Debby’s Engagement


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Debby’s Engagement

This is Part III of my Pursuing Debby series. The first part was (Pursuing Debby and the second part was Debby’s Surprise). They are the continuing tales of my age-old lusts and longings towards my sister’s very hot best friend, Debby. She was a few years younger than me, she was amazingly hot, and I wanted her bad. But as fast as life moves by, my graduation came and went and my life choices moved me away for a few years. During this separation time, we both grew up in many ways. I had joined the U.S. Army and with my daily regimen of calisthenics and running, Army life did some amazing things to transform my physique.

I requested vacation and then returned home to Pennsylvania after a three year hiatus in Pursuing Debby (Part I). The night I arrived home, our paths crossed again (primarily due to my awesome sister, Sarah) and just like that, things got unexpectedly heated between us in a very good and healthy way. The next day, (in Debby’s Surprise) she totally stunned me and told me we were going out for lunch and shopping for a day in the city, but instead, she took me to her family’s lakeside college and totally blew my mind with her angelic body. After this unexpected all day, secluded, love-making session with Debby, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had to have her for life. So, Debby’s Engagement, (Part III of my series) gave me the opportunity to take my turn and totally shock her. (So, now the story continues…)

So, there I was driving down the highway with my beautiful Debby fast asleep next to me in the passenger seat. She had told my family earlier this morning that we were going out shopping for the day and she had planned to take me to lunch to catch up with me. But instead, she sort of kidnapped me and took me to her family’s lakeside cottage where she totally screwed my brains out all morning and most of the afternoon. This is the main reason why this beautiful dirty blonde is now sleeping peacefully next to me in her car while I drive her pretty little ass home from her physically exhausting day of “fun.”

Forty-five minutes later, I gently nudged Debby as we were getting close to home. She woke up and began to freshen herself up, fixing her hair and touching up her makeup before we got to her house. Then she leaned over and laid her head on my shoulder and put her hand on my leg. Her hand was warm and soft and I didn’t mind a bit. She kept looking over at me and giving me this incredible smile and that is when I knew that I had to have her for life. As I continued to drive back to her house, my mind drifted and I thought long and hard about how much I wanted to wake up next to this incredible beautiful woman every day for the rest of my life. That is when I started formulating my own little surprise for Debby and I knew I would need a little help to work out what I planned for her.

We stopped at my house first, but not before we concocted a simple story of where we had gone that day, where we had eaten, what we had seen, and how much we enjoyed our first day out together. After making up our story, it ended up being pointless, because no one really even asked about our whereabouts for the day because they were too busy getting ready to eat dinner. My mom offered us some great food, but we both opted to not eat, saying we had eaten earlier. I told mom I would hit the leftovers later which I knew made her happy.

So, instead of just watching my family eat. We drove back to Debby’s place and we decided to just sit on the couch together and relax by watching something on television. We channel surfed through 183 available channels and eventually found something to watch. Then Deb got real comfortable, resting her head against me and that is where her parents found us when they rolled in about thirty minutes later. Deb’s parents both looked at us laying there and smiled at us, but they sure looked tired after being away with Deb’s older brother Vinny all day. I also thought that the long drive home from Vinny’s university didn’t help them a bit either. Deb’s dad, came over and quietly said hello and then politely excused himself so he could go read his newspaper and watch a little television. But both Deb and I both knew he would be napping shortly from his extremely long day. Veronica (aka Mrs. K) had always favored me and she was absolutely all smiles. She greeted me warmly and she even plopped down on the couch to catch up and talk for a bit, asking me a few questions about the Army and what I have been doing. Then in typical Mrs. K fashion, she too looked at my well-hardened arm muscles and even gave them a little squeeze and smiled and looked over to Deb. I wondered what she was thinking. Then she looked at both of us and said, “You two look good together.” Then she got up slowly and ambled into the kitchen. Five minutes later, she yelling in to us and asking us if we wanted to eat something.

