Danger Ch. 15


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Chapter 15: Room Service

Danger was on his back home from visiting his aunt and uncle over the fourth of July long weekend. It was late Sunday night and he still a long drive ahead of him so when he saw a small roadside motel just outside a small town he decided to pull in for the night. The motel was called the MacDonald Inn and appeared to be a family run place. Danger parked his car and made his way to the office. He was greeted by a middle-aged man behind the desk who smiled at him he approached the counter. His name tag read Ryan MacDonald, Danger assumed he was the owner.

“Do you have any single rooms left?” Danger asked. Ryan turned and took a key of the board behind him and slid across the counter.

“Check out is at noon each day. If you have any problems, just use the intercom unit next to the door. Had to install those since my daughter’s always on the phone with her friends,” Ryan answered gesturing towards a tall, slim, gorgeous girl standing in the doorway to the office in back. She had shoulder length, slightly curly, auburn hair which framed her long face with its green eyes, pert nose, pouty lips, and light freckles. She was wearing a skin-tight multi-coloured, striped top which showed off her medium sized tits. It was tucked into her short cut-offs that exposed more than three quarters of her long, toned legs that led into her brown, leather sandals. Danger had to stifle his appreciation of her body since her father was standing right in front of him. He quickly picked up the key and left as soon as he could, making sure to turn away so that he could have one more glance at Ryan’s amazing daughter. He could just hear her conversation; she seemed to be making plans to meet her friends later that night.

Danger found his room and opened the door and switched on the light. He dumped his bag in a nearby chair and sat on the bed to see how it felt. After resting for a few seconds he headed for the bathroom. The TV remote was sitting on the nightable next to the bathroom door, so he picked it up and turned on the set. The last person to rent the room had been watching the adult channel and had left the TV on it. The screen was filled by a big titted blonde getting fucked in the ass by a long, thick, black cock. Danger muted the TV so as not to disturb his neighbours and continued into the bathroom.

When he came out the bathroom, he turned down the bed sheets and noticed that the pillows were missing their cases. Remembering Ryan instructions he walked over to the intercom next to the door and hit the button marked “Call”. A low buzzing noise was followed by Ryan booming voice. Danger informed him of the oversight and asked if he could send down some pillow cases. Ryan informed that they had been late coming back from the laundry and his daughter must have forgotten to put them on, but he would send her straight down. Finally Danger had his chance to examine her without her father around.

Danger started rooting through his bag for his shaving kit when a knock came on the door. He opened it and was greeted by the owner’s gorgeous daughter. She was breathtaking; apart from the light freckles on her face and arms she had a perfect complexion. Danger invited her in and she went straight to the bed to replace the pillow cases as he returned to the bathroom.

He poked his head out to see if she had finished yet and noticed that she was working rather slowly and seemed distracted. Then she shot a lingering glance at the television and Danger realized that he had left the adult channel on. He quickly apologized and went to turn it off, but she stopped him.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” she said wide-eyed. When she finished putting the pillow cases on, she sat on the foot of the bed and stared at the screen. Danger could see goose bumps forming on her legs and arms, her mouth was open slightly, her breathing was shallow, and her nipples were beginning to poke at the fabric of her tight shirt. This gorgeous, nubile girl was getting turned on watching the porn playing out in front of her.

Danger sat on the bed beside, which caused to start slightly, but she soon settled an continued watching. The scene had changed to a redhead riding a fat prick as she squeezed her nipples. “How old are you?” Danger asked.

“Eighteen,” the girl replied.

“And you’ve never seen porn before?” he followed up.

“No, my father doesn’t have any and I don’t have any brothers. None of my friends’ fathers or brothers have any that we’ve seen,” she said as she licked her dry lips. Suddenly, she turned on the bed to face him and asked, “Would try some of those things with me? I’ve always wondered what sex was like.”

Danger almost fell off the bed as she asked. Normally he would have a girl this beautiful naked by now, but the image of her father filled his head. he seemed like the kind who kept a shotgun nearby at all times and wouldn’t think twice about shooting a city beylikdüzü anal yapan escort boy if he found him porking his virgin daughter. “Won’t you father notice if you don’t go back soon?”

