Confessions of a Model Ch. 03-04


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Chapter 3

Time dragged on for the next few days. I went to work at the restaurant (I still had bills to pay), though my mind was still on the shoot and what happened afterwards (how could it not be, for the next two days I had a good kind of soreness to constantly remind me). I was a bit disappointed not to hear from Jimmy. I thought I had made it pretty clear to him I wanted him to fuck me again. I’d never been that forward with a guy, but I thought for sure he would take me up on it. But as far as the shoot went, my curiosity finally got the best of me. I wanted to see how it turned out, so one day, after I got home from the restaurant, I gave Randy a call. He said that he had a shoot that afternoon, but I was more than welcome to come by after, about 8 or 9.

I had little else to do that afternoon, so I showed up about 8:30. I didn’t knock because I didn’t want to interrupt the shoot if it was still going on. Despite the fact there were cars out front, the set was empty. I called out for Randy, and in a moment he came up from the back of the house. He greeted me quite friendly, then asked if I wouldn’t mind waiting up front. The shoot was over, but they were editing on the video, so they would be done in a moment. I said sure. He told me to relax, make myself a drink if I wanted, and he went back.

I walked around the set. It had been rearranged a bit. I walked over to the props table. There was an assortment of dildos that hadn’t been there my last shoot. None of them seemed wet, but I had a feeling some of them had just been used so I didn’t touch them. There was little else to hold my attention, so I went into the kitchen and poured myself some vodka and juice.

There were messy piles of papers and magazines and a laptop on the kitchen table. Many of the papers were receipts. The magazines were no surprise to be porn mags. I sat in front of the laptop. It was on. I normally didn’t like to pry, but I figured what the fuck, if he left it out and open, it can’t be that wrong to look at it. One of the windows said ‘models’ so I clicked it, looking for my pseudonym. There it was, with a scan of my headshot and my contact info, but no other photos. I looked for Jimmy, just out of curiosity, but only girls seemed to be listed. I closed the window. There were several labeled ‘photos,’ about ten, all followed by a sequence of numbers and letters. I clicked on one. There were more than a hundred photos of some suicide blonde posing. She was kind of big-hipped and her face wasn’t that pretty. I closed it and opened another. Another blonde. This one looked young, must’ve just been 18. She didn’t seem to know what she was doing in front of the camera, all these dumb expressions. I closed it and opened another, then another, until I opened one and saw a girl and a guy. The guy was tall and skinny, dark hair, not great looking, but he did have a big penis. The girl was the same blonde from the first folder I opened. And they weren’t just having fake sex, they were really fucking. There were shots of her lips around his cock, and others of him obviously buried inside her. The last shots were of him cumming on her face.

Closing that one, I opened another. This time I recognized the male as Jimmy, and he was fucking a cute brunette with big tits. And like the last file, they were really having sex. It was the same routine of pics. There were some of the girl sucking his cock (man, did it look big on camera!), some of his head buried between her legs, and some of him fucking her. It ended with a huge amount of cum on the girl’s stomach and tits.

I realized I was hot! My blood was pumping faster; I had that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t know if it was from seeing his cum, remembering how much he shot up inside me, seeing his cock, or what. Hell, it was probably just from looking at porn.

I heard someone coming and quickly shut the file. I walked back to the mini-bar. My glass was empty now so I refilled it. There was a guy looking at me from the doorway. I turned and our eyes met. Then he just turned away and went on up the hall without saying hello. I didn’t get to see him long, but he avcılar üniversiteli escort looked pretty good. I stood there for a moment, then leaned against the counter, sipping my drink.

Then he came back, stepping into the kitchen this time. My first impression was right, he was hot. He seemed about my age. He was tall, thin, had a five o’clock shadow and messy black hair.

“Hi, how are you?” he said, locking eyes with me and smiling.

“I’m good,” I said. He rummaged through the fridge for a moment and I said nothing. “I’m Rachel,” I said.

He looked up, smiled again, “I’m Alex. Sorry for being rude.”

“No problem,” I said. After a moment, I asked. “Do you model for Randy?”

“No,” he said, as if he was trying to assure me he was a decent person. “Do you?” he said. “No, I mean, I know you do. I saw the proofs of your shoot.”

“So you’ve got an advantage on me,” I tried to tease. “You’ve already seen me naked.”

“Yeah,” he said. “And then some.” Then he seemed embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude.”

“No, it’s okay, it doesn’t bother me, or I wouldn’t have done the shoot.”

“It’s pretty good,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said. “So, what do you do here?”

“I help mix the sound sometimes,” he said. “Or other technical stuff.”

“Why don’t you model?” I asked.

“No…” he said. “They’ve got guys for that.”

“You could,” I said. “It pays pretty good.”

“Not for guys,” he said. “I make enough money, anyway.”

