Dana’s Side Ch. 06


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A month or so later

During the next month, I went out with Kevin a few times. He continued to be a nice guy, and I think I taught him some things so our sex improved, but after a few dates, including one where we ran into Jack and Gina at the movies, I realized that I wasn’t really interested and we broke up on friendly terms. I met a few other guys, but nothing really clicked. I spent the bulk of the month hanging out with my friends, going to the beach, shopping for school and working as many shifts as I could squeeze in, to make as much cash as I could before school started.

Tanya kept teasing me about how I never looked as happy as I did before, and I couldn’t argue with her. But, I used every trick in the waitress’ handbook to maximize my tips. I wore more makeup. I wore push up bras and made sure that my cleavage was obvious and I flirted unmercifully with any male customer from 14 to 75. Generally it worked, although I did have to fend off a huge number of requests for dates, even from guys who were there with their girlfriends or wives.

One night, after I had gotten home from work, I read an email from Lisa, who told me that she had been at the movies and saw Jack and Gina have a screaming fight in front of everybody, and they stormed out without even going to the movies. I wanted to feel bad for Jack, but I didn’t. Although I had some sympathy for Gina at one point, I realized that I just didn’t like her. Even if she had reason to resent me, after she started seeing Jack, she could have been a little more gracious. But now, I had no need to have anything to do with her, and I didn’t mind that at all. The next day, I got a text from Emily, who was still going strong with Fred, who also turned out to be a pretty cool guy, telling me that Jack and Gina had agreed to break up “to save their friendship.” Whatever that meant. I kind of expected Jack to call me, but he didn’t, and my pride wouldn’t let me be the one to make the first move.

I told Ariel, and she actually agreed that I should wait at least a few days, to let Jack sort out his feelings.

“You always seemed to think that the best thing to do was to let him go, and see if he came back. I guess you will get your chance,” she observed.

“I guess so,” I replied.

A few days later, Mom asked Ariel and me to come into the kitchen. She said, “I assume that you know that Jack and his girlfriend broke up.”

“Of course,” I said, wondering where this was going.

“So, Mark tells me that Jack is feeling a little down, and he knows how much Jack likes both of you, so he wanted to know if we all were interested in going up their lake house this weekend with Mark, Jack and Sarah.”

My initial thought was “yes,” and I could see Ariel smiling, no doubt remembering her last visit there with Jack. Then I wasn’t sure. Did I want to be there with him? Would it be weird? What if he wasn’t interested? The fact that he hadn’t called me was troubling. What would Ariel want to do? And having our parents sleeping together in the same house would be strange, too.

But on balance, I realized that it could clarify my relationship with Jack—it would force us to spend time together, and I was pretty confident in my ability to seduce him, and if I failed, I would know it really was time to move on. I realized that Mom and Ariel were staring at me as I thought, so I blurted out, “sure, yeah, let’s do it.”

Ariel pointed out that we needed to call Orlando’s and get coverage for our shifts, and when I did, Tanya said, “I hear something in your voice that I like. Are you going to be happy again?”

I laughed and said, “I hope so. Very happy and very often.”

She laughed hysterically and promised to make sure we were covered. A couple of days later, I went and got my hair cut, a little shorter than I had done in the past. I wanted to try a more mature look for college, and I thought it came out well.

The night before we were leaving, Ariel came into my room and shut the door. “Look,” she said, seriously. “I know that you are looking forward to hooking up with Jack this weekend.”

“I guess so,” I said and she laughed.

“You guess so? You’ve been bouncing around like a kid with a new lollipop since Mom told you about the weekend.”

“O.K.,” I replied, “I am looking forward to spending time with him, not only the sex.”

“Understood,” she said, continuing, “but I need to discuss something with you.”

“What?” I asked.

“It’s been a few weeks since Nigel went back to London, and I miss him.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I liked him, too.”

“What I want to ask is, assuming Jack is up for it, and you are O.K. with it, I’d like to spend some time with Jack, too, if you know what I mean?”

This was a tough one. I knew that Ariel wouldn’t ask, unless she really wanted or needed it, and she honestly had every right to pursue Jack herself. And to be fair, I wasn’t completely sure that I would be able to beat Ariel, considering her history with Jack and how bakırköy masöz escort he seemed to like her.