“No, I told him I was going to meet some friends after I delivered your pillow cases. Please, I’m going away to college in the fall and I don’t want to go a virgin. I want some experience so I know what I’m doing when I sleep with a guy.”

They both looked back at the screen where a guy was now sucking on the nipples of a brunette who was fucking herself with a dildo. Danger thought for a few more seconds before coming to the inevitable conclusion. “First, what’s your name?”

“Jennifer,” the teenager responded.

“Okay then Jennifer, let’s get down to business. Go lock the door and draw the curtains and then take off your shirt and bra.” Danger said as he kicked off his shoes and pulled of his socks before moving up on the bed. Jennifer quickly darted for the door and locked along with drawing the curtains so that nobody could see in. Danger also flipped on the bedside lamps and had her turn off the main light in the ceiling. She then pulled the tail of her shirt out of her cut-offs and peeled the tight garment up off her flat stomach and over her curvaceous tits revealing her pink bra before pulling it over her head and tossing it the chair. She then reached behind her back and undid the clasp of the bra and quickly tugged it off of her body, releasing her nubile tits with their large pink nipples with a slight quiver. She then kicked off her sandals and laid down next to Danger on the bed. Her chest was heaving as she took each nervous breath. The goose bumps had spread all over body and she was fumbling with her hands not knowing what to do with them as she lay there. Danger then reached across and cupped her right breast with his left hand. The feel of someone else hand on her flesh for the first time caused Jennifer to moan lightly. Danger then let his thumb graze across the top of her hard nipple which was caused her to moan a little louder and arch her back slightly. He then lowered his head to her other nipple and gently squeezed it between his lips, then he began flicking his tongue over the top of it. Jennifer was now moaning loudly and squirming underneath Danger. She had never felt anything like this before. She started running her hands through his hair trying to push his face down into her tits even more. Danger’s left hand then slid up onto the top of her tits and he began rolling her nipple between her fingers while still sucking on the other one.

As he felt Jennifer’s excitement rising, Danger moved his mouth to her other breast and began sucking on it. He then slid his left hand down over ribs and flat stomach towards her cut-offs. Jennifer felt as electricity was arcing through her body as his fingers slid over her delicate skin. When his hand reached her shorts, Danger tugged at the button until it came undone and then slid the zipper down before sliding his inside. He began rubbing her virgin pussy mound through her white cotton panties causing her squirm and buck even more as her moaning increased. neither her cunt or her tits had ever been touched like this before and now suddenly bother were being stimulated and it was driving the teenage virgin crazy.

Danger could feel her getting wetter by the minute so he pulled his hand out of her shorts and slid it back inside her panties. He slid past her scratchy bush and quickly found her clit that had started poking out. As soon as his finger touched her magic button the first spasms of orgasm started to ripple through her body. Danger quickly continued down between her legs and was able to slip a finger between her wet pussy lips and into her virgin pussy. Since his finger was the first object ever to penetrate her soft lips he could feel her unpopped cherry. He rubbed his finger back and forth along her slit while he massaged her clit with the heel of his hand. Jennifer was now moaning and screaming so loudly she had placed a pillow over her face so no one else would hear her. Her body continued to tremble and spasm for at least five minutes as Danger continued sucking her nipples and fingering her cunt.

When she started to settle a bit, Danger removed his hand from her panties to find it soaked with her young juices. He then stripped down to his boxers allowing Jennifer to see his bulging nine-inch cock straining against the material of his underwear. He then positioned himself at the foot of the bed and reached up and grabbed the waist of her cut-offs. Jennifer raised her butt and Danger slid the small shorts down her long legs and tossed them aside. The crotch of her pink underwear was completely soaked. It clung to her lips and Danger could see her clit poking against the material. he reached up again and grabbed the elastic band of her underwear and again Jennifer raised her hips beylikdüzü balıketli escort and in seconds she was completely naked.

