Dr. V Does a Thorough Exam


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Don sat in the waiting room, anxiously awaiting his turn to be called back to see the doctor. He was a little nervous, but anxious as well. His last visit went very well, all checked out fine, but it was embarrassing as well, more so than usual. Last month at his appointment, as the doctor began his prostate exam, she asked if he was “doing okay,” and without thinking, he let out a moan, and said, “oh yeah, I’m lovin’ it.”

He truly meant it, he loved the way Dr. V looked, smelled, sounded, and her touch was so gentle. He’d had many masturbation sessions with her as the subject of his arousal and release, but when he had let that slip, he was mortified, he did his best to cover up how he truly felt by adding some sarcasm, but he wasn’t sure if he’d done a good job or not. After the exam, he thought maybe he had covered up well after all, because Dr. V never treated him differently, spoke to him different, or anything to indicate that maybe she caught just how much he truly was enjoying the feel of her finger deep inside him. She told him all checked out well and his blood work looked good, so she would see him next year unless something came up and he needed to see her. She shook his hand, and out the door she went. Don dressed and left with anticipation of next year already building.

Then last week, her nurse called. Said the doctor wanted to see him, that something had come up at his last exam that she wanted to go over with him. They set the appointment for the following Friday at 5 p.m., last appointment of the day. He arrived promptly at 5 p.m. He was the only one in the waiting room, but three patients left. After the last one finished up with the receptionist on his way out, she stood up and went to the back. Ten minutes later she came through the door, with two of the three nurses right behind her, their belongings in their hands, obviously going home for the day. “Good night Mr. Silvers” she said as she passed him by.

“You haven’t been forgotten Mr. Silvers, Judy should be out to get you in just a moment.” one of the nurses said as she passed him by.

Sure enough, just as the office door closed behind the three of them, Judy, the remaining nurse, came out and called him back. He followed her down the hall and into an exam room. He sat down next to the desk and she proceeded to take his vitals. After she was done, she got up and said, “Dr. V will be right with you Mr. Silvers” and walked out of the room.

A couple minutes later, Dr. V walked in, they went through the pleasantries and then got down to business.

“Mr. Silvers, I would like to re-examine you, and then we can discuss what came up at your last appointment, would that be okay?”

Don was both excited and concerned. Excited at the thought and prospect of this beautiful doctor’s digit deep inside him again, yet concerned about what may have come up at the last appointment.

“Sure doc, no problem.”

“Good.” She stood up and walked to the door, “I’ll leave you to undress, I need everything off, please, and then Judy will be in to prep you. This is going to be a bit more thorough exam than what you are used to, so it will be a bit different. As always, it is your right to have the nurse stay in the room during your exam.”

Don shrugged his shoulders, he’s always dismissed the nurses before because he didn’t want to take the chance of them noticing how much he enjoyed his exams, so as before he said, “That won’t be necessary. She can leave the room after she’s done.”

Dr. V nodded her head, “okay.” she said and went out of the room.

Don proceeded to undress, folding his clothes neatly onto the chair he was sitting in, put the gown on, opening in the back, and sat down on the examining table. He only waited for a moment, then Judy walked in.

“Hi Mr. Silvers. Dr. V asked me to come in and prep you for an exam. Now, this exam is a bit different than what you are used to, so just bear with me as I get you ready.”

Don nodded, and said “okay.”

She pulled out the end of the table, making it easy for him to lay down and told him to do so. He illegal bahis laid down as instructed then she pulled out first on the left, then on the right, small parts of the table to rest his arms on. She secured first his left, then his right to these boards.

“Tied down? That’s a bit odd for an exam isn’t it?” Don asked.

Judy patted him on his shoulder and said, “Dr. V does this to help you relax actually, it’s nothing barbaric.”

Although bizarre, Don just nodded his head and accepted it. Judy took a sheet out of one of the cabinets, and draped it over his lower body. She then took hold of his left ankle with one hand, and with her other hand, pulled the metal stirrup from its hiding space in the table, and put his foot in it. The placement of his foot into the stirrup brought his knee up over his hip just a bit. She did the same with his right foot, and made sure the sheet covered him appropriately.

“Okay Mr. Silvers, you’re all set. Dr. V said you requested there NOT be a nurse present, is that correct?”

In the position he is in, Don had second thoughts for just a moment about having Judy present, but then realized, that though his cock was soft now, he was starting to feel a bit of excitement stirring in his loins with the thoughts of the exam yet to come, and with the way he has been secured.

“Yes, that’s right. This is embarrassing enough, don’t need another in here to witness it, if ya know what I mean. You can go.”

She nodded her head, said “All right Mr. Silvers.” and walked out of the room.