“What exactly do you mean?”

She paused before answering. “I don’t want to get in the way of your getting together with him, but I have been craving his big cock and the way he makes me feel. So, what do you think of this—we will get up there on Saturday, and he is all yours. I get Sunday night, and you get Monday. And to sweeten the deal, I know he listens to me, and I will make it clear that I think that the two of you would make a great couple.”

What could I say, but “sure. If he wants to, I’m O.K. with it.”

She got up, gave me a hug and left my room.

Not ideal, I thought, but I could live with it, especially if she tried to convince him that we should be together after the weekend.


I woke up early on Saturday, having dreamed that I was sleeping with Jack. Hopefully, I would wake up the next morning and it would actually be true. I finished packing, making sure that I had my sexiest bikinis and lingerie, and got dressed. I chose a tight shirt, cut low enough to give Jack a tease, but not enough to look desperate. I brought the bag downstairs and made coffee, but was not interested in any breakfast. I killed time watching TV, flipping the channels and rarely watching anything for more than a few minutes. Eventually, Ariel came downstairs, looking very nice, and Mom joined us, looking very pretty. I guess she really liked Mark.

After a while, they pulled up in two cars. Mark was driving one, alone, and Sarah was driving the other, with Steve, her very tall, cute boyfriend in the passenger seat and Jack squeezed in the back seat. Everyone got out, and there was hugging and cheek kissing, before we loaded our stuff in the trunks. Mom and Ariel went with Mark, and I got into the back of the other car, behind Mark. It was a little tight, but it gave me the chance to talk with Jack a little. We hadn’t really spoken or been together for a month, and seeing him again, I realized how much I had actually missed him. It was a long drive, and Sarah insisted on playing really awful music, loud, so it was hard to talk. Steve tried, gently, to get her to put on better music, but she refused, and he clearly was not willing to press his luck before a weekend at the legendary lake house.

I leaned my head against Jack’s shoulder, and could see him glance down my shirt and smile. He tried to hide the fact that he put his nose close to my head and breathed in deeply, like he often did, to inhale my scent. After we had driven a few miles, Jack put his arm around me, and I moved closer, and put my hand lightly on his leg.

We both fell asleep in the car, and I jerked awake when I felt the car stop. I looked out the window, and we were pulling into a rest stop. We stretched our legs and went into the building and headed for our respective rest rooms. I was the first out of the ladies’ room, and I saw the guys standing around making small talk. Jack walked over to me and asked if I wanted coffee. I did, and also realized that he wanted to get me alone.

We bought our drinks and as we started to walk to the car, I asked, “Are you O.K.? I heard about the movie theatre fight.”

“Yeah,” he responded, with kind of a bemused tone, before he continued, “We ended on a good note. We just weren’t meant to be a couple.”

“I’m surprised,” I responded, sincerely, “you guys seemed happy.”

“We were,” he said. “But even though we were friends first, it just got strange. We would have great discussions, great sex, then we would start bickering over dumb stuff. She started getting jealous if I so much as talked to another girl. It’s better this way.”

I paused before saying, “I’m a little surprised you didn’t call me right away. You know I would have been there for you.”

“I did know that,” he said, “but I decided that I wanted to deal with it on my own. Then Dad planned this weekend, so I figured we would have plenty of time to talk.”

I smiled at him and said, “And not talk,” flashing him a look that made it clear that I wasn’t talking about swimming, and squeezed his hand.

“And what about that Kevin guy?” he asked.

“Yeah, he was actually a pretty good guy. I did sleep with him that night after the party, and we went out a couple of times, including that movie you saw us at, but it never really clicked, so we aren’t seeing each other anymore,” I replied. I could see that he understood exactly what I was saying.

We got back into the cars, and Jack again put his arm around me and we sat that way the rest of the drive, except that this time, Jack gently stroked my arm and hair a little. I guessed that meant that he was interested.

At the lake house, where I hadn’t been since I was a little girl, Mark said that he and Mom were going to take the upstairs master bedroom and that Sarah and Dave would share the other big bedroom. He suggested that either bakırköy otele gelen escort Ariel and I could share one of the small bedrooms that were attached by a bathroom, either sharing a bed, or using an air mattress, and that Jack could have the other room, or that Ariel and I could take a bedroom each, and Jack would sleep on the air mattress in the living room. I looked at Ariel and she said, “We can share a room, and let Jack have the other one.”

