Dana’s Story Ch. 32


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Dana makes love to Zoe. It’s not the first time they’ve made out, nor even the first time they’ve given one another orgasms. But this time Dana knows exactly what she’s doing, and accepts that she’s crossed a boundary she thought inviolable, and that she really likes it.

* * * * * * *

“I think that’s an excellent idea.”

Dana was a little surprised she’d said that. But only a little. In a way, it seemed inevitable.

“Really?” Zoe asked, perhaps also a bit surprised. She’d suggested outrageous things before, of course, but usually Dana didn’t agree quite so readily.

Dana swallowed hard, but the lump in her throat refused to budge. Her face felt hot and she knew she was bright red. That didn’t change how she felt, though, or what she wanted. Swinging one leg, squeezing her thighs together to stimulate herself was pleasant, but it wasn’t going to lead to an orgasm.

She wanted an orgasm. She wanted lots of orgasms, and she knew Zoe could give them to her. She wanted to give Zoe orgasms, too—wanted to watch her beautiful roommate writhe and shudder and moan in ecstasy and know that she was responsible for Zoe’s pleasure.

“Yes,” Dana said, feeling like she stood at the top of a cliff, staring at the surf crashing far below. She took a step forward to start her plunge. “I really do.”


Zoe hopped up from her chair, her study materials forgotten. She made sure the bathroom and hallway doors were locked, and turned off the overhead light, leaving the room lit by their desk lamps. Dana watched her, amused and aroused by the way she moved with purpose now that sex was on offer.

Zoe turned and stopped, looking at Dana. “You aren’t undressing,” she observed. “Change your mind?”

“What? No,” Dana said. “I was just…watching you.”

“Really?” Zoe grinned and walked toward Dana, although “slinked” might have been a better word. How did she put so much sex into her walk? Zoe extended a hand.

Dana took it. When she stood she was nearly nose to nose with Zoe. Her bright green eyes glittered even in the dim light, and Dana admired them anew, wishing her own eyes were something other than boring brown—

Zoe kissed her, interrupting her comparisons. Her lips were as soft as Dana remembered, brushing Dana’s mouth gently, without urgency. That would come later, Dana knew. A vivid memory of Zoe’s open mouth plastered against hers, muffling her cry of ecstasy as Bobby fucked Zoe hard and fast, drew a groan from Dana.

Zoe broke the kiss, grinning. “That’s better,” she said. “You were overthinking this, babe,” Zoe whispered, holding her gaze. Dana felt her hands come to rest on her waist, fingers curling to grip the fabric of Dana’s t-shirt.

Dana nodded. “I am—was,” she agreed.

“So let’s not,” Zoe suggested. She yanked Dana’s t-shirt free of her jeans. Dana raised her arms obediently. Zoe pulled the t-shirt over her head and tossed it away. Before she could continue undressing Dana, Dana pulled her close again.

Zoe’s eyes widened slightly but her crooked grin was all the agreement Dana needed to kiss her. Zoe’s lips parted and she melted into the kiss, accepting Dana’s tongue, her arms encircling Dana, holding her as close as Dana held her.

Dana’s heart raced. Kissing a lover, expressing the desire they shared, was always exciting. That she was kissing Zoe that way, admitting—to herself as much as to Zoe—that she wanted Zoe as much as any guy she’d slept with, that she wanted Zoe alone added greatly to the intensity of it. Her hands would have trembled if they weren’t pressed to Zoe’s back, holding her close.

Zoe’s hands demonstrated no such shakiness. Dana felt the clasp of her bra spring apart as if by magic. Zoe brushed the straps from Dana’s shoulders, and pulled the bra away to fall to the floor, all without breaking their kiss.

Then Zoe did break the kiss, drawing back far enough to meet Dana’s eyes. “God, Dana,” she muttered, “I want to….”

What she wanted was immediately evident when she bent to take Dana’s nipple in her mouth, licking and sucking at it.

Dana hissed loudly, taken by surprise. Zoe’s mouth was hot, greedy, insistent. She wasn’t gentle after the first caress with her tongue. She sucked at the nipple forcefully, nipped it and pulled at it with her teeth. Dana whimpered, caught between pleasure and pain.

Zoe released her. “Sorry,” she said, before attacking Dana’s other nipple, but more gently. Dana sighed happily, enjoying the gentler approach. Dana stroked her hair for a few moments until she felt Zoe’s mouth pull away.

“Sorry, doll,” Zoe said again, straightening to meet her eyes, smiling sheepishly. “Got carried away for a moment.”

“S’okay,” Dana replied. “You like it a little rougher.” She cupped Zoe’s breast through her t-shirt. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Do,” Zoe urged her.

