A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 21


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The house was nearly twenty minutes from the store and fifteen minutes from the main part of town. It had a dark white and brown siding with windows on all the floors. The yard was trimmed and had a fence and a line of trees around the land property. The inside was all hardwood flooring minus the bedrooms.

The master bath and bed were massive rooms. The basement was like a second kitchen and living room with a small bedroom off to the side.

“What do you think?” Valarie asked.

“It’s perfect.” Greg smiled from ear to ear.

Valarie handed him the paperwork that her friend had given her. Greg signed the papers and clipped his check for the full amount, paid in full for the house.

“Congratulations Gregory. You are the proud owner of a house, and a partner of a business.” Valarie said.

“I can’t thank you enough Val.” He said as he hugged her.

“You are more than welcome.”

As soon as work ended Linda hurried home to find the house empty except for Lisa’s mother who sat on the couch reading a book.

“Is Greg or Lisa here?” Linda asked.

“No, what’s up?” Heather asked.

“I just…thought they might be back by now.” Linda said.

“How about we go get ourselves a drink?” Heather asked.

Linda needed to see her son, her master as soon as possible. She wanted to feel him inside her and she wanted to rectify the mistake of saying they needed a break.

“Come on Linda.” Heather said.

Linda nodded and they both walked out and just as they closed the door, Greg with Lisa in the passenger seat pulled up.

They got out and Linda wanted to run to her son but his smile and something about his body language made her pause.

“I need to talk to you both.” Gregory said and opened the front door and ushered everyone to the couch. Linda and Lisa exchanged similar expressions of concern and intrigue.

Gregory slid the folder across the table and Linda opened it up slowly and her hands went to her face as she gasped. Lisa didn’t catch on until a few moments later when she saw the ‘SOLD’ on the bottom.

“You bought a house?” They both asked.

“In full.” Gregory added.

“In full?” Heather asked.

“How did you do that?” Lisa asked.

“For the last three years I’ve been making nearly two thousand dollars a day. Half of that goes into the bank and is not touched.”

“How much do you have?” Linda asked.

“After the house purchase. Around two hundred thousand.” Greg replied.

“I had no idea.” Linda said in awe.

“Well I didn’t want anyone to know and with everything that has been going on I sort of figured I should invest in something worthwhile.” He smiled. Linda charged at him and wrapped him in a massive hug.

“I’m so proud of you Gregory.” She said and then whispered into his ear; “if Heather wasn’t here I would be showing you just how proud I really am.” Linda pulled away and Lisa felt tears rolling down her cheeks.

“You want us to move into a house you just bought?” Lisa asked.

“Well of course.” Greg said and walked over to Lisa and wiped away her tears.

“I don’t think I can.” Heather said with a gracious smile. Lisa and Greg looked at her with confused expressions. “Sorry kids. I just signed the lease on an apartment across town. This will be my very first time living on my own and I think I need that.” bakırköy escort

Linda nodded her head in understanding. Lisa hugged her mother and cried for a few moments.

“So when do we move in?” Linda asked.

“Soon. The real-estate agent needs to finalize the papers and that’ll be done tonight.” Greg answered.

Lisa looked at the house pictures again and she could hardly believe that she would be living in a house so big and so illustrious.

Linda couldn’t keep her eyes off her son. In the matter of a week it seemed he had gone from being her son who was barely in his twenties, to a man who was part owner of a successful business and an owner of a fully paid off house.

Lisa crept out of her room downstairs and quietly tip-toed past her mother who was asleep on the fold out couch. Lisa slowly made her way up the stairs and down the hall to Greg’s room. She opened and closed the door and hurried to his bed and pulled down the covers. Gregory awoke with a startle but as soon as he realized it was Lisa he relaxed.

“Sorry.” She whispered. “I just really needed you.”

“It’s okay. Can’t be too loud.” He whispered back.

“How do you want me master?” She asked.

Greg grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up and guided her legs and spread them over his face. Lisa had never been in a sixty-nine position but as soon as she felt his tongue licking away at her labia and pussy she felt comfortable.

