Drunk Sisters Give The Best Bjs


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Double Dildo

Drunk Sisters give the best BJs

Colton and Wes who have been best friends since middle school were home on fall break from college, and they decided they would catch up by watching football and discussing girls.

Colton was bragging to Wes about how the girls on the west coast were much more free with sex than girls here in the South East. Colton had gotten in to UCLA on a basketball scholarship, while Wes had gotten into the University of Georgia on a football scholarship.

“I know what you mean, I was seeing this girl from my chemistry class, she was hot, and the sex was good, but she wasn’t into the whole blow job scene.” Wes laughed “It’s a shame I would have loved to see her on her knees in front of me, Just the thought of it gets me hard.”

“Aww poor Wesley, couldn’t get a girl to suck him,” Colton teased “Hey man, I told you to come with me to California, but no the Bull Dogs is where you needed to be. Now the start football player isn’t getting any. That’s what you get for choosing a sport over some pussy.” He laughed as Wes threw a pillow at him.

Suddenly Colton remembered. “Hey if you really want a blow job, Sara is home on break too. She is out with friends right now so she will probably arrive home hammered in a few hours.”

“Dude you shouldn’t talk about your sister that way.” Wes said rolling his eyes.

“Step-sister! She isn’t blood, and we both know she was easy before our parents married. Plus you remember how Jacob used to brag in the locker room about how she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, aren’t you at least interested if it’s true?” Colton asked wiggling his eyes.

“Oh course I was curious if it was true, every guy at that school was curious if it was true. But dude Sara is smoking hot and none of us stood a fucking chance with her.” Wes reminded him.

“I don’t know about that Wes. I have a great idea though, when she gets home play along with what I say and I am sure, she will end up blowing you before the night is through.” Colton said confidently.

“You’re full of shit Colton but Ill take your bet.” Wes said.

Both boys went back to their game and 4 hours later, they heard a car pull up the driveway. Just as Colton had predicted Sara stumbled into the living and landed on the couch beside Colton.

“Hey Boys, whatcha you doing?” Sara said drawing out her slightly slurred words.

“Just watching football and catching up on the last few months. How was your night Sara?” Wes asked slightly amused at her condition.

Before she could answer Colton budded in, “Hey Sara, Wes ucuz escort and I were talking about your old boyfriend Jacob earlier and do you know what he told my buddy Wes over there?”

“Jacob? No I don’t know what he would have said; I hadn’t seen him in years.” Sara answered a little bit confused as she looked between Colton and Wes.

Wes looked confused to, which Sara took as a guilty look, “Wes? Was it about me?” Sara zeroed in on him.

Wes now getting nervous under her stare looked at Colton for help. Colton winked at him and said, “He told Wes over there that your blow jobs were the absolute worst!” Colton said as if he was completely shocked.

“No they are not, I’ve always been told that I give the best bjs!” She screeched in her defense.

“I know Sara, I defended your ability to suck cock, I did.” Colton added a bit amusingly. She was eating right out of his hand.

“You know Colton you are a good brother. Thank you for defending my honor.” She looked at Colton appraisingly, then she turned her attention to Wes and said, “You on the other hand are not a good brother and how could you not defend me to that cheating bastard?” She yelled sounding hurt and betrayed.

Wes sat there his mouth gapping open he had no idea what was going on and before he could muster a response Colton continued.

“Come on now Sara, you know Wes has always been a good friend to me, but he isn’t your brother and therefore not entitled to defend you. Plus you know Wes is more of a man of logic than a man of emotional, so how do we prove to him that you are as good as you say you are and that Jacob is the one that’s lying?” Colton finished proudly like he had just stated something revolutionary.

Sara sat on the couch with her arms folded and a pouty look on her face, you could tell she was turning Colton’s words over in her head. Then without warning she jumped to her feet and proclaimed that she new exactly how to change his mind.

Wes saw Colton smile at him and wink as Sara came over and grabbed his hand and dragged Wes to her bedroom. After she shut the door, and shoved Wes toward her bed she stopped and looked at him. “Drop your pants.” She commanded.

“Why?” Wes asked confused.

“Do you really want to play 20 questions? Or would you rather I get on with your blowjob?” Sara asked impatiently.

Wes didn’t need to be told twice, he started to undo his pants as quickly as he could, he didn’t fully understand how Colton had tricked her into doing this, but he was just going to fight it either. As soon as he dropped his pants ümraniye escort Sara pushed him back on her bed, and started putting her hands on him.

