A Nudge to the Gray Matter Ch. 03


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Just so you know, this tale involves my efforts at tricking my mother into giving me blowjobs and having sex with me. Just because our hero is a perverted guy doesn’t mean he is heartless. Thus she doesn’t get pregnant and there are no STDs to be passed around. Enjoy, just don’t believe.


I rose early Saturday morning and went outside and started washing our three cars. About an hour later Tracy walked outside wearing just her baby doll nightgown which was nearly see-through making her look even more sexy than she is. I was just finishing her car and she gave me a very un-sisterly kiss in thanks. “Thank you for doing this John, but I really wanted to wake you up this morning! You would have really liked it!” After she said that she kissed me again her tongue delving deeply into my mouth.

“Christ sis, we’re going to get caught by mom if you don’t stop it!” I told her sternly as I pushed her back a bit. She started throwing a hissy fit when I spied our mom looking out the window at us. Just before mom stepped outside I sprayed my sister from head to toe with the hose drenching her completely.

“ASSHOLE SHIT!” she screamed at me as she tried to stop the water with her hands.

“Well now, at least that SOUNDS like my kids getting along as usual!” Mom stepped closer then noticed that Tracy appeared to be naked from the front and gasped out, “Oh my god Tracy, cover yourself!”

Tracy stood there with her feet spread shoulder width and her hands at her sides. Mom tried stuttering and stammering but no words came out. Sis looked down and then at both of us before she said, “Are you happy now, bro?”

“Hell yeah sis! And trust me; you have my vote to win ANY wet T-shirt contest that you enter! My god you are beautiful…for a sister!”

“Jesus you sure find strange ways to compliment me. But hey, thanks bro!” Then she backed her way to the house until mom called to her once again to cover up. She didn’t but very slowly turned with a smirk on her face.

Mom got right in my face and shook her finger at my nose barking out, “Don’t you dare EVER do something like that to her again! Good god she’s your SISTER! You don’t do things like that to your sister!”

“She asked for it! Besides, I can’t help what she wore when she came out here any more than I can help what you are wearing.”

Mom had on her pale flower print robe over what I guessed was her usual shear nightgown. I had never seen her in any of her nightgowns but every one that I ever saw in the laundry was extremely see through. It took her about ten seconds to realize what I was saying. The moment her facial expression changed I said, “Ohhhh yeah!” and sprayed her full force with the hose turning her two layers into nearly the same state as Tracy’s had been moments ago.

Mom surprised me by jumping at me instead of running for the house. The hose was trapped between us spraying full force right on her chest as she smacked and punched at me with her one free hand while she held to me with the other. I am nearly a foot taller than she is so I just bent down and grabbed her in one arm and stood back up, her feet flailing wildly below us.

“Put me down, you little shit!” she yelled.

“If I was little I wouldn’t have to put you down,” I told her. “Have I told you just how HOT you look when you are wet? Like that white bikini…or right now!”


“Well you are mom! And I don’t blame that dork from last night for growing so many hands! I love you mom, you’re the best!” I said as I started letting her slide down my body. What I didn’t think of was how the water was affecting my own shorts which are a light tan, very thin, and I was going commando. Having her body tightly squirming against me was having a marked effect on my cock that was nearly half hard by then. The water made my thin shorts cling to every little bump and hair on my cock making me look almost like a marble statue.

Once mom could stand on her feet she shoved my hand away deflecting the water from her chest. She looked down to inspect her front to determine just how visible she was — and she REALLY WAS — then she pulled her top away from her body trying to hide her boobs from my view when her eyes finally beheld my manhood poking straight out against my shorts. If she had stayed before me for another half minute she would have seen me pointing nearly straight up but she didn’t. In stead she looked at my eyes then my cock once more, her mouth gaping wide, before she simply turned and ran for the house without a word. I looked down and laughed at my hard-on, then put the nozzle inside my shorts and sprayed the cold water onto my cock quickly shrinking it down to near normal.

I went back to washing the remaining cars and finally put everything away and walked back inside. Mom was in the kitchen puttering around doing something and blushed as she moved away from me when I went to the fridge for a cold Coke. She was dressed in a motherly looking top and shorts. When I moved to sit at the table she stepped away from me once more.

“Are you still mad at me mom?”

