An Overprotective Mom Pt. 02


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Yes, Mom has a key to my place. I told you, she’s way overprotective. While I was living in a dorm (it was an all-girls’ freshman dorm–no men allowed at any time), she was not too freaked out at my being away from home for the first time. But when I insisted on getting my own apartment, she’d looked me up and down as if I’d planned on re-creating the orgies of Caligula or something. She lived about twenty miles away, but that was fatally close, and she had the bad habit of popping in unannounced at the worst possible moments.

And this was certainly one of them.

Matt, of course, wasn’t expecting anyone else to show up. When he saw my mom, he actually leapt in the air and gave a little squawk of horror and embarrassment, and then rushed into the bathroom, slamming the door. But my mom had seen enough.

“What the–?” she cried. “Amy, who the hell is that boy? What’s he doing here? Why is he naked?”

My first thought was: Mom, you’re pretty slow on the uptake. But then I remembered that I’d never had a boyfriend before, and that Mom probably knew I was a virgin. But did she really expect me to stay one forever?

Here’s what you need to know about my mother. Her name is Shirley, and she’s actually pretty good-looking. I guess she’s about forty-two by now, but she looks younger. She’s actually quite short (five foot two–two inches shorter than me), but she’s a really nice package. Nice, big boobs (probably a tad bigger than mine, although of course I’ve never seen them uncovered), a curvy ass, nice tapered legs, and so on and so forth. Everything a man would like. Her face would be nice too–if only she smiled more. And I guess that might be the fault of my dad.

You see, he left her about a year ago. I think he was waiting until I went off to college–didn’t want to split while I was in the house. He’s a darling of a man, but I guess he just got fed up with Mom’s nagging and whining. She really had him pussy-whipped, until he couldn’t take it anymore. And now Mom was pretty much furious at the world–and that made her even more protective of me.

I was the only thing she had left–you know what I mean? So she kept tabs on me in every way she could. I had a feeling she’d been trying to reach me on my smartphone all evening. I’d buried it away in my purse and turned the ringer off. So now, Mom had apparently decided that I’d been kidnapped by some white slaver and carted off to the Middle East or something, for the delectation of some lascivious sultan.

I crawled up out of bed and went into the living room. Mom theatrically clapped her hands over her eyes when she saw me–which I thought was kind of ridiculous. Okay, so I’d forgotten that I didn’t have any clothes on; but gee whiz, she’d seen me naked lots of times, although not lately. But her reaction made me flustered too. I looked down at myself, let out a ltitle squeal, then went back into the bedroom and slipped a robe on over my nudity.

“Mom,” I said, “what are you doing here?”

“Why didn’t you answer your phone?” she snapped. See, I knew she’d been trying to call me! “You know I worry about you, especially on weekends when anything can happen.”

“Mom, I’m fine.”

“Fine? Then who’s that–that person in the bathroom? He’s naked, you know.”

“Of course he is. What do you think we’ve been doing?”

I suppose that was a little blunt, but I was really getting fed up at Mom. I need to live my own life!

Mom’s eyes got really big as she contemplated the horrible prospect. “You mean that–that boy–“

“Mom, he’s not a boy. He’s nineteen, just like me.”

“–that he–” She still couldn’t get the words out, so I did.

“Yup,” I said with great self-satisfaction, “he deflowered me.”

What a stupid word! It sounds like some guy plucking up a dandelion and tossing it contemptuously aside. That’s not at all what Matt had done: he was just a sweetie-pie! (I’m sure he’d hate being called that.)

Mom was now fit to be tied. “Did he–force you?” she said in a sinister whisper, her eyes getting all squinty.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I said with a snort. “If anything, I forced him! I was the one who lured him into this lair of mine. Then I said, ‘Go to it, guy, destroy my hymen!'”

Mom pretended to ignore all that. Looking at me as if I was some pathetic waif, she said, “It must have hurt.”

“Well, sure it hurt–but don’t think I didn’t enjoy myself too!”

Mom made a face, as if even talking about female orgasms–let alone having them–was somehow unladylike.

Now she turned her attention to Matt. Striding up to the door of the bathroom, she began pounding on it, shouting, “You–you predator! You come out here this minute!”

“Mom,” I said with a sigh, “he’s not a predator. He’s my boyfriend. And he’s naked in there. At least give him a chance to get some clothes on.”

