A Reunion to Remember Pt. 02


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Greg woke up alone, trying to recall where he was. He spotted Ella’s backpack in the corner of the tent and wondered where she had gone. He checked his watch; it was only 6.30am.

Ella meanwhile had woken at 6am, full of a nervous sort of energy that she knew she would have to run off. She had pulled on some clothes and her trainers, grabbed a bottle of water from the cool box and just took off through the trees. With her ear buds in, she turned up her music, running in time to the beat. The sun was properly up by the time the path she had been following opened out on to the cliff top. Ella came to a halt, breathless from the long run; resting her hands on her knees while she tried to catch her breath. She sat on the grass, drinking her water and watching the sunlight bounce off of the calm water.

Even after her run, her head was still a mess of jumbled thoughts. She wished it was just her and Greg here, so they could properly sit down and talk about what was happening. She wasn’t ready for anyone to know anything yet; plus, what was there to know? Were they together now? What about when Greg flew out again to return to work? How long would it be before she saw him again? Ella’s head hurt thinking about it. She just hoped Greg hadn’t told the others anything yet.

Ella stood, stretching her calves out slightly, before starting her jog back to the campsite. Regardless of what was happening with Greg, she had another day of beach and sea ahead of her. Her stomach growled as she got closer to the site, breathing in the delicious smell of frying bacon. You could always count of Hannah to keep them well fed!

The others were sat around outside the tents when Ella made it back. “There’s bacon in the pan for you,” Hannah called through a mouthful of bread. Ella beamed at her, heading to the pan to make herself a bacon sandwich. She glanced over casually at Greg. He must have returned to his and Mitchel’s tent at some point as he was wearing a fresh set of clothes.

After breakfast, they packed up some snacks and towels, ready to head to the beach. Ella had changed out of her running clothes and back into her bikini. As soon as they reached the beach, she was straight in the sea, swimming out into the cool water. She closed her eyes, treading water while the sun caressed her face. Ella glanced at the beach. She could see Gareth and Hannah cozied up together, she could only guess what they were doing! On the other side of the small beach, Mitchel and Greg sat together, the small haze of smoke above them telling Ella that Greg was ‘trying to relax’ again.

Ella swam back, making her way back to the rock she had dried off on yesterday, before Greg had showed up.

Greg never took his eyes off of Ella, the whole time she was in the water. All he could think about was last night; how it felt being with her. He had rolled a joint, hoping it would calm his racing thoughts. If Mitchel noticed him watching Ella, he didn’t mention it. Mitchel was quite happy to take the joint Greg had rolled for him; sitting on the sand, listening to the music playing through a wireless speaker he had bought along.

Greg watched as Ella slid on to the rock, the water running down her body and pooling casino oyna around her. He watched as she put her ear buds in and turned her music on. She was obviously hoping to spend some time soaking up the sun, enjoying her music. Greg felt the pull on his shorts as he started to get hard. It didn’t help that Gareth and Hannah were making out not far from him. He looked back at Ella. He could see her chest rising and falling as she breathed steadily. All he could think of was how she had growled when he had bitten her nipple. His cock throbbed; he was grateful that Mitchel had laid down and couldn’t see his raging hard on.

Most of the day passed with them relaxing on the sand and swimming in the warm ocean. They came together to eat just after midday, before Mitchel started opening beers for everyone. The warm sun and the beers made Ella feel hazy. She led back, resting her head on Mitchel’s thigh and closing her eyes. She dozed for a bit against his leg, listening to the others talk. Suddenly the conversation turned to Greg’s time away and his sex life. Ella stilled, hardly daring to breath.

“Nothing to tell really.” Greg shrugged, “Work keeps me too busy for any of that.” Gareth laughed, “I don’t believe that you haven’t fucked ANYONE in the last two years!”

“I couldn’t go two days, let alone two years!” Added Hannah in disbelief. Ella opened her eyes, turning her head slightly to look at Greg’s face. He glanced at her fleetingly before answering; “There’s someone I’m close to. I didn’t want to ruin my chances by fucking around.”

Ella’s mind was swimming. Had he really not been with another woman this whole time just for her? Ella knew he hadn’t had anything serious, but assumed there had been the odd one-night stand. She looked at him again. He was starting to look uncomfortable. “I seem to have run out of beer,” Ella called, to no one in particular; allowing the topic of conversation to change as Mitchel passed her another. Greg couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Watching her silently as she drank from the bottle, before wedging it next to her in the sand. He wished she was lying on his lap, rather than Mitchel’s. He wanted to touch her, run his fingers through her hair, anything.

Before long, everyone was hungry again; packing up their stuff to head back to the campsite. Greg hung back, waiting for Ella to collect her things from the rock by the sea. They hadn’t really spoken all day. He wandered slowly down the beach towards her. “Did you mean what you said earlier?” Ella asked, not daring to turn around and look at him. She heard Greg sigh behind her. “I came close a couple of times, but I couldn’t go through with it. Had to make up an excuse and leave.” Ella turned to look at him, “But why?”

“It just wasn’t you.” Greg whispered. “So, does that mean… I mean… Did you?”

Ella startled, “No. I guess I just didn’t connect with anyone.” Greg nodded.

“All I’ve thought about today is you,” Greg replied, “I don’t want this to be a secret. Especially with our friends. I want to be able to talk to you, kiss you even, without worrying about the others seeing!”

“But what is ‘this’?” Ella asked, gesturing between them. “I can’t give myself to you. I can’t let canlı casino myself fall for you, when you’re going to leave again. Being apart as friends was hard enough. I don’t want to be apart from you if it’s something more. We can’t be in a relationship if we only see each other every couple of years.” Ella finished picking up her stuff and went to walk past him. Greg could see the tears in her eyes as she went passed. He stood, unable to follow her when he didn’t have the answers she needed. He took his glasses off and rubbed his face with his hands.