Her sarıyer escort head snapped towards me and her eyes flicked to my crotch before our gaze met. “No son, I’m not mad at you! You were just being your goofy self, maybe just a little bit more than usual. But my reaction was totally unacceptable! I…I’m your mother and I never should have reacted like I did.”

“But mom, you just got wet! How is that ‘reacting’?”

“Never mind.”

“Yeah sure…whatever you say mom. But I still think it’s been way too long for you since you…um, you know.”

“Not you too! First your sister and now YOU! Whether I am or am not doing…um, well you know…is none of your business young man! And it’s none of Tracy’s either!”

“Well, obviously WE think it is!” She flinched when I spoke louder than I needed to. “Good grief mom, you are really sexy for a woman of forty!”

“I am ONLY 37 I’ll have you know!”

“Even better! Good god mom, you know you are at your sexual peak! Shit you must be going out of your mind with horniness!”


“I already said it…and I can’t take it back even if I wanted to.” Grabbing my Coke I stood up and moved closer to her as I said, “I love you mom, with all my heart! And just so you know, before you ran inside this morning you looked so incredibly hot! The guys at school would say you looked ‘good enough to eat’!” Her mouth dropped open about two inches and she just stared as I gave her a good once over with my eyes while I left the room.

I was about fifteen feet through the family room when I heard her plop onto a chair gasping out “JESUS H!” I laughed inside as I went to my room to study.

After about 2 hours Tracy slipped into my room and snuggled up super close to me. “Hi my super wonderful brother, could a horny gal interest you in some fun?”

‘Damn’ I thought, ‘once her barrier was broken down she turned out to be insatiable!’ What I said was, “Are you sure we should, you are my sister after all!”

“Oh no you don’t! You don’t let me suck you off, then fuck the shit out of me many times before eating me out till I cum like crazy and THEN say we can’t do it!” Her chest was heaving with anxiety as she scoped out my package. Tracy reached down and stroked my cock several times before saying, “Just let me suck you off John. We both love it when I do that for you, and I am much quieter with your huge cock down my throat.”

“Well that is true, and you suck my cock quite well. But what if mom catches us? How do we explain that to…”

“JOHN, TRACY, come down here please!”

“See what I mean?”


“You go first while I let my cock go down,” I said.

“I’ll go first, but you should come down close behind me WITH your huge boner!” When she was finished saying that Tracy jerked my shorts down to my knees and sucked my cock voraciously for about 15 seconds before sucking HARD while pulling slowly off of me. “There, that should keep you up for awhile!”

“Jesus sis,” I groaned as I pulled my shorts back up.

Tracy moved quickly to my door, opened it and stepped out then loudly called out, “Come on John, mom needs us downstairs!” Then she smiled wickedly and hurried down to our mom.

I walked into the room about a minute after Tracy. Mom looked to me as she started saying, “Oh good, you’re here, I need both of…OH…MY…GOD!” Her eyes were locked onto my raging hard cock barely contained by my shorts.

“I’m sorry mom; it sounded like you wanted me down here right away. Should I go back upstairs?”

Her eyes never left my crotch as she struggled to say, “Um no…no…um…you…you’re here now…so just…stay like you are…WHERE you are!”

“Wow bro, nice package! I might have to check that out sometime,” Tracy said with a grin mom never saw.

It took mom about 10 to 15 seconds to register what her daughter had just said. Her head snapped around to look at my sister and she gasped, “My god Tracy, that’s your brother! I mean he’s your brother and you shouldn’t think like that!”

“Yes he sure is but that’s the biggest shorts tent I’ve ever seen! What I wouldn’t give to wrestle with a big hard cock like that!”


I walked over to where mom was sitting and stood right in front of her. She turned her head from where she had been looking at Tracy only to find my hard-on right in her face. She started saying, “Both of you need to help m…OH GODDD!” Her jaw dropped as she gasped and took in my tented shorts pointing right at her, then recovered to yell “Get that away from me! Good grief, just…just go back to your room and I’ll just have Tracy help me!”

So I slowly turned around, making sure she got a great view of my profile, before I walked from the room. I know she got a good look as she gasped while I turned. My pace slowed after I left the room as I listened for a bit.

“I can’t believe you said that about your brother!” mom said.

“Hey, it’s no different than when the guys, including John, scope out esenyurt escort our bodies at the beach or pool.”

“Young lady it most certainly is different!” Mom deeply inhaled before continuing, “The guys don’t make comments like that, and he is YOUR brother which makes it INCEST!”