We both declined saying we had eaten earlier so she wouldn’t have to make anything. Then she halkalı otele gelen escort too went and laid down to rest from her long day. Deb and I spent the rest of the evening watching television as she tried to stay awake with me. When I finally drifted off to sleep for a bit, I nearly fell off the narrow couch. So, I told her I was going to let her get some sleep and head home. I reached down and kissed her sweet lips, squeezed her left hand and imagined putting a ring on her finger very soon. Then I whispered in her ear, thanking her for the most unforgettable day ever. She smiled up at me, but she certainly looked tired. I took an afghan and pillow at the end of the couch and covered her up and fixed her head so she could just sleep peacefully on the sofa. Then I turned off the television, said one final good night to Deb, and found my way to the door, locking it on my way out as they were all tired and were probably going to be sound asleep for the rest of the night.

The following morning, I texted my sister Sarah around 0800, and said I needed her help with something but didn’t get into details with her in my text because I didn’t want any trace of what I was doing to get back to Deb and spoil my surprise. I asked Sarah to get ready and go for a ride with me so I could explain my plan without anyone overhearing it, and I swore her to secrecy and threatened her with bodily harm if she revealed my secret plan to Debby. But I knew my sister, and I personally knew she could keep a secret, so I trusted her with my clandestine plans.

I told Sarah some of the details on what we had talked about and done and how we had instantly become “a thing” and that I had always loved Debby and I planned to ask her to marry me. She got all teared up and flushed and she was so happy for me and she was equally excited for her best friend. She was eager to help me and was glad that I had asked her to participate in this surprise. I quickly enlisted her help to find Debby’s ring size. Instead, she spouted the exact size right off the top of her head. Apparently, the two of them had just bought friendship rings two months ago. Sarah said she had ordered a size 7 for herself and Debby had paid for a size 6. Sarah said that when they compared them together, both of their rings fit absolutely perfect. So that part was easy completed.

When Debby texted me an hour later, she said she and her mom had quite a few errands that day and said she would miss me all day, but she would definitely see me later tonight. That gave me practically the whole day to go and find the perfect ring. Again, I asked my sister for her help and her opinion on getting the right ring. She was all for it and gladly joined me and then we headed out together for the day.

Sarah and I went to the outlets and the mall because both places had several jewelry stores. We examined multiple displays of engagement rings at five different jewelry stores, but looking and searching for the perfect engagement ring was definitely harder than I thought it would be. Sarah was excited that she could pick out her best friend’s ring. We were visiting our sixth or seventh place, a small mom and pop jewelry shop, when all of a sudden, Sarah found a ring that was just remarkable. The spectacular diamond had the most perfect shape and the most mesmerizing facets to it and when held up to the sun, it shimmered wonderfully in the light. I really liked how much Sarah adored it, so I inspected it closely knowing that this might be the one. The ring was a classic round engagement ring and the sparkling one carat diamond mounted on top was set in a very nice bezel setting. The ring looked magnificent and when I looked at Sarah, she said Debby was going to absolutely melt when she opens it and realizes it is for her…and all I could think of was I imagine her panties would be melting too.

The jeweler then asked me how I would like to pay for the ring. Before he could finish his sentence, I told him I was active duty military and asked if there was a military discount. After showing him my military identification card, the older gentleman knocked off 15% and thanked me for my service. I was very appreciative that his business actively supported military members and their families. Then I pulled out my debit card and basically paid for the $2700 ring on the spot. Because I literally paid cash for it and saved him from the finance paperwork, he also threw in a beautiful 18 carat gold bracelet too. Then he boxed up my purchase very nicely. I tucked the expensive and life changing ring in my pocket and zipped the pocket shut. I wasn’t taking any chances on this investment. It was going to be one of the most important events in my life and I wanted it to go perfectly.

Sarah and I had worked hard to find the ring and I rewarded her with the gold bracelet and lunch. Then we sat there brainstorming and thinking of ways we could get Debby in the right spot and pop the question. We had gone halkalı rus escort through a dozen decent ideas, but none of them really struck me. But, when my sister suggested that there was a concert coming up next weekend and that might be a unique place to drop the magic question, I thought to myself that revealing it at the concert venue might be pretty cool.