Gregory slipped the tip of his tongue up her sphincter and through her closed labia and over her clitoris. Like opening an envelope her labia folded open and he started licking her pussy up and down with the flat of his tongue. Lisa breathed deep heavy breaths as his touch spurred her pleasure on quickly.

She watched as his cock went from five inches of limp dick to seven inches of hard cock and then continued to grow to nine inches of hard and vein covered cock. Lisa bent low and started licking his thick cock with her tongue. She swirled her tongue around his large head and then down the left side and up the right side.

Gregory pierced her pussy with his tongue and started licking the inside of her pussy with his tongue. Lisa let out a soft whine as his tongue pierced her pussy. She wrapped her lips around his mushroom headed cock and took in the first three inches. She sucked his massive cock up and down letting her saliva and his precum drip down his penis.

She pushed herself further and took in another two inches. She felt his cock press on the curve of her throat and she felt that familiar tingle of excitement. She loved feeling his cock fill her throat. Gregory resisted the urge to push his cock down her throat and instead he attacked her clitoris with tongue and teeth and lips and he felt Lisa jerk up.

“Oh shit.” She whined. “I’m really sensitive tonight.” She whispered.

Gregory started sucking and licking her clitoris vigorously until her pussy was dripping with precum.

“Master…master you’re going to make me cum.” She said a little more loudly.

Lisa couldn’t believe how easily he was making her want to cum. Lisa tried to resist her growing climax but she couldn’t deny how amazing it felt.

“Master! I’m cumming!” She moaned and started rocking her hips as a steady drizzle of cum coated his lips and mouth as he beşiktaş escort continued sucking on her swollen clitoris. Lisa sagged and just breathed.

They both turned as the door handle creaked slightly and Linda walked in wearing nothing at all except for her collar. She closed the door softly and walked over to Greg who had a layer of clear cum on his face and she kissed him. Not a small little kiss, but a deep passionate kiss.

“I’m sorry I asked for a break. I don’t want a break from all of this. I want you master…” she looked up at Lisa, “I want Lisa and I want us.”

She kissed Gregory again and then walked over to Lisa and kissed her. Linda and Lisa looked to Gregory and smiled.

“I want you both…with me. We are something more than a family. I love you both.” He said.

“We love you too master.” They said simultaneously.

Kate walked into her apartment and stripped away all her clothes. As she pulled away her panties she saw the thick strands of her cum that had leaked all day long. Her ass was sore from having to hold in all of Gregory’s cum but doing so had made her feel so…filthy and horny.

She felt like a true slutty cum dump. Even as she thought the words she could feel her anus pucker as though it was ready for more. Kate hurried over to the bathroom and pulled out the plug. She watched as a steady stream of thick white semen poured out from her slutty anus.

“It’s like there’s no end.” She said and then it slowly drizzled to a stop.

Kate reached up to the cabinet above the toilet and opened the left door. Sitting on the first shelf was a six inch long black dildo and a bottle of lubricant. Kate coated the dildo in lube and slid it into her sore anus. Even as she started fucking her ass she knew it wouldn’t do it. Kate breathed heavily as she fucked herself faster and harder but the sensation…wasn’t the same as having him fuck her.

Kate kept trying to fuck her pussy and anus but her climax wouldn’t go. It was like her body only responded to Gregory. Kate screamed in frustration and tossed the dildo into the tub.

“Fuck!” She screamed. “I need you, master. Please!” She shouted.

“On your knees.” Gregory said and both Linda and Lisa got on their knees and crawled to him.

“Stay right here.” He said and got up and walked to the closet and pulled out a big black vibrator with a large head and a large dial.

“My sexy slave, get on your back.” He commanded. Linda flipped onto her back, legs open facing him. “My toy, face me and crawl over my slave.”

