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“Runnin’ with you just like a track meet, track meet. Why don’t you meet me in the back seat, back seat. I wanna love you, actually…”

Earbuds in, I was hearing those words sung by the sultry, creamy voice of my friend Tasha. She had been releasing music on YouTube, iTunes, Soundcloud, and about a million websites I had never heard of, for the past year. And finally one of her songs, “Actually,” was getting some attention. She put the audio up on YouTube a week ago and it already had 10k views. I’m sure 10k would be a huge disappointment for Beyoncé, but for Tasha it was a really big deal, and I was proud of her. All her songs are good, but when she played me this one I knew it had the potential to be a hit.

I took out my phone to text her.

————————–“10,000!! Youre killin it”

“yeah i know :)”——————————–

—————–“runnin w you just like a track meet”

“track meet”———————————-

—————“why dont u meet me in the backseat”

“back seat”———————————–

———————————“back seat***”


“so im thinking i should finally make a music video”——-

———————“yess i can be your cameramna”

“do you wanna be in it?”————————–

—————————“i would be honored…”

“We’re shooting it tomorrow. i’ll send you the details soon”-

“Sorry, if you’re free i mean”———————–

—————————“totally free! cant wait”

Tomorrow? Why was she telling me on such short notice? She must just be doing something low-budget. Filming it on her phone or something. But that’s weird, because Tasha is usually the type to go all-out.

She texted me a few minutes later with the time, location, and what I should wear. She asked me to show up at 10 AM in comfortable clothes that I don’t mind people seeing me in. I looked up the address she sent. It looked like some kind of warehouse in a part of town without Google Street View.


The next morning, I showered and suited up in my nicest jeans and my nicest t-shirt. I shaved and did my hair just right. I was gonna be seen by ten thousand people, after all.

Ten minutes later, I hopped on the bus, put in my earbuds, and started playing Tasha’s music. It was the only music I felt I could listen to in these circumstances.

I first met Tasha in college. Her dorm room was across the hall from mine. We started hanging out to study for some science class we were both in. Because neither of us really got along with our roommates, we ended up spending a lot of free time together in the common room. She was kind of shy back then, and I think I was the only person she talked to much.

To be honest, I’d always had a crush on her. I mean, she was a pretty girl with a lot in common with me, so why wouldn’t I take a liking to her? But I never said anything. I couldn’t bare to think of the awkwardness I would face each day living four feet from the girl who rejected me. One time, someone told the two of us that we should date. I remember Tasha had looked down and laughed. I acted like it was funny but I was blushing.

The bus finally reached my stop and I hopped off. I had to walk ten blocks through a neighborhood of abandoned industrial buildings and chainlink fences to get to the address. I was so glad to see Tasha’s car parked on the sidewalk in the distance.

She walked out of the adjacent warehouse and opened her car’s door. She was wearing a white tank top and some sweatpants with her hair up. As she dipped down to grab some equipment from the back seat, I appreciated her beautiful shape. She was looking good.

As she was starting to pull some metal stands out of her car, Tasha saw me approaching and her face lit up. She slid the stands back into the car and started walking toward me with her arms outstretched. “Tony!” she said and we embraced.

I relished her softness until we released each other, and I asked, “Need some help?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she said. “Help me bring this shit inside.”

We walked to her car and each grabbed some of her equipment. She had metal stands, and some big lights. When we walked into the warehouse I saw that it was completely empty and, judging by its disrepair, had probably been abandoned a decade ago. “Wow,” I said, peering at the high ceiling.

“Kinda cool, isn’t it?” said Tasha.

“Yeah, how’d you get permission to use it?”

Tasha shot me a cheeky grin. “We don’t need permission, you square.” I laughed. “I thought this place would look kinda cool, and it’s free, so…”

“Is anybody else coming?”

“Yeah!” she said. “Remember Hajrah? She’s got some film equipment, and her friend is coming too to help. They don’t get here till eleven though.”

“Why did I have to get here early?” I whine, mock-offended.

“Because you’re my best friend so you illegal bahis have to do more work.” Tasha put down the metal stand in just the right spot and walked toward me. “Plus, you’re stronger than them.” And she squeezed my bicep.

“You think flattery is gonna work?”


