Don’t Move…Let Me


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Don’t Move . . . Let Me . . .

10 am – email message from you: “I need you to stop by my office around lunchtime today – what time can you make it?”

Hmmm . . . I wonder what you’re up to now . . . . My reply, “I’m swamped with work and wasn’t thinking of stopping for lunch – what’s this about?”

Your reply: “You’ll need a break sometime – stop by around 1 – I just want to share something with you . . . .”

Well that’s not very enlightening, but you’re right about needing a break . . . . “Okay, I’ll be there at 1, but only for a few minutes . . .”

1 pm – I look up from my desk and see the clock and realize it’s one and I could really use the break. I save what I was working on and then stand up, stretching to get rid of the tightness in my back and neck. I leave my office, and walk outside in the sunshine for the two minutes it takes me to get to your office building. When I enter your office area, there’s nobody around and your office door is open, but I don’t see you . . . I step into your office and look around . . . . I briefly catch a glimpse of you as you swing the door shut. You immediately grab my arm and turn me quickly around till I’m facing the wall next to the door and you’re crowded up behind me. Your body covers me from behind and presses me firmly into the wall.

I start to ask what’s going on, when you press harder and put your lips to my ear, softly saying, “Shhhhh . . . reach over and lock the door . . . . don’t make a sound.” Your breath feels warm and exciting in my ear. I reach one hand out and turn the lock, then try to turn around. You step forward more – pushing me harder against the wall and I can’t move. I struggle a little (just to see how bakırköy escort serious you are) and you grab both my hands. You step back a little as you hold my hands down along my sides. You slide your hands up my arms to my shoulders and say, “don’t move . . . . let me . . .”

With that I stop struggling and hold very still. I feel your fingers slide slowly down my arms – taking my jacket with you – leaving me wearing a sleeveless, black wrap-around dress that with the jacket looks respectable and professional, without the jacket . . . . not so much . . . Your fingers caress down to my hands and grasp each one firmly. You lift both hands and place my palms on the wall above my head. Your touch is oh so light and sensual that I can feel goosebumps rising and my nipples get hard. You continue to run your fingers up and down the bare skin of my arms . . . I can feel your lips on the back of my neck, not exactly kissing, more just breathing me in. Your mouth slowly moves to the side of my neck – I tilt my head and you move to the exact spot you know drives me nuts – and you stop there . . . just breathing . . . . you reach out with your tongue and slowly lick my neck up to just behind my ear. I shake with the exquisiteness of it . . .

You blow on the moistness you left on my neck . . . my back arches and my hips press back into you. Oh, yeah, I can feel your hardness through our clothes and feel you draw in a quick breath. I can feel myself getting wet. You move one hand to the small of my back – I moan as I feel the memory of the first time you touched me there – I arch my back even more, pressing my upper body into the wall and thrusting my ass harder against you. başakşehir escort You move both hands to my hips and guide them in quick circles against the front of your pants.

I’m practically panting when I feel you step back and remove your hands. I start to turn around but your voice stops me, “don’t . . . let me . . .” So I stand still with my upper body against the wall, my ass reaching out behind me, and my feet slightly spread, missing your touch . . . I don’t wait long though . . . I feel you move behind me and then feel your face brush my ass as you kneel down. You drive me nuts again with your slow, light touch – this time starting at my ankles and moving upwards. Your fingers glide up and down my bare legs – venturing a little further north with each pass. Now you’re touching from my knees up to my thighs – but only on the outside of my legs. I’m getting impatient so I scoot my feet a little wider, inviting you in . . . . I can feel your smile as you move your fingers slowly to the inside of my thighs . . . lightly teasing and touching.

I feel my wetness gathering and suddenly feel a drop escape . . . . you’re surprised when it drips unimpeded down my inner thigh to your fingertip – I’m not wearing any panties to stop it. This seems to draw your fingers higher until they are exploring my lips . . . and the slippery wetness inside them. You stop briefly to slide my dress up over my ass and slowly rub my ass with those light teasing touches. I can feel your breath on my ass as you feather light kisses over it and move your fingers back to the wetness between my legs . . . My legs are trembling and I press my upper body more firmly into the wall to keep bebek escort my balance (and my sanity?)

I feel your fingers gently spread my lips and feel you staring . . . . more wetness comes and this time you move forward to catch it with your tongue . . . my body jerks with the suddenness of it . . . I moan and try to move away but you stop me with one hand cupping my ass. You pull away long enough to murmur, “don’t move . . . let me . . .”

My legs spread wider and suddenly you’re licking my clit – short, fast, little licks. You quickly thrust one finger into my wetness and at the same time lightly nip at my clit. My knees buckle and you use the hand cupping my ass to press me tightly to your mouth. I’m moaning and my hips are quivering when the moans change to “please . . . please . . . please . . .” It becomes a chant and my hands can stay still no longer. They move to the back of your head and I try to press you harder into me. Your hands move to mine and I hear you once again say, “don’t . . . let me . . .”

Your tongue stops and I feel you breathe in deeply, smelling my wetness. I feel your tongue reach out and slowly lick from my clit to my pussy . . . and further . . . your tongue lightly touches my asshole and I go perfectly still . . . aching for you . . .

I feel the heat of you standing behind me and hear the release of your zipper. You gently lay one hand on my ass, just below the small of my back . . . and pause . . . . I push my ass back harder, trying to feel you – skin to skin . . . your hand presses harder . . . and as you say, “don’t move . . . let me . . . ,” you thrust your hard cock into me, once . . . twice . . . and with your third thrust I start to cum . . . it’s fast and hard and intense . . . I sob as I cum . . . and then settle as I feel you thrust again, hold, and then feel you spurting . . . .

We lean limply against the wall and I smile to myself, realizing now what you meant when you said you wanted to “share something with me”. . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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