Diane and Bill


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Big Dick

Diane and Bill have an ordinary life. With the ranch to take care of, they hardly have time for themselves. They have not had a date for months and was trying to make their ranch better by keeping busy on it, but felt like something was missing in their sex life Thankfully, they planned out their weekend schedules before Saturday to avoid last-minute cancellations or surprises, which had to be done for their busy lifestyle.

The alarm clock that often can wake up the dead went off promptly at 6:30 on Saturday. Bill rubbed his eyes awake to get himself ready for another busy Saturday. He turned on his phone and went through the schedule mentally.

“No surprises here”, he said to his sleeping girlfriend of 1 year. Diane kept trying to avoid the inevitable wake up call from the alarm clock. Bill knew that eventually she would have to wake up and get his breakfast ready. She was already awake and even though she had to get up to make his breakfast, she always slept to the last minute. She was not worried cause she never went back to sleep cause she always waited until Bill came out of the bathroom from his shower to get dressed for his morning ranch chores.

Diane got to thinking this morning that she wished the ranch chores did not have to be done every day this time of year cause she wanted Bill’s warmth next to her. But as she was thinking, all ranch life did not work that way so as she watched Bill walk out of the bathroom from his shower then she got up and went downstairs to get his breakfast ready.

She was not quite awake this morning as she always was and when she got to the kitchen she realized she was not wearing her robe so she had to find something to cover herself up so not to splatter anything on herself. So she found an apron that Bill used to barbecue and put it on. She had just finished making the coffee and was preparing the bacon and eggs when Bill walked into the kitchen.

When Bill walked into the kitchen, he stopped dead in his tracks and stared at Diane in shock and amazement. He has never seen her look so desirable as she did in his barbecue apron. He had noticed when she got out of bed that she was having a hard time waking up but never in all the time they have been together, did he ever remember she had forgotten her robe. He thought, ‘DAMN! NOW I AM GOING TO HAVE THAT IMAGE IN MY HEAD THE WHOLE TIME I AM OUT IN THE FIELD! His cock sprang to life instantly! His 15 inch cock was so rock hard that it was uncomfortable in his jeans.

Bill said, “Damn, Diane! Did you forget your robe this morning?”

Diane turned and said, “Oops! Yes I did and hope you don’t mind me wearing your apron. I did not want to burn my … tits with the eggs and bacon cooking.”

Bill said, “No I don’t mind and you look better in my apron than I do! But now I will not be able to concentrate on what I need to do out in the field thanks to you!”

Diane turned around with their plates of eggs and bacon and placed them on the table. She had already set the table with plates and silverware. She went to the refrigerator and got their juice and poured their coffee in their cups and brought it all to the table. She was doing all this as Bill was speaking to her.

Diane said, “Thank you baby! That is so sweet. What do you mean you will not be able to concentrate?”

Bill beşiktaş anal yapan escort said, “You should go upstairs after I go out to the field with the apron on and look at yourself in the mirror and find out what I mean.”

They eventually finished their meal and Bill left the house. Lisa washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Then she thought about what he said to her about looking at herself in the mirror with the apron on. So she walked to their bedroom and stood in front of the mirror. As soon as her eyes seen her image, she gasped and knew instantly what Bill was talking about.

She looked provocative in the apron. Her tits when she moved around would every now and then show on the sides of the apron. Then when she turned and looked to the open back of the apron she felt her nipples get hard and her pussy get wet cause she knew that was what Bill saw when he walked into the kitchen Her ass and back was exposed to his view. They do have a great sex life and she knew he must have gotten a full fledged hard on.

Her pussy clenched thinking about his 15 inch cock getting as hard as he always did. She closed her eyes and thought for a bit and decided to give Bill something to remember today. She knew their ranch was not viewable to the neighbors in some spots and those were the places he was out in the field doing the planting.

Diane did not even bother getting dressed but kept the apron on but had to make sure the apron ties did not get hung up in the tractor she always drove when she was helping him. She drove out to where he was with some liquid refreshment with her. When Bill seen her driving the tractor toward him, his cock sprang to life again cause he was remembering breakfast time.

Then he stopped the tractor and just stared. He was thinking ‘OH MY FUCKING GOD! SHE STILL HAS THE APRON ON!” His cock started throbbing and jerking in his jeans and became uncomfortable again for the second time today! He watched her stop the tractor and got down with what he knew to be lemonade. She walked over to him and handed him a glass that she had filled from the small pitcher. He took it from her, without taking his eyes off her in the apron, took a sip and then put the glass in the holder that he had designed for the tractor to keep it from spilling out while driving it.

Then when he turns back, he groaned so loud that Diane heard him cause when she turned around, she then lifted her leg up to get back on her tractor, even though she did not get on the tractor. She bent over and spread her ass cheeks and pussy lips apart for him to see! Bill’s cock started throbbing to the point of pain cause his hung cock was so confined in his jeans that it was quite uncomfortable.


Diane did not move. She stayed there until she could feel him rub her pussy with his index finger. Then she heard him unzipping his jeans. She turned her head toward him and he had lowered his pants and took them off along with his underwear. He took his huge cock in his hand and walked behind her and aimed his mushroom head to her pussy opening and pushed lightly in. Diane was so damn horny and wet that when he pushed in, it actually went in all beşiktaş bdsm escort the way to the base of his cock!