Danger knelt between her legs and pushed her thighs apart. As he bent his head towards her virgin pussy he was met with the musky aroma of her teenage sex. He then placed her legs over his shoulders and moved his face just inches from her pussy and blew gently on her swollen lips. She yelped a bit and her hips bucked at the sudden cool sensation on her hot cunt. He then placed his tongue at the bottom of her slit and slowly dragged it up towards her clit. The tip of his probing tongue slipped between her lips and started into her pussy before continuing on and stopping on her clit. He then closed his lips around her sensitive nub and began sucking on it gently. Jennifer immediately shot up on her elbows at the sudden sensation. She then fell back on her back and began pinching and rolling her nipples. She had learned that fast enough.

Danger then began lapping away at her box until he felt her shake again and begin to moan in orgasm. He then returned to sucking on her clit and brought his hand up to her cunt and began probing a finger in and out of her cunt. Jennifer finally came with a gush of juice that left a small puddle on the bed. As he got up he noticed that the scene in the movie was now of a girl going down on a well hung latino guy. Feeling that her cunt needed a bit of a rest before he popped her cherry, he asked Jennifer if she wanted to try giving head. She was a bit hesitant at first about putting a guy’s cock in her mouth, but when Danger told her that almost any guy she would meet in college would want her to go down on him she relented, but only if she didn’t have to swallow his cum. Danger agreed to tell her when he was cumming. With that he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and tugged them down over his hard prick and let them fall to the floor.

Jennifer’s eyes were glued to his long cock and he allowed her stare for a while before they swapped positions on the bed with Danger sitting at the head and Jennifer between his legs. He told her the basics of what he liked getting in a good blow job like don’t use your teeth and lick the head a lot because it was the most sensitive part. She stroked his long shaft for a few minutes enjoying the feel and warmth of the first cock she had ever seen or felt. She brought her other hand up and lightly touched the head which caused a drop of precum to leak out and dribble down over her fingers. Then she gingerly lowered her head towards his stiff monster. She opened placed her lips on the head and slowly sucked his thick shaft into her mouth until she had to stop to keep from gagging. She slowly brought her head up, dragging her tongue along the shaft, so that only the head was left in her mouth and then slowly started back down. It may have been the first she had ever gone down on a cock, but Danger didn’t have any complaints. Jennifer then picked up her pace and soon was bobbing up and down like a pro. The head of Danger’s cock would hit the roof of her mouth occasionally which sent an arc of electricity shooting through his cock and into his balls. A few minutes later he was ready to blow. He waited until the last possible second before telling Jennifer he was cumming and she removed his cock from her mouth just as it was twitching to fire. The first jet of hot cum just missed her face and landed on Danger’s stomach. Jennifer leaned in closer and took the second shot on her cheek and the third hit her chest and tits. Danger then started jacking himself off trying to get as much sum as possible to shoot on her. Aiming his firing cock at her, he landed a shot on her stomach and her hip as she tried to squirm away.

As he finished, Jennifer was laughing at being shot with cum so many times. She got off the bed and went to the bathroom for a towel. Danger had a glorious view of her naked, sweaty body as she stood next to the bed wiping off the cum. He could see her swollen lips poking out from between her legs and was convinced once and for all that he would be popping this gorgeous teen’s cherry before he was finished tonight.

Jennifer than sat back on the edge of the bed and started watching the movie again. The latino guy now had his cock in ass of the girl who had been going down on him before. “Does he have his cock up her ass?” Jennifer asked.

“Yup,” Danger replied.

“I don’t think I’m ready for that, now or ever. That isn’t popular in college is it?” she asked hoping she wouldn’t an answer in the affirmative.

“Some guys like it, but as long as your willing to let them in the other two holes you shouldn’t have a problem,” Danger assured her.

“Speaking of the other hole,” she said as she propped herself up against the headboard and spread her thighs. “I suppose I should learn how to get myself off on my own,” she said as she started beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş rubbing her hand up and down her wet slit. Danger sat up and took her other hand and placed a finger on her clit and showed her exactly how to rub it so that she would have the best orgasm in the shortest amount of time. She then slipped the finger of her hand into her pussy as far as her cherry and continued rubbing herself until her body was gripped by another orgasm.