“You’re not stiff enough yet, but don’t worry I can fix that.” Sara informed him with a silky voice. She got down on her knees in front of him and started massaging the insides of his thighs with her thumbs then slowly worked her way up to his balls. That little massage she was doing was going a long way to help him relax and put him in the mood, so he laid his heard back, closed his eyes and enjoyed her touch.

After a few minutes he heard her ask “Do you like tits or ass?” he opened his eyes to her looking up at him questionably as she gently rolled his balls in her hand.

“Both.” Wes breathed out. He was so caught up in what she was doing with her hands he didn’t notice that she was unzipping her dress and shimming the thing down her body. She stood in front of him in a one piece tan body corset that had lacey black roses trim. She looked fucking hot! Her breast were pushed up and together to form two large amazing peaks that he was dying to get his hands on.

Sara knelt there watching Wes’s reaction to her. His eyes widened and his jaw went slack with surprise and his man hood had just sprung to full mast.

She had always secretly wanted to fuck Wes, but since he was Colton’s best friend, she stayed away. This little “stunt” they thought they were pulling on her actually just gave her a way to get what she always wanted. Plus she loved the effect she had over both Wes and Colton.

She knew Colton had watched her masturbate the yesterday; when their parents left she left the door open enough for someone passing by to see her on her bed. It wasn’t long before Colton had come up from the kitchen heading to his room, she had moaned loudly to get his attention. As she had planned he stopped and begun to stare at her. She could see him in masturbate as he watched her fingered herself and twisted her nipple. It gave her a thrill to know that someone was watching her, so she put on a good show for him. She was doing it again now, but for Wes this time.

She leaned into Wes and whispered in a low sultry voice, “I’m going to make you explode into the back of my throat.” Then she got down on her knees and tossed her long dark hair over her should, giving Wes a great view down at her tits.

She wanted to tease him for a while so she started with running her hand slowly up and down his shaft as she placed soft kisses on his head. Then she took the tip of her tongue and flicked his head with üniversiteli öğrenci escort one quick motion. Hearing his moan made her a little wet between her legs.

She then pressed her tongue flat against the bottom of his shaft and slowly moved her way to the top of his cock; pushing in just the tip into her mouth as she traced her tongue around the edges of his head as she sucked on him. She took her hand and slid it up and down pumping a little more of his dick into her mouth at a time.

Wes moaned, Jacob was right, she was fucking amazing. She never once scraped him with her teeth and her suction power was really off the chart. But he was getting impatient so he grabbed her hair and tried to shove his cock further down her throat.

She smiled to herself; if he wanted a deep throat fucking, she would give him a deep throat fucking. She removed her hand and took all of him in. She began to suck even harder and pulled back a little only to slam his cock back down her throat. Wes’s moans were turning her on so she stuck on of her fingers between her legs and started playing with her clit.

Wes watched as Sara played with her self and sucked his cock at the same time. He was more turned on than he had ever been in his life. She started moaning herself and the vibrations in her throat set him off.

“Fucking Hell,” Wes hollered and squeezed her hair. He could feel the tingly start of an orgasm in his balls and thought about warning her, but he didn’t want to risk her stopping so he held her in place and started thrusting his hips forward fucking her mouth.

She could tell he was on the verge of coming so she started pumping him into her mouth faster and faster. His breathing became quick and shallow and his muscles tensed up as he grabbed her head with both of this hands and held her in place as he unloaded his cum into her sweet mouth and groaned as he felt her swallow load after load sucking his tip each time.

Exhausted he fell back on the bed breathing hard. “Holly fucking Hell that was the best blow job I have ever gotten.” She crawled up beside him on the bed and laughed.

“Why thank you sir.” She said with pride. “You ever need a bj again just come on over.”

“Don’t tell me that, Ill be over here every fucking day I home.” Wes said breathlessly.

Sara looked at him with a wicked grin and said, “Well I don’t have any plans for tomorrow night.” She kissed his check and walked into her bathroom to shower.

Wes laid there for a few more minutes, until he felt his energy return and he got off the bed and went back downstairs to join Colton.

Colton looked at Wes with a knowing grin, “Feel better?”

“Oh yea that was fucking amazing, and she wants me to come back tomorrow night for another one.” Wes said amazed.

“That’s my boy.” Colton said as he gave Wes a high five, before they both went back to playing a video game.

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