Diane screamed out as his cock buried itself in her pussy, “OH FUCK YES! FUCK ME BILL! FUCK ME HARD! RAM YOUR HUNG COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY! YES! YES! YES!”

Bill rammed his cock in her pussy so hard that he knew he may not last long enough so he kept edging himself to make it last. He could feel the tight folds of her silky walls clamping down on his throbbing cock and it was the most exciting feeling he had ever had! He couldn’t believe they were fucking out in the open field but he knew no one could see them rutting with each other!

Diane all of a sudden clamped down hard on his cock and exploded. Her pussy walls were so damn hot that is felt like she was scalding him! She squirted and drenched his cock and balls so much that he felt it running down his balls to his thighs. He looked at the ground and seen a small wet spot where her female ejaculation had went.


He just kept fucking her hard, fast and buried his cock to the hilt. He could feel Lisa shaking and trembling from her mind blowing orgasm. He could feel his balls tighten up to shoot his nut butter so he edged himself again but it did not work this time cause all of a sudden Diane exploded again.


Her pussy clamped down so damn hard on his cock that he could not hold it back any longer and he exploded! He felt the opening to his cock open so damn wide and his thick custard shot out! He shot so many times that it started coming out her pussy and looked liked a slow river on his cock! Between her squirting and his cumming, it did look like someone had left a faucet turned on and was washing his cock with their juices.

When Bill and Diane calmed down enough and he pulled out of her pussy, then she turned around and took his cock in her mouth and cleaned him up of their sticky juices. When she finished cleaning him, then she smacked lips and also licked any left that she missed.

Diane said, “Damn, Bill! That was the hottest fuck we have ever had! And I did look in the mirror and that is why I decided to spice up our relationship. So I came out here to fuck the living daylights out of you! But to my surprise, you actually did it to me! WOW!”

Bill said, “Well Diane, my cock is not throbbing now so I guess it is a good thing you did come out here to do just that! Now that my cock is not throbbing and hurting then I will get back to planting the seed for our crops that we need to make a living.”

Diane said, “I will help you for a bit then return to the house and make us sandwiches for lunch so we don’t have to go back to the house.”

So they both planted about 10 acres till she went to the house and made them sandwiches. She brought them back and they ate. Then started planting more seed and eventually had the entire section planted. Then Diane left to go back to the house and left Bill to finish up so she could get dinner ready. He came in as soon as she had set the table with their meal beşiktaş elit escort and they ate in silence thinking about their time out in the field today.

“Quite a busy Saturday we have had, huh?” Diane told Bill.

“Yes, we have our fair share of those it seems.” He responded and added, “I was thinking of an evening out tonight but the challenge is finding a last-minute place to make a reservation since it is getting late. And today I can say, had a new twist to our routine and hope it happens again.”

Diane started thinking of what one of her close friends was telling her about how they spiced up their sex life. And suggested an activity to spice up their bedroom time. Paige told her about pretending to act out someone else and gave her some suggestions and clothing options to try out. She laughed at Paige for the silly idea until she thought about that some more.

“Bill, I will see what I can do with the last-minute situation but it might be hard to do”, she said.

Diane was thinking along the lines of asking their neighbor, Vada, that she was talking to the other day when she told her, that her and her husband goes out to eat in restaurants once a week So she called Vada and asked her if she could talk to her about suggesting a last minute place to go out to eat for Bill and her for this evening.

While she was listening to Vada over the phone she was still thinking about the suggesting of pretending being someone and dressing up for it. If we did that then there was shopping to do to find the appropriate clothes for the occasion. Eventually Diane finally got a great place to go and hung up the phone.

So she walked in the living room where she thought Bill went but he was not in there. She then walked into the bedroom but he was not in there either. She was thinking, ‘Where can he be?’ She went into the kitchen and still could not find him. Now this is getting weird. All of a sudden she felt 2 hands go around her and she screamed and Bill started laughing and hugged her. He had been hiding.

He said, “I am so sorry, honey, but could not resist sneaking up on you. Were you looking for me? Did you find a place for us to eat tonight? I finally got all the paperwork done, to show what all we did today out in the field.”

Diane said, “Yes babe, I did and I needed to find out what time we needed to be there? And you are going to regret sneaking up on me and I will get you back. Revenge is going to come around whenever you least expect it.”

He then said, “How about we go at 7 tonight so we can get ready! I want you to dress up in your sexiest outfit you have.”

She said, “Good idea. But you need to make the reservations if I am going to be ready by then. Cause you know how long it takes me to get all dolled up.”

After hanging up the phone and making the reservations, Bill went into their bedroom and took a shower. Diane had already taken hers and she was in the process of getting herself all dolled up. And while she was getting dressed, Bill took his shower and he started remembering how Diane’s pussy was so damn hot and wet today! That made him get another raging hard on and had to jack off to calm himself down. And when he finally shot his cum, he shot 3 feet in the air and it hit the top of the shower stall!

Diane started thinking more about what wicked ideas her friend, Paige gave the adventurous Diane to try. So the more her mind wandered, the wetter she felt through her thongs. This feeling was something she sorely missed after the associated errands, chores, and lack of primary attention she had to do to help Bill with the ranch.

to be continued…

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