But Mom wasn’t listening. “Come out of there! I want to give you a piece of my mind!”

I thought this stand-off would go on forever. ankarada sakso çeken escortlar I mean, a guy really doesn’t want to exhibit his nudity to the mother of the woman whose virginity he’s just taken, does he? But to my amazement the door opened slowly and Matt drifted out into the living room.

Yes, he was naked. I thought maybe he’d put a towel around himself, but I guess he was too shaken up for that. His thing was kind of wilting. What do you expect? He’d already come twice, and now he was being berated by this crazy middle-aged woman who’d barged unexpectedly into this place.

But even so, the size of his member caused Mom’s eyes to widen and her jaw to drop. In disbelief she said, “You put that big thing into my daughter’s little–“

“Mom, it’s not that big.” When Matt glared at me, I quickly added, “Okay, it’s pretty big. But I managed. My coochie isn’t all that small, you know. And neither am I. I’m taller than you, remember?”

But Mom didn’t seem to be paying any attention to what I was saying. Her eyes were fixated on that male organ, and as Matt was slowly approaching her she started backing away as if she was a mouse about to be devoured by a python.

And, not entirely to my surprise, something was going on with Matt. He was getting hard yet again.

Well, why not? I have a feeling a lot of guys are exhibitionists–especially the guys whose cocks are of a reasonably impressive size. They just like to show it off, you know? Anyway, Mom was pretty good-looking, and the idea of displaying his wares to her seemed to appeal to him.

“Wh-what’s happening to him?” Mom said to me in alarm.

I rolled my eyes at her. “What does it look like? Surely you know how those things work–but maybe it’s been a while!” I cackled at my own joke.

I suppose I was being unkind. Mom probably hadn’t had any action since Dad left. Even I, having just sampled the pleasures of sex a few minutes before, couldn’t stand the thought of going without a man’s cock in me for a whole year. The prospect was terrifying!

No wonder Mom was so crabby and irritable.

Matt kept coming toward Mom in a sort of dreamy slow-motion, and she kept backing up, until she finally ran into a wall and couldn’t go any farther. “You tell him to keep away from me!” she shrieked.

“Oh, Mom, he’s just trying to be friends,” I said–although I really didn’t know what Matt was trying to do.

“That’s right, Ma’am,” Matt said, speaking to her for the first time, “I’d just like to be friends.”

Mom wasn’t believing that for a minute (and neither, frankly, was I), but she was still fixated on that thing of his, now standing straight up from his groin. Matt came up to her as she cowered against the wall–and then, taking her face in both of his hands, he planted a long, tender kiss on her mouth.

Well, that was a surprise! I mean, my mom’s pretty nice-looking, but she’s not that hot. Or is she? Maybe Matt’s nudity was making him think any woman within reach was a possible object of his affection.

Mom squirmed a bit, but she couldn’t get out of his grasp. And I quickly saw that she didn’t want to. Little moans were coming out of her mouth; and even though at first she tried to push Matt away, pretty soon she had encircled his neck with her arms. I guess it’s pretty unusual for a woman who’s fully clothed to be held by a man who’s naked. Matt even pulled her away from the wall a bit, and his arms slid around to her back. While continuing to kiss her, he reached under her skirt and placed a hand on her underwear.

That made Mom groan–from pleasure and from outrage, it seemed. Her prim and proper side said, “This man, who just plowed into my virgin daughter, shouldn’t be feeling me up!” But her innately feminine side said, “Omigod, this feels so good–and it’s been so long!”

Matt sensed where this was going, and he whipped down her panties to her knees and, bringing his hand around to her front, began fondling her sex. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing–and I was certain Mom wouldn’t let this go on much longer. I had visions of her pulling away from my boyfriend, giving him a sharp slap on the face, and throwing him by main force out of my apartment, leaving him to shiver naked in the hallway.

But she didn’t do any of those things. Instead, letting out a little whimper, she opened her legs a little further to allow him better access to her pussy, and she even pressed her bresats against his chest. I had a feeling she would have liked to be naked herself, so she could fully enjoy this impromptu session with her daughter’s lover.

It didn’t take very long for Matt to ring Mom’s bell. A little gargle came out of her throat, her tongue stuck out of her mouth, her eyes rolled around in her head, and she began trembling from head to foot as if she was being electrocuted. Matt had to use his free hand to hold her up, otherwise she might have tumbled to the floor; but his other hand was still elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar nursing that orgasm, giving her as much ecstasy as could be squeezed out of her.