“Well you’re right, Ash,” I said decisively. She laughed and started heading back to her car. I only glanced at her ass once as I followed her out.

I was the first person to refer to Tasha as Ash. That was in our first year at college. At first she thought I was calling her ashy, so I kept using the name Ash it just to mess with her. When we both got more friends, they followed my lead and called her Ash too. I guess she grew to like it because she posts her music under the name “Ash Tee.” Her real name is Tasha Cotell, but she never liked her last name, so she made her first initial into her last name.

We set up her lights, and spent about half an hour jury-rigging a pink sheet to hang up like a green screen.

“I think that’s all you have to do for now, Tony,” Tasha said.

“Good, I’m sick of this shit,” I teased, as I sat down by the pink sheet and took out my phone.

“I’m gonna change before Hajrah and them get here. Don’t peek.” She grabbed a duffle bag and walked to the other side of the pink sheet.

It was total silence except for what she was doing. I heard Tasha drop the bag to the floor and squat down to unzip it. She rummaged through it for a second and took out some piece of clothing and aired the wrinkles out. Then I heard something come off her body, then her sneakers, then what I assume were her sweatpants came off too.

I honed in on her breathing. It was soft but became ever so strained for a moment, before I heard her bra straps slide down her arms. Then the elastic snap of Tasha adjusting her panties.

Tasha didn’t really get her confidence until junior year. Before that, she was nervous around people and too ashamed of her body to wear anything more revealing than a t-shirt and shorts. But when she realized that she could come out of her shell and people would still like her, she got more comfortable in her own skin. She started wearing tank tops, short shorts, and the occasional dress. I was glad, not just because I was proud of her, but also because it afforded me some great views. She had the figure of an angel. I don’t know if angels are supposed to have sexy bodies, but you know what I mean anyway.

Tasha had smooth skin and a beautiful wide, round ass. Her breasts weren’t so special, but I liked them a lot anyway. She had an hourglass figure, though she had a bit of a belly which I think only added to her charm. I’d seen her in a bathing suit a handful of times, but she wore this one-piece suit that covered her pretty well. One time, I stayed at her apartment a little too late and she let me sleep on her couch. Early in the morning, when she probably thought I was still asleep, I watched her walk from her bedroom to the bathroom in her underwear. Of course I’ve never mentioned it to her, but I think about that moment a lot more than I’d like to admit.

“So, are you feeling excited?” Ash’s voice snapped me back to reality from the other side of the sheet. I wondered if she was still naked.

“Oh, uh, yeah. I’m probably more excited than you are,” I replied.

“You’re probably right,” said Tasha, muffled by whatever she was pulling over her head. “I’m pretty nervous actually.”

“Hey, why you nervous for?”

I heard her zip up the duffle bag and walk around to me. She was wearing a thin-fabric pink dress, and I admired her figure. “Tony… I actually have a question I gotta ask you,” she said, seriously.

“Yeah, what is it?” I said, squinting.

“I… Okay, so… I need…” A car pulled up outside. Tasha stopped. “We’ll talk about it later.”

Hajrah and her friend arrived, and the shoot went pretty smoothly. Basically it went like this: We would go to a particular backdrop (the warehouse, the sheet, or Tasha’s car, and then Tasha would lip sync through the whole song once or twice in that setting while dancing however she wants. Then she would change her outfit and we’d shoot with a different backdrop. Hajrah had these “gels” for the lights to make it look different colors. Tasha is a great dancer. I was honestly surprised at how sexual her dancing was. I had to hide an erection at one point.

Then came the parts of the video with me in it. I guess I was supposed to be like her boyfriend or her love interest, but for some reason she didn’t want my face to be shown. She said I was supposed to represent an “abstract” person or something like that, that a viewer could imagine any face on me.

Tasha had everything really thoroughly planned out. She got a shot of us leaning against a wall laughing, one of our feet playing footsie, one of her wrapping her arms around my waist and smiling up at me. It was nice. Ash is the type of girl that’s so good at acting that when she pretends to be in love with you it can really make you illegal bahis siteleri blush.

