After the game_(1)


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This is my first attempt at publishing the events of my life so constructive criticism is welcome but don’t be an ass.

It was Friday night just after the football game. I had permission from my parents to stay the night with my best friend Jason. As usual after every football game we would end up at his house or mine for a sleepover. We would spend the night watching porn and cutting up. This was not an unusual night or so I thought.
We got to Jason’s house around 11 pm to find his parents still up waiting on us. This was normal and we quickly found the remote and tuned in to the news to catch up on score from the other games from around the area. This was just a front as we were really just biding time till his parent went to bed for the night. They had an in ground pool in the back yard and we had a routine of waiting until everyone was in bed then slipping out for a cool relaxing night swim in the pool. 20 minutes into the show his parent retired to their bedroom for some hot steamy action of their own I’m sure.
We gave them another 10 minutes to be sure they wouldn’t come out again and we slipped out to the back yard and quietly got into the pool. We would swim for a while then reassess the situation. Confident no one would come out it was off with the swim trunks. Jason was around 5 foot 4 inches tall and kind of stocky with a modest 5 inch dick. I was 6 foot with a 6 and a half inch cock. We had seen each other naked many times so canlı bahis our nakedness was nothing new to either of us.
My normal routine when we would get in the pool that late was to retreat to the deep end of the pool which was around 8 feet deep and bob from the top to the bottom blowing out all the air in my longs and standing on the bottom for as long as I could. I’d have my eyes closed because this was so relaxing to me. It was kind of my way to unwind. Jason would just swim around or sit on the steps and relax.
Very relaxed and into my routine, I was standing on the bottom and could feel Jason swimming around me. This was normal so I never opened my eyes. I was about 10 seconds away from heading back to the top for my next breath and decided to open my eyes to see where Jason was and boy did I get the shock of my life. Opening my eye I find Jason floating about 4 inches away from me. My feet on the bottom of an 8 foot pool and his head above water and him treading water put his cock right in my face about 4 inches away. Shocked I just stood there and looked. Even more shocking was the fact that I was slowly moving closer to his cock and my mouth was slowly opening. Then it hit me I needed air so slowly I ascended with my eyes closed not wanting him to realize I knew he was there and promptly went back to the bottom and resumed where I left off. To my dismay he turns and swims away. I stood there on the bottom shocked and upset at the way bahis siteleri I was feeling. I reached down to find a raging hard on of my own. I close my eyes and resumed my routine.
Dishearten I bobbed a few more times and was about to head to the shallow end and decided to open my eyes again in hopes that he would be there again. When I opened my eyes to my delight there it was again right in front of me. Again I needed air. I was pissed. I needed gills or something. I had never been this turned on in my life and couldn’t figure out why. Reluctantly I closed my eyes and rose to the surface and quickly went back to the bottom only this time I held my breath. I got to the bottom open my mouth and began my descent towards his cock only to realize I was beginning to float. Panicking I reached out and grabbed his leg to keep me on the bottom. This caused me to move forward a lot faster than I had intended. I felt the head of his cock pass my lips. Instinctively I closed my mouth around his cock. Boy was that a mistake. He began to viciously fuck my in the mouth. I was under water, my head spinning, mind running wild and Jason fucking the shit out of my mouth. Then it hit me, hey you need air.
I pushed away and made my way to the surface. I came up beside him and nonchalantly told him I was headed to the shallow end to relax on the steps. Swimming the short distance my mind was racing and I began to shake. I don’t know if it was that I was cold bahis şirketleri or I was in shock. Jason came up beside me and asked If I was cold and all I could do was nod my head yes. He moved around behind me and started to slid up behind me. His warmth sent my head spinning and then I felt it. His cock had landed right between my ass cheeks and he kept moving up until I felt the head of his cock land at the entrance of my ass. I didn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I guess that was all the invitation that Jason needed. I felt his cock enter my ass with a sharp pain. I felt jolt of pain and pleasure shoot through me. It was very painful to start with but I managed to relax and Jason quickly fell into a very fast rhythm and he began to fuck me as deep as he could. As his pace quickened even more I noticed the sloshing of the water around the step start to get really loud. I didn’t know what to say I surely didn’t want anyone to see or know what was going on but I didn’t want it to stop either. Finally I got the nerve to say something and Jason buried his cock deeper than ever before and collapsed on top of me. It was then that I realized he had just planted a seed deep in me. This would not be the last time this would happen as we have managed to stay close to each other through both of our marriages we manage to find excuses to get together.
Like I said this was my first attempt and a true story as well. Jason and I remain close friends and still as recent as yesterday manage to get together for a little fun even if it’s just for a mutual blow job after a long days work. If my story is like ill publish more.

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