A Very Special Marriage


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“I wouldn’t blame you if you left me but it would break my heart if you did.”

She’s sitting at the dining room table. She just came home from being with her lover. She’s been gone over night. There is a large stain on her blouse. I know it’s his cum.

“He fucked me twice and then he had a friend of his fuck me while he watched. I kept thinking about you the whole time, how hard this must be for you. I also thought how much me doing all of this turns you on in your submissive way. When he brought me home he had me go down on him in the driveway. He came in my mouth, baby, right in our driveway. I thought maybe you’d see from the window. That man is insatiable. I can still taste him in my mouth.”

She teases me relentlessly about him, the things he does with her. She smiles that cute smile of hers, looks at me and studies my face. She is wearing the pink short skirt she wore when she left last night. Her crisp white blouse is tight and accentuates her beautiful breasts and the push up bra she is wearing. The stain on her blouse is all over her right breast in front. She had me help dress her before she left. She loves that I only get to see the lingerie, the things she wears for him that I’m not allowed to touch.

“You still able to take this, baby, are you? Are you holding up, little man? Are you? You know I need you to be strong. In your weak sissy submissive way.”

She laughs, stares at me. I have tears of submissive jealousy in my eyes. I feel ashamed of what I am. I am a cuckold house husband. I am her slave. And I am addicted to the way she treats me. I can’t hide my small semi erection as I kneel in front of her. My penis is worthless to her. She reminds of that often.

I told her just over a year ago that I wanted to be her full time house husband and slave. I told her all my submissive fantasies over the first year of our marriage but in the last year or so I begged her to be my Mistress, begged hard. I pleaded with her to be my Dominatrix Mistress. She started slowly but soon blossomed into the role of my owner and total Mistress. She soon took full advantage of that role, and me. Eight months ago she decided that I should never be allowed to wear clothing in her house. Soon after that she discovered that she got hot, got wet, restraining and using a riding crop, paddle and whip on me. It was then that she decided that I should not be allowed to cum in her, that I should only fuck her for her enjoyment, and only when on a leash held like a dog from behind her, used as her human dildo. She teased me about my penis being small and told me that she would need a ‘real man’ to satisfy her, that she had to find one soon. She would drive me crazy teasing me like that. She kept me hard almost constantly. Five months ago she actually did it. She took a lover. She started seeing my boss.

She leans forward.

“Well? Do you love me? Do you love what I’ve become for you? Do you?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I feel my face redden.

“When I think about you with him, think about you being my Mistress, I get hard. I want to masturbate all the time thinking about that. But when you’re with him I get so jealous. I want to beg you not to see him anymore…I cry sometimes. It hurts so bad sometimes, Mistress…”

My voice trails off, quivering.

“When you told me you wanted me to fuck another man, confided your fantasy to me, who’d have thought we’d be on this path. You made this happen, darling.”

She laughs. She snaps her fingers and points to the floor. I quickly put my eyes to the floor.

“I know this is hard for you. Too late now, baby, I love this. And now that I’ve found a lover that can handle this type relationship it makes it all the more perfect, baby. I truly love you but I have to say I can’t turn back now. And I like your jealousy. It proves that my little man loves me deeply. And I not only love the ‘Mistress’ thing baby, it’s what I truly am. You made me see that. And my lover is now completing that picture. He does things no other man has ever done for me. Every woman should have a lover like that man. I’m being honest with you. He makes me want to do the dirtiest things. I’ve never been more sexually hot for a man, baby. I’m turned on all time thinking about him. Sorry, but that’s the truth. I think the sexiest thoughts. And much of that is around you, little man. Don’t think you don’t fit into all of this. You do, hugely so. I couldn’t love you more, sweetie. Don’t you ever forget that. I do think about you when I’m with him. When I’m being his whore.”

She pendik escort stands, walks to the cupboard and takes out a cup. She pours herself coffee and sits back at the table. She pats my head as she walks passed me, kneeling on the floor naked.

“Do you love me?”

I start to stammer.

“Oh yes, Ma’am, yes, yes, yes. I love you…I adore you.”

She sips her coffee.

“I can see from that little erection you find me attractive and this dirty lifestyle of ours very sexy. Your little thing isn’t even close to the size of his, you know. He’s huge. And he knows how to use it. You want me to be sexually happy, don’t you, honey? And you want me to be the dominant Mistress and hot wife you fantasized about, right? Isn’t that right, little man?”

“Yes, yes, yes, Ma’am…yes…”

“I know you worry about me, being gone all night. I kind of like that. You’ll get used to it. He doesn’t want me to leave you, you know. He’s not going to steal me away from you. You never have to worry about that. And I wouldn’t leave you even if he wanted me to. You’re my husband. But he does want access to me whenever he wants me. And I like that too. He wants to be able to fuck me whenever he likes. I love that. That’s hot to be wanted by a strong man like that. I won’t deny him, baby. He’s my lover. You have to understand that.”

She stands and unzips her skirt at the side. She lets if fall to the floor. She isn’t wearing the panties she left in last night. She faces me.

“And he wants something else that I’m going to give him. I’m going to show you something. And you are not going to freak out. Look at my rear end, honey, look what my lover did to me.”

