit up, my cock still inside you; I grab your legs, pushing them wide apart. I watch as I fill you, your lips pulled tight around my shaft. Your breasts bounce with each thrust. You watch me intently, the look of orgasmic bliss in your eyes and on your face as i pump in and out of you. Still my cock throbs inside you, the head engorged as it readies to explode inside you. Deeper and harder, faster and faster i pump inside you, your legs pushed back to your shoulders is I thrust inside you. I lean down, kissing you once more, crying out in our kiss as i explode inside you, my thick hard cock pumping its load deep inside you, our juices mixing together as you explode once more with me, your body shaking violently with ecstasy and release.

Slowly, gently, I release your legs, collapsing atop you, my shaft still buried deep inside you as you wrap your arms and legs around me.

We kiss, tenderly holding one another before the next round begins anew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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