“Not me,” I said. “I mean, waiting tables. What I do for a real job. That’s why I’m here.”

“Are you shooting tonight?” he asked.

“No,” I laughed “Just coming by to see the proofs.”

“They look good,” he said. “…I already said that.”

“It’s okay, thanks again.”

“So, what kind of modeling do you do?” he asked.

“I thought you saw it,” I said.

“No, I mean, in general.”

“Well, I’ll pose nude,” I said. “And last shoot I posed nude with someone else. But I won’t do sex.”

“Why not?”

“I like, want to still do the movie and TV thing,” I said. “It’s why I moved out here. I’m not really worried about posing nude, or some Skin-a-max style shots. I mean, as long as I can feel they’re at least somewhat artistic, I’m okay.”

“That’s cool,” he said, smiling.

“You seem kind of out of place here,” I said, smiling back. “Too smart and too sweet.”

“So do you,” he said. We looked at each other for a moment. I liked him. Then he said, “Look, I’ve got to go back to the editing room, we’re almost finished up. Do you want to go out for coffee or something after?”

“Sure,” I said, forgetting about seeing the proofs.

About five minutes later, Randy came up. I told him I’d call him the next day or so to see the proofs. He said that was fine, since he still had work to do, got a beer from the fridge and went back to the back. A few minutes later Alex came back up front. We went to an all night diner and had a great time just talking and hanging out. We talked about our pasts and I let him in on the fact my name was really Jennifer, and that Rachel Davies was the name of this girl I hated in high school, which he thought was pretty funny. We talked about hopes and dreams, what we wanted to do with our lives. He really respected the fact I wouldn’t have sex on camera, no matter how much it paid. I felt like we really connected and had good chemistry. He seemed like a really sweet guy and he asked for my phone number so I gave it to him, hoping he would call. I went home that night on a bit of a high. When I went to bed, I went to sleep thinking about him.

Chapter 4

The next day came and went, and there was no call from Alex. Then another day, and still no call. When one more day came and still no call, I figured he wasn’t interested. I thought we’d had a pretty good time. Maybe he was freaked out because I’d posed nude. Either way, I was pretty disappointed, though I wasn’t really mad.

That night I didn’t have much else to do since I’d worked during the day, so I called Randy to look at the avrupa yakası escort proofs. He said to come over about the same time as before, and I asked if anybody else would be there, not mentioning Alex by name, but not really wanting to go through the awkwardness of bumping into him. Randy said no, it would be just him, come on over.

I showed up at nine, and sure enough there was only one car in the drive. Randy welcomed me inside and offered me a drink. Since he had one, I accepted and he poured me a glass of wine. We stood in the kitchen for awhile and talked. We talked about the industry and agents and all kind of things. He told me a couple of funny stories about celebrities he’d worked with, I told him about almost literally running into the guy who’d played Kevin Arnold. We talked for nearly an hour and a half, drinking away. Though at first he seemed tense and high-strung, he certainly had a way of talking to people. We refilled our glasses, saying just one more, and went back to look at the proofs.

They were all digital photos, he said. He had them on the hard drive and had a back up copy on CD-ROM, but had printed up most of them on his photo-quality printer. I looked over first the ones from my first session, and it was pretty obvious Randy knew what he was doing with a camera. Even I thought I was hot. Then I started going over the shots from my session with Jimmy. Some of them made me hot all over again, like the one with my mouth and tongue only centimeters from Jimmy’s thick cock. Then there were the ones where his cock was at my gates, poised for penetration.

I felt myself reaching a state of arousal as I looked at them, as I looked at Jimmy’s engorged rod. My skin was tingling. All the while Randy was telling me how sexy the photos were, how talented I was, how special. Looking at the photos, I suddenly noticed how close Randy was standing to me. I felt a little heady from the wine. Then Randy was touching me lightly, gently as we stood looking at the photos of Jimmy and I simulating sex. The pictures were really good, really sexy. I turned my head back to look at Randy, and when I did he bent his head toward mine, our lips meeting. He started to kiss me and I opened my mouth to him, then started to kiss back. His hands ran up my ribcage, over my clothing, to cup my breasts. His hands felt good on me, and I wasn’t even really thinking.

He ran his right hand down my stomach, reaching toward my crotch. Then his hand slipped inside my jeans and his fingers were through my small triangle of hair to my hot cunt. His tongue danced with mine, his left hand cupping my right breast, while his fingers moved among my folds and one slipped inside, coating with juices.

Then both his hands went to my belt, and smoothly and quickly it was undone and so were my jeans. He was being so forward, but I was so aroused I just let him. Still kissing, he turned me so we were facing each other and my butt was against the desk edge. His hands slipped under my shirt and my back to unclasp my bra. Then he took the bottom of my shirt in his fingers and in one movement lifted the shirt. I lifted my arms and he slid the bra and all over my head, then went back to kissing me.

