A Meal for Two


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I’d spent a long day at work. I’d left early, but the previous night she’d picked out a smart shirt and tie (a brushed cornflower blue cotton shirt which picked out the blueness in my eyes she said, and a silk tie) which she said made me look good, and, along with wearing my glasses, she thought I looked horny. When I left for work, she lay there in bed all warm and soft, her face still dewy and sleep-ridden as she’d just woken. I kissed her cheek the softness of her skin and the sweet delicious smell of her filled my senses, but as she woke she turned opened her mouth to me and kissed me with a long passionate kiss. I knew she was half-asleep but her lips yielded to mine and my tongue gently searched for hers and as they met they entwined. Reluctantly, I whispered my good-byes and slipped out the door.

Throughout the day she must have felt hungry for me. Her texts at first were teasing, flirty and temptuous. But the intensity and directness changed as she began to ache and desire me more. She resisted for as long as she could the pull, like the moon to the tides, of her hand to her honey-pot, but later that day as showered and smoothed herself with a body polish her fingers were naturally attracted to her now wet lips and she gently stroked herself and toyed with her clit. She took her shampoo bottle and with its hard silvered top stroked it along her lips, the juices flowing from her eased the motion and her lips parted as she slid it in just a few inches and thought of my hard cock opening her and sliding in. Her other hand teased and stroked her now hard nipples, one then the other as pleasure rippled through her body. However, much as she was aroused and her body demanded satisfaction, she took it to the point of climax – but stopped. She sucked her breath and held it, and then as she slowly breathed out her body relaxed; her whole body was alive and tingling. She would save it for later when she could share it with me.

She dressed and as she did so, noticed the smoothness of her skin as she creamed her body. Naked in front of the mirror, her self-consciousness melted away and she glimpsed the curves that I adored, of her breasts and hips. Her now smooth pussy was gently cradled between her legs and she knew how much I desired her. She dressed in her favourite sexy clothes ready for me – stockings and lacy Basque under her black dress and finished her make-up. Dinner would be ready for bakırköy escort us as soon as I returned and she made the room ready with some candles and easy-mood music.

As I stepped in the house she met me with a powerful embrace her hands over my neck and through my hair. Her kisses rained on me over my face and neck until our lips met and they melted and mashed together. Her soft lipsticked lips were like velvet and her taste filled my mouth our tongues gently lapped at each other. It was clear that dinner for the two of us was ready and the table lay with champagne and lit candles beckoned us. But the passion she generated in me lit me up and I felt the reaction as my cock was already hard. I followed her, the gently swing of her hips and the promise of her love filling me and making me exited.

We got to the table and as she turned my hands slipped easily round her waist and I felt beneath the soft smooth as silk finish of her dress, the lacy out-line of her favourite underwear. Again we embraced and this time she pushed her hips to me and she felt the full hardness of my cock, now hard and throbbing, thought her clothes. My hands started to caress her – first her wrists, with my kisses and warm soft tongue circling on her skin. Along her arm to the crook of her elbow, she gasped as my lightest touch heightened her senses and set her nerves alive. I moved to her upper arms, along her shoulder and under her neck, where I lingered long to fully appreciate her gorgeous body that my hands were caressing. My head was close to her breasts and her breathing was now quick and getting fierce as my hands slipped into her dress and cupped her breasts, a delicious handful with nipples hardening and stiffening with anticipation.

I teased her nipples gently and pulled her dress aside as I sucked on them pushing them together enough to at first kiss between them, wallowing in their softness while her hard nipples pressed into my face. I sucked longingly at her boobs and her moans told me she too enjoyed me there. My hands now were stroking along her stockinged legs, slowly circling where I knew she was sensative – her ankles, claves and upwards to behind her knees. I felt her thighs and knew soon that soft stocking would give way to smooth flesh, cool and so close to the haven of love that my tongue, fingers and cock craved. She arched her back and pushed at me encouraging beşiktaş escort me without speaking to lift my hand and feel where her warm, sweet pussy lay waiting. My fingers stroked along her lips and her moans where music to my ears. I knelt there my left hand sliding to her sweet naked cheeks while my right teased along her lips to her clit. It was lying-in-wait for me as I circled it gently and teased it but she wanted more so she reached behind and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor I gazed upon her body, an alter that I happily prayed to, as I knelt there, her sweet musky pussy calling me to eat her.