“What bands are performing on the weekend?” I asked.

Sarah rattled off a couple of band names, but I didn’t recognize any of them, plus I had been away a few years and was a bit rusty on the local band scene to really know any of them.

Then she stopped and said “I think the lead band is called American Zombies or something like that and they have some good songs. In fact, I think they just got a record contract.”

“No way,” I said. “I never thought they would get off the ground.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sarah.

“The last time I saw them play, one of my track buddies, Geff Z, who happens to play keyboards for them, personally told me that they were contemplating breaking up and going their separate ways.”

Sarah interjected suddenly “…Wait…you know someone from this band?”

“Yeah, why?”

“That’s it!”

“What is what?” I asked.

“Can you talk to Geffy?”

“Uh, yeah, I might still have his number at the house.”

“Just what are you thinking Sarah, what do you have in mind?”

Then her smile widened as she explained her impromptu plan.

“You can take Debby and me to the concert Saturday night. If you can talk with this Geff Z and he can get the band to agree to it, maybe we can do something like get her ticket stub number to Geff and have the band call her up on stage, telling her she is going to the front row or something…but we definitely get her on the stage for your part.”

“I like how you are thinking through this little sis, we make a good planning team.”

Sarah added some more details in “When Debby gets called up to the stage and of course, we will follow her for moral support…and when Geff or the lead singer talks to her, you could have it prearranged with the question so while she is answering their questions, the band’s audiovisual techs will throw the proposal on the big screen on stage. Once she sees it or has it pointed out to her, all you have to do Daniel, is have the ring in hand, get down on your knee…and be ready…Because I know that she loves you and will say yes and she may even jump in your arms and throw you to the floor. And I know she will absolutely melt when she sees that rock you are carrying….hell, I want to say yes for her just seeing that thing and imagining it on her hand. She is going to love it Daniel!

So that is what we planned to do. So we headed home from our secret adventure and as soon as I got home, I went about looking for Geff’s old phone number in my shoebox of important info in my top dresser drawer. It took me a few minutes, but I had it in a baggie with some of the bands guitar picks and an old set of drumsticks. After I talked to Geff, I planned to go and talk with Vinny Sr., aka Mr. K and ask him for his blessing so I could marry his daughter. I also needed to have him be quiet without having Mrs. K reveal it to her or the whole town. I knew he would be good, but I was worried that Mrs. K would let the proverbial cat out of the bag. I crossed my fingers and hoped it would go smoothly.

“My phone call reunion with my old friend Geff Z went great. After we caught up for about 10 minutes, I told him about my dream girl and my proposal and he said that he and the band would help any way they could. So, I gave him my sister’s cell number so he would have it and then told him she would be calling him with the details. I told him I was stoked that American Zombies were still making music together and that I would get to hear them again soon and I was especially excited that his band would be a part of my story after this weekend. He seemed pretty enthusiastic to help and was glad that I called him. I told him how much I really appreciated that he and his band were willing to help me propose to Debby. .

“No problem, Dan…” that’s what friends do.

I quipped back…”Let’s stay in touch so I can say I know at least one famous person”…he laughed and agreed.

I knew his band was doing well from what Sarah had told me and they were definitely going places with the songs and music they were producing now.

Geff ended the conversation with “See you Saturday!”

“Same here buddy…” and then we hung up.

I paused…thinking I couldn’t wait…but I would have to.

After I got off the phone with Geff, I immediately called Sarah and told her that stage two of the plan had just dropped into place. She was excited that Geff and his band were going to assist us with our plan. Then she got real busy with every detail of it and kept me in the loop on what was going to happen. She was loving this aspect of the halkalı türbanlı escort surprise.

I hung up with Sarah and then I headed to Deb’s house to complete the next step in my plan.

I walked over a few blocks and found Mr. K on the front porch.

When I asked about Deb he said she was still out with her mom.

That was probably why he was sitting on the porch, enjoying the quiet afternoon in the warm sun and drinking a few cold beers.

“Mr. K, would you mind if I had one of those with you on the porch while I wait?”

