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The hallway was crowded, but I stopped and just stared in shock. I had never seen such a beautiful woman. The rest of the people seemed to just disappear. Only she remained. She had long, wavy brown hair and perfect teeth. She was wearing a tight, long sleeved white shirt and a pair of jeans. The clothes showed off her flawless body to perfection. Her breasts were just perfect, a handful. Any more would be a waste. The weather outside was unseasonably warm and the air conditioner was turned up high, chilling the air. Her nipples were hard and I could see them right through the thin fabric of her shirt. Her breasts drew the eye down her body to her slim waist and perfectly sculpted thighs.

I walked over and struck up a conversation. “Hi. You must be new to the school.”

“Quite.” Her voice was low and musical and heavily tinged with an enchanting accent. She locked her beautiful ice blue eyes with mine. “I just moved here from London. My name is Erin.”

“Then let me be the first to welcome you to the campus. I’m Rob and I think we have a rather good school here. Every Friday we have a game of some sort. Hey, if you’re not doing anything, I’d like to take you to the Basketball game this Friday.”

She seemed to think it over, then agreed. “You’re the first person to actually talk to me today. Everyone else seems intimidated or something.” She shrugged. “Of course I’ll go with you, even if it isn’t a true game like football.”

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 5:00. We can get some food then go to the game. I’ll drop you off afterwards.”


Friday night rolled around and I drove out to her house. It was a warm night. I went up to her door and knocked. Erin came to the door promptly.

The first thing I noticed was her clothes. Or lack thereof. She was wearing only a black string bikini. It accented her breasts, thrusting them up and out. Her nipples were hard and pressed against the fabric of the bra, making small mounds.

“Oh fuck me. Is it five already?”

I just nodded dumbly.

“Come on in. I just have to take a shower and change.”

I silently stepped inside. She said, “You can wait in my room while I shower.”

“That would, uh, be great,” I stammered like an idiot.

She smiled, “It’s just up the stairs.”

She turned and headed down the hall. It wasn’t just a string bikini. It was a thong. There was only the merest suggestion of fabric between the firm, tanned globes of her ass. I simply stared for a second as she swiveled her hips down the hall seductively.

“Do, uh, do you always wear these clothes around the house? I might have to start visiting more often.” I stuttered. Difficulty with basic speech was apparently the order of the day.

“No.” Erin laughed and glanced back over her shoulder. “I was just cleaning out the Jacuzzi and didn’t want to get all wet, so I threw this on, or, more accurately, took off everything else.”

We entered her bedroom and she headed towards her dresser. As elmadağ escort we chatted, she pulled out various items of clothing, including some extremely skimpy, lacy items of lingerie. I tried desperately to concentrate on what she was saying.

“Um, are your parents home?”

“Nope, they’re on holiday until next Saturday. Get this, we move and then a week later they go back to England to pick up the rest of our stuff, so they leave me here all alone for a week.” She took a deep breath and said hesitantly, “Say, do you want to stay here until they come back? We can forget about the game and have some fun of our own…” She flicked her huge blue eyes up at me, then down again.

I didn’t have to think about that one for long.

“Yes!” I almost shouted. “I mean, sure. I’d love to stay.” I tried to recover some of my nonexistent suavity. The smile on her face just melted me.

I drove home and told my mom that I was going to stay at my friend Scott’s house, packed up, and then drove back. Erin opened the door again. She had changed into a pair of tight, low cut jeans and a white, tight sleeveless men’s undershirt. Obviously, she felt comfortable, because she had no bra on. Her nipples were hardened and clearly visible through the fabric. They rode high on her firm breasts, perky with youth.

“Bring your stuff on inside. You can just drop it here.”

I put my stuff down. “What do you want to do now?”

“Well, we could go in the Jacuzzi.”

“I didn’t bring any swim trunks.”

“That’s okay. You don’t have to wear anything. I’d like to get a look at what’s down your shorts.” She smiled lasciviously.

I readily agreed, pushing down that little voice that told me that a woman this attractive would in no way want me. We moved out to the back deck where the Jacuzzi was located. I removed all my clothes and stood before her. She looked me up and down appraisingly and smiled when she saw the size of my erection, still at half-mast.

“Wow, that’s fucking huge. How long is it?”

“About eight inches hard, and about three around.”

“Damn boy, let’s get that inside of me quick.”

She reached down and peeled off her jeans, revealing a pair of white panties. She grasped the hem of her shirt and slowly pulled upwards. The shirt rose, revealing her flat stomach and pouting navel, pierced by a diamond stud. Then it reached her breasts. They were large, but not too big. Coral pink nipples pointed at me, so hard I could almost see them throbbing.

“Let’s get in,” she breathed.