Dana just smiled and said, “My turn,” before removing Zoe’s shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra; Dana took the opportunity fondle her breasts before pinching the nipples. canlı bahis Zoe closed her eyes and sighed happily. Dana pinched harder. Zoe drew a sharp breath and bit her lower lip, arching her back.

“You can go harder,” Zoe said.

Dana was already pinching her nipples harder than she’d be comfortable with, but she tightened her grip. Zoe’s reaction looked like pain to Dana, an involuntary twitch, her brows drawing down into a scowl, despite the broad smile she wore.

That was more than Dana was comfortable with. She released her hold, noting how Zoe’s nipples rebounded, regaining their color. That had to hurt, but Zoe apparently liked it. Takes all kinds, I guess, Dana thought.

Zoe opened her eyes and slid into Dana’s arms again, kissing her lightly. “Thanks, babe,” she whispered. “Let’s go to bed.”

Dana nodded mute agreement. In only moments both of them were nude. Zoe dragged her treasure chest out from beneath her bed, opened it, and began sorting through the contents. Dana retrieved her own toys—the glass dildo and bullet vibrator Zoe had given her—from her bedside drawer.

She stepped around Zoe to stretch out on Zoe’s bed. She felt worldly—and more than a little naughty—doing so. This was only the second time she’d ever shared Zoe’s bed, at least here at school. She had vivid memories of the afternoon they’d spent masturbating together. She’d come so many times, and seen Zoe do the same.

The memories excited her, and she was already horny. Maybe that was why she felt bold enough to lie on her back, spread her legs, and begin teasing herself with her vibrator. The sensations spread from her center like ripples in a pond, hardening her nipples again. Oh god, but that felt good. She was already turned on, and the vibrations were working their usual magic. Dana sighed, then moaned, eyes closed the better to focus on the growing pleasure, knowing it wouldn’t be long at all before she came.

She felt Zoe’s hand close around hers, gently taking possession of the bullet. “That’s my job, roomie,” Zoe said. The vibrator shifted once, then again, before Zoe found a placement she liked.

Dana drew a noisy breath as her arousal spiked. Zoe’s touch, her technique with the bullet, was different than Dana’s. Not necessarily better, but different, and just knowing that Zoe was doing this to her added to the excitement she felt.

The delicious tension spiraled rapidly out control. Dana wailed and clawed at the bedding, her whole body shuddering as she came. Zoe didn’t relent, drawing out Dana’s orgasm. Just as the stimulation became too much, she pulled the vibrator away. Dana sprawled bonelessly, panting, grinning broadly.

When she opened her eyes, she was unsurprised to see Zoe watching her.

She felt her grin widen. “Hey, Zoe,” she said quietly. “That was nice.”

Zoe grinned back at her. “Just nice?”

“More than nice,” Dana admitted. Deep breath. “It was wonderful.” She felt lazy and contented but it was only polite to reciprocate. She wriggled onto her side, propped on one elbow. The wall at her back felt cool against her ass. “Join me?”

Zoe happily accepted the invitation, stretching out on her back, smiling up at Dana. It seemed only natural to kiss her again, so Dana did, closing her eyes to focus on the sensations of lips and tongues and teeth. She briefly fondled Zoe’s breast before trailing her fingertips down her torso.

She discovered Zoe’s hand, still clutching the bullet vibrator, and pulled it from her unresisting fingers. She felt Zoe’s smile of anticipation against her mouth, followed by a parting of her legs. It didn’t surprise Dana at all to find her already wet and receptive.

Clicking the vibrator on, Dana maneuvered it by feel at first, circling Zoe’s clitoris or gliding it along her labia. Zoe’s breathing changed immediately, and Dana sensed the sudden tension in her body. Dana lifted her head, ending the kiss, to turn all her attention to steering the bullet more effectively.

“Oh yeah….” Zoe’s word were barely audible. She moved slightly, responding to the movement of the vibrator, eager for more stimulation.

Dana applied the bullet more firmly, her focus shifting between watching what she was doing and observing Zoe’s response. It was exciting to watch the way Zoe’s expressions changed from moment to moment as her arousal mounted. Her face darkened as she approached climax, and her fingers clamped onto Dana’s thigh.

“Yes,” Zoe hissed. “Yesyesyes…ohhhh!” Her orgasm was glorious to behold. She quivered and panted and rocked against Dana’s hand. Dana struggled to keep the vibrator firmly in place right up to the moment when Zoe released her grip on Dana’s thigh and relaxed.

“Oh, wow,” Zoe said. “That was great.”

“Glad you liked it,” Dana said. She’d have punctuated that statement with a kiss for Randy or Bobby, so she kissed Zoe again. Zoe responded eagerly, putting an arm around Dana’s neck to hold her close.