She turns away from me, puts her bare rear end up close to my face. She is lined with deep red welts, slight bruises, all across her cheeks.

“He likes to mark me. He whipped me last night in front of his friend. I never thought I’d like that but I did, talk about scared to death. I cried hard when he did it. It all happened very fast. It was the first time he did that to me. I now know how you must feel when I whip you.”

She laughed loud.

“It’s not fun when it’s actually happening, is it baby. He did it before he fucked me for the second time. He held my arm behind my back and whipped me with his belt, right across his lap. He made me go down on his friend after he did that, ordered me to do it. I never felt hotter, ever. I came while sucking his friend. I’ve never been more sexually alive. He must have enjoyed that, feeling me shake and cry while I had his cock in my mouth. I didn’t want it to end. There’s a lot to be said about being a sex slave.”

She smiles at me. I feel myself start to quiver, start to cry. I feel almost uncontrollable jealousy as she relives it all right in front of me.

“We’re not turning back, baby. I love this man. He makes me want to do things I’ve never done before. He brings out a super submissive side of me. He teases, says he wants me to be his slave girl. And I like it. I get wet thinking about it now, like being whipped and fucked in the ass, given away by a Master, being owned by a real man, I like that. And having a submissive husband at home too, it’s all so decadently delicious, baby, so fucking kinky. I love it.”

She looks down at me, over her shoulder.

“I told you that on the first date with him he was hypnotic, addictive, that he was different. I told you how strong and demanding he is. When I went with him the first time I knew I’d want much more of him. And you have to be strong when I tell you this, baby. I love him. I really do. I told him that.”

I start to cry openly.

“Put your face up between my cheeks, baby. Be a good boy. Make mama feel good with your mouth. Let me comfort you. We’ll get you through all of this. It’s what you really want, baby. Trust me, I know what’s best for my little man. Put your mouth on me, baby. Put that pretty face up into my butt. Lick my rear end. That always makes you feel better. And I love the way you do that for me.”

She purrs to me, soft sexy talk. I do as she requests, start to lick and suck her rear, her inner cheeks soaked with my tears. I openly cry as I lick and suck her.

“Oooooo, yes. That’s my little man. Yes! I love this kinky relationship we have, baby. I love it! And so does my lover. We’ve talked about you, talked about you in detail.”

She reaches back and takes my hair in her hand. She pulls my face up into her, holds me tight.

“He’s wants me collared. He wants to have me in a locking collar. escort pendik He wants something that makes a statement about his ownership of me. That touched me.”

She feels me slightly pull back. She holds me firmly in place.

“He said I have nothing to say about that at this point. I came when he said that to me. He was on top of me, in me when he told me that. I am to become his to use as he pleases. And he said something else too. He said you have anything to say about it. He was very firm about that. Oh my…! Ahh…that’s it, run your tongue in and out…ahhhh, yes.”

As I fuck her with my tongue I taste her butt, his cum.

“I’m serious. I got so wet hearing him talk like that. I told him he could do anything he wanted with me. When he’s in me, on top of me, talking in my ear, whispering to me, I don’t want it to end. I was dripping for him. I’ve never felt like I do for this man. And the fact that he’s your boss is so convenient, isn’t it?”

She laughed loud. She pulled my head back by my hair, turned and faced me. I could see his cum all over the tops of her stockings, the marks from his belt all over her butt.

“He’s going to have a talk with you in his office on Monday. He’s going to tell you about the collar I’m going to wear for him and what it all means. It’s going to be a very elegant and beautiful collar, expensive jewelry baby, kind of like a wedding ring. He’ll be able to restrain me by it, lock me to a ring in the floor or wall, he says. Does that turn you on? It did me. Me, restrained and fucked, whipped by my lover? Ooooo, look at that little dick of yours. We both know the answer to my question. You love this. And the part that really turns me on is that you are going to pay for my collar. He’ll explain it all to you on Monday in his office. He’ll give you all the details about our new relationship.”

She pulled me up to my feet by my hair and took my small erection into her hand. She started to stroke around the head of it, heard me wince, whimper as she did.

“Your wife and Mistress collared and a slave to her lover. What would the neighbors say?”

She laughed, kissed my cheek. She stroked me faster.

“When he came in me the second time he did it in my butt. I’m sure you know that from licking me back there. I can’t tell you how much I loved that too. It really drives home my submission to him. You could probably taste him, back there. I haven’t gone to the bathroom since they both fucked me, baby. His friend did it that way too. He fucked my ass, honey. Think about that. He wanted my pussy by my lover wouldn’t let him have me that way, only my mouth and my butt. My Master said only he gets my pussy. He told his friend in front of me that he owns that. All I could say was ‘Yes, Sir.’ I was dizzy with desire.”

She strokes me, masturbates me. I am shaking, consumed with jealousy and submissive sexual addiction.

“We had a long talk about you on the way home, baby. He told me you can’t fuck me anymore. You gonna be okay with that? Are you? Not that you really fuck me anymore anyway, right? I told him I’d do that for him, let him own my pussy completely. Tell me you’re okay with that. This little thing never did much for me anyway. Don’t worry. I’ll still use my hand on you. And I’ll let you masturbate for my amusement like I do now.”

