Company Xmas Party Ch. 05


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We awoke on Sunday morning, and it saddened me to know that our weekend was now over. He son would be returning, and I had to depart. As I lay in bed, I could feel the soreness from the weekend’s exertion. It had been a great weekend, full of surprises and pleasure. I thought about the club last night, and fucking her while the waitress watched. I thought about returning here, and continuing on. She was insatiable last night. The thought of it all brought be to hardness again. Maybe I was equally insatiable.

I looked over at her. She was lying on her stomach, legs still splayed from our last fucking. I looked over her face, hair, down her lovely back, to her butt, drinking the entire sight in. I could see traces of my cum leaking from her. Not realizing it, I had started to run a finger over the lips of her pussy. Light grazing it up and back down again. She did not stir right away, but I could see her becoming aroused. I spread her wetness all over, and began to light flip my fingertip over her clit. This caused her to stir, and wake up. She moaned and whimpered, her eyes mostly closed, and a smile on her face. I continued my ministrations, and she began panting and gasping as an orgasm swept over her. She finally rolled onto her side, pressed herself against me, and we kissed.

I started to get up, explaining that I should clean up and leave before her son returned. She said that he would not be home until after dinner, so we could spend the morning together. I asked her if she wanted to go have sex at the IHOP. She looked at me in astonishment, asking me what I had said. I repeated, asking if she wanted to go have breakfast at the IHOP. She laughed, saying that she thought I said have sex at the IHOP. I told her that Freud would love to interpret that, but if she wanted to find a way, I would be game. She looked at me, and then she exclaimed that I had said sex before, and when she saw my grin, she grabbed hold of my nipples, and pinched them hard. I told her that the rough stuff was turning me on, ataköy anal yapan escort and directed her to my hardon.

She continued to roll and pinch my nipples, delighting when my cock would jump. I admit that it felt good. After a few more minutes, she stopped, and pulled me to my feet. She said we needed to shower. I followed her in, and she moved behind me, placing me between her and the shower head. She reached around me, and turned on the cold water, causing me to nearly jump out of the shower. She laughed at me, and turned on the hot water as well. She apologized, saying that I really needed it though. Soon, the water was nice and warm, and we were caressing each other. I thought to myself that I needed to make her pay for the cold water. I needed to come up with something.

We cleaned each other. When she took to washing my back, I almost melted at her touch. We even washed each others hair, being careful with the shampoo. Feeling her fingers run through my hair temporarily took thoughts of revenge out of mind. I was quite relaxed. After we finished washing each other, and were nice and clean, we stood under the water, embracing each other. There was nothing sexual going on, just the enjoyment of the touch. Once the water began to cool off, we kissed, and stepped out. I took a towel, and began to dry her off. I started with her shoulders, and down her arms. I moved behind her, and dried her back, then moved to the front. I caressed her breasts with the towel while drying her front, and moved down her body. When I was kneeling in front of her, I took on leg, and placed in on my shoulder, and proceeded to dry her calf, thigh, then around back to her butt. I repeated the process with her other leg. Each time, I was treated to a wonderful view of her beautiful pussy, spread open slightly. Once she was dry, she repeated the process for me.

We stepped back into her bedroom, and she started to get dressed. I told her that I did not have anything ataköy bdsm escort clean to wear, as I only had clothes for overnight. I would rather not put those clothes on until I had to leave. She told me that it was too bad, and began looking for clothes. I could sense she was kidding, and told her she could stop this anytime she wanted. She looked at me with a puzzled look, and asked what she could stop. I leapt at her, picking her up from behind. I told her that she could stop this anytime she wanted, and I tossed her on her bed face down. I was instantly on top of her. I placed my hands on her wrists, holding them down. I nestled my cock between her legs while I began lightly biting at her neck and shoulders. I told her I was not leaving until she had a hickey. She started repeating no, over and over. I slid my way down, and planted my lips on her inner thigh, and began sucking away. She gasped that this was a nice spot, and let me have my way. After a few minutes, I moved away, taking pride in the mark I had left.

She started to rise up, but I pushed her back down, explaining that I was not done yet. I told her to put her hands over her head, and not to move them unless she wanted me to stop. She did, and I took that time to pry her cheeks apart, and start sliding my tongue in her ass. She began to squirm, but made no movements to stop me. I licked around her hole, pressing my tongue inside, and then out again. Soon, she was very wet, and I pressed my middle finger against her ass, and slowly pushed it inside. She let out a chirp, but still did not stop me. I asked her how many guys has done this to her. She gasped that no one had ever done anything to her ass before. I was shocked to hear that. I needed to make a good impression. I pulled my finger out, and began rimming her some more, then pressed the finger inside her again. Once I was buried in her ass, I pulled it out slightly, and began fucking her gently with the digit. I could tell she was getting aroused, ataköy elit escort and I told her she was such a dirty girl. “Look at yourself, you are laying there with a guy fingering your ass, and you love it!” With that statement, she groaned. I asked her what she wanted now. She told me to finger her ass faster. I complied, and she demanded I go deeper. Again, I complied. I asked her if she wanted to play with herself, and she nodded. I told her that if she moved her arm, I would stop. She cried out, asking if she could.

I pulled my finger out of her ass, and I told her to roll on her back. She moaned pitifully for me not to stop. Once she was on her back, I slid the finger back in her ass, watching her face as it went it. I licked her clit while fingering her, and she groaned appreciatively. I started moving the finger faster, and told her to rub her pussy. It took only a few seconds before she was thrashing on the bed. At one point, my finger came out of her ass, and as I pushed it back in, she let out a low scream, continuing to furiously rub her pussy.

As soon as she stopped, and threw herself back, I decided to keep it going by putting my tongue inside her pussy while my finger continued in her ass. I looked up and saw he head come up, looking down at me. Our eyes met, and she fell back, and started pulling at her nipples. Within a few moments, I could feel her cum pouring out of her. I pulled my finger from her ass, and sliding to the side, slid a finger in her pussy, up until I could reach her G spot, and started rubbing. She was so wet that I had no problem eventually getting three fingers inside of her. She eventually locked her thighs around my head, and started to roll over, begging me to stop. She kept mumbling “no more” while laying there. I curled up beside her. She put a hand on my cheek, and said that I made her want it more and more, but if we did not stop, she would not be able to walk tomorrow. I promised I would not touch anymore. She noticed that I was still hard, and rolled me on my back, taking my dick in her mouth. She went nice and slow, building me up until I could not last any longer. After my orgasm, we took a nap.

Once we woke up, she made me lunch, this time eating while clothed. I gave her a deep kiss before saying goodbye. I returned home to jerk off a couple of times before heading to bed.

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