I gave Jack a look that I hope made it clear that he would not be spending the night alone. I saw Ariel also flash Jack a smile, and he smiled back at us.

Ariel and I brought our bags into one of the rooms and she said to me, “this is kind of weird. Mom and Mark are being open about the fact that they are going to share a bedroom. They put Sarah and Steve in a room with one bed, and I have to expect that they know what will be going on. And I can’t believe that they don’t expect something to happen between you and Jack, or even me and Jack, considering our histories and the fact that these rooms are connected. There is something about this place, I guess.”

I replied, “We know that Mom knows that we are sleeping with guys, and Mark seems to know that his kids are doing the same, so I guess they are just dealing with reality. You’re 21 and I’m 18, for god’s sake.”

“I guess so,” she said.

“Let’s see how it goes,” I said, “but I fully expect that you will have this room to yourself tonight.”

“For your sake, I hope so,” she responded, “otherwise this could be a very painful weekend.”

We got changed, and I put on a hot red bikini, grabbed a towel and headed to the lake with Ariel. We picked a couple of lounges, put down our towels and laid down on our stomachs. I untied my bikini top so that I wouldn’t get a tan line, and hoped that Jack would come soon, take the hint and apply sunscreen to me. Steve and Sarah came down next, smiling, making me wonder if they had a quickie before coming down, and Steve was rubbing sunscreen on his pale skin. Mom and Mark joined us next, and Mark rubbed sunscreen on her back. Finally, Jack came down from the house with a book and his iPod. Ariel motioned him to come over, and asked him to rub sunscreen on her back. He did so, and then asked if I needed some, too. I did, and he applied lotion to my back, probably rubbing a bit more than necessary. He put his stuff down on an empty chair, and ran into the lake. I watched him do laps for a while, impressed by his form and stamina. I guess he used his pool often. I flipped back onto my stomach and sunbathed for a while, trying to figure out my next move.

When Jack came out of the water, I saw him sit down on his chair, put on his iPod and start reading. It was pretty unusual to see someone my age reading an actual book, and I was reminded that Jack was kind of strange that way. I was getting a little bored, and decided that it was time to see how this weekend was going to play out. I got up and walked over to where Jack was sitting. He seemed totally into the book and didn’t notice my approach. I stood above him, so that when he finally looked up, he was staring right at my tits, which I knew would get his attention. After I let him get used to that view, I bent over him, so that he had no choice but to look at my cleavage, and pulled out his earbuds.

I pointed at a small rowboat that was in the lake, tied to a tree. “Does that thing work?” I asked.

“Last I checked,” he responded.

“Let’s go for a ride,” I suggested.

“Sure,” he said.

He found the oars, and we got into the boat. I watched Jack’s arm and shoulder muscles ripple as he rowed us out far into the lake, until the people on the shore were just dots, and we could see the other houses that fronted on the lake.

He stopped rowing and rotated his shoulders as we floated. “Your shoulders are going to be sore,” I said, “remind me to rub them for you later.”

“Deal,” he said.

It looked like he was about to say something, but I didn’t want to talk yet. Instead I said something that I knew guys almost always were happy to hear, “But now, I want to give you a blow job.”

I was right, and he got a huge smile on his face. I continued, “I have to admit, I missed you, and it kind of pisses me off that you’ve been getting more action than me recently.”

He shrugged and said, “None better than with you.”

It was my turn to smile, as he continued, “Let me row over there, it should be secluded enough.”

Despite his sore shoulders, he rowed very quickly to the bank of the lake, in a small cove, surrounded by trees. It wasn’t perfect, but it would do. I kind of liked the risk of being seen. Jack tied the boat to a branch, and while he did that I took off my top.

“Wow,” he said.

“I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder,” I replied, laughing.

Jack slid his bathing suit down so that his butt was on the seat and his big, beautiful bakırköy rus escort penis was pointing right at my face.

“Wow,” I said, “I guess I know how you feel. I missed that guy.”