Her hand slips over the precum on the head of my penis.

“Ahhh…ooo, yes, Mistress, yesss…please don’t stop, yesssss…I love you…”

“I’ll still let you lick me from behind, lick my pussy too sometimes. After all, you’re my husband. And I know how to please my little man with my hand, don’t I? You love this hand.”

She kisses my lips, pulls her head back and looks into my eyes.

“You love all this dirty talk too, don’t you my little man? I’m very good at that, aren’t I? I know how to work you, baby. You know I do. Now I want you to cum in my hand. Do it. Cum for mama.”

She pumps me faster, strokes me to make me cum for her. It didn’t take long.

I do. I cum all over her hand, drip onto the floor. After I finish shaking, whimpering, dripping into her palm she pulls her hand back off of me. She stares at me as my face looks to the floor. I feel abject shame. She knows that.

“You don’t feel all hot and turned on now, do you. After you cum the game’s not fun anymore is it, baby? All the kinky fire is gone, right? You don’t like it anymore, do you little man.”

I feel her tighten her grip in my hair. I see her hold out her hand, covered with my cum, held at her side. She pendik escort bayan glares at me.

“It’s not a game anymore, honey, is it? And we both know you’ll be crazy hot around being my cuckold slave again in less than an hour. Should I set the stove timer?”

She laughs, then gets very serious and stern. She stares at me.

“I’m serious about all of this. I’m going forward with this. We’ve reached a new level, me and you. And him too. I’m going to have a very hot relationship with this man. I love him. I don’t care how hard this is for you. I own you. I should whip right now, just to prove that.”

I stare at the floor. I start to cry.

“Yes, cry. Do it. I actually like that. I’m getting wet.”

She laughs.

“Cry, little man!”

She yanks my hair. I start to cry harder for her.

“No more fucking for my little man. Only my hand, baby, only my hand. And when you see my pretty collar you’ll know what I am and what you are even more. I say it again, I wouldn’t blame you if you left me. Do you want to leave? I’d completely understand if you did.”

“No, Ma’m…no…please…no…don’t leave me, I don’t ever want you to leave…ever. Please…please…own me…please…”

She holds her cum drenched hand up to my mouth as I stammer and beg.

“Good. I wouldn’t want that. You are my husband, my one and only husband. And I love you. We are married for better or for worse. And I think this is better. Now clean my hand.”

She watches as I lick her hand clean, tears running down my cheeks as I swallow my own cum.

“It’s going to be okay, baby. It really is. This is going to be so good for both of us. He’s the right lover for me. And after he talks with you in his office on Monday it’ll make it all even better.”

She watches as I swallow my cum, slightly gag at the taste.

“I’m going upstairs and getting into bed. I need some sleep. I was up all night. They never stopped using me, as I’m sure you can imagine. One after the other, all night long, they were very demanding. It was the first time he brought a friend. I never knew a girl could be used so thoroughly.”

She laughs, wipes her hand on the side of my face.

“I bet you’re starting to get all hot and bothered again, just a little bit. Am I right, mama’s little boy? I bet the thought of me sucking his cock in his car in our driveway gets you excited. Think about that. Soon he’ll be having me do that all over our house, fuck me here anytime he wants. That will give you plenty to think about when you masturbate. I know how your dirty mind works, don’t I?”

She pats my cheek, reaches down and takes my penis in her hand. She feels it stir, go slightly erect.

“Naughty boy! See? Do I know my little man or what?”

She reaches back and slaps my rear end.

“We may have to get a cage for this thing to keep that submissive mind of yours submissive all the time. My lover and I talked about that too. Now I’m going up to bed. Try not to make any noise down here while you do your house work. I don’t want to be disturbed. We’ll go out for a nice dinner later on tonight. Just the two of us, very romantic, out with my loving husband.”

She smiled, put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“I love you, love you very much. Don’t you ever forget that. This is what you are now for me. And I love you for it. I do.”

She pulled away from me, picked her skirt up off the floor and walked to the stairs. Her heels clicking, her beautiful rear end covered in bright red stripes moving as she walked.

I watched her go up the stairs, felt my penis grow erect as her naked hips swayed with each step. I pictured him fucking her rear end. I sat at the dining room table stunned. A new chapter of our life together was being opened. I felt the dread and apprehension of going into to face my boss on Monday, face him for the first time knowing that he knows all about me and my submissive role in my marriage, knowing he is my wife’s and now my by default Master. Up until now she’d been having an affair with him based on the fantasy I’d told her about at least a thousand times while we’d have sex. That was all about to change. It was her reality now and no longer my fantasy. We now have a dominant Master in our lives. I felt myself go totally erect at the thought.

She was right. There was no turning back. I started to masturbate thinking about it all. And she was right about another thing. I was turned on again and sexually addicted to it all. I felt the gnawing apprehension of meeting with my boss on Monday. But I looked forward to it too. I was her slave. And his slave now too. I felt that deeply as I sat and masturbated. I thought to myself that I would do whatever he told me to do. I would be a good husband.

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