Destiny’s Stubborn Ex


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Warning: This story contains intense activities, events and plots on extreme humiliation and degradation, capable of offending your sensibilities. Check the tags before you proceed.

Read, only if you are comfortable with this theme. Thanks.


Gary pulled into the driveway and blinked nervously at the main door into Destiny’s apartment. The four months they have spent apart has convinced him there’s no one else out there for him, that it has to be Destiny or no other woman.

Since they separated, the relationship between them degenerated very quickly. While with the passing of each day, emptiness replaced the space Destiny filled in his life and he began to miss her, for Destiny, her soul found solace in the heart of another man and she drifted farther away from Gary.

He has now realized that though he felt she had her faults, staying with Destiny for the joy she brings to him far outweighs her excesses. But she is heady about getting back with him now.

“Please, at least hear me out,” he said to her on their last phone conversation. “It’s over, Gary, move on!” she said to him impassively and hung up on him. That was the last time she would pick his call. All others went to voice mail until she got irritated enough to block his number on her cell, and then his calls started bouncing back in his face.

“Really?” Gary gasped, perplexed, and wiped sweat off his forehead. ‘Breaking up shouldn’t turn us to sworn enemies of each other,’ he said in a text message that wouldn’t deliver. He phased out, but not for long before his soul resumes craving badly for the most beautiful black girl in the world.

It’s 10 am this Saturday and Destiny’s day is just about starting. Denzel would soon be coming over, and she wants to get herself sexy for him. A friend of Denzel invited him for a book launch starting at 1 pm and he’d be taking Destiny along.

Gary stepped out of his white Nissan GT-R anxiously. She was always forcefully part of his decisions and he hated it then, but now part of what he misses about her. He chose the model, she chose the colour, white being one of her favourites.

She downed a cup of creamed coffee and set the oven timer at 1 Hr: 20 Min. That would be enough to get the bread ready while allowing her enough time to fix herself. Swaying her black derriere out of the kitchen, she made for the bathroom. Then the doorbell rang.

Who is that? She asked herself since she wasn’t expecting anyone but Denzel this morning, and that isn’t Denzel at the door.

“Who’s there?” Destiny asks with some measure of irritation in the tone of her voice. She’s looking through the peephole but can’t see anyone.

“Destiny, it’s me,” Gary replied.

“Oh fuck!” she hissed and turned around to head back into her bathroom.

“I am on my knees, Destiny. That’s why you can’t see me through the peephole. I am on my knees, please!”

His cry struck a chord in Destiny’s heart, and despite how so much she wanted to walk away and ignore him, it would please her to see him on his knees, just for spite.

She turned around and eagerly opened the door, and truly, there he was, on a white T-shirt she handpicked for him the last time they went shopping, on light blue denim jeans he fought to pick for himself, and most importantly, on his knees.

“Gary, it’s over. Why is that so difficult for you to comprehend?”

“Please, let me come in, let’s talk.”

Destiny looked around and tilted her heads backwards, looking into the sky over their neighbourhood and inhaling the universe in one long deep breath. A congress of crows flew east and a Boeing flew west. Away from the sky and back on the ground where men tread, it appeared no one was in sight, or at least at close range.

“There’s no space inside my apartment for you maltepe escort Gary, just like there’s none in my heart for you. If you aren’t comfortable on your knees, you can go back home.”

He exhaled slowly, hoping the fear and anguish in his soul came out with that breath.

“This is home, Destiny. You are home.”

“I gave you three weeks to get your act together, but you thought you had a chance with Senator Palmer’s daughter. I dumped you. She dumped you. You lost, Gary, like that Manchester United — Ipswich Town game, 9 — 0.”

Gary looked up at her in dismay. She’s too unmoved by his show of humility and would rather humiliate him than show him any amount of consideration.

“5 from me, 4 from her. You, nil! Big loser.”

“Destiny, there was nothing between us, you know this. Please be honest. Tell me you only used that as an opportunity to oust me.”

“Ok. Yes. What do you want to do about it?”


Destiny snarled at him. “Don’t beg me. It’s too late. You should have ignored Denzel, but you were too obsessed with what was never a threat. Well, now it is, and it’s a lost battle. You accused me of seeing him, now I am.”

The thought that he drove her to this bites almost even more than the fact that she dumped him.

“I know what we share. Deep down in your heart, I know what you feel for me.”

“Gary, do you want to know what I feel for you now?”

