An Older Man for Caitlin Pt. 04


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After having spent the afternoon fucking and sucking with Caitlin and Deirdre, Arthur was nearly exhausted so he suggested they hit a local restaurant for dinner. The girls agreed, “as long as we can dress as we want to.”

Arthur was not about to complain, after all, these two very hot 20-year-olds would be on his arms as they arrived. He expected there would be plenty of jealous looks and he was going to love basking in that glory. “I trust you both, girls. You’re going to make me look like a very lucky man.”

Unbelievably, it took almost an hour and a half for Deirdre and Caitlin to exit the bedroom, calling out to Arthur who was sitting by the pool that they were ready. He’d almost fallen asleep after all that exercise in the sun, but he was ready, and getting hungry. They agreed Deirdre would drive as Arthur had been drinking a little too much, and Caitlin didn’t really enjoy driving in the city.

“We’re off then,” called Arthur, followed by “shotgun!”

“Fine, said Caitlin, but I get the front on the way back, dude!”

When the three of them arrived at the restaurant, a trendy Salvadoran eatery with amazing flavours and live music, the girls took Arthur by the arms, one on each side, squeezing him tightly between them. He could feel their tight bodies against his arms, and Deirdre’s swollen breasts especially. He was in heaven, he thought. And girls being girls, both of them headed straight to the ladies’ room before even being seated, something Arthur took care of with their hostess. He chose a table off to one side and with a good view of the duo playing on the small stage. Naturally, he sat with his back to the wall, just making sure he got a good look at everyone ogling his dates.

What Arthur did not realize is that the two girls had a plan in place. They had dressed nicely, rather demurely in fact, before leaving the house. But they had planned to surprise Arthur once they were at the restaurant. Really surprise him!

Arthur was watching the musicians, tapping along to a catchy little rancho tune, when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye: Caitlin was slowly walking towards him, but oh my did she look different. Instead of the very nice, but conservative little skirt and knit top, she wore a microscopic miniskirt that came so high up her thighs that had she had a bushy pussy, he could probably see it. And the skirt was two sizes too small, but the stretchy fabric meant if hid nothing of the lovely shape of her hips and thighs.

Below the skirt it was all leg, great legs tapering into an open-toed summer sling-back sandal with at least a six-inch heel. For a top she had on a an equally snug bustier that pushed her medium-sized breasts together to form a delightful valley of cleavage, suggesting she was much bigger than the reality. The fabric of the bustier showed the ribs that formed the garment and was almost translucent. Caitlin’s nipples were prominent behind the ineffective covering. They were not fully erect he knew, but there was a distinctive swell centered on her areolas.

Arthur found himself slack-jawed: He’d almost not recognized her as she made her way to their table, but boy was he happy at the new outfit and the looks of every man in the vicinity. Caitlin made a show of arriving at the table. She stood just in front of Arthur and did a little pirouette to allow him a long and complete view of her outfit. He whistled softly in appreciation, a sound repeated in at least two other locations in the restaurant. Caitlin had a huge smile pasted on her face at the appreciative audience, but casino siteleri especially from Arthur.

She sat down beside him, rather demurely somehow, until she had to cross her legs. “Oh, God!” moaned Arthur.

“Thank you Arthur. That’s nice of you to say.” Almost too polite, but he understood her completely. She was playing it straight in contrast to her sexy attire. She asked him, “are you ready for Deirdre now?”

In his excitement and surprise, Arthur had actually forgotten he had two luscious dates tonight. What would Deirdre be wearing, he wondered, knowing it was going to be at least as fantastic as Caitlin’s. “Why don’t you invite her out,” he suggested, to which Caitlin just gave a little nod towards the back of the room and triggered the arrival of the chocolate woman as Arthur had started to think of her, a term he’d told Caitlin about and she’d decided it would be their new nickname for their lover.

“Here comes the chocolate for our table,” she said quietly.

Arthur was even more impressed by Deirdre’s look, if that was possible. She was show less skin but it was a stunning display nonetheless. The young woman wore a two piece business suit. Made of raw silk with a very supple drape, and very lightweight, the skirt fit tightly, ending three or four inches above her knees. Her legs were bare and she wore a very high heeled pump in a matching cream colour. Her darker skin made the skirt and shows almost glow against that background.