She clung to him tightly, and a goofy expression spread over her face. Man, that must have been some climax! Probably the first time in a year she’d had one done to her by someone other than herself.

But now Matt needed some attention. He pulled her away from himself and, giving her a plaintive look, he gently pressed down on her shoulders. He wanted her to fall to her knees and suck his cock.

He got her down on her knees all right, but her natural prudishness came flooding back. As he pushed his cock against her cheeks, she moved her head back and forth, crying, “I am not putting that thing in my mouth!”

“Oh, Mom,” I said, “it’s the least you could do for what he did to you.”

When his cock reached her lips, she instinctively opened them, and his thing went in pretty far. Too far, in fact: she gagged immediately, and he pulled out right away as a trickle of saliva slipped out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Now recognizing that there was no way she could avoid it, she took his cock in her hand and sucked it at her own pace. For a while it seemed like she was getting a sense of the heft and feel of it; then she started bobbing her head back and forth on it. She was really having fun!

Matt was gazing down at the incredible sight of this attractive older woman servicing him. I’m sure he was having the time of his life, but I also thought he had something else in mind. So, with a kind of nervous hesitation, he said, “Ma’am, would you like to–?”

Mom took his cock out of her mouth, looked up at him, and said suspiciously, “Like to what?”

“Mom,” I said impatiently, “you know what he wants. He wants to fuck you.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so blunt. Mom actually shivered at the thought. Once again I figured she’d reached the limit of her endurance of this impromptu intimacy and that she’d just walk out of the place in a huff. But she didn’t do that.

She pushed Matt back a little so she could stand up. Then, with as much dignity as she could manage, she marched slowly in the direction of my bedroom. As she did so, she began removing one piece of clothing after another.

I have to say, what she revealed was pretty stunning. From my perspective, she revealed her backside first; and when she got to the point of taking off her bra and slipping out of her panties, she showed a butt that was as luscious as any guy could want. It even had little dimples! How cute. Then, as she climbed into bed, I saw her front. Oh, baby! Those boobs really were bigger than mine, and I had a little spasm of envy. And they were firm and high too. Nothing worse than droopy breasts!

Matt was watching with fascination too, and his cock was actually quivering with anticipation. He strode over to the bedroom in unseemly haste and practically fell on Mom was she lay on her back on my bed. But, as with me, he first wanted to sample those incredible tits, and he licked and kissed and nuzzled them to his heart’s content. He sucked the nipples hard, like some huge baby wanting to get milk from them. But then he couldn’t wait anymore, and he slid up her body and in a single motion plunged his cock into her.

She let out a huge gasp. That long drought had made her almost forget what it’s like to be speared by a man’s implement! I also wondered, as I watched all this, whether Matt’s tool was bigger than Dad’s.

They got into it pretty fast, with Matt pounding her and Mom wrapping her legs around his hips like an old pro. It’s funny how women automatically do that when a guy is in them, even if they aren’t entirely willing partners in the proceedings. It’s like your body just takes over regardless of what your conscious mind wants. But I could tell that this was actually what Mom wanted. She clutched tightly to Matt’s neck and shoulders as he gored her like a bull; I could tell she was relishing every moment. Maybe she might even come again, although all my friends had said it’s pretty unusual for a woman to have an orgasm just from intercourse.

But as Matt seemed to be getting ready to come, he stopped–or at least slowed down. By this time I had stumbled over to the bed myself, falling down on my knees next to it to get a better view of the action. Now Matt looked over to me and said: “I kinda want to go into her butt.”

I was about to say, “Why are you asking me? Ask the lady you’re pummeling.” But Mom got in her two cents’ worth before I did.

“You want to do what?” she said, furious. “There is no way you’re going in back there, buster!”

Matt’s face took on a crestfallen expression, even though he continued a soft in-and-out motion in Mom so as not to lose momentum.

I tried to rescue the situation. “You don’t like it, Mom?” I said.

She was so angry that she sincan gece kalan escortlar couldn’t say anything. But something in her expression made me think a bit.

“Are you telling me,” I said, “you’ve never done it?”

“No, I’ve never done it!” she spat.

“Not even with Dad?”

“He wanted to, but I wouldn’t let him.”

