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It’s Friday night at last. The working week is behind us and it’s finally time to relax. You step through the front door of our little house, drop your bag in the corner, hang up your jacket and kick off your shoes.

You could hear silverchair blaring before you even opened the door so you knew I’d beaten you home, and now you can hear me singing along from the kitchen. The smell of my cooking drifts out to greet you and you follow it through to find me, pan in hand, singing my little heart out. You come up behind me, smiling quietly, and throw your arms around me, making me jump in surprise, before I turn around, gather you up and kiss you passionately on the lips. You close your eyes and lose yourself in my embrace, feeling my heart beating against your chest, the heat of my body against yours, and the familiar smell of me, making it all feel like home.

After a few wonderful moments I pull my lips from yours and move you towards a chair at the little table in the kitchen, I serve up dinner and we sit laughing and discussing our weeks over a bottle of wine letting the stresses and strains of our jobs fade away, relaxing into the night to come.

We’re heading out with friends tonight but not till later, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company before I have to share you with the world, and once the dishes are done and the house put in order, I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom.

I’ve already closed the curtains and lit the candles for us, the sound of Norah Jones, singing softly, floats in from the living room. You stand there quietly while I start to un-do the buttons of your shirt, slowly and carefully, my fingers brushing against your skin as each one opens to reveal a little more of your chest. Once the last is unfastened, and your shirt falls open, I can’t help tracing a line over your exposed skin, down from your neck, between the mounds of your breasts, over your stomach and coming to rest, hooked around the waistband of your skirt, which I use to pull you in for a kiss. Your lips part as they meet mine and my tongue snakes between them to explore your mouth, the heat of it inside you making you sigh, while the tips of my fingers roam across your naked back. They describe the curve from your neck to your shoulders şişli elit escort and down your spine, making goose bumps stand out on your skin despite the heat of the room and my body around you. They wind their way past the small of your back and find the zipper holding up your skirt, sliding it down slowly with one hand while the other works its way inside to rest where it can just feel the first swell of your cheek.

It’s heaven to me, just holding you like this. I can feel your soft skin under my fingers and your breasts crushed against me, rising and falling with each breath. I close my eyes and revel in the smell of you, enjoying the way you excite every one of my senses. But, as ever, it’s not enough. I pull away from you, sliding your skirt over your hips, letting it fall to your feet and you step out of it. You’re standing now in only your black hold ups and underwear, looking every inch the sexual woman I know you to be. You laugh kindly at the look in my eyes, enjoying the fact that, even after all this time, the sight of your body still takes my breath away and, taking my hand, move back to sit on the corner of our bed. Now, with me standing in front of you, you waste no time taking off my belt, and a thrill runs through my stomach at the first graze of your fingers against my skin when you slip them under the waistband of my pants. The buttons offer you no resistance and, once the last is undone, you reach inside and wrap your fingers around my hardening cock, pulling it free of its constraints. You look up at me and smile, knowing how easily you excite me and, without breaking eye contact, lean forward and slowly take my full length in your mouth. Cupping my balls in your hand, letting your tongue run gently up and down my shaft as it swells between your lips. It brings memories flooding back of that first time on o’shannassy st when you sucked and lashed me with your tongue till I exploded in your mouth, something I’d never felt before.

Tonight though, you have other ideas, and after a few moments I feel your lips slide back along the length of me leaving my rock hard penis free of your mouth and dripping with saliva. It takes a moment for me to catch my breath and come to my senses enough to remove my shirt, while şişli escort you slide my pants down to leave them in a heap on the floor.

Now it’s my turn to kneel in front of you, and you slide your legs apart. I wrap my hands around your naked thigh, sliding them down and taking your hold ups with them. First one, and then the other, joins the growing pile of discarded clothes on the floor. Knowing what comes next, you lie back on the bed, thrusting out your hips, so I can ease your black, lace shorts down your thighs. The sight of your freshly waxed crotch takes me by surprise and, once it’s fully exposed, I can’t resist one long, slow, lingering lick of your slit, savouring the taste of you on my tongue, feeling the blood rush to my cock making me harder than ever.

Now, aching to get my hands on you properly, I tear off your bra and push you back, roughly, onto the bed. I roll you over onto your stomach and take up position, kneeling over you ass. You feel the splash of oil followed by the heat of my hands kneading it into your skin. They slide easily over your back, following your spine from the first rise of your buttocks, to the base of your skull. Massaging the tension of the week from your shoulders and continuing down your arms. My hands work their way back down your body, describing the curve of your torso, fingertips brushing your breasts where they lie crushed beneath you. Then you feel another splash of oil, this time across you tight little ass, and the heels of my hands work it deep into your skin. Kneading your flesh and working down till I can feel the heat rising from your crotch.

It takes all my will power not to home in on the warm, wet prize between your legs. Instead I move to your feet, rolling your heels between my palms, one at a time. Working oil into each one of your toes before I start the journey back up your legs. Sliding firmly over your calves and up your thighs till each up stroke leaves my fingers pressed against your outer lips, already swollen and wet with arousal. A low moan reverberates through your body and you ease your legs apart, willing me to slip my fingers inside you, to give you the release your body craves, but instead I roll you onto your back and drizzle warm oil onto your chest. şişli eve gelen escort You can feel my erection resting on your belly as my hands begin their assault on your breasts. Cupping and stroking, kneading and groping the mounds of flesh, rolling your nipples between my fingers, stretching and pinching them gently so they stand out, swollen and sensitive to my touch, only the bitter taste of the oil stopping me sucking mercilessly on them.

Not content to be passive any more, you reach down to your stomach and wrap your fingers around my cock, feeling the heat and hardness of it in your hand. I’m not done with you yet, but I can’t help pausing to enjoy the tightness of your grasp forcing a low moan from my mouth. I slide down your body, half reluctantly, till my erection slips from your fingers and my mouth is hovering over your vagina. My hands slide down over your belly, leaving a slick trail of oil behind them. Without warning I force two fingers inside you, your wet swollen lips stretching around my knuckles. In an instant you’re bucking and grinding against me, forcing my fingers deeper inside you so they’re pressed against that illusive, sensitive spot. Your grunts and cries fill the room, drowning out the music, as I milk every drop of moisture from your tightening pussy walls. Just as I start to feel the familiar convulsions of your tunnel, marking the orgasm building inside you, I clamp my mouth down over your clit. I suck it hard, attacking you with my tongue and you grab the back of my head, grinding yourself against my face, desperate for more and more pressure.

With a cry of release you cum, your sweet juices flooding my mouth and your legs wrapping themselves around my head. I keep my fingers working at your g-spot and my tongue on your clit, stretching out the orgasm that’s taken control of you, forcing you to call out as a second builds on the wave of the first, exploding from deep in your belly. You’re holding me in place, fucking my mouth and gasping for breath. Your clit’s so sensitive it almost hurts when I lick you but you’re powerless to resist, totally consumed by your orgasm which seems to go on forever, wave after wave of pleasure tearing through your body, the sweat pouring from your skin. Finally your muscles start to relax and your orgasm fades to a warm glow, permeating your body. I hold my fingers still inside you and my tongue withdraws so it’s barely touching you, each tiny movement still sending shudders through your exhausted flesh. With one final, squirm inducing kiss I lie down beside you.

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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