So far so good, but the piece de resistance was the jacket. Deirdre wore the matching silk jacket and nothing else. The gap in the fabric teased the eye into staring, as Arthur was doing now; there was no way to fasten the jacket so the fabric just draped down from the shoulder, over her luscious breasts and the fell right to below the waist. Every step Deirdre took made the jacket wave slightly, sometimes a little more and a good portion of one breast would peek out, disappearing again just as quickly.

Arthur was mesmerized. He gazed at Deirdre’s perfect skin, from her throat, between her breasts, down to her belly button and beyond a few inches more. When she arrived at the table, she did the requisite turn in front of him, asking, “how do you like my outfit, Arthur?”

As she twirled, one breast became fully visible, taking all of Arthur’s attention. He saw the engorged nipple with its thick areola, free of the fabric’s imprisonment. He appreciated the lower part of her breast that curved heavily from the nipple down to form the pear he so loved.

Caitlin spoke first, “I think he is enjoying it, Deirdre. I bet you he’s getting hard right now.”

Deirdre replied, ” there will be plenty of time for that after dinner… I’m hungry.”

With a delicious young woman on either side of him, Arthur felt like a king. He could see other guests surreptitiously glancing at the girls. Indeed, there were a couple of women who seemed equally taken by his dates. And there was one more woman looking right at him. She was wearing a deep red dress and a little bit of gold jewellery, but nothing ostentatious. Her look was not one of scolding or disapproval. Rather, she was looking right into his eyes with a question that might have been ‘how in the hell did you ever score such amazing young women?’

Arthur noticed her look and gave her a slight nod of recognition and appreciation.

Despite the audience, the girls let Arthur know they were famished and suggested he do the ordering. They would look after their beverages. The dinner went for almost two hours, the canlı casino three of them laughing and teasing, and Arthur getting to know Deirdre better. He was surprised that she was pre-med at the university and would be starting med school the next semester.

Not long before they finished dinner, the woman in the red dress walked past their table and before Arthur could even catch her eye, she had dropped a business card beside his plate. Deirdre did notice and once the woman was out of sight, expressed her opinion, “I’d do her!”

Caitlin had no idea what had happened, and Arthur was slow on the uptake, but then said to Caitlin, “she may want me to call her.”

Before they could leave, Caitlin and Deirdre each handed Arthur a small gift bag, telling him he was so good to them that they wanted him to have a little something personal.

Curious, Arthur cut the tape holding the first bag closed and reached in. He felt some fabric, very thin and lacy, He pulled the object out of the bag to discover that it was a pair of black lace panties. He held them up briefly, then put them beside his wineglass. The second bag held another pair of panties, these ones a brilliant red, and very tiny. “Oh, lord,” he said.

“Do you like them?” asked the girls simultaneously.

“Are you kidding? These are great you two.”

Deirdre added, “those are the panties we were wearing when we came in to the restaurant so they’re already warmed up for your pleasure.” She had an impish little grin as she said it.

Caitlin finished the explanation by saying, “we didn’t bring any other panties to dinner, you know.”

“You are naked under there?!” said Arthur.

“Just for you… wanna check?”

Arthur slid a hand onto each of the girls’ laps, sneaking his fingers along their taught flesh towards their pussies. On arrival, he found each woman to be absolutely soaked with their juices. He slipped his index finger into each of their slits then brought them up to his nose, then to his mouth. “You smell and taste delicious,” he told them. I hope I will get a better taste later.

Each girl had her eyes closed at the moment, envisioning their evening to come.

Then it was time to pay the bill and leave. The girls were singing in their slightly drunken voices, and Arthur just guided them along with an arm around each girl. Actually, his hold on Deirdre was beneath the soft fabric of her jacket. His hand was around her back and just in reach of her right breast which he caressed with his fingers. His other hand was holding on to Caitlin’s firm buttocks; he was squeezing and pinching her as she pushed back against his hand.