Jennifer then wiped her juices off her hands with the towel before turning to Danger and saying, “I’ve heard that it hurts the first time. Is that true?”

“Yeah, I’ll have to pop your cherry. It’s a small piece of skin that’s stretched across your vagina. You can feel it if you reach in far enough.” No sooner were the words out of his mouth than Jennifer’s fingers were back in her cunt searching for her cherry. When she found it she asked how much it would hurt. He said he would get her nice and wet and then stretch it a bit before distracting her and finally pushing through. Their attention was then brought back to the television as another couple were fucking and the girl was screaming through an orgasm. The camera zoomed in on his cock pounding away at her pussy and her screams and moans could still be heard.

“Fuck, let’s do it now,” Jennifer said as she got carried away watching the scene on the television. She moved to the foot of the bed and laid on her back and spread her legs wide inviting Danger to do what he pleased with her virgin pussy. He knew he had to get her really wet before trying to put his cock in her tight cunt so he immediately dove between her legs and started licking the entire length of her slit, from back near her puckered ass hole all the way up to her clit and the base of her auburn coloured bush. He spent time sucking on her clit and on each lip of her delicate pussy encouraging her body to produce as much lubricant as it could. He returned to her clit a second time and brought his hand between her legs and reached into her pussy and began pressing on her cherry to see if he could weaken a bit. Jennifer didn’t seem to be in any discomfort. In fact she appeared to be having the tie of her life with Danger between her legs. She was squirming and moaning and grinding her crotch into his face as small orgasms began gripping her body.

When he felt she was as wet as she was going to get, Danger slid up her body kissing her hips, belly button, stomach, tits, and neck before finally plunging his tongue into her mouth for the first time. Jennifer grabbed him around the neck and pulled his face in closer. The tip of Danger’s rock hard prick found its way between her wet lips and bumped up against her cherry. Her hips bucked and she screamed briefly as the large, purple head poked at her virgin pussy. Danger guided his head in and out from between her lips to allow them to get used being penetrated. Jennifer was writhing in ecstasy below him as her orgasm started to get bigger and bigger. Finally when he felt tremble form a particularly strong one, he began sucking on one of her nipples to further distract her and shoved the head of his cock against her cherry. There was just the slightest bit of resistance before he popped through and into her pussy.

Jennifer let out a yelp as he broke through and her eyes shot open, but it wasn’t long before she was back to moaning and squirming on the bed. Danger started to hump her pussy as best he could with it gripping him like a vice. If her cherry hadn’t proved she was a virgin, the tightness of her fresh, teenage cunt certainly did. With each thrust, her cunt stretched a bit as it became accustomed to the first object ever to enter this deep. Jennifer then leaned her back over the edge of the bed so that she was looking at the television upside down. The movie now showed a girl getting fucked doggy style while she sucked on a black guy’s cock. The scenes ion the movie and the pounding in her cunt was too much for her and she came with a primal scream as the biggest orgasm of the night gripped her body. He toes curled, her back arched, her skin broke out in a sweat, and her legs wrapped around Danger’s waist instinctively. With her cunt clamping down on him even tighter it wasn’t long before Danger blew a load of hot cum into her soaking her insides for the first time.

As she came down from her climax, Danger slowed the pace of his strokes so as not to abuse her now tender pussy. He carefully slid his cock out of her body and grabbed the towel to wipe her juice and a small bit of blood from her cock. He went to the bathroom and got Jennifer a warm face cloth to hold between her legs to soothe her pussy.

“That was absolutely incredible! I can’t describe it!” Jennifer exclaimed in a state of almost total exhaustion. “But, I think I’m done for the night,” she panted. “I’ve got a hell of story to tell the girls though.”

After resting a while longer, she put her clothes back on commenting that she would have to borrow a pair of panties form one of her friends since hers were still soaked from her juices. She couldn’t go home since her father wasn’t expecting to show up until tomorrow morning and she’d have to make up a story as to why she had come home early.

“I guess you’re leaving in the morning?” Jennifer asked Danger as he pulled his boxers on.

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