Cyber Affair: Come With Me


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Sent: Monday, August 6, 2001, 7:54 am
Subject: Come with me

Hello Darling,

God I wish you were here. I need you so much….

You were with me last night. I was alone in bed, exhausted but wanting at the same time. I pictured you on the bed with me. Leaning against the bedpost watching me as I touched myself. You slowly stroked your cock as you watched me dip my fingers inside with one hand and pinch my nipple with the other. You hummed small words of encouragement and beauty as you watched. I focused on your hand going up and down your shaft. I wanted to touch you, to stroke you, but I was too exhausted to move.

Slowly, I brought my fingers up to my clit and pinched as you moved between my legs. You didn’t enter halkalı otele gelen escort me, but kept stroking your cock. You lifted one hand to your mouth and wet you fingers then reached out to brush my other nipple. Grasping it between two fingers and tugging gently like a mouth sucking. I gasped and looked into your eyes as you leaned forward to place the head of your cock on my clit. My fingers were inside me moving in and out of my wetness.

You kept stroking your cock causing the head to rub against me, then the backs of your fingers would brush against me as you circled the head. Spreading precum around and down your shaft. Making the lips and hood of my sex even more slippery. I started to moan. Asking, begging for release. halkalı rus escort Knowing that I didn’t want to come alone. I wanted you with me. I wanted to feel your cum shoot on to my belly and breasts. I wanted the hot spray to splatter me – with you. You stroked faster, knowing what I wanted. Knowing that I was close, that I needed you to be with me when the time came.

My hands were busy. Two fingers were inside my pussy, stroking and stretching the walls. My left hand reached out to touch the head of your cock. My index finger gathered precum then brought it up to wet my nipples. The slick sensation against my already sensitized flesh was exquisite. It still wasn’t enough. I needed to taste you. Curling up to put my tongue in reach, I halkalı türbanlı escort licked each nipple and groaned at the taste of you.

Laying back I watched your hand move faster and faster, the head disappearing then reappearing in your hand. The whole time your fingers were brushing against my clit. As your fingers pulled back, the head would spank down on the sensitive nub, sending jolts of sensation through me. My own fingers moved faster as they slid in and out, twisting and stretching inside me.

I started to feel it, the flush of heat that comes over my body. Then the coolness like my blood has all rushed away from my head. Then the second of numbness that seems to last forever. Then my upper body jerking up in what could have been a stomach crunch if it wasn’t for the glazed look in my eyes and the tremors going through my arms and legs. The waves of my orgasm roll through me in shudders of sensation that left the walls of my vagina spasming around my fingers. As the deliciousness of total relaxation melted my muscles, I swear I could feel the hot drops of your cum on my body.

Have a good day!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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