With Arthur driving, they took quite a while getting back to Caitlin’s cottage. Though the drive was uneventful, Arthur did encourage the girls to prepare. The two of them had chosen to sit in the back together, leaving Arthur and his throbbing erection all alone. He felt like a chauffeur but knew it would be short-lived once they got home.

What slowed them down was that Arthur was watching the girls in the back seat. They had no later started moving when the two of them locked in an embrace that left little question about how turned on they were. Caitlin’s hands were all over Deirdre’s nakedness beneath her jacket and Deirdre was releasing the snaps on her lover’s bustier.

Arthur had to endure the show with no chance of satisfaction, but that didn’t stop him from releasing his cock from its confined prison. Now he drove, carefully at or below the speed limit: it would not do them any good to be kaçak casino pulled over with two ravenous women in the back seat and his boner jutting out of his zipper. Nope, that would not do.

When the girls realized that Arthur had slowed almost to a stop they called up to him, “don’t slow down, Arthur, we want to get home and get working on you, too.”

From that moment, Arthur drove rather more quickly and they got home soon after.

Because the street was dark, no one bothered covering up. Deirdre was topless as was Caitlin. Arthur was sporting his woody thrusting forward, showing the way in.

Once inside the house, the three of them stood close but did not jump into ‘attack’ mode. Instead, they stood close together with the girls pulling Arthur into their bodies. Together, the removed his shirt and started on his shorts. With his cock still free, they had to maneuver it carefully, avoiding the zipper’s teeth. Once Arthur was naked, they asked him to take their skirts off. As he worked the button and zipper on Caitlin’s skirt, she was thrusting her tongue down the other woman’s throat and holding tightly onto Arthur’s cock.

Arthur had to bend down a bit to roll Caitlin’s skirt off her body. Coming up he was confronted with Deirdre’s wonderful tits. He took one in hand, guiding it into his hungry mouth. Sucking hard at her rubbery nipple, he managed to remove her skirt as well. Then they were all naked. Almost by agreement, each of them took a step back to admire their other two lovers. That set Caitlin to laughing; she was soon joined by Deirdre and even Arthur.

Deirdre was the first to recover. She suggested they should do something special, something new. Arthur had no idea what that meant, and for him, there was an awful lot that would be new, not the least of which was having two very naked, very hot, and very willing 20-year-old women ready to play.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked, curious but not expecting anything too radical.

“Why don’t we start with a little love chain, then I will come up with something new afterwards.”

The three of them moved into Caitlin’s room which held a huge bed. The sheets were silk and there were no distracting covers on top. Caitlin threw herself onto the bed, on her back and with legs spread. She beckoned Deirdre who jumped in right after, placing herself between Caitlin’s open thighs. She was kneeling with her sweet ass invitingly available. Arthur knew what he needed. Taking Deirdre by the hips he lined up his thick cockhead with the slight opening of her pussy. Feeling her wetness envelop the knob, he just thrust forward and buried himself to the hilt in Deirdre’s chocolate cunt.

As he was fucking Deirdre, she was making good work of licking and sucking at her friend’s pussy. He could hear her lips wetly pressed against Caitlin’s soft pink pussy. He could also tell Deirdre was thrusting her fingers into her lover’s cunt. He timed his thrusts to Deirdre’s motion and the three of them fucked until Arthur could no longer hold back. He called out, “I’m going to cum…”

Caitlin replied quickly, “shoot it on my tits, Arthur.”

With that, Deirdre rolled off the other woman and Arthur leaned forward to line himself up with Caitlin. He finished himself off and spurted his ejaculation onto Caitlin’s tummy and tits. Before he had even finished, Deirdre was licking up his sperm and when she had a mouthful, she leaned over Caitlin’s face and snowballed a thick wad of sperm into her lover’s mouth.

This was definitely something new for Arthur, but talk about hot! The girls kissed as Arthur lay down next to them. Neither of the girls was done, but Arthur needed a rest. This had been an amazing night, but he knew it was not yet over. What would Deirdre suggest next?

Watch for Part 5 soon…

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