Don’t Burn Bridges


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James and I had been married for about 6 years when we divorced. We had agreed to keep things friendly and for the most part it had been an amicable split, all things considered. Splitting up is never easy and comes with a few drawbacks, obviously. Not the least of which is having to find a piece of ass. I do have to say that was one of the very few things I missed about James. He knew exactly what I liked and how to get me off quickly. If other aspects of our marriage had been as good as the sex, we would most likely still be married. My ex-husband and I still kept in touch and texted frequently just to check on each other. He and I had both moved on to other relationships. However, what they say is true. You will always have a bond that even divorce can’t dissolve. I was happy in my relationship and James seemed to be equally as happy in his marriage, but I always wondered what one more night with him might be like. Now that we weren’t romantically involved with each other, could we just simply fuck each other, enjoy it for what it was, and walk away without any attachment? I had thought about it several times and had finally decided to test the waters to see if it was something he would be interested in.

I was at work and had a little down time so I decided to text James. He responded after a few minutes with his usual “How are you doing?” text. We exchanged pleasantries and then I got bold.

Me: Have you ever thought about sleeping with an ex?

James: Sure, I think about fucking you all the time ??

Me: Oh, really?

James: Hell, yeah! Why do you ask? Is there an ex you want to fuck again?

Me: Well now that you asked…yeah!

James: Who? Please don’t say that prick you dated before me.

Me: Hell, no! This pussy is too good for him…LOL

James: Well then, is it…me?

Me: Uh yeah. Is that crazy?

James: Thank you, sweet baby Jesus!!! No, not crazy at all. I’m just trying to figure out when we can make this happen.

Me: The only problem is you know I’m not a cheater.

James: Yes, I know. Here’s a thought. How about if we don’t actually touch each other.

Me: No touching? Is that even possible?

James: Well I have an idea so all I need is for you to just take a ride with me. You trust me, right?

Me: Of course, I do. How about tomorrow night after work?

James: You got it. See you then.

I re-read the text messages over and over again. I had apparently lost my mind! How was it even possible to fuck him but not touch him? Would I be strong enough to not cross the line? I was nervous, anxious, horny, and excited just thinking about all the possibilities. No one could ever know about anything that transpired between James and I, and that little bit of knowledge made this even more tempting. I left work and fantasized all the way home about him doing things to me…unspeakable things…all the deepest, darkest fantasies I had ever had were now given full vent in my mind. I was so horny I knew once I got home I would have to play with myself. I already knew a long hot bath was in my near future. ataşehir escort My boyfriend was working late all week so I knew I wouldn’t see him until this weekend, and normally I would be upset about not getting laid at least three times this week. But I was so preoccupied with my thoughts of the ride tomorrow that it didn’t even phase me. I pulled into the garage, got out of the Jeep and rushed inside. I began stripping at the door, and by the time I got to the bathroom I was completely naked. The cool air of the house made my nipples even harder than they already were. I started the bath, pinned my hair up, and anxiously waited for the tub to fill. I began to play with my nipples, pinching them and rolling them between my fingers. As I sat on the edge of the tub I thought about what James might be doing right now. I had known him for twenty years and knew he loved to jack off. I imagined him in his shower jacking off at that very moment. I rocked back and forth on the cold porcelain. The movement was just enough to massage my clit. I began rocking faster and faster as I felt the sensation build and as I moved my hips back and forth I managed to make myself cum. I was that horny and excited about seeing him tomorrow. Now that I had relieved some pressure I bathed, dried off and put my long sleeve night shirt on, no panties of course, and settled down on the couch to catch up on my recorded shows. I drifted off to sleep imagining James in every position imaginable.

The next day went by so slow and I knew it was because I had anticipated my afternoon ride so much. James sent me a text and told me to meet him at one of the local parks. My Jeep was a stick shift and you can’t really do anything else if you are having to constantly shift gears. I arrived at what I thought would be a bit too early at the park, but he was already there standing outside his truck. I got out and walked over to him. I started to hug him but he stopped me.

“Remember, I said there would be no touching” he said.

Wow!! He was serious! Then he told me to get in the truck and get ready for a drive like I have never taken before. What could he possibly be up to? We both got in and buckled up. I had worn a long tunic type shirt and leggings today so that it would be easy to get in and out of. He started the truck, backed up and headed out to the main road.

“I know some back roads we can get lost on” he said and winked at me. He drove for a few minutes and then started talking to me. “I’m going to tell you what to do and I want you to do it without questioning it and without any other thought except the task I give you”, James said in a matter of fact tone. I simply said “Ok”, and waited for the first command.

“Take off your bra.”

I slid my hands under my shirt and undid the hooks, pulled the straps out of the bottom of my sleeves and removed my bra.

“Hand it to me”, he then said.

I reached out with the gray satin bra in my hand. He took the bra, ran it across his cheek, then held it up to his nose and took a deep breath. Then he laid it across avcılar escort his lap.

“Now lift your shirt. I want to watch you play with your nipples”.

I lifted my shirt up, and with my chin I held it to my neck. With both hands, I cupped my breasts, massaging them, running my fingers against the taught, erect skin.