She let the towel fall of her body and turned around. Gary blinked at the sudden display of this beautiful black ass in front of him and swore he’d not lose that to some other guy, Denzel or whatever.

Destiny spread her ass cheeks and rested her ass crack on Gary’s face.

Fruuu Bruuuummmbb!!

The rancid fart saddened his face and went up his nostrils. All through the years they dated, he had never had to inhale her fart. The smell of her fart was so terrible, like spoilt food.

“This is what I feel for you, Gary—disgust!”

He couldn’t say a word, too dazed to. Destiny picked up her towel from the floor and wrapped it around her sexy body.

“I’m willing to let you have this, if you insist you still want to earn some space in my life somehow.

“Nothing left?” Gary asked. Her fart was so potent that five minutes after, the stink was still in his nose and lungs.

“Nothing else, just disgust. We can try this and see how far it can go. Come in, on your knees still though. That’s what bought you this chance.”

She stepped aside and stared at the centre of his head as he came into the house on his knees. She shut the door and headed for the bathroom.

“I’m preparing myself for Denzel. He will soon be here. But I want to poop. I suppose you can clean me up afterwards.”

Gary looked confused.

“Don’t look at me like that, Gary. The love is for Denzel, disgust for you. We will all be happy if we stick to this.”

She was indeed amused that he had no fight left within him, only surprise and submission.

She sat on the water closet and Gary stared at her, pooping, but beautiful still. She comfortably stared back at him. He lingered his gaze on her red-painted toenails, dazzling and reflecting their glamour in his shiny eyes. Shiny because they are teary. Teary because he is sad. Sad because he lost this brown-skinned girl. Her teeth just like pearl. He is lusting on her silky face when a big turd tumbles down her ass and smashes into the water. The smell came next. Smells familiar, thanks to the brief introduction to her anus some minutes ago.

The second turd tumbled into the closet and she was done. To wipe her ass now, why? Gary has a tongue, doesn’t he?

“Flush,” she said to him pointing at the rectangular white tank behind the toilet bowl.

That’s not a difficult task at all. He went forward and pushed the escort maltepe button. Afterwards, Destiny placed both hands on his shoulders and forced him back down. He reluctantly went back down on his knees.

“You will wipe my ass clean, Gary, with your tongue.”

She turned around and spread her ass cheeks. “Now!” she ordered.

A brown ring of shit smear winked at him as her anus puckered. Gary shut his eyes and shove his face into her ass crack.

He placed his soft tongue beneath her anus and took a swipe up, licking the shit stain off.

“Yummy, right?” Destiny asked.

He ignored her attempt to kill him with shame and swirled his tongue around her anus, tasting her shit and swallowing the smear.

“Err, I want to fart. Cover my bumhole and keep still.”

Brrrrrrr Burrrrpppp!!

Destiny’s anus blew a wet fart into his mouth. He felt tiny shit particles on his hard and soft palates.

“Suck my bumhole.”

She arched her back and chuckled at the sweet feeling of having her anus sucked.

“I never knew you could be this stupid, Gary. I can’t believe I’m doing this to you.”

Her words cut through his heart like a knife would through butter. He can’t believe she is doing this to him either, but there’s no willpower to resist. Perhaps after all this, she’d reinstate him? Doesn’t look so anymore. From one corner of his mind, he heard a dark throaty voice agreeing with Destiny and saying to him; you know pal, you are indeed stupid and don’t deserve to be her man anymore.

Water splashed on his face and jolted him back to mindfulness. Destiny was showering already and he didn’t even know it.

Her phone rang from on top of a cabinet in the kitchen where she left it, and then the doorbell rang.

“That’s Denzel,” Destiny said, shifting her head to the side and sweeping her face downwards with her palm, the water from the shower now dropped on her shoulder, not on her head. “Go get the door. And Gary,” she paused and swallowed, “Be very respectful to him. Be very very respectful to him. That’s an order!”

“Ok,” Gary replied. He has never been the unruly type though, and she knows that. His legs lifted very slowly like they were made out of steel, being made heavy by sudden depression.

Denzel was shocked to see Gary opening the door. They disliked each other, but a pretty girl between them kept the delicate balance—even when she is bodily in the bathroom.

“She’s in the bathroom,” Gary manages to say and holds the door open for him to get done with being dazed and move his stupid ass in.

Denzel walked in and sat on the sofa in the living room, with his head rowdy like children’s playground at a creche. One man sat, the other stood, fighting Destiny’s tiny voice in his head telling him to go back on his knees.