“Your turn again,” Zoe whispered when she let Dana pull away. bahis siteleri Zoe sat up and reached for Dana’s glass dildo. She glanced sidelong at Dana, catching and holding her gaze before running her tongue over the smooth surface of the dildo several times, turning it each time.

Dana watched, oddly fascinated, as Zoe swallowed nearly the entire length of the dildo. She’d watched Zoe give Bobby oral sex, so this was nothing she hadn’t seen before. But this—putting on a show for her—was new. And arousing.

“Okay, roomie,” Zoe said, holding the dildo at the ready. “Assume the position.”

“Yes ma’am,” Dana said. She shifted to lie flat on her back again, legs spread as wide as space allowed. She was anxious—in both senses of the word—to see how Zoe used the toy on her.

Zoe frowned, though, and stood for a moment. “Spread your legs wider,” she told Dana, then sat down between them. “Mm, that’s better,” she said.

She was careful to caress Dana with just the tip at first. It was cool, smooth, and slid over Dana’s flesh effortlessly. Zoe grinned at Dana and employed it more assertively, and oh that was nice. She worked it between Dana’s lips, a little deeper with every thrust. Soon she was fucking Dana with the full length of the dido.

Dana closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensations but soon opened them again. Watching Zoe use the toy on her added to her excitement. It felt really good and a bit odd. She didn’t have the warmth and weight of a lover on top of her, but she also wasn’t having to thrust the dildo herself. She sighed and wriggled happily.

Zoe glanced at Dana’s face occasionally, but otherwise concentrated on her task. Dana groaned frequently or sighed, letting Zoe know how much she was enjoying it. The click and faint buzz of the vibrator drew a gasp of anticipation from Dana. The dildo moving inside her felt good, but that alone wasn’t going to make her cum soon. And she wanted to cum again.

The touch of the vibrator was shocking—and thrilling. “Oh god….”

Zoe chuckled softly. She might have said something, but Dana missed it. Her attention narrowed to the steady, pleasing sensation of the dildo repeatedly filling her and the intense, almost unbearable, pleasure the vibrator provided. Her arousal spiked, and the orgasm that hadn’t seemed close at all was abruptly right there.

Dana shuddered and cried out, waves of ecstasy rolling through her body, torn between the desire for more and the need to escape the suddenly too-intense stimulation. She gasped with relief when Zoe pulled the vibrator away.

A moment later, she felt a pang of disappointment when the dildo slipped out. She wanted more, but she couldn’t fault Zoe for wanting another turn. She lay luxuriating in the afterglow for a minute. She felt and heard Zoe moving around, but didn’t open her eyes.

Then, to her surprise, Dana felt the dildo nose between her labia, hesitating for only an instant, before parting them and sliding inside her once more. No, not the dildo. Another one. A bigger one. Smooth and slippery, but not as rigid and, yes, definitely bigger. Dana wondered at it, but didn’t open her eyes.


“Do you trust me?” Zoe asked.

“Always,” Dana said.

“Well, then,” Zoe replied, and Dana heard the unspoken Just let me give you more pleasure. Dana drew a deep breath and let it out, and relaxed into Zoe’s tender mercies, and into the mellow pleasure of being fucked by the dildo.

It felt different than her glass dildo. Not as smooth, nor as slick. Sculpted to look and feel more like a real cock, she guessed. One of Zoe’s many toys. It felt good. Really good, actually.

It wasn’t as pleasurable as a real cock, as having Randy or Bobby fucking her, but damned if it wasn’t amazing all the same. She’d drifted down from her peak, but not far, and knew she’d hit that sweet spot where she could have orgasm after orgasm with just a little more stimulation.

Zoe knew it too. She’d seen it first hand, and experienced it herself. She knew what Dana needed, and gave it to her. The steady thrusting of the dildo provided a baseline of pleasurable stimulation, and Zoe’s intermittent use of the bullet vibrator sent her spiraling over the top repeatedly.

It went on and on until Dana lost control of her body, of her lingering concerns about being overheard, of her sense of self, of time. She floated in a sea of endless pleasure, rising and falling but never less than ecstatic for some unknowable interval until it became too much to endure any longer.

Dana writhed, trying to escape the too intense stimulation. “Stop…stop!” she gasped, breathless, laughing and giddy. She pushed at Zoe’s hands, sliding a hand between her legs to shield herself. She sensed Zoe’s retreat and rolled onto her side, giggling and a little dizzy. Her heartbeat pulsed in her temples, her fingertips, everywhere, and she panted like she’d been working hard.

Which, she supposed, in a way she had been.

She felt the bed shift as Zoe sat again, bahis şirketleri and felt Zoe’s hand stroke her hair. “You okay, there, roomie?” She could hear the grin.