He was moving with such an urgent sureness and passion that I, in my wine heightened state, not to mention having been naked in front of him before, did not for once question what he was doing. I just stood there leaning against the desk, naked from the waist up, my breasts feeling free and full, my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped. Randy’s tongue was dancing in my mouth, his hands moving along my bare back.

Then his thumbs hooked into my jeans and panties, and he pulled them down. I lifted my knees one at a time and stepped out of them. He moved back to look at me. I felt so naked and vulnerable and yet powerful and sexual. Then he took off his shirt in one swift motion. He undid his pants and freed his swollen cock. It jutted out from above the unzipped split of his pants. It was not as big or long as Jimmy’s, but it was still an erotic sight, hard and standing straight out.

I did not bağdat caddesi escort think as he stepped forward. I did not think as he nudged me back onto the desk, and I did not think as he gently moved between my legs. The next thing I knew, he was nudging at the slickened folds of my vagina. I felt the swell in my cunt, and inched my crotch closer to him. Then he was pushing in. His hot bare flesh drove deep and wet inside me. He did not kiss me, but looked down at me as he pulled partially out, then pushed back in.

Soaking in the pleasure, I looked at his face: the lines, the rough skin, and the gray and brown hairs of his eyebrows. He is twice my age, I thought, a pornographer, and I’m letting him fuck me. ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ I thought. I pushed it from my mind. ‘It’s too late now,’ I thought. ‘It’s already started.’ I closed my eyes and let the pleasure coming from my cunt flood my mind. Small sounds of ecstasy started coming from my throat.

He leaned in toward me as he slickly drove into me again and again. His breath was hot in my ear as he whispered, “You would be perfect for film.”

I opened my eyes to look at him and he lifted his face up. He locked his eyes with mine, then began to drive into me hard, pistoning into me, driving his length to full depth. I closed my eyes and began to moan involuntarily. It felt so good.

After so many minutes he pulled out and turned me around. I leaned over the desk, my arms holding me up, my hands on either side of the proof sheets. He stepped behind my spread legs. I felt his cock searching among the wetness. I reached down with one hand and guided him and he thrust into me hard and slick.

He pulled back and thrust in. His hands grasped my waist for leverage. My hands were on the desks, my arms supporting me. As he fucked me I looked down. A photo of Jimmy behind me, another with his thick cock hanging in front of my open mouth. I swear I was so turned on, by the memory and photos of Jimmy, and by Randy as he started animal fucking me from behind. Randy was slamming into me, fucking me hard. An orgasm was swelling inside me and I practically screamed as it overtook me. My pussy was gripping his hard cock as he kept fucking me through the spasms of pleasure.

His thrusts started slowing down a bit, though just as strong and deep. I was still coming down from my own orgasm when he thrust into me hard and held himself there, flooding my vagina with his seed. I squeezed myself around his cock as I felt it twitch again and again.

His cock slid out of me wet and loose. He bent down and pulled his trousers up. I stood still for a moment longer, my hands on the desk, the photos spread before me, my cunt still tingling, wet and full of his cum. I really didn’t know what to say. I sort of wished I hadn’t done that. I reached for my own clothes and began to sort them and put them back on.

“We really oughta schedule you a video shoot,” Randy said. “You are one horny slut!”

I just kept putting my clothes back on. I didn’t really like what he’d just called me, but I couldn’t argue with him about it after what we’d just done.

“You know, I almost didn’t believe it when you called,” he continued. “I wasn’t sure if you wanted to fuck or not.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What do you mean what do I mean?” he said. “Asking if I’d be alone.”

Shit, I thought. That’s why he’d been so damn forward. And I’d let him do it. Fuck it, I thought. What’s done is done.

“So when do we shoot?” he asked.

“I’m not doing film,” I told him. “I’m not doing pornos.”

“What do you mean? You like to fuck, you want to be an actress, you’re hot, what’s missing?”

“I’m not going to do it, Randy.”

“I’ll double the rate. Two thousand an hour. I don’t offer that to anybody. But after what we just did I think you earned it.”

“No,” I said, but was I tempted. Six thousand in a day.. I didn’t make that in three months waiting tables.

“Alright,” he said. “How about four hundred an hour for a video shoot, but you don’t have to fuck on camera. We’ll do some dance movement stuff, some sexy posing.”

I was pulling my shirt back on over my head. “Okay,” I said. “I’ll do that.”

I excused myself and went to the bathroom, tyring to clean myself as best I could. I was a little pissed at myself; I couldn’t believe I’d let that happen. It had been good, but I didn’t want to let it happen again. I was just going to come in, do the job, and get my paycheck.

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