I wanted this to be incredible for him, so I bent over and kissed his cock, then got on my knees and took the shaft in my hands. The boat rocked slightly as I put the big head into my mouth and spun my tongue around it. Jack moaned with pleasure, and I took his cock as deep in her throat as I could. I slid his huge delicious shaft in and out of my throat, using my lips and tongue to stimulate the head. I began to hum softly, which made him begin to thrash his hips, and I softly stroked his balls. He was making incredible moaning sounds, and the boat was rocking as he bucked and writhed. I didn’t want to prolong his agony, so I wasn’t unhappy when he was ready to cum quickly.

He grunted, “I’m cumming,” and I used the tip of my tongue to flick the underside of his cock, which set him off and he shot a huge load of warm, salty cum into my mouth. I swallowed it, licked my lips and smiled at him. He was gasping for breath and grinning and the boat was rocking. I put my top back on, and when Jack was ready, he untied the boat and rowed us back to shore. Everyone had gone back to the house, and we walked back to the house. Jack was behind me, and I wiggled my butt a little extra for his benefit.

When we got back to the house, Mom and Mark had showered and changed. Mark said that Mom suggested that we build a campfire, cook dinner over it, and have s’mores. I whispered to Jack that was something we used to do on camping trips before my dad left. Mom and I started to prepare the food, while the rest of the group headed out to start the fire, except for Sarah, who mixed up an alcoholic fruit punch. Jack and the others came back, smelling faintly of smoke, and reported that the fire was lit, and would have to burn down a while before we could cook.

The night was lots of fun. We cooked steaks and potatoes, ate salad and drank the punch, which went down easily but was very powerful. By the time we were making s’mores, everyone was a little drunk and silly. Steve went back to the house, brought down a guitar and sang a few songs, and some of us joined in. Mom and Mark were happy and cuddling. I realized that it had been a very long time since I had a full family thing, and this felt pretty close to that. I teared up a little, but I don’t think anyone noticed.

Jack put his arm around me, and Ariel was resting her head on his other shoulder. I began to doze off but woke up to see that Jack’s head was hanging down and he was asleep. We all realized that it was time to go back, so we flooded the fire, cleaned up and brought our stuff to the house. Everyone went to their respective bedroom, and I could hear that Jack had gotten into the shower. I decided to let him do that alone, and I heard the shower stop as I changed into a long t-shirt but no underwear.

I walked through the bathroom and opened the door into Jack’s room. It was dark, but I could make out his form on the bed.

“I figured it would be more comfortable here than on the air bed in the other room. Shove over,” I demanded, laughing.

I heard Jack move over, and I sat on the bed next to him. I bent down to kiss him, first hitting his chin in the dark, then finding his soft lips for a tender kiss.

“I’m glad to see you, too,” he said.

“I promised you a shoulder rub this afternoon, are you still interested?” I asked.

He took off his shirt and rolled onto his belly. I gently stroked his shoulders and back, and he shivered a little. I started to knead his shoulders, loosening up the sore muscles. I took off my shirt and climbed on his back, straddling his hips, our bare asses touching. I bent forward so that my breasts pressed against his back, and my face was resting against the back of his neck. He smelled like soap. I felt so contented lying there, but after a few minutes in this position, I sat up and resumed massaging his shoulders and back. Jack was sighing and moaning with pleasure as my hands kneaded and rubbed away his soreness. My hands began to tire, so I dropped back down and lay flat against his back, feeling the warmth of his skin and listening to him breathing.

It was really peaceful, lying there, but I knew that there was much more fun to be had. I was pleased to feel Jack start to turn over, and I lifted myself off of him and allowed him to rotate under me. I sat down on his hips, and leaned over to stroke his smooth, strong chest. Jack reached up in the dark, feeling for my tits, which were not hard to find, and he stroked and rubbed them, which felt wonderful, and I was sighing. I could feel his cock stiffening behind me, and I felt Jack pulling my thighs toward his head. I let him put my legs over his shoulders and scooted up so that my moist pussy was pressing against his face. He grabbed my ass and pulled me close, buried his face in my crotch and began to lick me all over. He was tickling my lips and clit, sending shivers of pleasure up and down my body. I locked his head between my thighs as his tongue continued its delicious assault on my pussy, and I was twisting and writhing with pleasure. Suddenly, Jack did something new with his tongue that was so amazing that I gasped with pure delight and bucked my hips hard against his face.

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