Dana looked at Zoe with sleepy eyes. “I’m good,” she said, still a little breathless. “I’m great. That was…amazing.”

“You did seem to be enjoying yourself,” Zoe said.

“Oh god, yes,” Dana agreed. She flopped onto her back again, to sprawl for a few more moments, luxuriating in the afterglow of so many orgasms. But duty called. Zoe had given her so much pleasure—now she needed to return the favor.

Dana pushed herself up on rubbery limbs. “Your turn again, babe,” she said.

She and Zoe swapped places. Dana studied Zoe for a moment, considering her options. After a glance at Zoe’s toy box, Dana decided to begin without any toys.

She climbed onto the bed to crouch over Zoe on her hands and knees and leaned in close to kiss her again. Zoe’s mouth was warm and soft and eager. Zoe’s arms slid around her neck, maintaining the kiss for a minute. When at last Zoe let her go, Dana drew a surprised breath.

God, she’d felt sated only minutes ago—and now she was horny again.

Dana kissed Zoe again, briefly but thoroughly, before shifting her attention to kiss and nibble her way to Zoe’s earlobes. The breathy sounds of arousal Zoe made when Dana nipped at them was delightful. She nibbled her way along Zoe’s neck to her shoulder.

Well, bit her way, really. Sharper nips than she’d be comfortable with, but Zoe made her enjoyment known by the way she shivered and groaned.

Dana moved on to fondle and kiss Zoe’s breasts. Mindful of earlier, Dana made a point of being rougher than she’d have liked, pinching the nipples and using her teeth to nip at them and pull them taut. Zoe tried to remain passive, but occasionally clasped Dana’s head in her hands, pulling her closer, urging her to be rougher still. Dana complied, pleased by how loudly Zoe responded, and the way she writhed with pleasure under Dana’s attentions.

Dana moved on, admiring anew Zoe’s figure, curvier than her own, her narrow waist flaring into hips wider than hers. She didn’t miss how Zoe’s legs had parted as she made love to her. She was eager for more direct attentions, and Dana intended to give her what she craved.

Zoe was, of course, waxed and utterly smooth, as always. Her sex was completely exposed, open and wet. Dana had seen her that way before, many times now. She’d watched her fuck Bobby several times. She’d watched her masturbate. She’d fingered Zoe to orgasm while Bobby watched or fucked Dana, and she’d tasted Zoe on her fingertips.

Dana caressed Zoe, provoking more sounds of pleasure. Her fingertips stroked and caressed the slick, swollen tissues outside at first, then slipped inside. Zoe sprawled before her, offering herself, desperate for Dana’s touch. Dana smiled, feeling powerful and sexy, as she brought Zoe to orgasm. The sight and sound and feel of her friend experiencing such pleasure at her hands was intoxicating.

She leaned closer, intent on fingering Zoe to another. Zoe’s scent was stronger now, familiar from previous encounters, and surprisingly appealing. As Zoe clenched and unclenched her fists, panting with growing excitement, Dana lowered her head to tongue Zoe’s clitoris as she curled her fingers inside her. Zoe jumped as if shocked, then shuddered through another orgasm.

“Oh god, Dana,” Zoe cried. Her hands closed on Dana’s head, urging—or maybe demanding—that she continue.

Dana did. She knew very well where Zoe floated now, that glorious mental space where endless pleasure awaited. She wasn’t about to let the opportunity escape either of them.

It was a new experience, giving oral sex to Zoe—to any woman. Another boundary crossed that she’d once never questioned. In some ways it was the biggest one yet, but viewed another way, it was no big deal. Yes, she was having sex with another woman—but if she were honest with herself, this was hardly the first time.

If she wanted to take refuge in denial she could argue that sharing Bobby with Zoe was different, even if they kissed and fingered one another. And, yes, they’d masturbated together before—but masturbation wasn’t sex, either. Right? Even using toys on one another was technically not sex. But she knew that was bullshit. If you’re giving and receiving sexual pleasure, you’re having sex.

She was making love to Zoe, it wasn’t the first time, and she liked it.

It was utterly unlike going down on a guy, though. It was wet, and messy in a way that blowing a guy wasn’t—at least not until the end. Dana’s mouth, cheeks and chin were soon dripping, and much of what she’d learned about oral sex was out the window. Zoe’s scent and taste filled her senses, similar to her own but distinct in ways she couldn’t have put into words, and a thrilling signal of Zoe’s arousal.

Dana tried to duplicate what she remembered her lovers doing to her, though mostly she simply remembered pleasure not specifics. She could tell that Zoe enjoyed her attentions, but adding first her fingers and then a dildo, was a huge improvement if Zoe’s reactions were any guide. She writhed and shuddered and cried out several times before Dana’s tongue grew tired.

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