A Long Massage


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After a really long week I had decided to treat myself to a massage. I called a number out of one of our weekly newspapers; and I was informed that most of the massages lasted between 90 and 120 minutes. The time included a shower before and after. I asked if the shower was the kind that I would give myself or that she would give me, I was informed that it was not that kind of a massage but chose to book regardless.

I arrived at the studio about an hour later. I was given a towel and a robe and pointed toward the shower, the therapist was a chatty thing. She stood about 5’9 had short cropped hair and said she was of Jamaican ancestry. It was hard to tell but she looked to be trim, firm and about a nice B cup.

I finished shower and was told to get on the mat which was on the floor on my front. The mat had an electric blanket over it with a comforter of sorts on top, so it was nice and cozy. She gave me a blanket to place over my back. She quickly got in to a firm but sensual rhythm and I soon was drifting off to sleep. I felt her adjusting the blanket, she straddled my back, and as I drifted in and out of sleep felt her move positions and she was straddling my leg. That’s when I first noticed the warmth coming from her crotch, I even thought I kadıköy escort could feel the start of some intense moisture accumulating on my leg. I chose to prop myself up a little and engage her in some idle conversation. I asked at one point if she gets aroused when she works on clients to which she replied sometimes. I figured I had nothing to lose and took it further as she began to work on my upper legs and thighs I told her how good her hands felt and she really got into it.

I was asking her about what got her off, and she was telling me that playing with a guys ass did it for her, so I simply replied, help yourself. She pulled the blanket down a little more and I felt her shift her position, she then began running a finger up and down my crack which was really getting me going. She had slid down so that her pussy was directly on my foot which I then began flexing and turning her on more, she reached under me to play with my cock and balls, I encouraged her, and she kept going, I told her to bite my ass cheeks because I wanted to see how far I could go and she was nibbling at first then kissing my cheeks, she then began sliding her tongue all over the place. Running her üsküdar escort tongue up and down my crack, stopping and even rimming me, that was a first for me.

After about 20 minutes of this tease, I couldn’t take anymore and told her so. I rolled over and she was right back at my balls and cock. I told her to get more comfy and pretty much pulled her shirt off, she had those B cups and some tiny nipples right there, which I instantly latched onto. I began working my hand into her pants, which she unbuttoned and slipped off. I felt my way to her pussy, it was totally smooth, I was in heaven. She yanked he nipple from my mouth and went back to work on my cock, she slid down my leg and my toe went right into her wet lips. She rode my toes and sucked my cock for another few minutes. Standing up momentarily to pull her pants off her ankles and then sat down onto my waiting cock. She rod me until I was ready to explode, she was so tight. I told her I was close, and she slid right off, neither of us had a condom. She then shocked me by wrapping her hands around my cock saying she wanted to feel me cum in her. Then she lowered her mouth to my cock and sucked for all she was worth. She swallowed every last drop. Then kept right tuzla escort on sucking.

Normally after I cum I get really sensitive and I was in this instance as well. She kept me in her mouth slowly working my back to a firm state, then to the point that I could drive nails with my dick. She then said she really doesn’t do this to often but I got her going so now I was going to finish. She said that she wanted her ass rubbed, so she laid down. I poured a heft amount of oil on her ass and started working it in with my hands and fingers, up and down over her asshole, which got her moaning. She told me to use my cock and slide it up and down her crack. She said use lots of oil. She really was loud. I kept teasing her asshole with my cock and even kept joking about fucking her, the third or fourth time I had my cock in her the outer area of her asshole, she said it felt great but that it was to big.

Then I held it there and she pushed me back keeping her ass on my cock and said make it fit. I pushed and she pushed and I slowly slid in about two inches. She said to stop, then about a minute later started pushing back again until all but two inches were in. I’m only about 7.5 inches.

Ever slowly with her on her hands and knees we started fucking. I go for a long time usually the second time, so after about 3 or 4 minutes she was moaning and I was sweating really bad. We fucked for another few minutes and I told her I was getting close, she said keep going and cum in my ass. I quickly obliged her request.

I collapsed next to her. I am glad I took the 2 hour special after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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