“Oh bullshit mom. I’ve heard plenty of comments about myself as well as about you! John is right, you are really looking hot mom!” Now it was Tracy’s turn to inhale before going on, “As for incest; that is just so much bullshit! It takes one hell of a weapon to make a tent like that and not one of my boyfriends can even come close and one can imagine what heights of pleasure a hunk of man-meat like that could send you to!”

“Oh god Tracy, you shouldn’t talk like that, that’s your brother you’re talking about. Oh my god, I can’t believe what you are saying!”

“I’ve heard John and his friends talk about me…and you! They all would love to get it on with each of us! Yes, even John! Hell, I’ll bet Samantha has sampled his trouser snake! No way could she study with him that much and NOT give him a go! God this talk is getting me so horny, I may need to call Patty and tell her I won’t be coming to her sleepover. That way I could do a sleepover with John, although I wouldn’t let him sleep much!”


“Okay mom, I’m done. Now what do you need my help with?”

“Um never mind, but stay down here anyway.” For the next three hours mom managed to keep my sister and I on separate floors of our house and I occasionally heard Tracy giving mom more plugs about my ‘tent’.

As the afternoon went on I went back downstairs and walked up behind my mom. She nearly jumped out of her skin when I hugged her from behind. I didn’t grab her tightly so she quickly spun away from me as her eyes shot to my crotch and my tentless shorts. “Jeez mom, I don’t have leprosy or anything.”

Her face softened and she stepped to me and hugged me lightly as she apologized for her reaction. “It’s okay mom, I should have let you know I was here!” I told her even though I knew the real reason for her reaction. I pulled her tighter and she didn’t resist. “Love you mom,” I said as I kissed her on the top of her head before releasing her.

Mom turned hundreds of shades of red as she said “I love you too…John.” Quickly she turned away and busied herself with some trivial thing. Tracy gave me a grin and pointed at mom before waving her hands by her chest as if trying to cool herself off. As time marched on I noticed mom looking at my crotch several times and saw her turn bright red each time I caught her at it.

Soon Tracy said “Well, it’s time for me to go. You two have fun tonight without me! I won’t be home until late tomorrow afternoon so don’t worry about me.” She gave mom a hug goodbye then gave me a tight hug as she crushed her tits against my stomach. “Take care my hunky brother; I love you to the max!”

Mom was about to call her about the hug when sis slipped away from me and bounded out the door after grabbing her over night bag. Watching her leave I thought, ‘tonight should be interesting!’

Over the next 90 minutes mom tried to avoid me while I tried to find every reason under the sun to be close to her and brush accidentally against her. I talked her into the two of us making supper together — it was simple yet delicious — and then we cleaned up the dishes. By the time we were finished she was again comfortable with our bodies touching quite often.

“Hey mom, I’m going to take a shower and then how about we watch a DVD together followed by my project for school? I was thinking of ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ (mom’s favorite).”

“Sure honey, that sounds like fun; and I love your choice of movies! I think I’ll shower too and get comfortable.” She started to leave and then said with a smile, “Thanks for all your help tonight; it’s been really nice having you act so mature.” A strange look crossed her face and then she said, “I’ve had a very strange last day and a half. I guess part of it is that my baby boy has suddenly become this big strong man whom his sister calls ‘hunky’! When did this happen? How did this happen?”

“Gosh mom, I’m not 13 anymore!” I said looking into her eyes. “I’m an adult now doing adult things!”

“So I gathered. Just how far along have these adult things gone?”

“You know mom, a gentleman doesn’t answer that sort of question, if I understand you correctly. Let’s just say my team has several homeruns to its credit and the other side was always very happy about them!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” mom softly said as her face turned red. “Um, while we’re on the subject, do you know much about your sister Tracy’s, um, team? What I mean is do you think it’s given up very many homeruns?”

“Well I believe that is something you should be asking her, but since she isn’t here to hit me for saying this, I do know that there have been at least two long ball hitters against her, and probably a few more. But you really need to ask her.”

“Oh my god, my babies are growing up so fast! avrupa yakası escort How did I not notice this?”

“Mom, don’t worry about either of us. You’ve done a wonderful job raising us and each of us is happy with our life! Now go take your shower and I’ll see you in the family room. I am curious though, just how does my mom get ‘comfortable’?”