In the last shot we got, she pressed me against the side of her car and lifted my shirt off. I thought it would be weird to have two near-strangers watching, but we had a good laugh as soon as Tasha called cut. Wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

At around one o’clock, we were done, and Tasha changed back into her regular clothes. Hajrah offered to help load stuff back into Tasha’s car, but Tasha insisted that she and I could handle it, so Hajrah and her friend left. We waved at them as their car drove off.

“This went good,” I said.

“Yeah, it did…” Tasha said, sounding a little nervous.

“I’m sure it’ll come out great. The footage looks so good,” I said as I headed into the warehouse to start packing up. Tasha walked quickly after me and put her hand on my shoulder to turn me around.

“There’s one more thing, actually,” Tasha said, looking up at me intensely.

“What is it?”

“It’s um…” She was struggling to maintain eye contact with me. “It’s… sort of a favor I have to ask. And it’s, like, you really don’t have to do it if you’re not comfortable doing it…”

“I mean, anything for your video.”

Ash grabbed one of my hands with both of hers and looked down. This is something she always did when she nervous to tell me something, and I felt the gravity of it immediately. “So I sort of wanted the video to end with a shot of, like, I take the male lover character into the backseat of the car, like in the lyrics, and I would pull his pants down. And, like, in my artistic vision, you would… sort of see his dick for just a second?” She looked up at me with an uncertain look on her face.

My eyes widened. “Oh. Hm.”

Tasha rambled at an amazing pace. “And you really, really don’t have to, or you could do the same sort of shot but you can have your boxers on and we don’t have to do the dick thing. I mean, I just sort of had a gut feeling in my artistic vision for the video and all. And it’s- I mean, I can explain all the reasoning behind it if you want. I know it’s weird cuz were friends, but you’re also, like, the only guy I know well enough to ask and…”

“It makes sense, Tasha. Don’t worry about asking me,” I said, placing my hand on her shoulder to comfort her. But I really didn’t expect her to ask me that and I didn’t know what to think. “Uhhh, I just need to think about it for a minute, okay?”

“Okay! And it’s no pressure, really! I’ll… just be right back.” And she went out to her car.

Why does she want my dick in her video? Maybe she thinks it’ll get more views… Maybe she just wants to see it? Ha. Well, she said it was her artistic vision. But am I really gonna whip my dick out on the internet? Ohh, that’s why she never showed my face. So that people wouldn’t be able to link me to my dick. I mean, I’m not really ashamed of my dick because it’s a good size. Even if it’s just acting, Tasha would really be getting me naked. Would she be getting naked too? … Does she want this to lead to something?

I walked outside, where Tasha was setting up a tripod. “I’ll do it, Ash.”

She was delighted. “Oh great! I was so afraid to ask and- Do you mean you’ll do the full thing?”

“Yeah, the- anything you need.”

“Okay, great. Let’s get ready.” She walked back into the warehouse and I followed. She picked up her duffle bag. “I really didn’t have to change out of my costume, but I wanted the others to believe that we were done.” I laughed. “If you wanna go to the other side of the sheet while I change and you can just… make sure you don’t have your underwear on under your jeans.”

“Oh, sure, okay,” I said. I walked to the other side of the sheet, with the whole situation feeling a little more real. I started to undo my fly when I noticed something.

Since one of the lights was still on, and Tasha was standing between the light and the sheet… I could see her through the sheet. It was blurry and shadowy, but I could see her head to toe. She pulled her tank top over her head. I pulled my pants down at the same time she did hers. When she was unhooking her bra, I was pulling off my boxers. I hardly cared that I had my cock and balls and cheeks were on full display in an empty warehouse, because I could see faintly see my best friend’s tits which I had imagined so much before. Then, to my surprise, she pulled off her panties. I could barely make out her ass crack, but it was truly beautiful. Sadly, she pulled her dress over her head and started walking in my direction. I quickly stuck my feet in my pants and pulled them up, but I think she caught a glimpse of my ass as I struggled to zip up my jeans without pinching my growing dick.

“Still zipping up? What took you so long?” she asked.

“Uh- Didn’t know where to put my boxers,” I lied.

“Here. I’ll take them.” Tasha scooped them up off the floor and tossed them in her duffle bag with her outfits. “We’re filming it in the car. I said that, right?” she said as canlı bahis siteleri she started walking there.