Don laid there for about ten minutes, wondering what was to come next. By the time the doctor walked in the room, Don’s cock was semi hard, and as he went to bring his hands down to cover himself, he was quickly reminded he was bound, and couldn’t. His face flushed a bit, and to try to forget about his cock, he said, “hey there doc.”

She put the chart she had in her hand down on the desk, removed her lab coat, and walked to the cabinets and counter at Don’s left side. “How you doing over there Mr. Silvers?” she asked as she began pulling things down from the cabinets, and out of drawers, placing them on a rolling tray on the other side of her, just out of Don’s line of sight. “Judy said you reconfirmed that you didn’t want a nurse present during your exam, and since I’m running behind today, I went ahead and sent her home. Hope that’s okay with you.”

“Oh yeah, that’s fine.” Don said, his imagination running wild at the thought of being here alone with the gorgeous doctor. His cock twitched under the sheet and his gown. Dr. V finished getting what she needed, wheeled the cart to the end of the exam table, and pulled a rolling stool over.

“Okay, ” she said, “before we get started, I need to drop the end of the table here, ” with that she reached under the table, and with a few jiggles of a handle or two, the lower half of the table dropped out from under Don’s back side, leaving his behind just at the very edge of the table, yet angled up from his feet being in the stirrups. He felt like a woman must feel when getting her exam, or giving birth when they expose the woman.

“Doing okay?” she asked.

“Yes, fine.” he answered.

“Good. Now, I need to move this sheet and lift your gown.” She completely removed the sheet from him, dropping it to the floor to his left, and lifted his gown up to his chest, exposing him to her. His cock twitched again, and again he felt that familiar tingling in his loins.

“First, I want to do a visual exam. This is going to be a bit uncomfortable, but we are the only ones here, so feel free to cry out if you need to. Shouldn’t be painful though, just uncomfortable.”

With that, she sat down on the stool in front of his splayed legs. He could no longer see her after she sat down, so he listened and waited. She rolled the metal tray closer to her, then she reached to her right for a small flexible light on rollers. She turned the light on, and he felt the warmth on his naked behind. She reached over to the tray and picked up a very small speculum. She dipped it in lube and illegal bahis siteleri positioned it in front of his anus.

“Okay Mr. Silvers, ” she started.

“Please, call me Don. I think, in the position I’m in, calling me by my first name would be okay.” Don said.

“Okay, Don it is. What I’m about to do next, is insert this speculum into your anal cavity, open it up a bit and take a look-see. Just try to relax as it goes in. Remember, we are the only ones here, so you can make any noise you want.”

With that, he felt the cold metal press against his anus. As it pushed into him, he moaned a bit, both out of pleasure and pain, and he felt his cock stiffening some more. He hoped she hadn’t noticed.

“Almost there Don, just a little more.” she said. He felt the speculum push further into him, ‘oh god if she only knew how much I am enjoying this’ he thought.

“Okay, all the way in now. Gonna open it up. You’ll hear a couple of clicks, and feel yourself opening. Ready?”

“Oh yeah.” he answered, with a bit more anticipation than he wanted there to be in his voice. Again, he hoped she hadn’t noticed.

He heard the clicks of the speculum and felt the device opening him with each click. Then he felt the heat of the little light as she pulled it closer to his opened hole. He let a sigh escape as the heat of the light felt so good on his open hole. Dr. V pulled the light away, collapsed the speculum and began to draw it out. Don moaned as it came out slowly, and let out a deep sigh as it popped out all the way, partly from disappointment from the fullness leaving him, and partly out of the pleasure it gave him as it pulled out. He noticed his cock was completely hard.

Dr. V stood up and with a pat on his leg said, “Okay, that looked really good. Now for the manual exam, and while I’m doing that, we can discuss what came up at the last exam.”

She reached over to the tray beside her, filled her first finger with lube and then pressed her digit against his opening. “Okay, ready?” Don took no chances of answering her, and just nodded his head yes.

She pushed her finger against him, and then with a little force, pushed her way in. Without control, Don let out a groan as it entered him. She reached all the way inside and began to tickle his prostate, making his already hard cock, feel harder. She reached up and touched his aching cock. His eyes flew open and he pulled his head off the table and looked at her. She smiled at him.

“You like this exam, don’t you?” She wiggled his finger some more and gave his cock a bit of a squeeze. “It’s okay,” she said, “this is what I wanted to discuss with you. I said I wanted to talk about something that came up at the last exam, right?”

Don nodded his head, not sure of exactly what was happening, but didn’t want it to stop either. She pulled her index finger out, just to the tip, and then he felt her middle finger join her index as they pushed into him. He let out another moan.