“You know where my fridge is, go get one and join me if you want.”

A minute later, we were catching up, talking about the local sports teams and what was going on around the area and then he asked me about Army life, told me some of the things he had done when he was in the Army, and then asked how I was doing with it. I brought him up to speed on my last few years.

Then, the moment arrived…

“Mr. K, I have something I have to ask you…”

“Yeah, well… go ahead Daniel. What’s up?”

“Um, I would like your permission sir,”

“For what?” He looked somewhat perplexed.

“Uh, um…I want to marry your daughter, sir…I want to ask Deb to marry me but I…”

He cracked an enormous smile, laughed, and then went in the house.

I thought I absolutely did something or said something wrong. But a minute later, he came back with two more cold beers, smiling and almost whistling.

“Yes”, was all he said at first, but then he added…”you have my say-so Daniel.”

I just stood there…psyched out of my mind.

Then he followed up with “I know I don’t have to tell you to treat her good, because I know you have loved Deb forever

Now I looked at him puzzled.

“It’s a dad thing…I just knew it. I could just read you and see how you are around her and I see how you treat her. Plus, I see how Debby is and how she acts when she is around you.”

“So, yeah, you have my permission Daniel” and then he handed me a cold one.”

“Mr. K…one more thing?”

“Yes, Daniel…?

“Can you keep this a secret between us until I ask her?

Then he laughed… “You mean…don’t tell Mrs. K…right?”

I just nodded…and then he laughed hard and nearly shot beer out of his nose.

“I guess you know Veronica pretty well too.” The minute she hears that news, it will be circulating all over town….so, yeah, I will keep your secret.”

“When do you plan to drop the question?” He asked.

“This coming weekend, there is a good band that will be playing up at the Heights…American Zombies and I know one of the band members. I am going to get her up on stage to do it with a little creativity with my sister Sarah. Plus, I will ask them to get it on video so our families can see her reaction.”

“Sounds like you have a plan, well good luck, but as you probably already know, I am pretty sure that my Debby is going to say yes….so, welcome to the family.” Then he punched me in the arm just as if I were getting promoted and then we guzzled and drained our beers in celebration.

Ten minutes later, Debby and her mom pulled up in front of the house. Debby rounded the bend and carefully drove up the driveway and parked the blue Impala.

I got up to help them as they began to dig out all the grocery bags.

Mrs. K yelled up to me…”Hey there, Mr. Muscles… how about a hand with a few bags” as I was walking toward them…

I took Debby’s bags and as I was leaning over to remove them from her hands, she gave me a peck on the cheek and said “thank you.”

A few minutes later, the kitchen table was filled with bags as Deb worked to put everything away in the pantry, fridge, and freezer while her mom was ordering two large cheese pizzas from Geno’s Italian Bistro downtown. They had excellent pizza and they were just two blocks down from Deb’s house, so the pizza wouldn’t take long to get here. About an hour later, we were all sitting around the kitchen table eating pizza and drinking Cokes and telling stories while we listened to Deb’s music playlist on her new Alexa speaker. The four of us nearly killed off two pizza pies and I felt like I had a knot in my stomach from eating too much really good pizza.

Deb sprang up and said, “well, I think Daniel and I are going to take off and go over to his house for a bit and then maybe for a ride…right Daniel?. I agreed after I first offered to help clean up. But Mrs K. shooed me out of the house and wouldn’t allow me to help her.

“Go enjoy your vacation time and leave this little mess to me…” So, out the door we went and we walked over to my house.

We walked in, but no one was around, so we went on the back deck and one thing lead to another and soon we were making out again.

Fifteen minutes later, my sister came barging out on the back deck and looked at us sitting there with our faces glued together.

Can you two go get a room?” Then she burst out laughing.

Then she started it…

“Guess what I got for us today….three tickets to go see American Zombies up at the Heights this weekend.”

Debbie squealed in excitement “They are freaking great! How did you get those tickets? I thought they were already sold out.”

Sarah laughed… “Can’t say, but I have my connections…”

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