She bent over and slid her panties down her long, long legs then quickly turned and stepped into the steaming hot water. I got just a glimpse of her pussy and a strip of light brown hair before I followed her. As I entered, she moved to the other side of the tub. A slim hand reached out and beckoned me to her side. I moved beside her. She reached the same hand down and grasped me. It was so small that the heel of her hand couldn’t esenyurt escort touch her fingers when she wrapped her hand around my shaft. The hand started moving in long, slow, luxurious strokes. I groaned in ecstasy. I dropped my head down and sucked on her tits. First one nipple, then the other, alternating as my hand caressed her back. I rubbed my hands up and down her body, sliding over her soft hair and then into her warmth. Picking her up and using the water to buoy her body, I pulled her onto my lap. As we kissed and she slowly jacked me off, I inserted first one finger, then two into her pussy. She was hot and wet, slippery in a way that was subtly different than the water in which we were immersed.

She guided my erect penis into her slot, pulling me in, deeper and deeper, moaning in complete abandon. I pumped my hips a few times, and then settled into a quick rhythm of fucking. Soon we were both moaning and nearing release. I could feel the end coming, so I quickly turned over so that she was beneath me. Her breasts were right in my face, so I licked and nibbled them over and over. Suddenly, she began shaking, and then moaned breathlessly in total ecstasy. I waited until she was finished, then started pumping again. It wasn’t lovemaking or having sex. No, this was pure fucking for the sake of fucking. We both were moaning again when she reached her peak again, letting out a wordless cry of rapture. I pulled out of her tight pussy and told her to get out of the Jacuzzi. She got out and sat on the edge, her face flushed and her taut body glistening.

I stood on one of the steps of the Jacuzzi so that my cock was eye-level with her. She cupped my balls in one hand and began to pump my shaft with the other.

“Shit, Erin, that’s fucking good.”

She looked up into my eyes, smiled, and then without breaking eye contact, completely engulfed my cock with her mouth. I began to cum almost instantly. The first spurt splashed down her throat. Then she pulled my shaft out and pointed it at her face. The next landed on her lips, then on her neck, and the rest down along her perfect breasts. My knees buckled and I fell backwards into the water. As I surfaced, I saw her run a finger down her breasts, then bring to her mouth and seductively suck on it.

“Now that’s the way to welcome a girl to America,” she purred.

All I could do was smile and lean my head back in utter exhaustion. I don’t know if I can survive the entire week.


I awoke the next morning in a haze, unsure of where I was. My bleary eyes focused on the ceiling, and I took a mental inventory. The ceiling was different from my room…I was naked…the sheets felt silky smooth…and there was something warm resting on my arm. That’s when it hit me. Erin’s room.

I glanced down at the top of her head, resting on my shoulder, the sheets pulled up to her neck. Her perfect young body was hidden under the sheets, nothing more than the vague, gauzy outline etiler anal yapan escort of sensuous curves. My cock began to stir, hardening and distending until it stuck straight up, the sheets tenting as a testimony to my tumescence. Erin stirred and I felt her hand start to slip down my body until it came to rest around my straining shaft.

“Good morning, babe,” she purred.

“Well, good morning to you, too.” I responded with a smile. “What’s on the menu for today?”

She just arched her eyebrows and started to gently tug on my hard cock. I just leaned my head back and moaned, running my hands over her breasts as she lay next to me. I captured a nipple in each hand, rolling and lightly pinching them. I could tell she was enjoying it by the way her hand sped up on my cock.

“If you don’t slow down, you’ll have a mess to clean up, baby,” I warned.

“Well then, let me solve that little…” she glanced down my body, “…make that big problem.”

With a flip of her hand, the sheets flew to the floor. In a lithe movement she rolled on top of me, grabbed my cock by its base and sank down on me all the way. We both just froze, enjoying the sensations of our bodies merging. I cupped her breasts, pinched each nipple, then ran my hands down her body, brushed lightly over her clit, then around her hips to her perfect ass. With one firm cheek in each hand, I slowly lifted her up, and then brought her gently down.

Then again.

Then again.

She began to move her hips of her own volition, her hands braced on my chest. Her breasts moved wonderfully with the vertical motion of her body. I looked down the length of my body to watch my cock entering her, stretching her to the very limit. Using the fingers of my right hand I gently massaged her clit while my left hand worked at the back of her neck, rubbing and then moving around to her mouth where she began to suck on my fingers.

“Oh…oh…oh…fuck me baby,” she moaned around my fingers.

As her hips came down, I began to rise up to meet them, increasing the force of our fucking. She suddenly leaned back, arching her nipples to the sky, bracing her self on her hands. By now we were slamming into each other as if we were possessed. I could feel the pressure rising and tried to warn her, but she was too wrapped up in her impending orgasm to even hear me.

Suddenly she froze, completely still. Her eyes were screwed shut, a look of ecstasy so great that it was indistinguishable from pain stamped on her gorgeous features. A thin, high little noise issued from her wide-open mouth and she began to tremble. The muscles inside her pussy clenched my cock like a vise as she came to her silent, intense peak.

I came like a flood, like The Flood, like some great postdiluvian recreation of the end of the world. My hips bucked upwards as I drained into the voracious depths of her young body, spasm after spasm wracking my body. Black spots rushed before my eyes, spinning like a vortex. With one final shudder, I fell back onto Erin’s bed behind me. She lay on top of me, breasts pushing into my chest, head under my chin. I could feel the juices from our bodies combining in a damp patch under my hips.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she panted. “What a way to start the day.”

I just closed my eyes and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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