My mouth opened instinctively and my tongue slipped out as I edged toward her and as her gorgeous smell filled me I lapped at her juices. My tongue etched along her groove, parting her lips and feeling her hands on my head as she held me there. The tip of my tongue circled her clit and I flattened it to give her maximum pleasure rocking my head back and forth, my left hand stroking between her cheeks where her wetness now pervaded. My mouth was in wonderland sucking her clit in my lips she moaned and started to tell me she wanted me to fuck her. I knew she felt close to climax with her shallow breaths and fast moving hips. However, I wanted more and slowed done my eating and eased away.

I told her to lie there on the table – she was delirious now with pleasure and lay there compliantly with her legs open. My eyes feasted on her tender pussy and soft curves. She slid her hand between her legs knowing I enjoyed the sight of her playing with herself. I slipped down my trousers and my untouched cock twitched with anticipation, almost ready to burst simply at her lying there I knew that if she touched me now I’d explode and shoot my come. I surveyed heaven on earth, her smooth wet cunny there for the taking, her gentle hips leading to those beasts calling to my mouth. I slid my index finger into her pussy and as I did I told her what I was going to do. She loved me talking to her, and I gave her every detail as I then slid in second finger into her love tunnel. Her velvet pussy took my fingers and I added a third and stroked her inside, and she lay there her legs wide open for me. I was giving her all the words I could to describe what I was going to do next as my whole hand slowly but deliberately opened her and was inside. I lend forward and sucked beylikdüzü escort greedily at her clit while inside her. Her moans where now wild and uncontrolled, like sobs of passion.

I wanted her now like nothing else. My cock was impossibly hard and throbbing. As I stood over her she gazed on it and her hand slid along the shaft – she then reached over the to the ice bucket and took a handful of ice and started to rub it on my cock. It was pumped full of blood in readiness for her and the ice didn’t cool my hunger for her – but I held her legs open and she guided my now chilled cock into her hot wet cunt. I put my weight on her as I slid in – slowly my hard cock parted her lips and entered and it felt to her that my cock would go on forever. I began to thrust and as I did kissed and sucked her nipples now ripe and hard, and held her hands in mine. She lay there letting gasps go with each increasing hard thrust of my cool hard cock. I wanted her and as I fucked her every stroke told me I wanted her more, I was just the right side of being in control but my passions were reaching a point of no return. My animal instincts were allied to my passion and I just wanted to have her.

I knew she was close to coming as her hand demanded to be released and she scrabbled at her clit while I fucked away. I was still telling her everything I wanted – desire and dreams plus my fantasies; perhaps never to be fulfilled, but a light that tempts us as every lighthouse does to ships in the night. My cock was filling her cunt but I wanted to finish elsewhere. I slid out and she instinctively tried to keep me in – but I turned her over. She was bent over the table her rounded cheeks exposed and I could see the outline of her wet and hot lips, and I parted her cheeks. She knew what was coming and her hand continued to play a tune on her clit, as I nudged my cock on her and she pushed back me as I felt the softness of her cheeks give way to the tightness of her secret and forbidden place of pleasure. I was inside her gorgeous arse and she moved on me my hard cock, a lever for her to slide and push on I knew that I was ready to come but her cries and screams and she climaxed in wave after wave of orgasm that rippled through her body. That was it for me – my come filled her cheeks and the hot sweet juices trickled down her legs such was the ferocity of our joint climaxes.

We lay there for a while, my arms round her while we slowly returned to earth from orbit, both our heads spinning and heady with the moment we’d shared. I helped her dress and her smile filled not just her mouth but her eyes were alive and full of life. We ate and later slept fully satisfied as we fell asleep, drifting away together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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