“Pinch them”, he said, breathlessly. I pinched both nipples between my index finger and thumb, just as he had told me to do.

“Harder”, he commanded. I began to pinch my nipples harder and pull at them. I felt compelled to respond exactly as I was ordered to.

“That’s right baby you like a little pain, don’t you?” he asked me, although he employed a tone that suggested that it wasn’t so much a question as it was a statement of fact. All I could do was moan because it felt so good and so forbidden riding in public with my chest exposed, being watched by God knows who, with the driver being my ex-husband. I pinched and pulled harder so that I began to feel an ache deep inside my pussy.

“Do you know what I want next?” James asked.

“I think you want me to play with my pussy for you”, I replied

“You know me all too well” he answered.

I slid one hand down from my breast as I still played with the other nipple. I slowly moved my hand down to the top of my pants. My leggings were stretchy and I was able to pull them down over my hips with the one hand. Once down past my ass cheeks I turned to face him, pulled my knees up and let him see my exposed, shaved pussy. All he could do was stare. He swerved a little and slowed down so he could watch me more intently.

“Show me how wet you are.” he commanded.

With my leggings now at my knees I stretched the fabric so as to open up my legs. My inner lips and clit were now fully exposed and they glistened as the sunlight hit them. I rubbed my fingers across the moisture, stroking back and forth making my fingers slide deeper into the pink folds. The longer I rubbed the exposed skin the more engorged my lips and clit became.

“I want to watch you taste your own juices.”

I took my fingers from between my lips and placed them in my mouth. I licked and sucked my fingers so I could see what I tasted like. I watched his eyes follow my fingers and as I sucked the juices from them he bit his lip and sighed deeply.

“Do you want to taste?” I asked James. I know that the rules are that we were not supposed to touch but it was just my fingers. I ran my fingers between my wet pussy lips again and brought them up to his lips. He greedily took my fingers into his mouth and sucked every drop of liquid from them. The feeling was so erotic and it made me want to feel him sucking my clit like that. This was going to be so much harder than I thought.

“You taste so sweet and I would love to lick your pussy, but we have rules.” he said. I could hear the remorse in his voice. I was screaming inside my head, “FUCK some rules!”

I returned my fingers to my sopping wet pussy and began to stroke my clit again. My movements were controlled but got avrupa yakası escort faster with every stroke. That’s when I noticed the massive hard on that James had. It was so hard it was strained the zipper in his blue jeans. He noticed me looking at it. He raised an eyebrow. I knew what he was asking and I wanted it as badly as he did.

“Yes,” I told him. “Do it.” And he proceeded to unzip his pants. His hard cock sprang to attention and already I could see the familiar wet spot from the pre-cum spilling from the tip of it. I buried my fingers deeper into my wetness and inserted two fingers into my tight hole. I was so wet they slid in easily and I began to pump my fingers in and out. The slurping sound my fingers made as I finger fucked myself made me increase the pace. James had slid his hand down inside his underwear and was rubbing the pre-cum into the head of his dick. The sight of him stroking himself was just about all I could take. I began fucking myself harder with my fingers. I could feel my g-spot hardening and every time I stroked I ran my fingers across it. My legs fell wider apart and my juices were running down my ass. The harder I fucked myself the more he stroked his cock. I was so turned on watching him jack off that at that moment I just wanted my mouth wrapped around his thick cock. This not touching thing was tantalizing but it was also pure hell.

I continued slamming my fingers deep into my pussy but I wanted more. I started to rub my clit with my thumb. The more I rubbed my hard-erect nub the closer I got to climaxing. I couldn’t take my eyes off him furiously pumping his cock. I realized we were sitting still at the end of a cull de sac and he was massaging his balls while still pumping his fist faster along the length of his cock. I watched as the thick, white cream shot forth from the head, hitting the steering wheel, then cascading down his hand and fingers. My orgasm came fast and hard. I was bucking and shaking and crying out with the release. The cum ran down my hand and wrist. My fingers were coated and sticky with more cum than I had ever experienced before.

Then, before I knew it we were staring at each other. It was as if we both had the same idea. I held up my fingers to his lips and he reached for my mouth. Simultaneously we licked and sucked each other’s cum from the other’s fingers. I swallowed his cum-drenched fingers, letting his white load drip from my chin onto my heaving breasts. I slowly pulled his fingers from my mouth, trying not to let him know I would do the same to his cock if given half a chance. We both retreated to our sides of the truck and tried to regain a normal breathing pattern. I wish he knew how hard it had been to not jump over and fuck him senseless.

I pulled my pants back up and put my bra back on while he returned his cock behind the zipper. He drove me back to my Jeep and we made small talk to fill the silence. I was so relaxed that I didn’t think my massage I had scheduled would even be necessary.

This experience would forever be etched in my memory and would be the source of many masturbation sessions in the near future, as I’m sure it would be for him as well. I was glad that I had not burned that bridge and decided this would not be the last time we were “together”. Although I’m afraid next time I would have to be a bad girl and break the rules. I would fuck him one more time. At least.

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