“Get lost, did you?” Mitchel asked, when Greg eventually made it back to the campsite. “Where’s Ella?” Greg asked gruffly, looking around at where the others were sitting. Hannah frowned, “She wasn’t feeling great. She’s gone for a nap. You ok?”

But Greg walked past without replying, heading straight for Ella’s tent. Hannah looked at Gareth and pulled a face. “That’s what happens when you go two years without sex.” Mitchel said knowingly, making the others laugh.

Greg stood outside Ella’s tent, trying to decide what to say. Aware of the others casting glances in his direction, he unzipped it and ducked inside. Ella was curled up in her sleeping bag. Greg could see she was wearing his hoody again. He sat on the ground next to her, watching her pretend to be asleep. He let out a long breath.

“These last two years without you have gone SO slowly.” Greg murmured, hoping Ella was listening. “There were so many things I wanted to share with you and I couldn’t. But I don’t want to go back out there without you. I’ve been waiting to see you for so long, to talk to you about how I felt. Now that I have, I can’t just put those feelings back in a box and walk away.”

Ella didn’t reply, but Greg heard her breathing pause, as if waiting for him to continue. “I want to be with you. No, I need to be with you. I didn’t realise how much you really meant to me until you weren’t there. I can’t go back to feeling so empty, day after day.” Greg sighed again, “I want to come home. I want to start over, do this properly. Go out for dates and stuff. I want to be able to tell people about how amazing you are…” He heard Ella laugh lightly inside the sleeping bag.

Greg sat quietly, unsure what to say next. Ella rolled over to face him. “But your job?” She asked quietly. “It’s just a job.” Greg replied, “There will be another one.”

Ella reached out her hand, taking hold of his top and pulling him towards her. She kissed him tentatively on the lips, breathing in his familiar scent. He kissed her back, leaning in to her; the sexual frustration from earlier in the day rushing back to him, stiffening his cock quickly. “Did anyone even tell you how hot you look in that hoody?”

Ella let out a breathy laugh between kisses, letting him pull it off her. Aware of the others outside, Greg slid into her gently. She wrapped her arms around him and he pushed himself deep inside her. Ella gasped, moving to kiss him again. They were both too wrapped up in one another to notice the zip on the tent open. Hannah gasped, “Oh my gosh! Sorry, I’m sorry…” she looked away from them, “Just coming to tell you that dinner was ready, when you’re ready, no rush…” kaçak casino Hannah hurriedly zipped their tent closed.

Greg blushed. “I was hoping to keep you to myself a bit longer before the others found out.” Ella’s clit throbbed; his cock still nestled inside her. “She did say no rush…” Greg looked down at her and smiled, driving his cock in as far as it would go. The relief of the others knowing, made Greg cum quickly, closely followed by Ella. They pulled their clothes back on, before making their way back to the others.

“Well I suppose I should be thankful you chose to take two years of sexual frustration out on Ella and not me when I passed out last night!” Mitchel chuckled, clearly enjoying their embarrassment. “You’re not my type.” Replied Greg.

They sat down with the others, taking the food offered to them by Hannah. “So…” whistled Gareth after a pause, “We gunna talk about it?”

“Nope.” Replied Greg, scraping the last of the food from his bowl. Gareth nodded, smirking. “So, it was a one off or…”

Greg looked at him. Hannah started to laugh, “Relax, it’s not like you guys have never seen us fooling around!”

“Kind of hard to miss it!” Laughed Ella. Hannah smiled, running a hand down Gareth’s chest, “What can I say? He knows what I like!” Gareth let out a low growl, hearing his girlfriend talk about sex was clearly turning him on. He grabbed her hand and pulled her up. Hannah looked back and winked at the others as Gareth pulled her towards their tent. “I guess I should hit the sack too,” Mitchel stood, “Got a date with my hand.” He gestured rudely at Greg and Ella. “I assume you won’t be bunking with me tonight?”

Greg smiled, “Hopefully not…” Mitchel laughed as Ella blushed. “Night both!” He called, heading back to his tent on his own.

Greg took the tin from his pocket again and began rolling a joint. Ella didn’t object as he took the first drag and passed it to her. In spite of herself, she was almost looking forward to the relaxed buzz that would come next. Greg pulled her into his lap, wrapping his arms around her as they watched the stars reflected off the water. Boldly, Greg dropped his hand into her lap, rubbing her gently. Ella felt herself getting wet, she pushed back against him, grinding her ass into his rapidly hardening cock. He kissed her neck, sliding his other hand up her top, cupping her breast firmly. Excited at the thought of getting caught again, Ella turned around, straddling him. She unzipped his shorts, freeing his cock. Ella pulled her shorts aside, and slid herself down on to his cock. She hadn’t bothered to put her underwear back on when they had dressed earlier.

Greg grabbed on to her hips, rocking her back and forth on his lap as he groaned. Ella kissed him hard, pushing her tongue past his lips into his mouth. Soon Ella was adding to his groans of pleasure, feeling his cock throb as he prepared to cum inside her. She ground down on his lap harder, pushing her clit against him, bringing herself over the edge as he pumped hot cum inside her.

Ella slid off his cock, rearranging her shorts. Greg could see a thin line of his cum dripping down the inside of her thigh. If he wasn’t so tired, he would have taken her again, regardless of who might see them out in the open.

Ella stretched and nodded towards her tent. “You coming?” Greg got to his feet, tucking himself back into his shorts as he followed her to the tent.

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