I clucked my tongue. What a shame! I wondered if that had anything to do with– Well, it’s not very nice to think that a man left his wife because she wouldn’t let him stuff his cock up her butt.

“But Mom,” I said, “how do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never done it?”

Once again, she had nothing to say to that.

“I just did it,” I blurted out, “and I thought it was fine.”

That sent Mom over the moon! Now she was spluttering with rage. “He did that to you just now? After he did you the normal way?”

“Yup. I guess I lost my virginity twice in the same night!” I chuckled at the thought.

You have to realize that Matt was still pumping Mom gently. He didn’t want to get soft, but he also didn’t want to shoot his wad in her pussy on the off chance he might still get a chance to forge into her posterior.

And I think Mom was giving the matter some thought too. My guess is that she was saying to herself: If my daughter, who just had her hymen shattered by this oversexed brute, can take it in her behind, so can I.

“All right,” she said with dogged determination. “Let’s do this thing.”

“Yippee!” Matt cried enthusiastically.

He pulled out of Mom with such haste that it made a wet, popping sound. The jar of cold cream was still on the nightstand, where Matt had set it down after using it on me. He now grabbed it, whipped my mom over onto her stomach, and applied the stuff in record time. Mom writhed a bit when she felt his fingers in that sensitive spot, but otherwise she didn’t make too much of a fuss. But when Matt draped himself over her and put his cock about an inch or two into her anus, all hell broke loose.

“Ow! Ow!” Mom screeched. “Omigod, that hurts! Ow!”

Matt looked over to me with a pathetic expression. He really didn’t want to cause my mom pain, but didn’t know what to do to relieve her anguish. He certainly wasn’t going to withdraw, after all the effort it took to persuade Mom to let him have access to her bottom.

“Mom,” I said, “you’re all tense! You gotta loosen up!”

“I–I can’t!” she exclaimed. “I can’t figure out how!”

I could see that she had unconsciously tightened her sphincter–the very thing you shouldn’t do during anal sex. It’s a natural reaction, I suppose, but it wasn’t helping.

“Mom,” I said soothingly, “just relax, okay?”

I took hold of one of her butt cheeks and started massaging it, as a way of trying to get her to unclench her muscles. After a long while that dimple in the cheek finally went away, meaning that her brain had finally managed to send a message to her derrière to ease up.

All of a sudden, Matt went in quite a bit farther–and a surprised look of beatific bliss spread over Mom’s face. She was liking it! Her tongue was sticking out of her mouth, a sure sign that she was starting to feel the onset of another orgasm. And, just as he’d done with me, Matt slipped a hand down her front and was working her sex diligently, getting his fingers all moist with her juices.

I should have mentioned that, quite a while before this, I had doffed my robe. I’d felt stupid having clothes on (well, one piece of clothing) while my two companions were naked. So I joined them in being bare-assed. Not only that: I began having some warm feelings down in the area of my delta too–and without thinking I jumped onto the bed and plopped my sex in front of Mom’s face. Again relying on instinct, she began greedily lapping at my labia and clitoris. I had no idea whether she’d done this before, but she went at it like a pro. Who knew my mother was bisexual?

The end result was pretty amazing. Matt, who was now really forging his way into Mom’s butt, screamed at the top of his lungs, “Omigod, I’m coming!” I shrieked too, as a sudden climax incited by the perversity of the whole scenario crashed over me. I believe Mom came too, but her cries were nearly muffled by a mouthful of pussy.

Eventually we all separated and collapsed onto the bed.

Mom, though, suddenly sprang up and quickly got dressed. She seemed mortified at what she’d allowed herself to do (and have done to her), and was eager to bolt from the scene.

I managed to crawl up and, not bothering to put anything on, approached her as she made for the front door.

“So, Mom,” I said, “that was nice, wasn’t it?”

She did her best to avoid looking at me as she said, “Yes, it was fine.”

I thought it was a lot more than “fine,” but I could see how embarrassed Mom was. “I guess you’d like to have Matt cuddle up with you again sometime?”

A crimson blush spread over her face. “If he wants to.”

“You bet he wants to! You’re quite a piece.”

She frowned at that. “I’d prefer it if I was alone with him.”

“I guess that could be arranged. But I wouldn’t mind another threesome sometime. I’d really like to get a taste of your pussy.”

She really frowned at that. “You’re a very naughty girl.”

“Yeah,” I said with a grin as I slapped her on the fanny, “I guess I am.”

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