Lisa turned and crawled backwards over Linda until her dripping pussy was directly over Linda’s face. Gregory walked forward and leaned into Lisa and kissed her passionately. As he slowly rose up, she knelt up with him. Their tongues intertwined and saliva thick with arousal mixed and interchanged.

Linda could hear their moans and lips but all she saw was Lisa’s aroused pussy. Her small labia dripped with precum that fell onto her face and lips. Linda couldn’t deny herself the opportunity as she leaned up and started licking her pussy from top to bottom. Lisa gasped in surprise and a whine of pleasure escaped her lips as Linda began eating her pussy out.

She felt her tongue carve out her canal and flog her clitoris and suck on her labia. Lisa sagged slightly beylikdüzü escort into Gregory as her climax steadily climbed. Gregory looked down and began sliding his massive cock along Linda’s sopping wet pussy. Linda drew in a breath as she felt his cock press against the outside of her vagina.

The harder he pressed against her pussy, the harder Linda ate out Lisa and the harder Lisa kissed Greg. Linda felt her master’s thick swollen head split her pussy open as his cock’s head slid in. Lisa watched as his head slipped in and out of Linda’s pussy.

“Master, please…don’t just tease me.” Linda whined. Gregory chuckled and turned on the large vibrator and placed it on Linda’s clitoris.

He moved it in soft slow circles around her clitoris as he continued fucking the opening of her pussy with just the head of his cock. Linda’s focus moved in and out as she kept trying to eat out Lisa’s pussy but her own pleasure was mounting quickly.

As Gregory turned up the vibrator and placed it right over her sensitive clitoris, Linda’s climax shot up.

“Oh god master! Yes! Yes! It feels amazing master!” She whined. “I’m…gonna cum master! I’m gonna cum!”

Lisa watched as Linda’s long labia stiffened and her pussy contracted around Greg’s cock as she screamed into an orgasm.

Greg pulled out slowly and stood up letting his stiff massive cock point directly at Lisa. She opened her mouth and started sucking and licking his swollen cock head. She could taste the bitter sweet flavor of Linda and the sweetness of Greg’s precum.

After a few minutes of sucking his cock head he pulled away and smiled. Lisa loved seeing that satisfied smile. She fell back to her hands as Greg walked around to her rear and she felt his hands caress her ass cheeks. Gregory slid his cock along the outside of Lisa’s pussy parting her short and moist labia.

Linda, still a little fuzzy in the head watched her son’s cock as it moved along Lisa’s pussy. Lisa’s breathing grew harder and rough as his cock’s rigid head passed up and over her clitoris. As he pulled back he angled upward and his massive cock pushed into her pussy.

“Fuck!” Lisa moaned as his cock pushed open her vagina and slid in several inches. Linda watched as his balls moved back and forth as he pumped his bare cock inside of Lisa. Linda lifted her head up and began licking Lisa’s now erect clitoris.

“Oh my god. Please…wait-” Lisa whined. Linda didn’t bother stopping as she licked Lisa’s clitoris harder.

Lisa’s eyes rolled back as her climax skyrocketed and her body seized.

“I’m cumming!” Lisa shouted and her pussy tightened around Greg’s cock. A steady trickle of creamy cum drizzled down his cock and onto Linda’s face. Lisa quivered and shook for a few moments.

“Turn around my sex toy.” Gregory commanded.

“Yes master.” Lisa replied and turned until she was face to face with Linda who had her cum splattered all across her mouth. Gregory didn’t waste any time as he turned on the vibrator and started vibrating Linda’s pussy. Linda gasped and blushed as she looked up into Lisa’s young face.

Lisa blushed in return as Linda’s face contorted in various expressions of pleasure. Gregory turned the powerful vibrator up to level two and ran it up and down her sopping wet pussy. The precum leaked down her asscrack and puddled at the floor beneath her.

“It’s so good.” Linda breathed out.

Gregory turned the vibrator up another level and started circling her clitoris in tight circles. Linda couldn’t contain her moans as she felt her climax rise. Lisa watched Linda’s face shift into orgasmic pleasure as her climax reached its peak.

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