“Yes, that’s it Don. Just relax.” She wiggled her fingers in and out, and squeezed his cock again. ” This cock is what came up at your last exam. Which is not unusual during prostate exams, but you gave yourself away last time when you said how much you loved it. You tried to cover it up, but I knew what you meant. I couldn’t wait until next year to get my fingers inside you again.”

She pulled her two fingers out, and he felt a third enter as she pushed into him again. His moan was louder this time. “I hope you don’t mind the way I went about things. But I needed to be sure first, before I proceeded.”

“No,” Don breathed out, “no, I don’t mind at all.” and he let out another moan as she pushed her three fingers deep inside him.

“I hoped I wasn’t wrong, but if I was, I had a story all ready for you. But since I’m not, then I have more for you.” She pulled her three fingers to the edge and added her pinky to the trio, pushing all four into him.

“Oh god!!” Don moaned.

“Go ahead and get loud Don, we are the only ones here, remember. I sent them all home. I knew you wouldn’t want canlı bahis siteleri Judy in here for this exam, you never do. Now I know why. You enjoy it so much and you didn’t want anyone to see how much you enjoy it. I took a gamble on that ,but I won. Are you ready for more?”

Don’s hole was giving way and she was enjoying the feel of his hot insides wrapped around her fingers.

“Yes” he moaned as she turned, twisted, wiggled and moved her fingers in and out of him. She again pulled her fingers to the edge, and added her thumb. Her whole hand entered him. Don gave out a big cry of both pain and pleasure as her fist entered his virgin hole. After she was in, she stopped and gave him a moment to relax.

With her other hand, she pushed his knees apart, “lay your knees open like butterfly wings Don, it will help you relax.” He did as she said, and he felt her fist inside him push a little deeper. “Oh god, yes, push it in” he said to her.

She pushed her fist all the way in, until she was up to her wrist. She stretched toward her desk and pulled a mirror off the desk. She held it up at the right angle

“Look Don.” she said to him.

He lifted his head off the table and saw the reflection in the mirror. His hard cock, harder than he thought he could ever get, laying against his stomach, oozing pre-cum from the tip onto his belly. She angled the mirror down a bit and there he saw her arm outside his hole. He felt her hand inside him, tickling his prostate, pushing in and pulling out. He could see his anus wrapped around her wrist.

“Oh god, that is so amazing” he said to her. She put the mirror down. “You like it don’t you Don?”

“Oh god yes.” he answered.

“I want to make you cum Don, are you ready?”

“Yes, oh yes, I’m so ready to cum.”

Dr. V grabbed ahold of Don’s cock again and began stroking it as she pushed and pulled her hand in and out of his tight hole. It only took a few strokes and soon Don was blowing his load all over the gown that laid across his chest, and all over his belly. He could feel it drip down his sides. He felt his anus clamp around Dr. V’s wrist with each spurt of cum from his cock. Her hand slowed inside his hole, but didn’t stop until his cock stopped spitting cum.

Then slowly, agonizingly slowly, she withdrew. First she pulled out her thumb. Pushed her four fingers in a couple of times, then pulled out her pinky. Pushed her three fingers in a couple of times, then pulled out her ring finger. She pushed her two fingers in giving more strokes with her two fingers, then pulled her middle finger out. She twisted, turned, wiggled, and jiggled her index finger inside him, his moans filling the room as she did so. She finally pulled her finger out.

Don moaned with disappointment as she withdrew. His hole felt so empty after feeling beyond full. Dr. V began undoing his restraints around his ankles, then moved up to the ties to his arms. She undid these as well. The whole time they said nothing. After he was freed, he sat up, and she sat at her desk. She wrote something in his chart, scribbled something on a script pad and handed it to him.

“Get that filled as soon as possible and then call my office in two weeks. Make another Friday appointment for the end of the day, and we will discuss things further.”

Dr. V stood up, took Don’s hand, gave it a little shake, and said, “I look forward to our next appointment Don, I hope you do too.”

And she walked out. Don quickly dressed and walked out of the doctors office. When he got to his car, he looked at the script. The instructions read as follows:

Visit your local XXX shop and purchase two dildos and a harness. Be sure one dildo is larger than what you think you can take and the other is the perfect size. For the next two weeks, use the “perfect” dildo on yourself at least once a day, two or more if you think you can handle it. Don’t forget to make an appointment for a follow up visit. The day before your appointment, use the dildo, but DO NOT CUM!! I will know if you disobeyed my instructions, so for your sake, do as I say. Discreetly bring with you both dildo’s. After your vitals have been checked by Judy, excuse yourself to the bathroom, insert the “perfect” dildo into your ass, and return to the exam room. I will take things from there.

Dr. V

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