“If you don’t hurry up you may never find out!”

So hurry I did, washing my body completely in the fastest time ever for me! I put on a clean pair of my sleeping shorts and grabbed my video and the movie then headed to the family room. Mom was already there waiting for me sipping on a glass of wine. I slipped the DVD into the player and started it after sitting down next to mom on the sofa. She handed me a glass of wine (a first) and I looked at her in surprise, then in shock. The shock was because she was curled up wearing just her shear red nightgown. Make that her VERY shear nightgown……..only…….no bra…….no panties!

“What’s wrong John?”

“Um….you’ve never given me wine before! And you look…..um…er….”

“Yes, I look….what?”

“God you look incredibly beautiful! And VERY comfortable!”

“I am comfortable, and I’m glad you noticed!”

For about 15 minutes we watched the movie — okay, so I kept scoping her out too — until mom said, “Honey, why don’t you pause it for a moment, I need a refill!”

“I’ll get it!”

“No just stay right there.” She was gone by then but quickly returned with the bottle. She stood right in front of me as she bent over to pick up her glass and fill it while still bending over. This made the 64″ screen become a perfect backlight that made her nightgown completely disappear. God she looked so fucking incredible I nearly jumped her right then. Next she turned to me and took my glass and filled it while giving me an unobstructed view down her gaping cleavage, her breasts clearly in view before me. She looked up and caught me staring at her chest and smiled slightly before handing me my glass and putting the bottle on the table.

Holy shit, my mom sure seemed like she was coming on to me, and without the video! Holy crap! When she slid onto the couch she was right next to me as she cuddled up tight to me. “Okay, let’s get back to the movie.”

We watched the movie together for several moments then mom grabbed the remote and muted it. I looked at her and wondered why she was blushing. Softly she said, “John, this morning when you sprayed me with the hose and then held me for a while…um…why did…oh god…why did I feel your, um, your manhood when I slid back down?”

“Oh jeez, I am always sprouting woodies around you. I’m surprised I managed to hide them so well from you since Tracy razzed me every time she caught me like that.”

“But you…you were so big…oh gosh…so big and hard this morning and I’ve never felt anything like that!”

I turned slightly so I was facing more towards her then replied, “I wasn’t ‘hard’ this morning, only about half way.” Mom gasped at that. “I can’t believe you missed it when you wore that white bikini last summer. Oh god mom you looked so HOT in that and I went rock hard because of it! Oh shit maybe I shouldn’t have told you that but it is so true, just ask Tracy.”

Mom moved her hand onto my thigh and lightly stroked it several times from my knee to about the middle of my thigh. “I can’t do that since she isn’t here.” Her hand moved further up my leg and more towards my inner thigh.

“So what do you suggest mom.”

“Oh god help me, I hope I’m not being a fool,” mom said as she stood up and turned to stand facing me. “I suggest I put it to the test and see just how truthful you were a moment ago!” As my next question was forming in my brain mom steeled herself and then slowly lifted her nearly transparent gown up her body. My breath caught in my throat as she paused while holding it bunched up by her shoulders. That seemed to give her the encouragement she needed as she gave me a slight smile before her arms lifted up taking the gown with them and then she dropped it in a heap on the floor.

My eyes scanned her entire body several times before settling on her incredible tits. “Oh my god, mom you are SO beautiful!” I told her as I looked up into her eyes. Slowly I scanned back down her body until I stared openly at her clean shaven pussy where her clit was already poking its head out of her obviously engorged labia. God she looked so turned on!

I was so into checking out my mom that I hadn’t paid any attention to my own body’s reaction to her. But my mom certainly was as she gasped “Oooooo John, what is that growing in your shorts? Show me; show me what’s happening to you!”

I stood up and slipped my shorts down my hips and over my nearly fully hard shaft. Once past there I dropped them to the floor as mom gasped in shock saying, “Oh my god, I’ve never seen anything like it! Oh baby please may I touch it?!”

In reality she never waited for my response. Instead her right hand shot out and she grasped my shaft near the middle. A very soft “Oh my god,” escaped her lips while her hand slowly stroked along the middle five inches of my cock. Her left hand cupped my huge balls and she rolled them in her fingers as her right hand finally stroked my cock from one end to the other. “Oh baby, it’s…so big and SO HARD! I…I’ve never felt something like this before!”

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