Erotic Interview


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I waited patiently in the flat in Marylebone that doubles as a part-time office. Kathryn was due to arrive shortly for an interview. I had known her for many years and we were both aware of the mutual attraction — an animal magnetism that was, at times, absolutely irresistible but which was blended with a deep adoration and genuine respect.

It was at a rugby match the previous weekend when Kathryn suggested that she could undertake some secretarial work for me when I worked at the Marylebone office. We had laughed and I said that we would never get any work done but that we should at least interview the following Thursday. She would be travelling up by train and would arrive shortly. She had intrigued me by saying that she would ‘dress to thrill’. I wondered whether she would fulfil this promise.

The buzzer sounded and I pushed the button to let her in to the flats. I met her at the door of my flat and noticed immediately that she looked hazy-eyed and slightly flushed. I leaned forward to give her a greeting kiss on the cheek and received a very pleasant surprise — she gave me a full, deep and very passionate kiss that lasted for what seemed like forever. Her hands were roaming over my body and I responded in kind. She was wearing a two-piece work suit of jacket and skirt. As I caressed her delightful arse with my right hand, I felt a solid ridge running down from her waist and disappearing between her buttocks. I was intrigued.

Kathryn knew what I had felt and explained, slightly breathlessly. She had dressed in a way that she knew I would adore. She was braless beneath the silken blouse and jacket and the motion of the train had caused a constant friction on her highly sensitive nipples, to the point of severe arousal. etiler eve gelen escort This was not all — what I had felt was a very special thong with just a line of pearls running between her legs. She was wearing black hold-ups and so under the skirt was naked except for the pearls. These were positioned so that they were pulled right against her clitoris. With the constant friction on her nipples, Kathryn was extremely aroused and wet. The pearls slid against her clitoris when she moved her legs or walked. It was bearable on the train but the five minute walk from Marylebone train station had brought her to the very edge of orgasm. She confessed that, as she climbed the five stairs up to my flat, she though she was going to come. This was why she had been breathless when she got to the door of the flat and randy as hell.

With a broad smile on my face, I explained that the interview should begin and that she should make herself comfortable. Kathryn pushed me back down into the leather sofa and stood right in front of me. Slowly, deliciously, temptingly and lovingly, she performed a seductive striptease. The jacket came off, revealing the dark nipples poking erectly through the blouse. Then the skirt, pooling around her ankles so she delicately stepped out of them. Kathryn has stunning legs and they were brilliantly showcased in the long black hold-ups that reached almost to the top of her thighs. Then off came the blouse, revealing a perfect pair of breasts — just the right size and crowned with those wonderful delicate, sensitive nipples. The pearl thong had a delicate waistband and then the pearls that nestled in Kathryn’s dark pubic hair and disappeared between those shapely thighs. etiler grup yapan escort I could see the dampness of extreme arousal had wetted her pubic hair and the skin on the inside of her thighs. Kathryn moved towards me and placed one foot on the sofa next to me so that her cunt was almost in my face. I could smell the arousal and leaned forward so I could lick her clit teasingly and briefly. Kathryn shuddered and asked if she was perfectly qualified for the job. I responded that there were just a few minor amendments that must be made and would she trust me to make them? Kathryn agreed readily.

I arranged Kathryn so that she was reclining on the L-shaped leather sofa and fetched some items from the bathroom. First I placed a towel under her bottom then I brought out the electric razor. I explained that I believed in tidiness in all matters and that there was scope for improvement. I then spent ten minutes removing pubic hair from between her legs, her cunt lips and around her bum. I also trimmed her pubes in front so they were shorter and so there was absolutely no hair around her clitoris. I ran my fingers all around to check for smoothness and was satisfied. During all of this, Kathryn had been moaning softly to herself — she was very close to a long-awaited orgasm but I was making her wait. The process of shaving her caused my to manipulate her lips and the caress close to her bum hole but I would not let her come.

I removed the towel and pulled her to her feet. We kissed passionately and rubbed our bodies hard against each other. I was still fully clothed but Kathryn realised that the skin above her clitoris was newly bare and the sensitive skin was aroused by being etiler masöz escort in contact with the front of my suit trousers.

I arranged Kathryn back on the sofa but this time on her knees and elbows, face down. Her face rested against the leather of the sofa and her backside was raised up towards me. She parted her knees a fair way so I could see her cunt in all its glorious detail. Such was her arousal that, as she parted her knees, her cunt lips parted so I could see the glistening skin of her labia and her clitoral hood. The nub of her clitoris was also thrusting out to seek attention. In this pose also, Kathryn’s arse crack was pulled apart, exposing the pink star of her bum. I reached for some other items I had brought from the bathroom. Firstly a small bottle of baby oil with which I anointed Kathryn’s body. I caressed her back and oiled it. I lubricated her thighs and buttocks. I rubbed baby oil into every inch of her genitalia. Firstly I reached underneath her and oiled her pubes and her lower stomach. Then I trickled oil into her bum crack so it ran slowly down between her legs. I rubbed it into her cunt and into her bum and the sensitive area in between. Kathryn lowered her back to force her bum higher so all was offered to me. I inserted two fingers into her cunt and she groaned and asked for more. I took them out and put them gently into her arse, easing them in gently and making full use of the oil and of her natural lubrication. Kathryn groaned more loudly and pushed her bum back against my fingers.

I took my hand away asked Kathryn to masturbate while I watched. Her right hand immediately came through between her legs and started to caress her pubic mound, her lips and her protruding clitoris. I undid the waistband of my trousers and let them drop to the ground. As ever, I was not wearing underpants and so my hard, angry cock pointed forwards. I reached down and picked up the last item — the white vibrator. Kathryn murmured lustily “Oh, Andy — take me now, any way you want.” I contemplated where the vibrator should go and where my cock should go ….

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