I hesitated for a moment and then followed. The thin fabric of her dress slid between her ass cheeks as she walked. “First we’re gonna get a shot from the outside of the car of us going in,” she said. I nodded.

Tasha mounted the camera onto the tripod and put it pretty close to the car door. Then she opened and closed the door to make sure it wouldn’t hit the camera.

“That looks good,” she said. “Oh, and this is right after the shot where I took your shirt off, so…” I nodded and took my shirt off. “Thanks. So you just go against the car here like we were before.” I got into position. “So… we’ll sort of be… feeling up on each other. You know. And I’ll reach around you and open the car door. And I push you into the car. Okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, heart beating.


“Yep.” If I said more, my voice would have given away my nervousness.

She hit record on the camera and walked over to me. “Okay.” She put one hand on my hip and another on my bare shoulder. She laughed a little. “I’m sorry. I know this is awkward.”

“Nah, it’s not,” I said. “This is just normal stuff that friends do.” She laughed and I reached around to put my hands on the small of her back.

“Okay, um, action,” Ash said, smiling bashfully. She put her hands all over my arms and torso. I just glided my hands up and down her back a little. We were both holding back our laughter at the awkwardness of it. She said “Cut” and we both laughed.

“Was I not good enough?” I teased.



“You could make it a little sexier,” she said.

“Like how?”

She rolled her eyes. “Like, you could grab my ass or something.”

“I’m starting to think you’re just using me cuz you wanna get touched.”

She giggled and pretended to be annoyed. “Whatever.” She put her hands back into position. “Maybe we should, like, kiss a little this time?”

“Girl, you’re too horny,” trying not to let on just how much I wanted it.

“Oh, get over yourself. I just don’t wanna have to look you in your stupid face.” As if it were a normal thing friends do, I kissed her and she started feeling her hands around me. As requested, I slid my hands down her back to her ass. I grabbed both soft cheeks and she exhaled. I left one hand on her ass and put the other one on the back of her head. It was a light kiss, but its warmth filled my head and poured all the way down to my toes. She leaned into me I felt her curves against me. There was only a thin layer of fabric between our chests.

She reached behind me and grabbed the door handle. We shuffled back together as she swung the door open. I wasn’t sure how to get into a car backwards, but Ash guided me with her hands and I trusted her. I landed on the seat and scooted backwards to the other side. She planted her knees on the seat and shut the door behind her as she got on all fours above me.

We stopped in that position and I noticed we were both breathing heavily.

“Okay,” she said, smiling. “Uh, g-ood take. Cut.” She got out of the car and stopped the camera. I watched her from inside the car, my head full of primal thoughts.

She brought the camera into the backseat and started to set up the tripod between the driver seat and passenger seat. It was awkward. The only sound was each of us breathing. She leaned forward into the front seat with her ass in front of my face. With the camera set up, she got out of the car and went into the front seat to look at the camera screen.

“Okay,” she said. “Can you get into position?”

“What position?”

“Like, the middle seat. Yeah, there. Raise your butt off the seat a little? Good. Okay…” Ash came back around into the backseat and sat politely, looking me in the eye. “I wanna make sure you’re okay with this. I don’t want you to feel pressu-“

“I told you it’s good!” I laughed a little to lighten the mood. “Anything for you.”

She kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks.”

She got out of the car and I followed. “So, for this next shot,” she explained, “we start off where the last shot left off. I’m pushing you into the car, and then, when you’re in the middle seat area, I, um, pull off your jeans, if that’s okay…”

“Yeah, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

She giggled a little. “Sorry, right. And it can really be at whatever pace because I’m gonna cut together short clips of it. Got it? Ready?”


“And if you feel uncomfortable just say stop… Action…” She leaned in and started kissing me as she opened the car door and lead me inside. We ended up seated next to each other, making out. I felt electricity all through me and I was getting hard my fly.

She whispered in my ear. “I’m gonna do it now.” I nodded and she brought her hands down to unbutton my fly. Then she pulled down on the zipper. She was staring down at the region with a lot of focus.

As she pulled my jeans down, she was watching my crotch and I was watching her face. I understand why she was fixated on it, but I was surprised that she wasn’t more subtle about it. And then my half-hard dick was out and my bare butt touched the leather seat. And Tasha’s staring right down at it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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