Denying Alex


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Written for the 2020 750 Words Challenge. An attempt to tell a whole story in very few words.

Alex’s twenty-first was a huge party, but odd. Most guests ignored Rapeyfucker McBastardface. His school gang pushed drinking games, strip poker, and perved on fresh ‘meat’. Us later acquaintances socialised separately in his parents’ welcoming house.

Alex’s little brother, finally eighteen, visually Alex’s clone, flirted rather successfully with my friends. Sweet, good-hearted kid.

By midnight, Alex was fuming; young Bob had ladies swarming. Alex didn’t, whinging, “nice guys come last…”

Alex tried guilting me, again, into sex. “Come on, Cassie! You fucked my best mate, after all!”

Terrible logic. Yes, I’d bedded Duncan – in the going-to-sleep sense. He’d wanted to shag, sure, but assured first-year virginal me, “nothing you don’t want!”

I’d pleasantly surprised him, allowing snogging and roaming hands. A stranger’s hand holding his dick quite satisfied him. Next morning – I’d declined any further action – he’d explained, “Enjoying a hand job? Or being a rapist? No contest!” He leant back and appreciated the former.

Duncan avoided Alex, since. Awkward; their parents were friends. Similar for me – my mum eventually stopped matchmaking, but we’d been “such close housemates, you can’t leave him out…” Thing sınırsız escort was, no-one had damning evidence. Just a general miasma of sleazy rumours.

“Piss off.”

“You heard her.” Bob supported me, nervously.

“Girls! No manners… Invite them to great parties – think they’d offer summat in return!”

Replacement bezzie Ed grunted, too Neanderthal for speech.

Then Duncan’s voice: “What, you want payment in sexual favours? Not really an invite, then! Ordering hookers, more like…”

Ed raised fists; Dunc’s defensive forearm welcomed them.

I interrupted. “I came because your mum asked. And Bob’s nice.” Implication by omission.

Bob blocked Ed; Duncan and I exited swiftly. Alex’s mates occupied the lounge – we joined rival, better, parties gathering outside.

“How’s life, Cass?”

“Graduated… starting junior-doctoring next month. Single, though. You?”

“Break-up, couple months gone… Working, a start-up, summer off…” Meaningfully: “So – you don’t need to get up tomorrow morning, either?”

Dreadful, unsubtle chat-up line. But – both single, he’d rightly deduced I wasn’t a virgin after uni…

“No. Where’re you sleeping?”

“Here, somewhere. Crowding in that huge tent, or a small one…?”

Sound travels. No.

“Dining room?” taksim escort Office, more like, but lushly carpeted…

We hid bedding beneath the table, waited for folks to go to bed, including Bob with my friend Fran, then snuck inside.

Warm, unlike outdoors! We lay on our sleeping bags, idly undressing each other. Three years; his body hadn’t changed.

I liked it then, I liked it now.

And now I had the pill, condoms, and confidence.

He fingered my knickers; his uncrossed boundary, before. “May I?”

The politeness seduced me. “Hell, yes!”

Bared arse.

Fingers in my cunt.


Tongue, on my clit.


My bra removed.

A hand lifting my breasts, larger than when he’d seen me topless before.

And another hand.

His elegant smooth cock, blushing against his pale skin.

“I’m not taking anything for granted…”

“Good.” I passed a condom.


“Take your time.”

“Got all night… “

He fingered me again.

Once the house quietened, we spread out, sixty-nineing. Gently, enjoying the sensations. Duncan sprawled across the deep cream carpet.

Eyebrow. Question.

Answering nod.

Dressed cock.


He entered, deep. Like I’d imagined, when tesettürlü escort I’d not been ready, before.

But Alex’s manor made me want extra filth. Like tomcats, spraying territory.

Could Duncan spray? After coming inside me, of course – priorities…

I shifted to all-fours. “More!”

Duncan obliged.

Cock descended.

I stifled screams, my walls awesomely stretched. Wonderful!


“Fuuuuck!”, I whispered.

“Aaaaaah!” Louder.

Withdrawal. The bastard!

Then thrown onto my back, legs lifted over my shoulders, he sank back in, spreading me. Kin’ell…

A noise. We paused.


Dunc grinned, resuming fucking me like a sledgehammer.


Impossible to be silent. Not loud; not quiet either.

Another noise.

Dunc held his hand over my mouth as we froze.

“Nothing.” He settled his mouth over mine and returned to fucking my brains out.

My head lolled backwards, towards the door.

We’d shut it.

Pointlessly. The door was a frame of eight large, clear, panes…

Staring, through the glass, was Alex.

Nothing I could do.

My orgasm tsunamied over me. Should have washed him away.

I inhaled Duncan’s hand, rippled my cunt round his cock, rocked wildly.



Not Alex.

Soon as I was spent, Duncan exploded inside me.

Alex retreated. I grinned. The nice guy had come last – immediately after the nice girl…

I’ve never told Duncan why Alex now hates him.

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