It was the longest five minutes of both their lives, the shortest in which Destiny could hurry up and round up her bath. She grabbed the towel from the hanger and draped it around her wet body.

The patter of her cute feet was followed by her wet lips settling on Denzel’s cheek. He turned sideways and their lips locked in an affectionate kiss. This was all Denzel needed to know he is still the winner.

“Sugar!” she called through a pretty smile rippling on her face. Denzel held her hands and pulled her closer, but she would rather dry her body first; “I’m wet.”

“I can take you like that,” Denzel says to her.

“Humm, I am now also wet down here,” she replies, pointing at her crotch.

Denzel got on his feet and smiled back at her. She turned around and started grinding her ass on his groin. Now facing Gary, she furrows her brows at him, “Why are you on your feet?” she asked with a stern and disapproving tone. “My house, my rules, bitch!”

Gary looked away shamefully and maltepe escort bayan dropped on his knees, to Denzel’s biggest surprise.”

He leaned forward and spoke into Destiny’s ear, “Babe, what’s going on here?”

“My Ex insists on coming back into my life, luckily, I have this little tiny bit of space for a wimp, any problem?”

Denzel traced his fingers over her stomach, up over her chest and grabbed her boobs, “None, my love, none.”

Her face brightened up in a smile like firecrackers in Christmas sky. “That’s my bull, now take me, sir, will you?”

Denzel ran his zipper down and his throbbing hard cock happily jumped forward. Loser Gary returned his gaze on the disrespectful scene unfolding in front of him.

Destiny tilted to the side and grabbed Denzel’s cock and pointed it at Gary. “By the way, this is what a real cock looks like, not that stalk of vegetable between your thighs.”

Her words got Denzel even harder, and while he yet still found the way Destiny was humiliating Gary quite much to take in, he was in the mood to service her as she desired. For the second time this morning, Destiny’s towel falls to the floor, and Denzel’s big black cock finds entry into her juicy cunt.

Destiny between two men. One is black, the other is white. The bull is fucking, the loser is on his knees, watching.

She howled and rolled her waist on Denzel’s plunging cock. He held her waist with one hand and pushed her forward with the other hand and thrust deep into her with a heavy bang. Her torso bumped forward, but his hands held her in place. Drops of water flew from the tendrils of her hair and landed on Gary’s face.

It would be their hardest fuck, fueled by Gary’s humiliation.

Denzel held Destiny’s left arm with his left hand and held her waist with his right hand. He spread his feet further apart to maintain solid balance and began to thrust harder into her. The pleasure surging through her body becomes enormous, and on Denzel’s next thrust, she loses her feet and bumps forward on Gary. She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his, using him for support to keep her pussy steady for Denzel’s violent thrusts.

Denzel felt like a king, greatly turned on by the plot. He has read an erotica piece on cuckoldry before, but here he was in the middle of one, in real life, not on paper or digital print. He rammed deep into Destiny with his raging cock, and drove her to climax.

“Dee, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Destiny screamed. Saliva flew out of her mouth and landed on the bridge of Gary’s nose.

Denzel had been holding himself from cumming, so this was the time to let go. He slammed a series of rapid hard thrusts into Destiny and they both cummed in symphony.

Destiny threw all her weight on Gary while Denzel sat on the arm of the sofa. His cum dripped from Destiny’s pussy down her thighs, the smell of which irritated Gary, and the level of his anger-mixed-with-sorrow spiked, but his knees did not. They remained glued to the floor, supporting Destiny’s weight. She exhaled.

“Damn, this is epic!” she puffed and investigated Gary’s pitiful face, now that her muscles have regained coordination.

“Welcome back, Gary,” she said, smiling and holding his chin up as her gaze met his, “With this, we are back together, only not as lovers.” That orgasm loosened every part of her body, including the lower end of her gut system. She felt pockets of air being dislodged down her colon and quickly turned around. She spread her ass cheeks and rested her ass on Gary’s face. His nose sank in and its tip poked her anus.

Frshhh Frrrrr Fruummmmpp!!

The eggy smell of her fart overshadowed the smell of cum on her thighs, but both displeased Gary equally. He inhaled her fart and closed his eyes in a vain attempt to hold back a tear.

For a moment, the world seemed to revolve around Destiny and an invisible crown grew on her head. Effortlessly, she made a bull out of her lover, and a cuckold out of her Ex.

And a domme queen out of herself.

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